Evan Vihlen

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Hey there, I'm Evan! (He/Him) I've been a working actor for ~7 years, with experience in Theatre and Film.

I received my acting degree from Emerson College, and have been living in Atlanta since 2018. Atlanta has made me very familiar with the self-tape process, and I'd love to help you rehearse, memorize lines, or self-tape! Happy to offer suggestions and input when desired.

**If I don't respond, try again, it's not personal! For whatever reason, sometimes my laptop just doesn't pop up the Instant Request notification!**

To book ahead, email - evan.vihlen@gmail.com
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Evan received his BA in Theatre Studies: Acting from Emerson College. Since graduating he has been involved in both regional theatre and film.

Notable Theatre credits: Wayfinding (Synchronicity Theatre), Speech and Debate and Curtains Up! (Bad Habit Productions), and The Taming of the Shrew and The Canterville Ghost (Williamstown Theatre Festival).

Notable Theatrical Credits: Will Trent (2023), The Resident (2022)

Check out more: https://resumes.actorsaccess.com/evanvihlen

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515 Reader Reviews

" Such a great, supportive and communicative reader! "
" Amazing! Very patient and generous with his time. Always a pleasure working with Even! "
" Evan helped me feel so comfortable before doing my audition. He has great energy and is a wonderful reader. "
" Yet another amazing session with Evan! Great, attentive reader who always makes me feel so comfortable. "
" Wonderful!!! "
" Very friendly and super fun to work with! "
" Evan is a really fantastic reader! Book him. I look forward to working with him again. "
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" Such an amazing reader! Natural, friendly, and just overall enjoyable to work with on getting the best tape possible! "
" Thank you, Evan! Perfection! "
" Always great..Book Evan! "
" Evan rocks! "
" Second session in a day with Evan! I had a fun idea for the scene we recorded earlier and decided to waste no time in hopping back on with him. We got another great contrasting take of the scene. Thank you so much for being a great supportive reader. "
" I'm sad I wasn't Evan's 500th review. Wonderful session today as usual. Really great at getting me out of my head and making me feel comfortable in the work. Cheers Evan! "
" Couldn't RAVE more effusively about Evan. Everything I could ever want in a reader! Smart, fun, extremely talented, and beyond patient and kind. I hope he's available every time I tape. "
" Great reader. Excellent feedback. "
" I absolutely adore Evan! His sessions are a safe audition environment and so much fun. Thank you!! xo "
" Very kind, supportive reader. "
" Great genuine actor/reader - made my self taping easy! "
" Always great to read with Paul. Very supportive and helpful. "
" Great read and suggestions. "
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" Helped give me good ways to play with the audition without feeling pushy. Great input. "
" Literally the best human and actor you will find to work with "
" Extremely Helpful! Definitely recommend!! "
" Evan is lovely to work with! "
" Great and helpful! He's a ray of sunshine. "
" Evan was an awesome reader! Super helpful, great attitude. "
" Evan was amazing and extremely patient with my tongue-twister of a monologue. Came up with a great idea for an additional take! "
" AMAZING! It's always such a pleasure and so much fun working with Evan. Plus, he gave amazing tips & tricks to really get grounded into the character. "
" Awesome reader, did an excellent job! Will use again. "
" What a gem! "
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" Awesome to work with! "
" MVP!!! "
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" Worked with him every time. Always good. This last one had a lot of beats the reader had to hit. And he hit them all. "
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" Always great to work with. Takes direction very well. Very clear in his speech. "
" Super patient! Thanks for the great read Evan!!! "
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" Wonderful! "
" Evan's easygoing with great ideas and an awesome reader, Thanks Evan! "
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" Lovely to work with, very helpful in finding different ways to try the scene. "
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" Always a pleasure :) Great ideas to change up the scene. "
" Amazing! So kind and helpful :) "
" Evan always delivers. Happy to find him to read again. "
" Evan is great. I asked for some notes between takes and he positively bubbled over with ideas that really helped me bring the scene up a notch. Highly recommend! "
" Incredible working with Evan! "
" Evan was great! Thank you for the feedback and insight! "
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" Super kind soul. Patience and willing. A lot of fun to work with "
" Such a gem of a person and reader! "
" Super supportive! Thanks for the work today Evan "
" Always a pleasure to work with Evan! "
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" Wonderful to work with!! "
" LOVE EVAN! Came through for me on a time crunch and has great notes! "
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" Super helpful with the self-tape today :) "
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" Such a fabulous person to work with! Incredibly patient, gave great direction, and it was so much fun! Will surely book again. "
" Evan was super fun to work with. Very quick to jump in the scene and make it work. Thank you for all your help :) "
" Simply ah-mazing! "
" Super helpful :) "
" One of the best on here "
" My favorite, reliable go-to reader <3 "
" Evan is wonderful! Such a great reader and so helpful with his feedback. "
" I just love working with Evan. He is an awesome reader with great suggestions. Will definitely book him again! "
" Evan is amazing!!! He could see that I was struggling to find the scene and he dug in with me and offered two suggestions that FINALLY made it work. He's also just a really nice guy and was fun to tape with. Don't hesitate to ask him to read with you! "
" Wonderful as always!! "
" Evan is a phenomenal reader who gave super helpful suggestions and redirects for multiple takes! Definitely will hire Evan again on this platform - so helpful! Thanks! "
" Lovely to work with! Great feedback. Book him! "
" Second time in a week cause Evan rocks. "
" Wonderful, friendly, creative, supportive! "
" Great working with ya. "
" Super helpful, as always! "
" Great direction! Hopped online 2 minutes after I requested him. Thanks Evan! "
" What a fun spirit! Great reader! "
" Professional and friendly, very recommended! "
" Awesome! Such a joy to work with! Helped me play around with the scene and practice my American accent. Super encouraging and generous with feedback and helpful notes. "
" A pleasure, as always! "
" Evan was super positive and constructive. I appreciate his honest feedback that helped me to improve my scenes. Highly recommend! "
" Evan is super helpful and friendly. He also is informative about taping options. "
" Always super helpful! "
" Always a pleasure! i have the best time with Evan! "
" Super fun, puts you at ease, great with improv and very collaborative. "
" I absolutely adore Evan! Great reader and actor , safest space to just play and explore. "
" Evan is always great to work with! "
" Evan is great to read with. always!!! "
" Evan rocked. Took me to a new place with the material! "
" Evan was great! Very flexible and awesome reader! "
" Amazing amazing can't wait to read again with Evan!!! "
" Second time I've read with Evan and he was as great and helpful as the first time. I'm planning on reading with him again whenever I can! "
" Fun rapport, great reader, amazing sense of humor. "
" Evan is the man! Solid reader and always has some good feedback! "
" One word: AMAZING!! Evan is super down to earth and understanding, an accommodating and experienced reader with great insight! Thanks Evan :) "
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" Evan is fantastic as usual! Great advice and notes that gave a variety of takes to show the range of this scene. Really good stuff. Book him! "
" Evan is a awesome reader! Will absolutely read with him again "
" So incredibly helpful! I rehearsed my scene with Evan and he provided great tips and insight to bring to my scene. He also took the time to give life and business advice. Much appreciated! "
" Great vibes! "
" So kind and helpful. I felt really good about the scenes I taped with him. THANK YOU!!! "
" Amazing reader. Gave me so much to work with. Super natural and made the experience fun. Thanks Evan "
" Absolutely terrific!!! "
" Fantastic! Would hire again! So thoughtful and a great reader. "
" Very patient and flexible. "
" Super helpful, as always! "
" As always AMAZING! I booked the first time working with Evan and hoping to book again! The bEST "
" Evan is such a thoughtful, kind, and playful reader! Working with him makes the audition very fun and easy. "
" Great reader. Self-assured with a great smooth delivery and very friendly. Will hire again. "
" Friendly, grounded reader with natural delivery. Made the whole thing easy and fun. Thanks Evan! "
" Evan was very helpful. we knocked out a short audition in no time thanks to him. "
" Very supportive and encouraging. "
" Evan was fantastic. Super chilled, super helpful, super encouraging, super read. I will for sure work with him again. "
" Evan is a very generous reader. Great notes and very understanding. Look forward to reading with him again. "
" Had an amazing time reading with Evan. Great reader. Took my small notes well. And just a pleasant person to talk to. "
" Such a pleasure! Evan has a good set up, so you don't have to worry about if you can see or hear him. He is so multifaceted, I enjoy having him as a reader! So lucky he was available and I'll definitely be reading wtih him again. "
" Even is the perfect reader! amazing range - very adaptable to multiple characters in my scene and kept me confident through taping. thanks Evan! "
" The best of the best. "
" Always down to help make it better! thank you Evan! "
" Evan is excellent. I recently wrapped a series regular role for Warner Bros. Now I'm sending in auditions for the next one. I couldn't ask for a better person than Evan to assist. He is not only a focused and excellent reader, he gives superb feedback in the moment. I'll hire him any chance I get. "
" Really great and helpful reader who takes the time to help me get to a place where I feel confident with my audition! "
" Amazing reader! Very patient and profesional. Thank you, Evan! "
" Evan's amazing!!! Not only is he an amazing reader- Evan gives amazing feedback. Can't wait to work with him again :) "
" Retake again! Great feed back! "
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" Evan is the BEST! "
" The best of the best!!! "
" Aa fantastic as ever!! "
" Evan was fantastic! "
" Always a pleasure. Generous and supportive reader. "
" Evan is awesome, he is a very grounded and supportive reader, and I got callbacks and good feedback for auditions that we did together. Thank you!!! "
" SOOO GOOD!!! So generous! "
" Great working with Evan today!! Always a pleasure :) "
" Always an amazing reader, really gives thoughtful feedback to get you in deeper. "
" Repeat costumer! :) "
" The reviews are accurate! Great reader with great tips for diving deeper! "
" Evan, I made the deadline to the MINUTE!!! Evan has seen me in various states of preparedness (and panic!), and he ALWAYS comes through for me. Thanks for always being the calm, grounded, supportive reader I need :) "
" Evan was so present, helpful and caring. I really enjoyed working with him and he helped me easily get several great takes for my audition, totally recommend working with him! Thank you! :)) "
" Always a pleasure. Always there to support and give great suggestions and, of course, be a great reader. Thanks! "
" Please to work with! :) "
" Great working with Evan again! "
" Such a nice, energetic guy! Flexible and took notes very well when asked to read a certain way. This was a great experience. Felt like I was reading with someone I already know. "
" Evan was lovely! "
" Always the best time! Really smart ideas and expertise in shaping a scene. <3 "
" I appreciate Evan so much for all his help and notes. He really helped me dig deeper into the work and we shot something I feel really proud of. Thanks so much, Evan! Book him!! "
" Lovely, will work with again. "
" Super cool "
" Awesome Reader! "
" Super relaxed and helpful! "
" Loved working with Evan! "
" Amazing!! "
" Evan's great to read with, every time! "
" Evan was amazingly patient with an emotional scene and is a great actor with great tips and humored working through an exercise to get my mind back on track when it went somewhere else (haha) - but thank you so much!! (and it's a Saturday evening - so grateful!) "
" Evan was a fun and enthusiastic reader who put me at ease as we worked through some funky material! "
" Evan is so present and warm and gave me a killer tip that took my read to the next level! "
" He was so great!!! "
" Awesome "
" Evan is the best! He's not going to let you fail! Great reader "
" Super easy going guy. Great tips about the Atlanta market. "
" Lovely, present reader, great suggestions, excellent reader. "
" Evan is the best and is so helpful! "
" Such a fun stress free taping sesh! Thanks for keeping things light and punchy for my comedy audition :) You're the best!! "
" He was great! Super helpful and patient. "
" Evan is an incredible and thoughtful reader! Highly recommend "
" Evan is a great reader! Highly Recommend! "
" Evan was really great reader & patient! "
" Another great tape with Evan!! Pacing and comedic timing was on point, and what's more - he kept me relaxed and focused, so I could bring my best to a tricky audition. Thank you thank you Evan!! "
" Great reader great ideas "
" Awesome Reader! LOVE! Great reading! "
" What a great experience! Nice to meet another fine Atlanta actor. Excellent ease, perfect read. Thanks Evan! "
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" Evan was super patient and helped me nail this scene. Thank you. "
" Excellent. "
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" So supportive and kind! I am picky about notes, and Evan gives great ones! Extremely intuitive reader - thanks Evan! "
" Evan was great! Picked up the script very quickly. Thanks Evan! "
" Book Evan now! He's amazing, perfect reader - so intuitive, and understands the script immediately. Loved working with him, and he's an amazing guy! "
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" Such a great reader! "
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" Amazing reader!! Encouraging and perceptive, with a wonderful ability to support me in exactly the way that I needed. Thanks Evan! Will definitely be looking for you in the future :) "
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" Evan is always great to work with! "
" Gave me great advice for my class self tape! "
" Awesome helpful! Great reader! "
" Great reader. Very helpful "
" Great Reader! "
" Very generous reader, thank you! "
" Awesome Reader. Thanks Evan "
" Always the best! "
" Always the best!! "
" Excellent cold reader! "
" Great to read with. Offers kind support and encouragement. "
" Awesome energy. Great reader. Takes direction well. Made me feel very at ease "
" His warm and sweet personality as a reader made it easy to work through the lines. A great reader to have. "
" Fabulous reader, he's on my favourite list! "
" I love working with you, Evan! Amazing, as always. "
" Evan was a superstar for me. This was a longer, 3-page side, and Evan got into it very quickly and gave me great reads that provided energy and presence without pulling focus. His work as a reader was immaculate. I will definitely look to work with Evan again. Thanks so much, man! "
" Loved working with him for my audition. Found my go to! "
" Always super! great insights "
" Wonderful reader!! "
" Evan is thoughtful and a wonderful reader! "
" Evan is the greatest!! Number 1 go to!! "
" Fantastic energy! :) Loved working with Evan "
" One of the best! Book him! "
" So supportive! Great feedback! "
" 5 star reader! Thx! "
" Great reader :) "
" Simply the best! So fun to work with and helpful, creative input to boot. "
" Great reader! Patient & positive! "
" One if my favourite readers, and so much more than a reader! "
" Awesome reader! Very patient and easy tow work with. Highly Recommend "
" So great! "
" Evan was so much fun to work with. And an excellent, excellent, excellent reader! I hope to work with Evan again and again! "
" Amazing! Hung in there with me for an hour and a bunch of pre screens... lol "
" Great Reader, Lots in helpful insight. "
" Excellent reader, excellent feedback "
" Evan is a blast! So much fun working with him. One of my favorite experiences on WeAudition.com thus far. "
" Evan is great to work with "
" Super helpful and supportive! Great read and helped me get my tape done efficiently! "
" Great reader, great feedback, great suggestions "
" Awesome reader! Gave some great feedback to make the scene more real "
" Evan helped me book my Callback, then helped me work on the scene day of to get me grounded. Such brilliant impulses and ideas!! Highly recommend Evan as a reader 11/10 "
" Great reader and very helpful! "
" <3 "
" Evan was so wonderful! A fabulous reader with really helpful notes and so lovely to chat with too. "
" Wonderful!! "
" Really helpful notes and advice, and a great reader!! "
" Amazing spirit, always the reader of my choice "
" Second time working with Evan and an amazing reader once again! "
" So much patience, kindness and great notes! Would highly recommend, especially if you're looking to spend a little more time on a scene! "
" Evan is always great to work with! Professional, fun, and helps me do my best! "
" Always a pleasure to read with Evan "
" BEST. EVER!!!!! Seriously, the best reader, so talented and fun to work with. Will definitely work with him again!! "
" Evan is great! Really sweet and patient. Can't wait to work together again! "
" So sweet and patient! Lovely to work with. "
" Fantastic reader for self-tapes! Friendly and professional. Gives the scene just what it needs without being in any way distracting. "
" Evan is AMAZING!! I had such a wonderful time reading with him. He was super supportive and gave me a great adjustment that really helped my scene. You won't regret working with him! "
" Soooo amazing !! A great reader and easy to work with! I got a really good selftape ! I will deff be reaching out agaiin !! "
" Always top notch! "
" Perfect for what i needed! efficient and quick! "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader and great energy! super fun! "
" Efficient and generous with his time. Gem of a reader;) "
" Evan was great! Lots of help and good vibes. "
" Super helpful, kind, smart, positive. "
" Evan was awesome! He gave great feedback and helped me work through the tone of the piece, and most importantly, made my first WeAudition experience a breeze. Thanks so much for your help! "
" Great fun working with Evan! "
" Love Evan! What an awesome reader and actor. Thank you for your fantastic tips! "
" Great reader! Thank you "
" Awesome as always! helped me tape for a film audition and gave great notes. highly recommend! "
" Amazing as always "
" Calm, Cool, Collected. Delivered the goods. Nice feedback for adjustments. Great to work with and would do it again! "
" Lovely reader, truly "
" Great suggestions. so easygoing and professional. a pleasure to work with!!! "
" Doesnt impose on your process but when asked has excellent notes! THANK YOU! "
" Such a pro, thank you! "
" Super helpful! "
" Evan was awesome! Helped me tape 6 scenes within 2 self tape auditions back to back. Great reader, very laid back, and a pleasure to work with. "
" Great reader with great suggestions. "
" Evan was super sweet and helpful! "
" Evan was great. Got me off book asap "
" Thank you so much! Awesome feedback and adjustment suggestions "
" My favorite!! "
" Great reader, super helpful feedback :) "
" Evan is such a great reader. Thanks again sir! "
" Helpful! Fun! Funny. Even learned a new gesture! Would definitely work with again. "
" Evan was great! Good notes & suggestions and very chill "
" Always a pleasure working with him! "
" Always the best! Offers great ideas and energy to the read. "
" Nice guy good reader "
" I knew he'd be perfect for this tape. And, dear reader, he certainly was. Thanks, Evan!! "
" Even is always a pleasure read with. Always a joy to work with. "
" Evan is awesome!! ! Always a great reader, amazing actor, and super supportive "
" Evan was absolutely a mazing to work with.... Nice, helpful, easy-going guy! "
" Evan was a great reader and made my self tape for class fun!! "
" Great energy! "
" He's so good! Pays attention to detail "
" Great reader. Full of awesome suggestions! "
" Great reader, very engaging, willing to offer suggestions "
" Great scene partner!!! Thanks Evan!!! "
" Amazing help!!! I will call again!! "
" Evan is so gracious and an incredible coach! He helped me find some really nice moments in the scene and I felt super comfortable and confident in the work. Amazing!! "
" Evan was fantastic! Thank you so much! "
" Even was so great to work with! Helped me get several different takes for a co-star audition. Thank you! "
" Evan is great! Such great energy and gave me wonderful feedback for my self-tape. Thank you! "
" Lovely reader. Easy going and easy to work with. "
" Always a pleasure. Always in the pocket. I couldn't ask for a better partner. "
" Evan was amazing!! He was so patient and kind really took the time to work the scene with me and find the meat of the scene. Will definitely work with him again! "
" So supportive throughout the audition process, what a great reader to have in your corner "
" What an amazing and fun scene partner to play with Lovee Evan! He made our relationship in the scene super strong from the get go Thanks Evan, you're amazing! "
" Evan is always so great! Thank you again. "
" Wow!! What an amazing time I had with Evan! He is present and patient with a directors eye which made self taping with him not just productive, but fun! So glad to have worked with him!! "
" Awesome reader "
" He’s awesome. A gifted person. "
" Very Nice and patient. Gave me some great notes! "
" Absolutely terrific and so patient and helpful!!! "
" Evan is so wonderful. He dropped right into the scene, was super encouraging, and had great energy. You can't go wrong with him!! "
" So fun to read with! "
" Lovely reader! So nice and patient! "
" Such a lovely reader and person! Evan jumped right in and helped me bang out my tape in no time. Great actor. Great person. Great feedback. Thank you :) "
" Evan was wonderful to work with! He was really patient, calming, great to talk to, and gave awesome advice! Thank you and look forward to working with you again. :D "
" AMAZING! Refreshing and excellent as always. Love. "
" Great energy. Great reader! "
" Evan is great!!! An amazing actor and supportive reader! "
" Amazing reader! Super open, patient and generous. Great input! "
" So great! Highly recommend! "
" Evan was my saviour tonight. Thank you so much! Great reader guys. Perfect timing and everything in between. "
" LOVE Evan! He's a fab reader and a really strong, adaptable actor. Super pleasant to work with--strongly recommend! "
" Great!! "
" Best Reader! Great All around Vibes! "
" Evan is an excellent reader. You should be so lucky to read with him! Thank you sir. "
" Evan was awesome! Very chill and patient. Enabled me to work through my own shenanigans and knocked out two takes. Book him! "
" Such a friendly, awesome reader. Highly recommend! "
" So fun!! Brings great evergy to the read. "
" Very friendly and patient "
" Always a pleasure working with Evan! "
" Talented, intelligent, kind and experienced. What more can you ask for? "
" Wow!! Amazing feedback and such great suggestions!! "
" Lovely human and reader :) "
" Evan is my favorite actor in the world! "
" I loved working on my scene with him. A gem. It was so much fun! "
" Evan is always one of the best readers for me! His effort and commitment is awesome. Thanks again Evan "
" Lovely and helpful and patient as always! Evan is the absolute best, gives great notes when needed, and is such a positive and supportive energy. "
" Always amazing to work with Evan! Thank you so much! "
" Go To reader-- makes it both fun & productive "
" Evan is great, so kind and helpful! "
" Really loved working with Evan. He was professional and really helped me feel prepared! "
" Super helpful! "
" Wow! Excellent reader, excellent person. Book him!!! Such a joy working together, great energy, perfect pacing, overall best reader I've ever worked with. "
" Great, friendly, supportive. A+! "
" Wonderful scene partner! Gave me great notes and was fantastic to play off of. "
" Amazing reader, wonderful artist, beautiful human. Thank you x "
" Such a sweet person and awesome reader! Made my day! "
" Great reader with great personality !! "
" Great reader! Really helped me so much with the reading and also giving me some awesome tips for the stage directions and physical actions! Amazing Actor!! Super recommend!!!!! "
" Evan was super awesome! Great reader! Thank you so much for your help! "
" Evan is fabulous! He helped me so much. And now I have 4 good takes to choose from. Thank you, Evan! "
" Evan was great. Helpful, fun, and collaborative. "
" Great, dude! "
" Didn't feel like work at all! Had such a lovely time with Evan. He's a natural and aims to give his best performance so you can give your best performance-what more can you ask for in a reader? Loved every minute of it! Thanks again Evan! "
" Evan was so awesome!!!! "
" Evan is an awesome reader and a great person to connect with. He shared lots of great tips, about my scene and my career in general. Thanks Evan! "
" Excellent reader. Nice working with Evan again. He works with what your needs are. Looking forward to working with him again. "
" Lovely reader "
" Great reader! Very helpful! "
" Again, lovely to work with Evan "
" Evan is great! Patient, understanding, and totally willing to help make the best audition possible. Oh, and a very natural reader. :) "
" Evan was great. Perfect reader, with great thoughts on the text. Would happily work with him again. Thanks, Evan. "
" Amazing as always. I love working with him "
" Perfection- thank you! "
" Evan was a great reader! "
" My go to reader cannot recommend highly enough! "
" Great. Right in the pocket with me. "
" So so great! kind, easy going, phenomenal reader! "
" Evan is a fantastic reader! He always makes me feel comfortable, offers great notes, and is incredibly kind. Book him! "
" Fantastic reader, highly recommend! "
" Thanks Evan your Help was amazing!!! "
" Amazing guy roll cool energy!!! Definitely made me comfortable "
" Super sweet! "
" I love meeting other actors in ATL!!! You are my new fav, Evan! "
" Fantastic reader, offered great suggestions! "
" Just Lovely!!! "
" So friendly, personable and sweet! Wants to make your audition good and easy to work with! Thanks! "
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" Great fun and great support, again! Thanks so much. "
" Evan is a wonderful scene partner. He's warm, fun, and kind. I loved working with him! "
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" Absolutely delightful. Great insight and strong reader. "
" Awesome reader "
" Positive pleasant and talented "
" Evan is so fun and friendly! A wonderful reader! "
" AH! Evan was amazing! He was such a grounded reader and made my self tape go so smoothly. Also he has an amazing personality! Thank you!!! "
" Evan was super accommodating, patient and most of all HELPFUL. He is a great reader, scene partner, and coach. I absolutely recommend working with him. And if his beacon isn't on, reach out to him. He was willing to help at night and I think my self-tapes were better for it. "
" Evan was super helpful, had great + positive energy, and was super generous with his suggestions. Absolutely recommend! "
" So helpful and nice! Will definitely work with Evan again. I felt super comfortable with him in all areas. "
" Oh where to start ! Evan has a great voice and is a wonderful actor and reader and so smart and switched on ! He saved my tape my sanity everything !! No seriously would use Evan any day again to be my reader ! Has great suggestions without being pushy ! Wonderful wonderful !! "
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" Evan was great! Gave me exactly what I needed and some suggestions along the way too. Loved working with him! "
" Alway great! Great suggestions...and fun to work with! "
" Great! "
" Evan is a great reader. Very supportive and fun to read with. Looking forward to working with himagain "
" Evan is SO GENEROUS and such a great positive energy, this was my first time on WeAudition and he made it such an enjoyable experience as well as giving great feedback. I was able to get my self tape in on time because of him. Thanks! "
" Evan was phenomenal to read with! I felt like I was reading with a friend! Highly recommend working with him! "
" He was great! Patient. Takes direction well.....!! Thanks Evan. "
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" Great connected reader, and wonderful human. Thanks, Evan "
" Always a wonderful reader! "
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" WOW!!! LOOOVED working with Evan. Had so much fun reading with him and just exchanging amazing conversations about Atlanta. Thanks so much! Will definitely partner up with him again at some point! "
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" Great reader and very helpful and patient "
" Always a blast. "
" Evan is gentle, patient and supportive. Helped me explore the scene and gave me insight and perspectives I hadn't seen on my own. Grateful! "
" LOVE EVAN!!! He's an absolute team player and goes witht he flow of what you want the session to look like. Hes easygoing to work with and was super patient with me. Gave some wonderful suggestions and is also just a pleasant person to get to know! Can't wait to work together again! "
" Amazing as always. I love working with him. He is so so helpful "
" Amazing and really nice! Gave super helpful tips and was very patient! "
" Awesome! The best reader ever! Was so helpful with digging into the intent of the character. "
" Excellent, great reader. "
" Great reader and person! "
" Thank you! "
" 10/10 would recommend! Evan was a greaser reader during my self-tape session. Extremely friendly as well as a natural reader. Provided some amazing feedback and suggestions! "
" Lovely person, offers helpful tips, patient, and passionate about the industry! Will definitely work with him again! "
" Evan is such a breath of fresh air! He was super chill and also super present and helpful as a reader. The natural energy he brought to the read really helped me connect with the piece even more. He knows what he's doing, and it shows. So glad I found him! <3 "
" Profesh. insightful. "
" Evan was phenomenal. He gave great creative suggestion. And he was open to playing. He just made the overall process great "
" Extremely helpful "
" He is amazing. Enjoyed working with him so much "
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" Awesome reader and super cool guy! Thanks Evan! "
" Amazing reader!Thank you so much Evan. such great energy. Can't wait to do it again. "

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