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  • Find a reader on-demand to rehearse or self-tape with.
  • Acting scene partners online 24/7
  • Audition for roles & meet Casting Directors, Agents, Coaches, & Industry Experts.
  • Earn money being a virtual reader.

Casting Directors / Agents & Managers
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  • Audition Actors or hold general meetings easily & efficiently from anywhere.
  • Interact with or direct actors & record multiple takes.
  • Meet actors in the Green Room.

Coaches & Industry Experts
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  • Offer one-on-one coaching or advice sessions to Actors.
  • Provide taster sessions of your consulting, coaching or product to increase exposure.
  • Earn money being a virtual reader.

Greg Apps

“It's the Digital Age and WeAudition are embracing it beautifully.
This truly is an amazing platform for the industry.”

Greg Apps Casting (Mission: Impossible II, Chopper, Wanted)

“AWESOME. I LOVE the platform! I had the BEST time meeting actors from all over the world via WeAudition.”

Erica S. Bream Casting (Altered Carbon, Colony, House of Lies)

“Very easy to use and a great way to access actors from all over the world. Couldn’t recommend it more highly.”

Aisha Bywaters Casting (Black Mirror, Peaky Blinders)

“I loved this so so much!”

Cara Chute Rosenbaum Casting (The Mindy Project, Falling Skies, American Crime Story)

“This was such a treat. We LOVED it!”

The Village Casting - Jami Rudofsky, Christy Faison, Caroline Liem (Gilmore Girls, SEAL Team, Jimmy Kimmel Live!)
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Virtual Auditions Via Video-Chat Provide:

ALL the benefits of a real audition
PLUS all the benefits of a self-tape.

Be comfortable and prepared in your own space,
but with interaction and direction, creating a better experience and stronger relationships.


Save time with effective video auditions, less travel & idle waiting. Get readers instantly for self-tapes instead of pulling favors.


Save money when casting - use video-chat online virtual auditions instead of a studio space, and cut travel costs for all. Actors also earn income by being readers.


Video auditions are is safer than meeting in-person, with less risk of inappropriate conduct. Plus your personal contact info isn’t shared.


With filmmakers, casting directors and actor members worldwide, you’re personally connecting to the global industry in an instant.


By using video-chat, and digital files / scripts, you’re cutting down on waste, driving less and reducing pollution.


Grow your network, and deepen relationships by meeting quality casting directors, actors and industry experts globally.

“A great website… where you can hire someone to run lines with you before an audition or be your scene partner when you self-tape. Wish I’d thought of it!”

Marci Liroff Casting (ET, Indiana Jones, Footloose, Mean Girls) Marci's Blog | Backstage

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“I’ve been saying we need this for years - and here it is!”

Amanda Lenker Doyle Casting (Black-ish, The Muppets)

“It’s a great, clever, inspiring system...”

Sophie Holland Casting (The Witcher, Down A Dark Hall)

“Enlightening & absolutely worthwhile. WeAudition is on the leading edge of the future of auditioning.”

David Stieve, Agent (AKA Talent)

“What a brilliant platform, simple and easy to use even for a technophobe like myself.”

Lou Smernicki (Kate & Lou Casting)

“WeAudition is awesome. I get to practice acting every day, make money doing it, and network with amazing people. What’s not to love?”

Steve Shermett, Actor (The Chosen)

Nothing short of AWESOME if you need help self-taping or running lines. A great way to meet a growing number of Casting Directors in LA and other major markets”

Carrie Park, Agent (Park Artists Group)
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