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I've been in the industry for a little over 20 years. Gratefully, I have a wonderful team that consistently gets me auditions. So I always need a reader but I also like being a reader for others.

I'm here to help you in whatever way you need.

We are all in this together. And there's room for EACH OF US, to live and experience our BEST LIVES and CAREERS.

If you ever need help and I'm not online, feel free to email me at:

If you'd like to book me in advance, the minimum is the 30 minute option.

Actor for Theatre, Film & Television.
Repped by: Buchwald (NY) & Michael Bruno Group LA

CREDITS Include: The Wire; Law & Order (Trifecta); Prodigal Son; Blue Bloods, Elementary; New Amsterdam; The Sun is Also a Star; Pariah; Gotham; Black List; God Friended Me; The Good Fight.

*headshot by Tanzie Johnson

Actor for Theatre, Film & Television.
Repped by: Buchwald (NY) & Michael Bruno Group LA

CREDITS Include: The Wire; Law & Order (Trifecta); Prodigal Son; Blue Bloods, Elementary; New Amsterdam; The Sun is Also a Star; Pariah; Gotham; Black List; God Friended Me; The Good Fight.

AEA / SAG / AFTRA Actor for Theatre, Film & Television. Repped by: Buchwald (NY) & Michael Bruno Group LA I love auditioning and helping other with their auditions. CREDITS Include: The Wire

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" Shamika is a star! Loved reading with her! "
" Super sweet reader !and great energy "
" Amazing reader! "
" Great reader! Exactly what I needed. Thank you, Shamika! "
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" Excellent timing & great voice "
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" Shamika is so sweet and a great reader! "
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" She was great! Did multiple takes with me for a Self-Tape. Really appreciated the patience and encouragement. Would work with again. "
" Shamika was an AMAZING Reader! She not only gave me honest feedback in bringing life to the character, but she also brought life to the reader. "
" Thank you. "
" Amazing energy. Invaluable experience. Really grateful I got to work with this talented artist! "
" Working with Shamika will put you through your paces, make you sweat and make you proud. Book her! "
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" Really amazing Coaching session :)! She was great! Incredible direction and gave great insight ! "
" What a wonderful human! Thank you for the incredible feedback and for taking the time to do, not one, but two auditions with me! "
" One of my go-tos. Rock star reader and great with feedback to help you showcase your best work. She makes you really tap into the relationships in the material. "
" Booked the last project we did. Gave me all the energy and good vibes I needed, cause I was exhausted. Always a great reader with wonderful feedback and notes. Book HER! "
" She got me to drop authentically into my character and emotions. VIBES! and she always shows up as a reader to give you something to react off of. LOVE HER. BOOK HER. "
" Great person to work with. Would use again! "
" Phenomenal! So much experience - just flows through Shamika! Came to her with a heavy action COP scene - All my dialogue, except one minor paragraph for her - She took me from a flat performance reading lines on a page with vigor to creating a story with my the mind, body and soul - Resulting in dialogue, action and story w/ vigor. Awesome direction - Notes - HUMAN! Thank you, Shamika! "
" Shamika is an incredibly generous and present scene partner. I am leaving our rehearsal feeling very proud and excited about the work we made. Thank you so much! "
" I read with her the most because she is the literal best "
" Shamika was Great!! "
" Shamika has such great energy and vibes. Super knowledgeable on how to tackle a script and visualizing your space for the scene. Will definitely be reaching out again! "
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" Shamika is amazing! She gave amazing feedback allowing me to make my scene more specific and detailed! Thank you! Thank you! "
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" Shamika is AWESOME! Honestly, she's such a kind person and was such a great reader. She gave GREAT feedback and made feel super confident with the material! "
" What a lovely person and reader! Shamika was so helpful, in a short amount of time and had some wonderful ideas for how to make the change up some of the beats and make the scene pop. I look forward to working with her again! "
" Great reader! Very intuitive and adjustable. "
" She is awesome! "
" AMAZING and great energy. Thank you SO MUCH Shamika! "
" Shes dope. very patient, easy going, supportive, ready to help you. "
" The tips she gave me was so helpful and definteily made my audition better. Great reader/actress as well - her own resume speaks for that. Definitely worth your time and I would absolutely seek her out again. "
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" Once again, Shamika has done it! As I told her, I have to be better just to stay in the scene with her. She makes me better. Excellent rehearsal this evening. Really be a big help in preparing for this audition. Big hint: Ask her about her 3 questions. They will change your acting! "
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" Very very helpful, Shamika helped me so much regarding my American accent. I feel so much confident with my script. "
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" I always love working with Shamika! Great reader with some great energy! "
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" Listen!!! This lady right here is definitely the one to book!!! "
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" Such a great reader and an even better actor. Shamika improvised with me to help me get into character and gave great feedback. "
" Such a great reader! Brings a lot of energy to the lines and picks up on story very quickly. "
" She is SO good . Fantastic reader. Smart., leads you to great choices. Will take her cues from you. Just amazing! "
" Shamika was the best experience I have had on here. Highly recommend her! "
" I can't put into words how grateful I am! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge "
" Shanika.. brilliant! wonderful actress, coach, and reader! "
" I believe I found my mentor! So experienced, empowering and wise! Thank you so much for coaching me "
" I love working with Shamika! "
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" Very Awesome and energetic, Great READER, HIGHY Recommend "
" Shamika is an excellent reader. She's a nice relaxed spirit, making her easy to work with. Thanks Shamika! "
" Shamika was professional and totally game to jump into the reader's character! She was patient, easygoing, and helpful. Thank you Shamika. "
" Shamika is the best! Thank you!! <3 "

Credits Include

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New Amsterdam
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The Blacklist
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