Steve Shermett

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Steve Shermett has held the top ranked reader/coach spot on WeAudition for a significant time. He's known for his recurring role in the TV series The Chosen and his supporting roles in the feature films Fronteras and Amazed by You. Steve has secured a lead in the feature film The Righteous Twelve. Steve is also a Producer and Casting Director.


Reader Reviews

" Love working with Steve, he always gives great feedback and is helpful to try new things! "
" Great! "
" Tweaks each scene very well. Not only a good reader, but nice to work with. Highly recommended "
" I highly recommend Steve! He walked me through my first weaudition, and was very informative. He gave extremely helpful tips and was a great reader! "
" always great "
" I love working with Steve. Great reader. "
" great! "
" Steve was everything I expected and more! He perfected my American Accent and helped me explore the scene! There is a reason why he is the king of Weaudition! Book him! "
" Always the best! "
" wonderful reader and actor "
" Great reader! "
" Wonderful! Looking forward to the next time! "
" Steve is awesome and is my go-to guy! "
" Ohmygosh Steve was killer! Such a grounded, excellent reader. "
" Steve is awesome. Great reader, great feedback. "
" What a legend! I knew I wanted my first session on We Audition as an attendee (as opposed to a coach) to be with Steve and was waiting for the right incoming script to do it with. I'm glad it happened sooner rather than later. Steve was such a joy to work with and really helped me iron out some kinks in my US accent. He also gave me some great pointers (after asking me if I wanted suggestions) to take into the scene and so it was a really great way to work it. He creates a very friendly easy environment for new discoveries. Thank you so much Steve. Here's till the next time ! x "
" fabullous "
" Steve is terrific- Highly recommend him. "
" simply the best "
" Great work! "
" Great reader! "
" Steve, thanks for your patience as I learned the platform. I enjoyed our session. Stay healthy! Kim "
" Great to work with Steve again! "
" excellent! drilled my sides and it was great! "
" Super friendly and helpful! "
" Steve was fantastic and gave me great feedback, which I incorporated into my takes. I highly recommend him. "
" AWESOME!!! As always! LOVE working with Steve! "
" Great guy. Very positive reader. Will happily use again. "
" Steve was great! super helpful with notes when i asked for them, and very encouraging! would definitely book him again. "
" Always a pleasure. Always the best. "
" Awesome!! I love Steve! One of my favorite readers on here. Get's stuff quickly, to the point, super helpful :) "
" What can I say about this incredible person and reader that hasn't already been said. Bravo, my friend! "
" Always a pleasure to work with Steve. Highly recommend. "
" Always the best! I love working with Steve. "
" Yep... it's true. He's the REAL MVP! "
" SO GREAT! easy, fun, and got so many great takes in 15 minutes! YASSS "
" My very first time on WeAudition and struck gold getting Steve as my reader. THIS IS AWESOME - You're Awesome! Thank you Steve! "
" excellent "
" Steve was GREAT! Good reader, with awesome feedback. "
" He is wonderful. "
" Awesome, thanks! Had fun! "
" Steve is always great to work with! "
" Outstanding as usual! I'm always glad when I see you available Steve. Thank you. "
" Efficient, friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Good info and direction for my needs. "
" Wonderfully giving and natural reader! "
" Great as usual! Thank you! "
" Steve is a colleague, a wonderful guy, and on top of all that, great to read with!!! Thank you Steve. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic as always! "
" It's always nice and easy with Steve! "
" Always great working with Steve! "
" So amazing again ! Thank you <3 "
" awesome, thank you !! "
" Great, as always! "
" I say this every time but I'll say it again. It's always a pleasure and my scenes are always better after reading with Steve. "
" Great, as always:) "
" Wonderful reader!! "
" Awesome ! Steve was a ton of help. <3 So many great advices and made me feel comfortable right away! Thank you, Steve! "
" Reader was AMAZING!!! We had some technical issues and he was a beast. Super patient, non judgmental. Will absolutely work with him again. "
" What a great reader!! Gave me some great tips on how to make my audition pop and I loved that. Thanks Steve, cant wait to read again! "
" SO great!!! super helpful with notes and giving me his lines exactly like I needed them to be read. Fantastic session. Will book him again. "
" I can't wait to work with Steve again! Encouraging, perceptive and easy to talk to. "
" the best. Simply the best! "
" thanks Steve!! "
" As always, Steve is a great coach and reader. "
" great as always! "
" didnt connect well to internet. could not hear "
" Awesome! "
" A great coach who's easy to talk to and full of fun suggestions! "
" great "
" fabulous reader bad connection "
" great reader! "
" Generous and supportive reader! Thanks again, Steve. "
" Great guy to work a scene with. "
" Fantastic! "
" One of the best!! Thank you Steve! "
" always great to read with Steve "
" Steve helped tremendously! Patiently helped me learn the text, then offered a couple of different alternatives when we started running the scene. All the good reviews you see are spot on! "
" Excellent! So understanding and patient. Great at instructions and redirection "
" Great coaching and and a wonderful reader. "
" He was so helpful and supportive! "
" Loved reading with Steve. He had great insight and very helpful small tweaks to my read. "
" fabulous "
" Steve is always such a pleasure to work with! Thank you!!! "
" Excellent reader. Very patient! Helpful comments "
" Always the best! Thank you for taking the time to rehearse for this series reg audish!! "
" Finally got to work with Steve! Very enjoyable experience! Very patient with my speaker issues. "
" Very insightful. Awesome reader!DefinitelyRecommendingSteveExhalation point "
" Very nice guy and awesome reader, gave me great notes and new suggestions to try. "
" Great advice and direction! "
" I love working with Steve and today was no exception. He always helps me with great ideas to try with my characters. "
" Awesome, thank you Steve!! "
" Excellent reader! Loved it! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" one of the best readers on this platform "
" Fantastic reader! "
" the best! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great reader! Steve helped me feel prepared for an audition that was tough to prepare for. Thank you! "
" Steve is a gem. So generous and thoughtful. Can't say enough great things. "
" Steve is a great reader and always willing to try different ideas which is so helpful! "
" one of the best readers I've had on your site "
" love ! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Steve was awesome as always and really helped me hone some tricky moments with great direction & ideas "
" Very patient = but also quick and great to read with - just right! "
" Very nice guy, informative, and professional. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Nice! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great reader! thank you! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Steve is wonderful! Really great reader, amazing energy, always super helpful! Thank you! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Excellent as always. "
" excellent as always "
" experience difficulties "
" Problems with screne "
" Very encouraging and helpful "
" Steve is a great reader. Positive attitude, very attentive and on point, and gives terrific feedback when asked. "
" Steve was great!! So many insightful tips that helped pull so much more out of the scene! Book him! "
" great reader "
" Fantastic reader! "
" fantastic reader "
" Steve is fabulous. "
" This is guy is great! "
" Steve is a great reader who give really good fead back, which I found really helpful honing my read down . "
" I'm having problems with the system. Will email Richard for clarification. "
" Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. Great reader, great at making me feel at ease and not being nervous as to not remember my lines. "
" Fantastic thank you. "
" One of my go to readers! Thanks Steve!! "
" Super friendly and kind! Will definitely read with him again! "
" What a great first experience!! Steve made it fun and easy. Thank you for your help. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great reader as always, thanks so much Steve! "
" thoroughly enjoyed working with Steve; very helpful! "
" Thoughtful, prompt, and easy to read with! Great stuff from Steve. "
" Great scene partner. Very helpful. "
" Great reader, with awesome insight! Defintely recommend "
" Another great rehearsal session with Steve! Thank you for the specific notes and direction! "
" Even with the dramatic scenes, Always so much fun working with you, Steve!! Thank you!! "
" Good feedback. Was able to point out when I was getting in and out of character "
" fantastic thanks Steve! "
" always a great experience. Great ideas, great notes. "
" Wonderful. Easygoing, receptive. thank you!!!! "
" Great reader! "
" Steve is always great to work with. Excellent reader! "
" One of my fav's. Thanks again Steve! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Awesome session as usual. "
" Fabulous as always "
" So amazing! One of my favorites. Thanks Steve! "
" Flexible and quick! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always great running lines with Steve! Friendly, generous and excellent with good advice too! "
" Friendly, warm presence, great reader. Always reliable and kind! "
" Amazing! I had so much fun working with Steve!! Thank you you for taking the time to help with this self tape Steve, your notes were on point. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Another awesome rehearsal with Steve! So so fun!! "
" Steve is so generous and gives great advice! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Super helpful and has a good understanding of how big/small a character should be! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great help today, thank you! "
" Great working with Steve! "
" Thank you! "
" He's the best! "
" Great experience reading with Steve! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great reader "
" Always a pleasure. Warm, friendly, great reader. Very kind. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Booked with him several times! luv ya Steve! "
" very good reader, great tips. "
" I love working with Steve. I've worked with him 4 times now and hope for more! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Steve was great. Laid back, sharp, gave a great read and a couple really timely and valuable suggestions. We got right down to business and he very quickly was able to get into character and give this a go. Highly recommend, I got the reads I need to give this thing a go. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Amazing as always, thanks so much! "
" Amazing as always! Super kind guy and great reader! Thanks so much! "
" Fantastic reader. Patient and willing to do what it takes "
" Easy going great team player even with technical problems! The patience of a saint! "
" always great. A "go-to "reader for me. "
" fabulous reader. Very helpful. "
" I've worked with Steve twice now and he is amazing. "
" Steve is an awesome reader! I had a great time working with him and I definitely hope to read with him again! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Thank you! Awesome, professional, and prompt! Very grateful. "
" Amazing! Kind, constructive, supportive and patient. "
" The best! "
" Just perfect! "
" Dope reader and awesome guy. Thanks so much Steve! "
" Super kind and a good reader! Thanks again! "
" Such a pleasure reading with you! Thank you!! "
" Great guy and strong reader! "
" great reader "
" Steve is AMAZING! This was a super lastminute self-tape, and we were able to jump right in, get it done. Steve cold-reads like a pro. This is the true value of WeAudition... I am in China, got 20 minutes before leaving for the airport and woke up to an urgent audition. Steve in Arizona helped me nail it and get it in. China > Arizona! "
" Steve is great and friendly! Easy to read with and efficient with our time! "
" Always a pleasure. A great reader/actor. "
" Awesome session with Steve! I feel prepared! "
" Steve was great as always "
" Steve was great to read with! "
" great to rehearse with Steve, as always. "
" great scene analysis, great adjustments. "
" Another fantastic session with Steve!! "
" Wow Steve is an amazing reader and a really nice person! He made me feel really comfortable and was very patient. I highly recommend working with him. "
" he's always great. not an actor but he gets the work done. "
" Polished and professional! Very kind and encouraging. "
" We rehearse together often. Always a great experience. "
" Steve is great! Hope to work together again! "
" Again! This guy is a rockstar! So helpful such a pro. "
" AMAZING!!! Adore Steve !!! Great reader great coach!!! He should charge more! But I'm lucky he's so affordable "
" I always look for Steve. So happy when I see his face. He's the best!!! "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Great actor. Reading with Steve was a breeze. "
" Great Reader "
" AMAZING. AWESOME. WARM. SUPPORTIVE. Friendly. Great Reader. Will be back! "
" amazing. great notes. "
" Quick and super helpful! My first time giving this app a try! "
" Great reader "
" Once again awesome! "
" Awesome reader as always! I try to book Steve every time! "
" Steve is such a great reader, and all round legend! Lovely reader and really open and relaxed. "
" He's so patient and encouraging and wonderful to work with! Would definitely tape with him again! "
" Great reader. Great notes. As always. "
" Steve was awesome! Really easy to work with and a super supportive. "
" Great reader! "
" Thanks Steve, you're the best!! "
" Steve is always amazing. Jumps right in, great cold reader, and gets the job done! "
" Awesome reader and scene partner. He gets right to work. "
" Super kind and helpful once again! A pleasure to work with! "
" Great reader "
" Great reader! "
" I've read with Steve many times. Always great notes and ideas. Always a pleasure. "
" Thanks for hanging in there with me "
" Such a great reader! :) "
" Great reader, extremely helpful and good notes!! "
" Incredible reader! Can bring in so many characters too! Simply beyond words! HIGHLY recommended! "
" Awesum "
" Gave great insight and was fun to work with! "
" We had a very quick session and even in that short amount of time, Steve was able to give eye-opening notes and feedback that were so helpful. Such a great reader and thrilled I got the chance to tape with him! "
" Great generous reader! "
" Always a great reader with great notes. "
" Super helpful, smart and fun to work with! Highly Recommend him! "
" Fantastic reader and great with notes. "
" Always a great reader to work with! "
" Wonderful as always. He helped me run it and run it and run it till it was right! "
" Thanks again Steve. You rock! "
" So great! Loved working with him, will do it again! "
" Steve is amazing - incredibly adept at cold-reading too which means he gets into your scene right away. Helpful, generous, and a kind guy to work with - will tweak those little nuances and build your confidence! "
" Steve is always brilliant! "
" Thank you Steve! You are awesome. I hope I can find you again. "
" Generous reader! Great supportive attitude! "
" Great reader! Very helpful; running lines with Steve is a pleasure! "
" Steve is AMAZING! He helped me prepare for the audition and was incredibly generous with his advice. "
" Great Teacher! "
" Great Guy with Great advice "
" Always amazing. "
" Terrific Reader! Highly recommend!! "
" Terrific reader! "
" Well...I booked the last one I did with Steve, in fact I've booked several from sessions with him!! What can I say? He's great!!! "
" wonderful as uusual... "
" So great to work with! Incredibly friendly and supportive! "
" Great energy! Super helpful! Thank you!!! "
" Positive, helpful, great actor. "
" very sweet. gets the work done. "
" Great thoughtful reader and actor. "
" Wonderful! SO helpful! I BOOKED THE GUEST STAR ROLE! "
" Wonderful as always "
" Always a pleasure to have as a reader! Thanks again! "
" again and again.... wonderful! "
" Helpful, good points to work with "
" Great reader. Helpful and quick. "
" Great, very helpful "
" Always a pleasure working with you. "
" Excellent as always "
" Steve was a great rehersal partner. Will work with him again. And even helped with technical issues. "
" once again... wonderful! "
" Phenomenal reader. Incredibly engaged and insightful. "
" awesome reader! Great attitude!!! "
" Fantastic! "
" Really awesome! Thank you!!! "
" Always great! "
" Fantastic! "
" So good!!! "
" So Patient with lots of energy! GRAND input on character breakdown and scenes. "
" Put me at ease and gave me real confidence for my audition! "
" knowledgeable positive reader and actor! "
" Amazing and so considerate. Look forward to working with Steve again "
" Awesome as always! One of my fav readers to work with and really give it 100%! "
" once again perfect! "
" Great to work with really professional! "
" He was great! Professional, helpful, and gracious. I will read with him again. "
" Great reader, great idea, and very generously gave me a tutorial in using the app for the first time! "
" He's excellent and so encouraging! :) "
" This man is my undisputed go-to. Gratitude. "
" SuperStar The Greatest. "
" Steve is awesome "
" Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! He was very patient. He brought humor to the scene which was very helpful . "
" Steve always pushes you to go one mile further "
" Amazing reader! "
" Awesome awesome awesome! "
" Amazing ! loved working with Steve, he has the best energy and notes. Can't wait to read with him again! "
" Awesome as always!! "
" Amazing...Book him everyone! "
" grrrrreat! "
" Great reader! Very patient and super helpful :) "
" great reader and efficient use of time. "
" Very patient and helpful. "
" excellent "
" Steve helped me earlier with my rehearsal, and was gracious enough to help with my self-tape. Outstanding reader! "
" Steve was professional. He provided great feedback in preparation for my upcoming self-tape. "
" Great! Fun to work with :) "
" Awesome reader Thanks "
" Professional. Wonderful. A real help. "
" Excellent. Easy, pleasant presence. Good insight. All round good experience. "
" Really talented and natural actor! Amazing reading partner!! Highly recommended!! "
" He's wonderful!!! I really loved how patient he is. And really really cares about the craft. It's more than just reading lines. He helps with process! "
" Just awesome! His patience and thorough manner totally calmed my nerves. Thanks, Steve! "
" Great reader! "
" Very helpful, great reader! "
" Great and easy to work with! "
" Super nice guy. Very helpful and patient. "
" Really great :) "
" Great reader. Nice chap! "
" Awesome to read with "
" amazinggggg "
" Excellent reader and very thorough! Makes sure you get a take that you like! "
" Awessoommmemeeee "
" Excellllennntt! "
" Steve is great! Friendly, helpful, highly recommend! "
" Awesome reader! Had a great time recording my self tape with him "
" Amazing as usual "
" reader. "
" Awesome reader every time! "
" Great reader! "
" Great experience! Lots of fun to work with. "
" Nice guy, great attitude & nice feedback. "
" Super helpful and patient! Thank yous much!! "
" Not sure what happened...he jumped off the video call after 3 minutes? "
" very good "
" Very nice, friendly, and helpful guy. Thanks, Steve! "
" Steve is a great reader! And an amazing actor "
" Great actor and very friendly! "

Credits Include

2018 [IMDB]
The Righteous Twelve
2018 [IMDB]
2018 [IMDB]
Dark Night of the Soul
2018 [added]
Feature Dr. Solomon
2018 [added]
The Chosen
recurring co-star
2017 [IMDB]
The Faith Club
2014-2018 [added]
Shepherd's Heart
Host 75 of 114 episodes
2014-2015 [added]
Rocks Shovels and Manuscripts
49 episodes - Host
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