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Need some help with your lines? or maybe you're stuck in a scene and need to talk it out? Then I'm here for you! my name is Nicole and I would love to help you rehearse or self-tape. I enjoy reading scripts (and even have a screen reading club with friends) so I am super familiar with reading plays and screenplays. I also love to coach so if you need some help with the scene I'm more than happy to help (or just watch totally up to you).

I graduated with a BA in Theatre from American University in Washington DC and I am originally from Mexico (I speak fluent Spanish!). I have experience in Improvisation, Film, Shakespeare, Pantomime, Contemporary works, and Devised works.

I also always have my phone on me so if you'd like to schedule a specific time, you can DM my Instagram or email me (info below!)

I love acting and give 100% so if you need crazy voices, improvising different tactics/needs, acting through multiple characters, or some coaching through your scene/monologue, I am your girl. Just let me know what you need: line checks/notes, feeding lines, repeats, etc.

Looking forward to working with you!!

Contact Info:
Instagram: @nicole.vaughan.r

Contact Information:

I am an actress and director from Mexico City, Mexico. I graduated from American University with a BA in Theatre in 2020 and I love exploring complex and varied characters. During my academic career, I was able to explore extremely different characters and techniques in a variety of mediums such as film, improvisation, clowning, and more. I have portrayed from the very physical comedic characters (e.g., a clown), to more modest and reserved characters, (e.g., Ann Putnam in The Crucible). I’m not afraid to get silly or to take risks. I commit to a character 100% and I am open to learning new techniques to add to my own.

Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano
Height: 5'3"
Fluent in English and Spanish
Proficient in French

American University, BA Performing Arts: Theatre 2020
The Second City Training Center - Chicago
Youth Summer Program 2015
Improvisation - Jessica Mitolo
Sketch Comedy - Tim Sosko

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