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Hello! I'm Bernadette. I am a SAG-AFTRA Actress with over 20 years of experience in the business.
In addition, I also work as a Director and, previously, as a Casting Assistant and as a Film/Series Editor.
I can help with self-tapes, rehearsing, finding the character, and getting you off-book. I've been told I'm patient and a fantastic listener. You can also ask me any questions about character, choices, Script breakdown, and the industry.
Let's get a great read and BOOK SOME JOBS!!!!!!!
If you have a specific time you need to rehearse or tape, feel free to message me directly at
ACTORS: Please share any news about your bookings. I want to share and celebrate your wins!!!

Instagram: @bernadettethebrat
Venmo: @Bernadette-SotoPerez

Bernadette Pérez is a Mexican Native American, LGBTQ+, Los Angeles- based Actress originally from East Chicago.
She began as a stage Actress at the age of twelve. Her first professional role was playing Edna Arkins in Lynda Barry's "The Good Times Are Killing Me", a pre-adolescent girl's coming of age story during a time of racial integration.
While continuing stage work, she had the opportunity to perform in pARTners Performing For Life, raising awareness and funds to find a cure for the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
Eventually, she moved to New York where she landed a small role in her first film. A few months later, she booked the lead in a Television Pilot filming in Las Vegas. From Las Vegas she moved to Los Angeles and began studying with legendaryActing Coach Janet Alhanti.
She currently works in Film and Television and studies with Television Writer/Director Stan Zimmerman and at The Groundlings School. Bernadette regularly campaigns for equality in the LGBTQ+ community, at-risk youth, and diversity and inclusion in the film industry.

Post Advanced Improvisation Program -The Groundlings School
Sitcom Technique- Showrunner Stan Zimmerman
Sitcom Acting Technique-Scott Sedita Studio
Master Scene Study-Janet Alhanti Studio
Stella Adler Master Scene Study-Marjorie Ballentine
Film & TV Cold Reading-Anthony Meindl Studio, The Brian Reise Studio
Warner Loughlin Technique -The Warner Loughlin Studio
Master Class: Taking Direction-Brad Barnes
Scene Study-Howard Fine
Audition Technique-The Margie Haber Studio

Bernadette Pérez is a Mexican Native American, LGBTQ+, Los Angeles- based Actress originally from East Chicago.
She began as a stage Actress at the age of twelve. Her first professional role was playing Edna Arkins in Lynda Barry's "The Good Times Are Killing Me", a pre-adolescent girl's coming of age story during a time of racial integration.
While continuing stage work, she had the opportunity to perform in pARTners Performing For Life, raising awareness and funds to find a cure for the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
Eventually, she moved to New York where she landed a small role in her first film. A few months later, she booked the lead in a Television Pilot filming in Las Vegas. From Las Vegas she moved to Los Angeles and began studying with legendaryActing Coach Janet Alhanti.
She currently works in Film and Television and studies with Television Writer/Director Stan Zimmerman and at The Groundlings School. Bernadette regularly campaigns for equality in the LGBTQ+ community, at-risk youth, and diversity and inclusion in the film industry.

Affinity Artists Agency Ross Grossman (323) 525-0577 phone (323) 525-1221 alt. phone +1 323 395 0455 fax

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" Bernadette, it was wonderful to meet you, and I’m sure we’ll work together again soon! Thank you for your encouragement, for your helpful feedback, and for the great energy that you brought to the scene! Much appreciated!!! "
" Wonderful reader! "
" A+ "
" Great reader. Thank you "
" Lovely energy - thank you! "
" Awesome "
" Excellent! "
" Fantastic reader with great suggestions "
" Very good, and non intrusive. Bernadette gets right down to work, in a non confrontational manner, "
" Really excellent comedic sensibilities. Wonderful at suggesting new comedic choices. "
" She is wonderful. A great reader, intuitive, on point clear wonderful with pace. Highly recommend!! "
" Loved working with Bernadette! Can't wait to read with her again. Perfect reader in addition to helping me with some W.A. technical issues "
" Great reader !! "
" Excellent. Nailed her role as a reader immediately. Nice input and redirect as well. Highly recommend her. "
" Good fun, great reader! "
" Bernadette was an excellent reader! She was patient and supportive for our 2 hour session!! "
" The best! "
" Bernadette was great! Gave me exactly what I needed and had very helpful suggestions :) "
" So helpful and gave great suggestions for a challenging action scene! "
" Second time using her. She's just great! She's officially my "go-to" when she's online. :-) "
" She’s great! Highly recommend! "
" Thanks Bernadette! Always a pleasure!! "
" Absolutely love Bernadette!! "
" Great reader and feedback! Patient and easy to work with! "
" It was a tricky scene and Bernadette had a great redirect! Thanks so much. "
" Great ideas! Very easy to connect with! "
" Great reader and GREAT back and forth. Fun to play with and experiment with the scene to find some gifts! "
" Always terrific. Thank you Bernadette! "
" Great reader "
" She's awesome! Great feedback and made me feel at ease and comfortable. Very professional, patient and really down to earth. Will definitely use her again! Thanks B!!! "
" She’s nice and supportive) "
" Awesome reader and gave amazing suggestions and feedback! "
" Good reader "
" Thank you!! Always a pleasure, great tips wonderful reader! "
" Very easy to work with. "
" So giving to the actor, and patient, and just goes with your flow. "
" Wonderful reader! Thank you! :) "
" Bernadette is my go-to for comedy and commercial scenes, she just jumps right in and always has fun notes! Thanks again! "
" Stellar reader! Big thanks! "
" Kind, straightforward; guides you rather than outwardly directing, which really helped me feel like we worked together to create an audition tape I couldn’t be happier with :) "
" Love working with Bernadette!!! "
" Great reader! Really appreciated her insight! "
" Bernadette was a great collaborator in helping me find ALL the different colors for my audition scenes. Thank you! "
" Super sweet and accommodating! :) "
" Was super patient with me and all the tech glitches as well!! We improv’d some scenes for a commercial audition and Bernadette nailed it! "
" Love love love !! "
" Wonderful as always! "
" Great reader, so much fun to work with! Helpful with finding different colors and approaches to the character. Thanks Bernadette! "
" Excellent actress. Really supportive. A joy to read with. "
" Excellent ! "
" Bernadette was amazing! "
" Bernadette was AWESOME! "
" I had a great session with Bernadette! "
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" Just great! lovely suggestions and brought out the best in me! "
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" Bernadette was wonderful and super helpful! "
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" Thank you so much Bernadette! Highly recommend! "
" Amazing so helpful! "
" Great reader, super helpful! Thanks "
" Working with Bernadette was like working with a best friend. She made me feel comfortable. She is relatable. Her Spanish pronunciation is excellent. Great reader. Easy flow. You would know how awesome it is to work with her when you hire. Sometimes, I am a little scared I will bet someone whose energy will be off or something, but with Bernadette, it felt right. "
" Bernadette is a great reader! Super helpful and provides great feedback. "
" Bernadette is great! I recommend her to anyone that needs a reader!! "
" Bernadette was so easy to work with and knows her comedy! "
" Best attitude ever!!!! "
" Definitely an amazing reader and had great energy!! Thanks Bernadette! "
" Outstanding! Great direction, great performance! "
" Bernadette was great! "
" So very sweet, insightful, and such great direction!! She really brought new layers to the scene and grounded me. Highly recommend! "
" Bernadette is one of my go-to's!! Love working with her always. "
" Bernadette was so helpful and insightful. Hire her! "
" Great 1st reading session with Bernadette. She was patience, calm and friendly. I felt very comfortable reading with her. Thank you! "
" Super helpful! Gave great notes and suggestions!! Can't wait to work with her again! "
" Super sweet and very patient. "
" Great as always; ready to jump in and nail whatever is asked of her! Can't go wrong. "
" 1000% The best! Thanks Bernadette! Very easy to read with and her feedback is awesome. Very calming and comfortable. "
" So so patient and helpful! Love working with Bernadette! "
" Loved working with Bernadette, she had great ideas! "
" Bernadette was AMAZING. She was incredibly patient, and I could sense she really tried connecting with me through the camera, and that made all the difference. Will definitely work with her again. "
" I love working with Bernadette. She's terrific. "
" Fantastic. "
" She was AMAZING!!! "
" Excellent reader and advice. Thank you. "
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" Wonderful, effective, fun! Can warmly recommend. "
" Just the best. Honestly, a fantastic reader who offered some wonderful insightful thoughts. I hope we get to work again. "
" Patient, natural reader. Gave what I needed for this scene. "
" Bernadette was great! "
" Great rates! Thanks! "
" Omigosh, LOVE working with Bernadette as always. She's so insightful with her notes and I really trust her feedback every time to elevate my audition, thanks so much! "
" Bernadette is a great reader! "
" Excellent reader! Very helpful and generous. "
" Bernadette is amazing! She really gave me a lot to work with as an actor - highly recommended! "
" Bernadette is awesome! She has an amazing voice as a reader that helps me with being in the moment with the person I'm talking to :) She also gave me some great tips! "
" Awesome! "
" Lovely, helped me remember my glasses, to keep the accent, etc. Highly recommend "
" Great to try new things with. Love Bernadette! "
" Bernadette is great! Highly recommend. "
" Good reader! And took adjustments on her read. Thanks! "
" Fantastic voice and very helpful "
" Great direction ✨ "
" Wonderful; so easy and fun to work with. Thank you Bernadette! "
" Fun reader!! "
" Bernadette was GREAT! Helped me with my first EVER self-tape audition with WeAudition! Thank you so much! "
" Very patient and helpful. Enjoyable to work with. "
" Great reader "
" Amazing as usual! Thanks Bernadette!! "
" Excellent Reader. Enjoyed working with Bernadette. "
" Brilliant in comedy! Helped discover the comedy in my single cam audition! And she plays the different characters differently with her voice. Thank you Bernadette! "
" Great!! "
" Bernadette is always a terrific reader! She's on top of the scene/lines and always helps me find the good stuff! "
" Thank you Bernadette, it was fun to work with you, thank you! Appreciate your understanding and extra effort with me had to read the lines in Chinese, thanks ! "
" Bernadette is always a go-to for me! "
" A great help for a quick tape. Thank you "
" Really great session. "
" Great! "
" Such a lovely person "
" Love Bernadette. She's such a great reader and so kind and generous "
" Loved working with Bernadette! She has an amazing energy & is incredibly talented. We read through my scene & she really helped me make some fun character choices & we did some helpful exercises. "
" Great energy, great feedback, wonderful to work with! "
" Bernadette was awesome! Wonderful reader and superb help after the session with putting me in the right direction with her experience level! "
" Always a pleasure. She gave the exact read that I needed:) "
" Amazing time with Bernadette! She was very attentive and was the perfect wife to my husband character. Brilliant! I recommend or a highly. "
" So wonderful to work with. Great insight and feedback!!! Thank you so much! "
" Fabulous with creative ideas! She helped me crank out a commercial that needed more! Thank you, Bernadette! "
" Such a fantastic reader with a lovely presence and wonderful notes!! "
" Great reader, definitely recommend ! "
" So patient and lovely! Can't wait to read with her again. "
" Bernadette was an amazing reader and super helpful with my self-tape! "
" Brilliant!! So talented...gave me exactly what the scene needed! Will definitely ask her to read again if available. Thanks, Bernadette! :) "
" Super fast and great notes "
" Fantastic reader!!! "
" Great reader! Supportive. Really lovely actor to work with--helped me create a real character out of a mediocre script! "
" Lovely, sharp and delivered the lines exactly how I needed them while i was in a TIME CRUNCH! "
" SUPER sweet, and gives great notes. An awesome reader and collaborator. "
" Really helpful and great reader! "
" Bernadette is always a go-to for me! "
" Very encouraging and helpful! I love working with Bernadette :) "
" Excellent reader! Kept the pace moving and really brought the other character to life. Thank you! "
" Great "
" Great! Very helpful and taught me a fun little listening exercise. "
" Thank you! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Delightful! Very supportive and patient as I found my way around this scene. "
" Perfect! "
" She was amazing! 10/10 would reccomend! "
" Great quick reader "
" She gave great feedback! Really just wanted to record but ended up understanding the character better! THANK YOU Bernadette . "
" So kind. Led me through a helpful exercise to unblock a scene! Recommend!! "
" Wonderful help, fantastic reader! THANK YOU BERNADETTE! "
" Thank you!! "
" Thank you "
" Super sessions! Thank you Bernadette!! "
" Awesome! so much fun and great reader "
" Bernadette was awesome! Super warm, supportive, and a great reader! Definitely will look for her in the future "
" Bernadette is a true pro. I received a last minute audition for a guest star on a well respected TV show. Then I got a call for an even bigger part for another series that is also due by 10am on Friday. It was great to have a patient professional like Bernadette help me find myself. "
" Great help! "
" So great! Had some great comedic punch up ideas, really understands story and script. Would 100% recommend :) "
" Bernadette was so kind and helpful. She was able to help me with my sides and provide constructive feedback and new ideas for multiple takes. Highly recommend! "
" Bernadette ROCKS! Amazing patience and steady energy for a very long read!! THANK YOU! "
" Bernadette was awesome to work with. She gave great feedback and was very helpful. THANKS!! "
" She is amazing! jumping right into the scene and nailed to be a partner! "
" Such a great reader and fantastic and fun suggestions! 10/10 recommend! "
" Wow! Patient, professional and a pleasure to work with! Thank you! "
" Bernadette is great. Great feedback, all asked for. Appreciate xx "
" Wonderful to read with! Thank you so much :-) "
" So great to work with you! "
" Terrific reader!! "
" Bernadette was wonderful!!! "
" Awesome! Was so sweet and jumped right in :) "
" Thank you!!! "
" Wow! What a HUGE help Bernadette is! I had six pages of sides to memorize this morning to prepare for an audition that I have to get out tonight, and she helped me nail all of it! I could not have found a better person to help me run the sides! She was professional, helpful, and patient as I worked to make the script muscle memory and deliver it with a couple different takes! Thank you Bernadette!! You're the best! "
" Another fantastic session with Bernadette! Highly recommend booking her! "
" Fantastic reader, supportive and connected, and with great insights! "
" Great reader!! Gave good suggestions when asked too :) "
" Great reader, and I appreciated all the input! "
" Bernadette was great! "
" Huge help! "
" I always love working with Bernadette but this session was particularly phenomenal!!!! She helped me prep for one of my first series regulars and helped me find the story in a really personal, exciting way. Thank you so much!!!! Cannot wait to work together again "
" SUPER NICE!!! great reader "
" Amazing partner, loved working with her "
" Amazing !! "
" Super sweet and gave some really helpful tips for our rehearsal! "
" Bernadette was amazing! Great listener, very patient, and gives great advice and tips. Could not recommend her enough! "
" Kind, sweet, and professional! Thanks as always, Bernadette! "
" Thank you! "
" Great reader! She was a trooper helping me with my scene to get it right - much appreciated! "
" Super helpful, fun, encouraging reader! Would definitely book Bernadette again. "
" One of my go to readers on here. I'm always so excited to see when she is on! "
" Excellent! Jumped right in, very friendly "
" Thanks so much Bernadette for being such a supportive reader to help me rehearse lines! "
" Great help , Solid scene partner. "
" Excellent instincts as a reader and really thoughtful feedback. "
" Bernadette is one of my favorite readers on here. So talented and funny. "
" Absolutely incredible!!!!! "
" Incredible! Excellent reader - great feedback "
" The sweetest! Worked with me while having technical problems! "
" Bernadette is the absolute best!!! Thank you so much for your suggestions and helpful notes!!! "
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" Bernadette is so helpful- great reader/actor and very patient when it comes to working toward the perfect take and fine tuning the scene. "
" Great Insight. Great Actress. Great Coaching. "
" Really exceptionally good reader. kind, insightful and excellent comedy instincts. "
" A really great and helpful reader! "
" Bernadette is dynamite! Patient, bringing the actor chops, really helping the scene come alive. Hope to use her again soon! "
" Great reader! Has ideas to offer, Very helpful and fun to work with! "
" Bernadette was fantastic. So patient and gave very pointed notes that helped. Thanks! "
" Absolutely adore Bernadette for all of the comedic tapes I have, thanks so much for picking up the material so quickly! "
" Bernadette was lovely. She helped me with some character choices. I appreciated her using distinct voices to differentiate the characters. "
" Bernadette was so awesome! My sides were comedy sides and she helped me to get off book quickly but also was a great scene partner. "
" THANK U! "
" Strong Actress. Strong Reading Skills. Really Cares "
" Bernadette is a wonderful reader! "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Great reader! Patient and accommodating. I enjoyed reading with Bernadette. "
" Bernadette was fabulous and so easy to work with! Thank you!! "
" So great! Excellent Reader! "
" What a wonderful breath of fresh air it was to work with Bernadette. Her calming presence is equally matched with her ability to quickly assess your work and offer a slice of wisdom that can open up new ideas for your scene. Many, many thanks, Bernadette. "
" Bernadette is a great reader and very helpful! "
" Really helpful and great reader! "
" Thank You! Excellent actor, great feedback. Booked with. "
" Always a pleasure. Great energy and smooth with medical jargon dialogue! "
" Bernadette rules!!!!! I'm practicing my taping game and it was so easy to work together. Mentioned what I wanted from the session, and received nothing but support and helpful feedback as we went!! Can't wait to read together again, thank you Bernadette for finding such a breezy flow with me! "
" Super patient and easy to work with! "
" Bernadette was great! Great energy and helped me get my scene moving and up on its feet :) "
" Thank you so much Bernadette. Great experience "
" Fun and focused. Very good at giving some direction should you so request it. "
" Bernadette is fantastic as always!!! I love working with her. She is always helpful and has great ideas. Thank you so much!! "
" Supportive and gives great suggestions!! "
" Great! "
" Bernadette was so lovely to read with and so patient. Highly recommend 💕 "
" Great notes, great reading, super patient. will be back ... again! xo "
" Amazing as always! I'll be back! "
" Awesome! "
" The best!!! "
" Did a quick scene. Bernadette rocked it! Definitely will be back, thank you, Bernadette!!! :D "
" Always such a great time reading with Bernadette! "
" Thank you "
" So sweet and great read! Thank you! "
" Thank you Bernadette 10 Stars! "
" I always love working with Bernadette. She's patient, generous, and so fun to read with "
" Lovely working with Bernadette again, thanks for the fun note and the read! "
" Thank you for helping me figure my scene out and improvising with me!! "
" Great "
" I’m usually super awkward and kind of unnatural when doing these things but gosh she made it so easy and comfortable!!! She helped me so much and gave some terrific advice it would be a crime not read with her !! "
" Loved Bernadette! She was amazing! "
" Great reader! Picks up material instantly, great pacing for comedy audition!! "
" Fantastic reader, great notes, excellent actor! Highly recommend!,, "
" Bernadette is a dream reader. Quick, supportive, and fun ideas to play with the scene. Thank you, Bernadette "
" Bernadette amazing as always, knowledgeable and fun!! Love working with her!! "
" Love Love Loved Bernadette. Great reads and fabulous timing. Great suggestions too! I highly recommend her and will use her as often as I can! "
" A+ reader! So fun to work with. "
" Bernadette's a real pro! SHe's very easy to work with "
" Super sweet and super helpful, and FANTASTIC reader! Amazing energy!! "
" Bernadette was great!! So so helpful and a great actress with great suggestions. "
" Bernadette is always such a joy to read with!! "
" Versatile session, she can do it all. "
" So lovely! great to read with "
" Great reader, took direction well. "
" Not only is she incredibly talented, she’s patient and very great with collaborating and providing feedback when asked! I could not have asked for a better reader and cannot find the words to truly capture how phenomenal she is! "
" Bernadette is awesome! I hope to work with her again. Sooooo good! "
" Thank you so much Bernadette! Amazing reader! "
" Amazing to work with :))) "
" Bernadette is the bomb! "
" Amazing reader! So helpful and had some great tips! Highly recommend! "
" Bernadette is a pro!! "
" Bernadette was so helpful & got right into the scene! "
" The Best Reader! "
" Always a great reader. "
" Wow, soooo patient. I came to her with loooooooong industrial copy and we made it happen! "
" GREAT!! "
" Bernadette was AMAZING! Found a flow with me and kept making the scene more and more fun. Can't wait to work together again! "
" Adaptable and energetic. Elevated my performance with strong relationship between characters. 10/10 recommend! "
" Love reading with bernadette! "
" Bernadette is a rock star! Great reader!!! "
" Great reader! Thank you for your help! "
" 5 stars! "
" Bernadette is so awesome!!! She is so patient and very helpful whenever I need help with my sides, It's always a pleasure to work with her. Thank you so much!! "
" Bernadette is the best! "
" Great cold reader! Very sweet! Thank you! "
" Awesome reader & helpful advice "
" She great "
" Another great read with Bernadette!!! Thank you!!! "
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" So sweet and rolled with punches!! (Loud neighbors upstairs, she was patient and waited for quiet moments with me) "
" Very patient and helpful! "
" So good! "
" Great! "
" Bernadette was so sweet and patient, thank you!! "
" Great Reader!! Super sweet! "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader!! "
" Lovely! Just jumped right in! Thank you!! "
" Bernadette is EXCELLENT! Love working with her! "
" Shakespeare! Great reader, "
" Great! "
" Thank you! "
" Such a great sport! Thank you! "
" Fantastic! Fun to work with...great reader...with great suggestions! Thank you Bernadette! "
" Great reader, very flexible "
" Bernadette was such a lovely reader and great notes on adjustments! "
" Amazing! Helped me have some fun getting through a late night audition! "
" Thank you Bernadette! So helpful! And easy to connect with the material! "
" Great reader! "
" Super fun reading with Bernadette! Awesome notes to push the scene further! "
" Fantastic reader, lovely energy. Will be back :) "
" An awesome reader and incredibly kind and warm "
" Bernadette is patient, positive, and a good reader! "
" Bernadette is the best!! I love working with her. She's so patient!!! Thank you so much!! "
" Bernadette was very helpful, as usual. She has great insight, script analysis, and extremely helpful suggestions. She helped me get through a script with a short turnaround. Thank you so much!! She's the best!! "
" Bernadette is an extremely kind and supportive reader! "
" Wonderful to read with--professional and patient and excellent. "
" Great! thank you! "
" Great notes and friendly reader! "
" Amazing reader, with excellent notes!! "
" Great reader! She was kind and gave constructive notes. Thank you! "
" Thank you so much Bernadette. Ten stars to you! "
" Perfect reader for my comedic scene! "
" Great as always! In fact, with my previous reading with Bernadette, I ended up getting a callback from that tape...then booking the job! She's a great scene partner who encourages, and has actionable ideas to layer on. Truly a gem! "
" Great! Had some fun ideas to bring the scene to life and was a super fun reader at the three different characters she had. "
" Great reader! Super sweet and helpful. Thank you Bernadette! :) "
" Great reader "
" Love B she is awesome "
" Bernadette is awesome and a pro! Book Bernadette! x "
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" Very patient and had great notes!! :) "
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" Reading w Bernadette was a total pleasure. She's ON, and fun, and supportive. Thanks B! "
" Love Bernadette. Very professional! "
" Great reader! Will definitely work with her again. "
" Great read with Bernadette! She is nice and easy to read with! "
" Professional and engaged, Bernadette was awesome! "
" Patience is a virtue- thank you Bernadette!! "
" Super helpful, perfect timing! "
" Great! Request her! "
" Super nice and helpful "
" Very professional, yet a warm and genuine personality. Very calming. "
" Excellent reader, very easy to work with and friendly! "
" Superb...even helped with a button! "
" Very patient. Really enjoyed our session. "
" Lovely reader :) Super helpful "
" Thank you! "
" I needed help with a multi-cam which is not really my forte. She really helped me shape it. Will DEFINITELY work with her again! Thanks lady!! :) "
" Very patient; great, consistent reader "
" Another great reading session with Bernadette!! Such fun!! "
" Great talking with, gets in you in into a different perspective! "
" So sweet and easy to work with. Thank you! "
" Another great Session !! "
" Brenadette is excellent! "
" Can't help but love her...the right energy at the right time. Thank you so much! "
" Great! "
" Always having a great read with Bernadette!!! Will see you again soon!!! "
" Thank you so much bernadette for all of your help, guidance, and patience. You helped me so much and I couldn’t be more grateful. "
" Bernadette was so lovely!! Will work with her again! "
" Thank you so much Bernadette. I so appreciate your help patience and reading. Thanks for helping me book my first guest star. "
" She is Great! I use her all the time! "
" So wonderful! I had a quick reading AND it was shakespeare! thank you! "
" Thank you so much, Bernadette! "
" A wonderful reader! ¡Gracias Bernadette! "
" A true gem! "
" Such a joy to read with!! She helped me keep the scene grounded and gives not only good advice, but great encouragement. a true gem! "
" Great reader! "
" SOOO GREAT!!!!!!! "
" Incredible reader! Bernadette is talented and understands pacing. She is there to help you with that you need. "
" So sweet and talented "
" Super great! "
" Bernadette is absolutely lovely: efficient, helpful, kind. Everything you could possibly want in a reader! "
" Great reader. Patient. Concise and giving as an actor! "
" Great improviser! Helped with a tricky tricky action scene . Thank you! "
" Great again, thank you!! "
" Saved my night, saved my audition. Wonderful reader and actor with great feedback. Thank you! "
" Bernadette have great energy! She was willing to read with me to get the right take. Her notes were supportive. I really enjoyed working with you. "
" AMAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
" Bernadette was amazing !!! LOVED WORKING WITH HER "
" Absolutely fantastic reader! Great tips! Lovely energy, would highly recommend! "
" Great! "
" Absolutely love working with Bernadette! She totally gets pacing and comedy beats. Thanks so much! "
" Absolutely wonderful! Full of passion and joy for what she does! I definitely recommend her if you are new to We Audition! "
" Excellent reader! Gave great notes! Will def work with her again! "
" She is excellent I will definitely use her again! "
" Bernadette is excellent. Gives exactly what you need for an audition read "
" Lovely. Held the space for me to explore and arrive at a great scene. Happy to work with her again when I can. "
" Incredible reader! Had so many great thoughts and notes! "
" Bernadette was awesome!! Really enjoyed working with her. "
" Bernadette was absolutely awesome! She helped me tape a much better audition by providing me with suggestions on a more effective way to start the scene. It really made a HUGE difference in my performance. She's super patient and supportive! I can't wait to work with her again! :) "
" Great cold read! "
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" Bernadette is great!!! She helped me bring the comedy in the scene!! Definitely recommend her!! "
" Amazing reader, so great at dropping me into the scene and so awesome at helping me get the lines down. Thanks so much Bernadette! "
" Awesome! Did a kid's voice per my request and nailed it "
" A queen! thank you for your attention and time "
" Wonderful!! jumped right in, exactly what I needed! great actor! "
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" Bernadette was wonderful. Thank you! "
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" I love working with Bernadette, she has so many great suggestions to improve the scene and bring out the best in your character!! She is extremely helpful , patient, and so much fun to work with!!! Thank you so much!! Definitely work with her!! "
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" Bernadette is amazing!!! Wonderful reader/coach!!! Will definitely book her again! "
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" 5 stars aren't enough. She had greattt feedback and notes. Great with comedy. Thank you, Bernadette! "
" Great reader! Fun to play and work with! "
" Bernadette has an incredible web camera and ya'll should check it out "
" Bernadette's a great reader and really fun to work with! "
" She was a great read with great feedback and was open to improvising and really working with me on the scene. 10/10 and would work with her again! "
" Bernadette is nothing short of amazing!!! So patient, helpful, great suggestions, and she's super supportive. I would love o work with her again!!! Thank you so much!! "
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