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Hey Everyone!
Thanks for stopping by!

I would love to help you out with your audition or rehearsal!

I am an excellent cold reader and can zone in on the essence of the scene swiftly!
whether you want to play with the scene and try out different approaches or just want a dry reader, I am your man!
I can also read in different accents or in either of the 4 languages I speak! English, Dutch/Flemish, French or German!

I have been coaching hundreds of actors on their auditions over the last year! I love getting stuck in a script, helping you find all the different layers, colours, beats and making your audition the best it can be! Struggling with getting into the character or with giving an authentic performance? Hit me up and we will work on it together! If you want some direction as well, I can help you with anything you want! Coaching, directing, technical tips... anything you would need to bring your tape or audition up to the next level!

I am also a singer, so if you want to work on acting through song, rep choices, let me know and we will make it happen!

Happy to schedule rehearsals or take instant request on here!

If you'd like to schedule a rehearsal or self-tape you can contact me on:
twitter: @SvenMaertens
Insta: @Svenmaertens

Thanks for checking me out!


My name is Sven Maertens and I'm a musical theatre actor, singer and dancer.

I am an excellent actor, with extremely strong technical skill as a musical theatre Bass-baritone- with particular aptitude in the contemporary and rock/pop repertoire. In addition to this, I am well trained and experienced in dance, movement skills and partnerwork to support my vocal and acting work. I have participated in over 30 Screen acting classes and workshops here in the UK and with The Growing Studio in NY

I gained a first class degree in acting and musical theatre at the Royal Conservatoire of Brussels and a Masters Degree in Musical Theatre from the Guildford School of Acting.
Subsequently, I have worked consistently as a lead vocalist and leading actor on luxury cruise liners (AIDA etc) and was a recently featured soloist in the Thursford Christmas Spectacular.

I offer a highly advanced set of skills, a highly professional and ambitious approach.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Represented by Jamie at 33ltd Management.

669 Reader Reviews

" Sven is a gem to work with, he helped enormously with my scene! So Good!!!! "
" Always so good "
" So patient and talented "
" Always so good :) "
" Great reader. Super cute too :) haha "
" Sven was truly outstanding. The nuanced notes and amazing insights were a godsend! It was a last minute audition and my first time working with him. I'm so grateful to have unexpectedly found such a stellar talent. Thank you, Sven!! "
" Amazing as always "
" Such an awesome reader, gives really good tips and very helpful. Can do a very good American accent, too!! "
" He was great "
" Sven is ace! Always love reading with him. He gives great ideas and has a lot of patience. "
" Professional, thorough, kind, understanding, helpful! This was my first WeAudition experience and I'm so happy with the tape! The notes he gave were super helpful too and I'm very particular about that stuff. Yay! "
" Best reader I've had so far! So insightful, efficient and talented!! "
" Amazing reader and great insights into my scenes. I unreservedly recommend, thanks Sven! "
" The best x "
" Wow. Sven is so kind. So generous. So talented. He worked with me through one of the most challenging scenes I've done with patience, professionalism and his lovely warmth. All while bringing fear, grief, and loss to varying characters - a complete joy to work with. Book him - you won't regret it! "
" So good "
" Great ! "
" Sven's always great to work with and helps bring fresh ideas to self-tapes "
" Sven was great, Would recommend him anytime. "
" Amazing reader "
" Great reader. Thank you "
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" Great notes "
" Wonderful as always!! "
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" Amazing as always! "
" Easy to work with - he is my go to! "
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" With a quick turn around - we were able to knock 4 scenes out while finding the different dynamics in all of them! Wonderful as always! "
" We worked through some odd audition sides - found the character and were able to play! wonderful reader! "
" Sven is great and has great ideas to set you up for a successful audition! "
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" Sven was awesome! Thank you so much! :) "
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" Sven is the absolute best! Gives amazing notes and always help ground me in my work! Thank you! "
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" Placement is key with an active tape - we are able to work the physical awareness to seal the strength of my tapes! "
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" Sven is a great reader, very generous and patient! Had very insightful feedback. Thank you!!! "
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" Super helpful with kind of a tough scene! was a pleasure "
" Always wonderful! "
" As usual absolutely fantastic, and great audio quality as well "
" Amazing! So knowledgeable, communicative and present. Really helped put a scene I'd been struggling with on its feet. Really helped unblock me! "
" SVENNNN!! BOOK WITH SVEN! He has an awesome General American accent and helped me be me in my scene. Thank you so much for your help! "
" Focused and very helpful. "
" Just such a generous and helpful soul. Thanks friend. "
" Fantastic!! "
" Always fantastic! "
" WONDERFUL READER! will definitely hit him up again next time! "
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" Patient and fun to work with! Thank you! "
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" Fabulous "
" Great feedback and notes! So patient and kind! "
" Wonderful. Patient. Strong reader. "
" Thanks Sven! I appreciate the notes, and your redneck dialect was just what was needed. "
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" Excellent, totally delivered for me as a reader and someone to give me input in my audition "
" Really excellent. Helped me with a difficult scene. Thank you! "
" Trust me, so much friendlier than his photo gives off, haha. A very thorough reader and attentive to the material's needs. Thanks kindly. "
" Awesome as always! "
" Awesome working with Sven. He brings great energy as a person and an actor! "
" Sven was very patient with me and so fun to work with!!! :) "
" Sven was awesome! Such a fun reader to play off of! He was kind, warm, and professional! "
" It is always a pleasure working with Sven. First of all, I know it's going to be a solid scene. Secondly, he is always pleasant and professional. Thank you Sven! "
" Great notes and read !!! "
" Bye FRIEND. Thanks for a great read friend. BREADSTICKS. "
" He finds the details in each scene - great reader "
" Awesome reader! "
" My favorite reader! "
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" Great Reader. Really great notes to enhance the scene. "
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" Sven is always the best!!! "
" AMAZING - has such a great voice lol! "
" Fantastic reader "
" There are very few people in this world who I trust enough to be really vulnerable and yet spontaneous with and Sven is one of them. Even in the depths of a challenging character he pushed me to my best with patience, encouragement, spontaneity and play. Very very grateful. "
" A m a z i n g "
" Sven is the absolute best. So patient. So talented. So insightful. It’s a joy to play against him in a scene and I 100% recommend booking him if you haven’t already. I’m coming back for more tomorrow! "
" Another great session "
" Really helpful reader!!! "
" I always love reading with Sven. Love his hints, tips and SVENergy "
" Great and consistent reader as always! Highly recommend! "
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" Big help! Thanks man for the patience. "
" Great reader!!!! "
" My Fav! "
" Sven is amazing! Really supportive. Gret notes and a great actor!!! "
" Awesome as always!!! "
" Has great ideas and is incredibly helpful! will 100% use Sven again! "
" Sven is such a welcoming presence. He managed reading several characters in four scenes amazingly. Looking forward to working with him again. "
" Awesome guy! Awesome actor! H knows the deal "
" Fantastic reader! "
" LOVE this guy. Such a great reader. "
" Gtreat "
" Life saver and oober patient ! "
" Totally let me take the lead with my session but gave great feedback when I asked for it! "
" <3 "
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" Fantastic reader! "
" Great reader and great notes! totally recommend! "
" Great reader with great tips and ideas!! "
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" My favorite reader! Thank you for all the ideas ! "
" Superb. "
" I always use sven cause he's just the best! "
" Sven was very kind, engaging, and gave me very helpful notes. Highly recommend! "
" Always a pleasure to work with Sven! He keeps you focused on being present in the scene and always offers solid notes and suggestions! "
" Sven is a great reader. Incredible at site reading and offered some really insightful suggestions. "
" Sven is so natural and gives great direction, thank you. "
" Very helpful, kind and gave me some amazing tips that opened up the scene. Thank you so much! "
" Great eye, great coach! I am so excited about make tape! Excited to work with him again! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Just the best! "
" Great reading, great notes! would definitely use Sven again "
" Always a pleasure to work with Sven. He has great perspective and thoughts on the scene with great advice on how to navigate through it. "
" Sven! you are awesome. thank you so much for being a great reader with a positive attitude. I will definitely be using you again. "
" Has the best energy and is a very patient reader. I would 100% use Sven again! "
" Reader who engages with you on all aspects of the scripts. He doesn't hesitate to articulate the details. Wonderful! "
" The best reader on we audition! "
" Super easy-going and fun to read with. Patient and quick on the draw! "
" Great coaching! Wonderful suggestions to make the scene better! "
" Great! "
" Very helpful! "
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" So good and chilled! Thank you!!! "
" My favorite. An amazing reader and I always trust his eye when giving notes and adjustments. "
" Devilishly good. "
" Great "
" Thanks again, great as always!! "
" Sven is a great reader and actor!! With amazing helpful notes and advice! And fun to work with! "
" I've worked with Sven before and he's been amazing each and every time. He's a professional and it shows!! Highly recommend! "
" Sven is a fantastic actor and director--his love of the craft is very apparent and I felt very taken care of by his exacting eye. A fabulous actor and coach--book him! "
" Amazing!What an absolute great energy.Really ,really helpful.Thank you!! "
" Sven always delivers...Thank you again sir! "
" Sven is fantastic! Helped me with a self tape, Was fantastic as always! Helped me make some decisions with how I wanted to play my part! 10/10 "
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" Fantastic. "
" Great help! "
" Always great to read with this guy !!! "
" He is great "
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" Great reader! "
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" What a legend being a reader on your birthday - Happy Birthday mate! "
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" Amazing as always! "
" Sven was great per usual! Fun, helpful and patient "
" Great as always, thank you!! "
" Sven is always on! Full of energy and great ideas. Thank you sir! "
" TIP THIS MAN. He's my go-to line saver and when he makes fun of my thinking face I know it's because I'm on the right path with the scene. How's that for review specificity? "
" Great as usual! Thanks for helping me out :) "
" Sven is so helpful and patient! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! 10/10! "
" I am honestly so grateful! So kind, so friendly and put up with me so well! Definitely highly recommend. He's an MVP for a reason!!!!! "
" Very lovely and so patient! "
" Great!! "
" Great as always. Just a nice, chill scene partner which is all you can ever ask for. "
" Fantastic reader! Super patient and has a great energy! "
" Sven can really breakdown a scene and provide options!!! He's great! "
" Literally the best "
" There's a reason why this gem of a man has this many incredible reviews. So supportive and positive while giving out specific notes, Sven's directions can help elevate your scene work to the next level. I'm so glad he's a part of this community. "
" GREAT Guy. GREAT Reader and ready to Rock "
" A great help a great reader. Thank you "
" Awesome reader . really helped me connect to the moment "
" So amazing as always! Extremely patient and the right person to bounce off ideas with to make the scene more interesting and engaging. "
" Sven's always great to work with. He's patient, gives great feedback and always has enthusiasm. He's my go to every time I need a reader! "
" Always love working with Sven! "
" He's amazing! "
" Awesome reader!! Really good at finding your flaws and bringing out the best in your character and given scene! "
" Sven is absolutely one of the best! Book him if he's available. "
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" Sven is amazing, seriously best reader I've had on here. He really helps with useful feedbacks and different ways to take it! UGH love him! "
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" Great reader super chill "
" Super Helpful and friendly! "
" Donut perfect. "
" Sven is the best! "
" Been a while since I've booked Sven (due to scheduling). But he is awesome as always! :D "
" The best! "
" So patient, helpful & always a blast to work with! "
" Great reader! Jumped right into the scene with me "
" Wonderful! "
" Amazing! Emailed Sven to request him, and he hopped on weaudition immediately. "
" Cannot say enough good things!! adore sven! so smart and thoughtful and talented and an antidote to my anxiety. "
" He was supportive and good vibes :) "
" Sven brings out a new side of the character you were trying to nail. Having an outside perspective like Sven helps tremendously! "
" Terrific "
" The best! "
" Awesome ! book him now ! very natural, helpful, positive person ! thank you . :) "
" Sven was delightful to work with. We spent an hour together fine tuning a class scene, and his notes were compassionate, specific, and challenged me to grow. Highly recommend, and I'll definitely be rebooking! "
" Great notes! Amazing energy and so easy to read with. Really made me comfortable and brought out the best in me "
" Sven is prepared and ready to deliver results instantly. Very much appreciated. "
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" Sven was super helpful. Enthusiastic and efficient. Highly recommend. "
" Super awesome!! Great help in memorization AND taping. will definitely look him up again! "
" Super helpful and pleasant to work with! "
" Always my go to. Sven is a rock star on this platform. Great cold reading skills! Thank you sir! "
" Sven had to read about 5 different roles and killed it! iI also had a big scene and he helped me narrow it down and focus on the few scenes that gave me the most range "
" Really had a wonderful time working with Sven! Had some fantastic recommendations and advice for trying out new tactics in the scene. Def an A+ reader to have for an audition!! "
" Sven is THE best. Always gives the best notes. Top actor, top guy 👍🏼 "
" Excellent. He provides so much valuable insight to make the scene as dynamic as possible. "
" Sven is a great reader. So quick to understand the tone and story of the script. And a great guy !Thank you sir. "
" Sven is just awesome! Super helpful, knowledgeable and patient! "
" Always love working with Sven! So patient and fun to read with. "
" Great !!! "
" Yay! Had a wonderful time working through an audition with Sven! I’m already looking forward to doing it again :) wonderful feedback, encouraging, easy to work with. 10 stars! "
" Great reader, patient and encouraging. I highly recommend Sven "
" Awesome, Sven! Thank you so much for your help. I'll definitely book again :) "
" Sven is so good at what he does. We were taping quite a challenging script and when I asked him for his feedback he really helped me connect better to the character and the lines - he’s a great coach as well as a reader so make sure you use him as both! "
" The best!! 10 out of 10! He helped me clarify my intention in the scene and find ways to get into the character. He's fantastic if you are looking for someone who is more than just a reader. He's a great coach. "
" Second time using Sven! Excellent tips and great energy! :) "
" Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! I cannot say enough great things about Sven. An effortless super smart reader w an insightful eye. So talented, so kind! Thank you, Sven. "
" Great reader! "
" Sven has such a lovely, warm demeanour. A great reader to bounce with! "
" What are great job Sven did! "
" Great!! "
" Brilliant! Get insights and help, thank you. "
" Sven is very tentative with the little details, making sure you bring the best out of your character. He also gave wonderful points on voice and vocal techniques. Wonderful reader! "
" His reading was invigorating. "
" So patient and helpful with my audition piece. Wonderful reader and so many great tips! Thank you Thank you! "
" Very patient "
" Kind and helpful! A great partner! "
" I love reading with Sven! If I could book him all the time I would. "
" Great to read with. Sven gave concise and interesting tips. "
" Sven was so nice and generous with his time. Highly recommend this reader! "
" Able to double check accents & languages! Thank you so much. "
" Sven was wonderful. He gave great helpful advice and was fun to work with :) "
" Sven is so helpful and lovely! He made such insightful and great suggestions and it was such a positive experience working with him. Highly recommend. 10/10 "
" Very patient "
" Sven jumped right in and helped immensely with a last minute audition! Easy energy and a great reader. "
" Always so kind and patient. "
" Very kind and very patient "
" I cannot thank Sven enough for being so patient and so helpful for this particular audition he gave me notes that help me to find the tone and the pacing that I felt like I was lacking. Not only was he a great reader but he was a fantastic coach "
" Great working with Sven. Always so much fun. Thank you. "
" Sven is the best. Ran and ran and ran and ran lines with me. So patient and what a legend. Will keep coming back! "
" Lovely! "
" Awesome reader! "
" The best! "
" Sven offered really great coaching and suggestions. He was patient and provided honest feedback to help me get where I needed to be. Thank you! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Great Reader! "
" I can always count on Sven to do a solid read, right from the start. Thank you Sven! "
" Sven was very nice, gave me some really helpful feedback and great advice! "
" Great reader and a very warm personality! "
" Sven is soooo helpful, and insightful! Always amazing "
" Great reader and great at giving specific directions to get you more connected!! Book him!!! "
" Amazing as always. "
" Amazing as always! "
" Best reader I've had on here. Gave excellent notes. So friendly! "
" Sven was a big help! Always a pleasure to work with. Book him!!! "
" Sven is such a lovely, sweet guy! It was such fun to read with him and his English accent is brilliant! Authentic and resonant! "
" Thank you so much! great as always!! "
" Sven rocks as always!!! Such a great reader. Thank you sir. "
" Great reader! Very helpful notes and redirects, thanks Sven! "
" ABSOLUTE ROCKSTAR! Thank you SO MUCH Sven! 2 really tricky 1-line auditions for an important (to me) HBO Series, and he really helped make sense of all the technical aspects, gave direction, pointed me out on not-so-stellar habits - I'm super thankful for that session, thanks Sven! "
" I came into the rehearsal space without a hello and simply asked Sven to give me two words and just be there while I record my speech and he was there for me. Thank you so much!!! I appreciate it, Sven "
" Awesome reader. Great dude. Thanks Sven! "
" Very helpful! "
" Great session & discovery process! Worked through the script & all the different levels. "
" Sven was so accommodating. He was truly a pleasure to work with. See you next time. "
" Always love working with Sven! He throws out great ideas and allows me to take my time. "
" Great energy as always "
" Amazing reader. "
" Great feedback and we played with the scene - wonderful "
" Lovely reader - liked playing off his take on the script - wonderful "
" Again, Sven is so wonderful, great to play ideas with, great listener and super helpful in offering feedback. THANKS AS ALWAYS "
" Super duper encouraging and positive, thank you! "
" Very helpful. Thank you so much "
" Always 5 stars! "
" Good Stuff my friend. "
" Steven was a great reader. He gives very helpful notes and doesn't rush me. "
" Sven is the best! "
" Sven Sven Sven...Always so helpful! Thank you sir:) Great reader guys!!! "
" Great eye, nice direction! patient, definitely recommend! "
" Sven was so great, he jumped right into a scene with me and we recorded a self-tape all in 15 minutes. Thank you! "
" So helpful! Thank you Sven! "
" Sven is very knowledgeable about WeAudition and very helpful with how to work on readings. He is friendly, kind, and a joy to work with. Highly recommend him! "
" Great as always!! "
" Great! thank you!! "
" Sven is so awesome!! So patient and gives great notes! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" High medical drama. Go us. (he's great, folks. We know this.) "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Wow, what a great reader. Down to business, professional and super helpful. "
" Thank you Sven for a great read. I appreciate your help with my self-tape. Much appreciated. "
" Hes the besttttt brings the best out of me for comedy pieces! "
" MVP, MVP, MVP!!! "
" Boom. brilliant help. "
" Great reader; available for running lines and doing the reading. He's an mvp for a reason!! "
" Always great to read with! Great notes too! "
" Amazing as always :) "
" Great! "
" Great as always!!! "
" Very generous reader, lots of great advice. Thank you! "
" Great as always! Always has a good adjustment and way to make the scene stronger. "
" Very good at seeing what is needed to help a scene. "
" Great! Really fun time working "
" This was my first time using WeAudition and I’m very happy with the results. Sven is professional, patient and gives great feedback. Two thumbs up!! "
" Sven you are so sweet & diligent while working. Thank you so much!!!! "
" Sven is super patient and always has good ideas to lead my read in the right direction "
" Great reader!! "
" Thank You x "
" Sven is so great guys! Awesome reader! Great energy. Thank you! "
" Very patient and willing! Gave great insight and was a good listener! "
" Thanks Sven for being super helpful and giving me a heads up on how We Audition works! :) "
" Such a pleasure to work with! "
" Patient, gave great feedback and insight to the scenes. Very affordable and flexible with actors during the pandemic. Great scene partner and he has a director's eye! "
" Thank you! super great "
" One of the best reader on here. Always so sharp and great a cold reader. Thank you again my friend! "
" Sven is a total legend. He's really good for industry advice and is great if you just need to bounce ideas around about characters. And if you need he's always 100% able and ready to dive right into a meaty scene with you. "
" Sven is always so helpful and patient when I just need to run some lines! "
" Amazing as always!! favorite reader! "
" Sven was lovely to work with and super helpful in getting me some solid takes for some self tape scenes. Thanks again, Sven! "
" Always delivers! transparent and collaborative - Sven is ze one "
" Easygoing and generous reader as always. "
" Fantastic actor and reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Sven was gracious and fun to play with. We tried multiple approaches and now I'll need to find a way to mix them together. Having different partners to play with on We Audition is giving me a chance to stay fluid in my work and authentically re-act to different actors. Thanks for being here today Sven! "
" Super fun!!! "
" SO AWESOME! Goes out of his way to help you no matter how long you book your session for. "
" Great reader with some good energy! "
" Generous and on point as always "
" Great personality, very easy to work with "
" Sven was a fabulous reader! He catches onto the scene super fast, and just wonderful to work with. Sven is super patient, and also gives great notes/suggestions. "
" Thank you again! really patient and makes you feel comfortable ! "
" Great "
" Always a great reader. So thankful to have met him on here! "
" A solid reader. I trust Sven with my self tapes. Thank you! "
" Great reader and engaging! "
" Simply amazing as always! "
" Sven is the sweetest and great at cold reading! He helped me a lot and gave super helpful direction. READ WITH SVEN!!! "
" Hes the best! amazing coaching! "
" Sven was do lovely and helpful. It made this whole read easy. "
" Womderful as always! Thanks Sven! "
" Hes my favorite I adore him!!!! the best reader on the site "
" Great reader!! "
" Great re-direction and a wonderful sound setup. Definitely a favorite of mine. "
" Grounded solid helpful "
" Sven is always a brilliant reader. Matches my energy every time and offers thoughtful insights which help drive the scene. Thank you again Sven! "
" Thank you! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always so great to read with Sven. Thank you sir! "
" Great Job "
" Interested and lovely as always. So very timely. "
" Super professional, nice guy, helped with running lines and dissecting the scene a bit. Thanks, Sven! "
" Amazing work so good and timely! "
" Thank you again!! "
" Awesome as always! "
" Wow! Super helpful, he had great notes for me that really helped me find the right attitude for my character. "
" Awesome SUPER HELPFUL!!! "
" Wonderful as always! Fabulous eye and fabulous reader! :) "
" Great reader thank you so much!! "
" Great reader! enjoyed working with Sven. "
" Always so great! Thank you sir! "
" What a pro! Amazing feedback (and patience when I wanted more takes!). "
" Fantastic reader! gave me so much to work with!!! "
" So great! So helpful, generous and full of positivity. "
" Awesome reader "
" Great reader with on point suggestions as always. "
" Really helpful! "
" Sven was amazing, he really helped me to get in the right state of mind for the scene. Highly recommended. "
" Awesome help "
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" Swen is the real deal guys! Always so great to help me prep my scenes. A true gem! Thank you sir "
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" Got me out of a rut with a scene I had over worked. Thank you! "
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" Amazing help and great guidance ! "
" Great help! Amazing advice!!!!! so easy to work with! "
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" AMAZING!!!! He's the reader you need <3 "
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" Great work "
" Always a pleasure. On of my go to's "
" Second time reading with Sven. He's very thorough and helpful. Recommend! "
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" Literally the best guy ever, super nice and charismatic and very easy to talk to and work with! highly recommended! "
" AMAZING!!! You will not regret working with him. Such a fun collaborative experience "
" Absolutely amazing. Sven is nice patient and super helpful!! Will be using him on the regular now "
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" He's amazing. Patient. Helpful & helps keep your nerves at bay! "
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" Superman! "
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" What a pleasure "
" The best!! "
" Fabulous Actor!!!! "
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" Sven is an amazing reader! He gave me great suggestions to help me match the energy level of the character, and it made for a really fun read. HIGHLY recommended. "
" Sven was super nice, helped me get a quick self-tape done and did two different male voices for it, so that was lovely. "
" Brilliant reader! So helpful notes! "
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" Super helpful. Loved working with him. He even offered tips for my scene. "
" Great working with Sven again for a line run. I feel ready to take the lines & let it go. Thanks Sir. "
" THE BEST!!! "
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" Keeps it nice and simple for a self tape. Great working with him "
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" Thank Sven! Great Reading as always! "
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" Great always "
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" Lovely to work with and very collaborative. Thank you! "
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" Sven was AMAZING!!! One of the best readers I've ever had. I booked him for an hour and it truly felt like we just "Played" with the scene for an hour. He offered great suggestions for the scene, but was also right there with me whenever I wanted to change something around. His general american accent is also very good! "
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" Sven is my go to line learning buddy. Thanks so much. "
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" Great reader! "
" Patient, a fountian of knowledge in amultiple accents & an all round great human. Thanks Sven. "
" Sven was so amazing & fantastic! He really took his time to go over the lines with me & coaching me aswell! Thank you "
" Sven is awesome for running lines, bouncing ideas & playing with the text & characters. Book him. "
" Great ! Thank you Sven "
" Sven was fantastic! Great to read-through with, picked up and pointed out some really helpful parts of the script to develop the tone of the piece, as well as establish energy shifts. Thanks Sven "
" Very good reader! "
" Sven was great. Really patient & offered me a plethora of notes & things to thing about that transormed the scene into a living breathing thing. "
" I loved working with Sven! He offered awesome notes and was a very solid reader. 5 stars!!! "
" Very helpful and so one point! "
" Great Reader. Very helpful Thanks Sven! "
" Sven was killer! So patient, even when I had technical difficulties. So easy to work with, and gave great feedback. "
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" Great reader and gave really helpful advice/insight! Would def rehearse with him again in the future! "
" Sven is AMAZING!!! Such a kind, wonderful reader, amazing energy, so many helpful suggestions, really made me feel good about the scene, and helped with some great tips on how to improve my performance. THANK YOU SO MUCH, SVEN! "
" Sven was awesome to work with, directive in an easy-going way and helped me to get more depth and texture into my performance. Will definitely use again! "
" So nice! "
" Awesome session, gave great notes on redirection and trying a different way. loved how he was able to really see what the character was going for and how to get that across in the rehearsal. will definitely use again!!! "
" This was my first time using WeAudition, I had to rehearse some sides for a class and Sven was really helpful and patient. He had great feedback and helped me try different ways of acting it out until we found one that felt and sounded right. Thanks Sven! "
" Sven is wonderful!! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Awesome reader, super cool and gave a great direction to the scene. Thanks so much! "
" Very professional, patient, present and good advice "
" Very patient "
" Very good. Gave a good suggestion too. "

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