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Hi my name is Greg Farinelli and I am a SAG-AFTRA actor and Off Camera Reader from Albuquerque, New Mexico. My Past Credits include co-stars and recuring various network shows. I trained at the top class at Berg Studios in LA. I have also trained at Craig Archibald Studio.

I love reading with other actors. It would be an honor to help you out with your rehearsals and preparations. I won't give you direction unless you ask. I will help you get the scene down and I will help you prepare for the strongest performance you have to offer.

My goal is to help you make new discoveries in the scene. Because you are giving it your best I will give you mine too, to give you plenty to play off of.



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Greg Farinelli was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Originally wanting to go into broadcast journalism, Greg found and shifted his passion when he needed to take a humanities course as a college freshman. In 2005 he found his love for Theatre Arts and made his shifted his focus. In 2007 Greg was accepted into the University of Northern Colorado's Theatre Arts program. One of the best in the country. After 4 semesters of auditioning, he was accepted into the prestigious school's acting program that only accepts 25 people per semester.

Greg Graduating with honors from UNC Greeley in 2010 and started his film acting career in 2016. From 2017-2021 Greg has thrived in the New Mexico Film and TV market, with a Multi-Season Recurring Role in the TV show Roswell New Mexico πŸ‘½, and Co-Stars in the CBS Mini-series Interrogation πŸ‘©β€βš–οΈ, MacGruber, and The Fox Network's Deputy πŸš“.

Presley Talent: Tina Presley 505-610-9273

441 Reader Reviews

" Greg is excellent. Insightful, patient and constantly seeking deeper truths in the script! "
" Greg has a calm, confident energy that you want in a reader. Very experienced, talented actor and great human being. Thanks Greg. "
" Always easy to read with "
" Great reader and pacing "
" Great Reader! "
" Patient and very helpful! "
" Great reader! "
" Professional and had a nice idea for a different take. "
" Patient and very helpful! "
" Really good reader! "
" Greg was great to work with!! "
" Greg is warm and helpful great reader! "
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" Awesome as always! "
" Great Reader! "
" Greg was cool!! "
" Awesome/helpful reader!! "
" Great work! "
" Great reader! "
" Great great reader! "
" Excellent!! Thank you so much!! "
" Great reader! "
" I love working with Greg. Such a wonderful human being. "
" Excellent reader and thoughtful coach! thank you! "
" Awesome! I needed a quick read! He did it! Thank you! "
" Greg is so good. book him! "
" Great scene partner! I had a short little scene with practically no context, and Greg helped find some choices to bring out the best in it. "
" Greg is not only a very skilled reader...what a great directors eye. "
" Solid "
" Amazing reader! Super easy! "
" Amazing reader as always! Really knows how to jump into character quick! "
" BRILLL-Y-ANT! Patient and present and smart. Book him! "
" Great reader. Thank Greg "
" Greg is great to read with "
" Greg is a star! "
" Make sure to book with Greg!! he's an awesome reader "
" Greg is great I recommend him to anyone that needs a reader! "
" Great!! "
" Such a great experience taping with Greg! To the point, knowledgable, and gives good feedback. He is definitely a great go to reader! "
" Thank you for the great read and feedback! Cheers! "
" Great reader. Very patient and gave me solid advice/tips!! "
" So good! Offers wonderful feedback and notes. "
" Efficient- gives proper energy for the scene- will definitely work with Greg again "
" Thanks Greg "
" I love Greg. I’ve worked with him many times before and he is always so gracious. When I see him online I default to click him. "
" Awesome actor and reader-great range and knowledge xoxox "
" Greg was super easy to work with. Thanks for your help Greg! "
" Good guy. patient easy to work with "
" Fantastic and so helpful. Great direction. "
" He was so much fun to play with. "
" Awesome Read !!! "
" Very helpful! Helped me get into an emotional state for my character "
" Greg was great as usual. I'm a regular. "
" Another great audition thanks to Greg! "
" Great was great as always! "
" Greg helped me get a callback for a Amazon Prime Series regular! I believe his notes and direction are a BIG reason I got it. He goes above and beyond to insure you get what you need and is hands down the best readers I've ever had. I will continue to work with him when I can from now on because I truly value his creative input and talent as an artist. Thank you Greg! "
" Authentic. thank you. "
" Fantastic read and super patient!! "
" So chill! "
" Great reader! Friendly and helpful :) "
" Greg was a great, calming and brought a great commitment in helping me figure out the flow of simple yet tough audition. Thank you Greg for hopping in with me. "
" Greg was extremely sweet and helpful. He was also reliable and easy to work with. Would book again "
" Great guy and skilled reader! "
" Thank you so much! "
" Great reader! "
" Took his time and we did so many takes together! "
" Good reader "
" Easy breezy with my man Greg. Thanks so much, dude!! "
" Greg was great, always a pleasure. Super patient and fantastic reader. "
" Greg was great, super patient and helpful thanks !!! "
" It was a pleasure to read with Greg. Gave great feedback and notes. "
" Greg is great! I recommend him to anyone that needs a reader "
" Thank you! "
" Patient reader. Makes you feel at ease. Thanks Greg. "
" Greg is a great reader "
" Super helpful with my audition! "
" Really good and great insight to whatever you're working on! "
" Helpful & good insight. "
" Greg was fantastic! Awesome reader, and had some great insights for the scene as well. Highly recommend! "
" Great reader! "
" Greg is great! I recommend him to anyone who needs a reader! "
" Excellent actor and great with all genres,very cool energy and nice guy and super helpful "
" Very patient and helpful. Great reader. "
" Very helpful! "
" Great reader! fun and engaging, easy to work with. thanks greg!! "
" Love working with Greg! So professional! "
" Amazing reader "
" Excellent reader "
" Greg is always the best! "
" Great reader, will work with him again. "
" Thank you Greg! "
" Great reader!! "
" πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ "
" Greg was so patient with me while blocking a complicated audition. Thanks, Greg! "
" Wonderful reader. Very patient and was able to implement my request with specific beats and technical notes with ease. Thank you so much, Greg! "
" Great reader and listening! Perfect for the scene I did. :) "
" Terrific "
" Wonderful reader! Really thoughtful and supportive! Thank you! "
" Great reader - very knowledgeable and professional. "
" Second time using Greg and it was just as good as the first. Give him a click! "
" Excellent Reader "
" Love Greg! The man comes with ideas, he’s in the moment with me. I loved it. "
" Fantastic reader. Wonderful feedback. Absolute pleasure to work with. Thanks Greg. "
" So helpful! so many great notes. "
" Helpful! "
" Greg did a great job and created a friendly atmosphere conducive to good work. Thanks! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Gregs always great. Just an easy reader to audition with. Highly recommend "
" Very helpful. Good cold reader. "
" Thanks for being up and available so late! "
" Awesome...despite the lateness Cher "
" πŸ‘ "
" Thanks so much Greg for the quick read! Really appreciate you going with the flow and helping me when I'm so pooped! "
" Greg gave me a really good note at the end that changed the second scene of my audition. That's the kind of stuff I appreciate from readers. Great actor, attentive, not afraid to throw out an interesting note occasionally. Recommend highly. "
" Great Reader! "
" Great work "
" Very helpful notes, thank you so much Greg! "
" Greg is super easy to work with and I had a great time! "
" Great reader! "
" Patient and good feedback. thank you! "
" Gave helpful redirects "
" Always amazing "
" Greg was super helpful with his good advice and patient with my process! "
" Great vocals for my read. Spot on! "
" He's great!!! Gave me some great feedback on what choices to make! Thanks Greg! "
" Great working with Greg "
" Awesome to tape with ! Fast and responsive. "
" Thanks, Greg! Excellent reader! "
" Super great reader "
" Always love working with Greg! "
" Great time with Greg! "
" Great "
" Great. "
" Great guy. very patient and insightful. "
" Greg was incredible! The perfect energy I needed for this scene!!! He had great notes & was a great reader! Thank you! "
" The best! "
" Awesome guy! "
" Thank you Greg! "
" Nice guy. Great reader and gives good feedback. "
" Greg is always so helpful! "
" Professional, moved through a lot of dialogue at a nicely fast pace. "
" Greg gave some great suggestions. Thanks! "
" Very kind and present reader. "
" Great scene partner! "
" Awesome! "
" Thanks Greg "
" Phenomenal! "
" He has become a great friend. Such a talented individual "
" Great reader!!!! Gave excellent advice!! "
" He was so great to work with. "
" Greg was fabulous, immediately hooked into the character and scene and gave REALLY solid feedback! Thank you Greg, definitely want to read with you again! "
" Greg is so great. Dives right in. Always nails the tone and pace. Got pinned after working with him on my last tape. Highly recommend. "
" Very professional. "
" Great and Patient Reader!! "
" Greg was fantastic! Patient, friendly, solid notes, he was everything I needed! Book him! "
" Always the best! Great reader and super empathetic and kind! "
" Greg was a great reader for my intense scene! He gave exactly what I needed! "
" Greg was super patient with excellent notes! Thank you so much! "
" Greg's a solid dude. Patient, relaxed, gives a really good read "
" A great collaborator and reader! "
" Awsome reader "
" P "
" Greg's reading was spot on. A quick study and solid. Thank you, Greg! "
" Great reader. In would use again. "
" He helped me a lot! I felt confortable, I'm glad! "
" Amazing reader. Had the pleasuree to meet him during the Contenders event and it was a pleasyre to reconnect as a reader! Highly recommend him "
" Great cold reader and very patient and nice! "
" Awesome Reader! "
" Greg is awesome! "
" Very patient and a great reader! "
" Thank you! "
" Excellent reader! Great notes. He took his time and was patient with my discoveries in the scene. It went so well! "
" I'm so grateful to have Greg helping me audition. He was very easy and patient to work with. He understood my needs and was able to fill my needs in my audition. Thank you, Greg. "
" Great reader! Excellent feedback...really helped me find the moments. Thanks! "
" Greg is a great reader! Good guy all around. Thanks man! "
" Great reader. Provides useful notes. "
" Very, very good reader. Knows exactly what's needed. I would work with him again for sure. "
" Fantastic, as always! Thanks, Greg! "
" Helpful reader with great advice! "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Always great working with Greg! "
" Patient and professional, Greg gave great insight and pointers! Would highly recommend him! "
" Always great to read with Greg! Thank you! "
" Great reader. Thank you Greg! "
" Greg’s a great scene partner! Looking forward to working with him again "
" Really patient, offers great notes and overall wonderful energy! "
" Smart and intuitive -- quickly understands a scene. Definitely recommend! "
" Great reader, as always! "
" Awesome, sweet, efficient! Thank you Greg! "
" Another great rehearsal with Greg!!! Very talented reader !! "
" Amazing reader and amazing directions as well. Helped me a lot. "
" Great reader! "
" Great as always. Thanks, Greg! "
" Easy to work with, and game for multiple takes! "
" Always a great reader! "
" Great reader! Thanks for the pacing! "
" Thank you ! "
" Consistently solid guy and helpful reader :) Thanks, Greg! "
" Great help! "
" Awesome Reader!!! "
" Did a good job reading. "
" Awesome! "
" Friendly and supportive reader! "
" Great guy! Helpful! "
" Great reader and very friendly! "
" Wonderful! "
" Great to work with again! Gave me great notes and was a wonderful reader "
" Greg is helpful and easy to work with! "
" Greg was awesome!!! Gave REALLY GREAT suggestions for the scene that really elevated it! My new GO TO reader! Thanks so much!!!! "
" Great feedback and was easy to work with. Will work with Greg again sometime. "
" Great reader, very helpful and focused! "
" So compassionate and great! Handled my very emotional scene with lots of care. Much appreciated! "
" Great Reader "
" He's great! "
" Such awesome energy!! what a great reader "
" Great as always! "
" Great Reader. Thanks Greg! "
" Super chill and supportive. Thanks Greg! "
" Greg is attentive and great at giving notes! "
" Greg rules! "
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" TNX! "
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" The man!!!! "
" Amazing!!! Will definitely work with him again!! Great notes and incredibly intuitive. "
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" Greg was awesome! He dove in super quick and gave me the perfect energy for the scene! "
" Great reader. Took my feedback very well "
" Awesome! "
" Patient and professional "
" Great reader, very patient , will go with Greg again! He's solid! "
" Wonderful :) "
" He really pays attention to detail and will help you make strong choices! "
" Jumps right in and has a super calm energy. "
" Good job. Thanks!! "
" Great reader! tnx again friend! "
" Great reader "
" Very good session! "
" Amazing. Really thoughtful feedback and great instincts! "
" Great reader and very nice guy "
" Very prompt an professional. Really appreciated his work and it complemented mine well. "
" Great reader. Patient and committed! "
" Cool beanies "
" He's great. "
" Always patient, invested, and considerate. Thanks for being there with me, man! "
" Awesome reader!! "
" Missed the last time so I tried again and I had a great work session <3 "
" Greg helped on my audition, it was good! "
" Patient, well spoken, professional! "
" Very amenable. Great guy! "
" Amazing! I was in a pinch and he came through with flying colors!! "
" Greg was awesome. So patient and gave me exactly what I needed in a self tape reader. "
" Thank you so much! He was so patient with me and stayed present with me. Also gave great advice! I'd choose him as a reader again! "
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" Great reader and he had great ideas! "
" Amazing reader! Lost service & got disconnected, but great guy. "
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" Great! "
" Really great reader. Very positive. "
" Great reader, really helpful :)! "
" Thanks for a helpful read! "
" Greg was great, I enjoyed our time doing my short side together. "
" Thank you so much, Greg! I appreciate your time, diligence & willingness to help out :) "
" Greg was awesome. Gave good notes and was easy to work with! "
" Great reader! nice person! good energy! "
" Great notes, solid reader and professional! "
" Good to work with , relatable and friendly thank you so much for your help "
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" Understanding and efficient reader. "
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" Greg was a great reader! He was fun to work with on a tape for my sitcom class. "
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" Nice guy "
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" Great, too bad poor connection "
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" Awesome, awesome! "
" Great reader, great notes. So helpful! "
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" Helpful and Patient as my audition reader. "
" Great experience working with Greg! "
" Awesome reader! So easy to work with =) thanks Greg! "
" Awesome experience with greg! "
" Super helpful! "
" WOO- HOO! Greg! Thanks for always being such a supportive reader - got the lines down in 30 minutes! You rock. "
" So easy to work with! "
" Very calming presence and honest feedback, was able to get to the truth of the scene and it came a long way in the time we were together! Highly recommend! Thanks Greg "
" So awesome and nice!!!! Felt very comfortable! "
" Greg is so awesome... got off book quick with him "
" Great reader "
" Great! "
" Thanks again Man, Really appreciate it! "
" I got the take I wanted!!!!!! THANK YOU GREG. Thanks so much for your patience and professionalism. I'll look out for you for my next self-tape. :) "
" Greg is awesome. Very professional. "
" Great reader! Very helpful with analyzing the script and very friendly. "
" Heyyy Man Thanks a Lot for your help!!! Really appreciate it! "
" Amazing love working with him "
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" Always great! Thanks for the help man. "
" 10/10 + sage life advice! "
" Always a pleasure reading with Greg! Great insight and can see the layers in a scene. "
" Thank you Greg for lending your heart to the scene, I so appreciate your presence and support as a scene partner. "
" Fantastic Reader! Will def use again. Even great insight to the character he was reading. "
" Greg was great! "
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" Great directions man Thanks a lot!!! "
" Awesome reader! "
" So great! tnx pal! "
" Wonderful reader. Good notes. Gave plenty to play with. "
" Had a great time with Greg! Very helpful with finding nuances in the scene! "
" Great reader! "
" SO GREAT!! He was so helpful and helped me discover things in the scene that I hadn't thought of before. He was super nice to talk to as well :) "
" Awesome reader! "
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" Thank you! "
" Great reader always. "
" Awesome! "
" Very lovely and helpful "
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" Wonderful scene partner!Has great suggestions and is quite patient. "
" Greg is great! Very helpful rehearsing for my audition. "
" Awesome guy! "
" Greg is an amazing reader! We had so much fun with the scene, we just kept playing even after I knew I got the take, lol. He's super professional and gives exactly the right amount so as not to be distracting as a reader. He's great. So glad I found him for this one, and I can't wait to work together again! :) "
" Greg is a great reader, laid back, easy to work with , gives great suggestions when asked, very polite "
" I paid for a session with this guy and he wasn't even at his computer "
" Absolute best on here. "
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" Highly recommend Greg! He was consistent and provided positive energy throughout. "
" As always, excellent and an encouraging presence!! "
" Greg is a great reader! very patient - took the time of go over and over it with me - book him if you can! "
" Super supportive and invested in the scene! Thank you! "
" A solid reader, gives you the space you need. It was a pleasure man. "
" Greg was a GREAT reader! "
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" Best reader I have had on here. "
" Thanks so much Greg!! "
" Greg is really patient and a good reader!! Thank you!! "
" Thanks! "
" I realllly appreciated Greg's patience. A couple lines were really bothering me and he was able to stay by my side and help me iron it all out! "
" Amazing and responsive reader! Thanks Greg! "
" Great reader! So kind and patient. "
" How can I thank Greg a million times?! THANK YOUUU! Really appreciate your reads to help me live a fuller life in the scenes! "
" Great reader! "
" Great! Love working with Greg! He's very helpful and great at helping you hit the moments you need. "
" THANK YOU GREG! Loved that Greg lived in the scenes with me and we had fun with it - would totally book again! "
" Thank you "
" Great reader! Caught the vibe of the scene perfectly "
" Super helpful! "
" Greg was super patient, kind, and helpful!! Highly recommend! "
" Greg is such an awesome reader and he gave me some great tips! "
" Really great reader! Super helpful and patient! Bonded over our mutual love for Supernatural (so always a big win in my book). Will definitely work with Greg again some time soon! "
" Lovely to talk to, lovely to read with. Thanks, Greg!! "
" Incredible reader! "
" Considerate and great to work with exploring scenes! "
" Awesome!! And very positive!! "
" Terrific!! A pro! "
" Greg was FANTASTIC...Excellent reader....extremely focused!! Will use him again...will recommend him to all I know... "
" Excellent reader! "
" Greg was easy to communicate with and a great reader. "

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