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Steve Shermett held the top ranked reader/coach spot on WeAudition for years. He's known for his recurring role in the TV series The Chosen and his role with Ted Danson and Holly Hunter in season 1 of Mr. Mayor. Steve is a filmmaker and has casting experience and producing experience. See Steve in the feature films: Pursuit of Freedom, Fronteras and Amazed by You.

Steve Shermett is an American film actor and television host. He is also an active producer and casting director. Known for his recurring role in the award winning series "The Chosen" and is appearance with Ted Danson and Holly Hunter in NBCs "Mr. Mayor" Steve will soon appear as one of the leads in the upcoming western "The Righteous Twelve."

Steve began his acting career in High School in an amazing drama department lead by director Terrance Gunkel. He quickly moved to local community theatre and shortly landed his first role in Civic Light Opera (while still in High School). Steve took a hiatus from theatre as he raised his family. He returned to his first love--acting...but this time to the screen. Steve has formal film, theatre and improv training. In addition to acing a screen acting course at Pima Community College Steve graduated from both the improv 101 course at Tucson's Unscrewed Theatre and veteran film maker Chuck Williams' Master Acting Course.

Steve has hosted over 100 television episodes for Prime Time Christian Broadcasting (seen in over 90 cable television markets in the United States and throughout the world on satellite TV).

Steve is a world traveler and public speaker having visited such places as Turkey, India, Israel, England and Mexico. Steve has years of experience with firearms and is also a retired martial arts instructor and certified scuba diver and licensed motorcycle driver. Though not fluent Steve has familiarity with both the Spanish and Hebrew languages. Steve has been a minister for many years and is well known for his expertise in Biblical and Jewish studies.

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" Oh Steve was just lovely. So kind and easy. Way too kind IRL for Logan Roy, but stepped into the role seamlessly and gave great feedback. What a gem! Can't wait to see him on THE CHOSEN!! "
" Steve was very kind and helpful, giving me tips throughout the process. I would definitely recommend working with him! "
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" Great reader! "
" It was a amazing experience! "
" Great Reader! "
" Excellent! "
" Man! I went into this one NOT wanting to play. And by the end of the session I remembered why I love acting so much!! Thank you, Steve!! "
" Great job "
" Great Reader!! "
" He's great!!! "
" Great job "
" Such a pleasure, easy going, jumped right in, great notes and suggestions (asked for). Will book again! "
" Very patient and kind! "
" Very friendly, Super patient, and a Fantastic reader! "
" I swear to God Steve! hehe! Always great working with you. "
" Ah, yes! Steve is kind, honest, helpful and insightful! Thank you!!! "
" Steve was awesome! Great patient reader. His advice on adjustments were right in line with what I wanted to accomplish. Steve is the man. Would highly recommend. "
" Excellent "
" Great Reader!!! "
" Awesome! Great Feedback and reader! As always! "
" Great!!!!! "
" Absolutely love working with Steve! "
" Steve is as sweet heart of guy. A great help with the scene I was working on. Totally recommend! "
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" 1st time w/Steve and he really helped me out! "
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" So good! Took me on a ride through some triple-cam comedy! Steve doesn't miss a beat. Sets you up for success, every read. I trust his feedback and notes 100%. "
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" Steve shared that he was not available after all. I am thankful for his honesty regarding the material. "
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" The best youve got "
" Amazing at helping with character breakdown and extremely thoughtful. "
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" As kind and helpful as everyone says he is! "
" Awesome reader, Fantastic Actor, Great Guy. Highly Recommend "
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" My second time reading with this gentleman. Such a great flexible and patient partner. "
" 2/2! He's awesome! Great to work with and I'll definitely work with him again! "
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" Such a nice guy "
" Steve was great! Very efficient in giving helpful notes. Thanks! "
" I can see why he is so highly rated on the website. I highly recommend. So kind, so fun. Felt comfortable working with him. Felt better about my scene after working with him. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Lifesaver today! "
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" Always 5 star service with a smile (and talent)! "
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" Great!!! "
" So incredibly helpful! Great reader! "
" Always a joy and full of excellent energy!! Thanks once again, Steve!! "
" Great scene breakdown "
" Steve was AMAZING and so insightful! Great tips to make my read better and big bonus that he's a recurring character on the show I'm auditioning for! "
" Steve always gives great insight on how to make the character better. Highly recommended "
" ! "
" Great reader and help. "
" Wonderful working with you Steve. Thanks for your input. "
" I had questions and he answered them. Gave me great adjustments and insight to help me understand my character. "
" Amazing reader "
" Always great to work with Steve "
" Superstar. Always great and open. I was even having some technical difficulities and Steve was very patient with me. "
" Excellent guy. Patient and present. "
" Very helpful "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Amazing work "
" Always fantastic!! My fav!! :) "
" Loved working with Steve. Consummate professional. Encouraging with lots of good notes to make the audition the best it could be. "
" Another wonderful session with my buddy Steve. Thank you! "
" Steve gave excellent notes. I expected no less since he was featured in season one of the show I'm auditioning for! Where else can you get that kind of insight? Thank you very much! "
" Great Reader "
" Great "
" Love working with Steve, he always gives great feedback and is helpful to try new things! "
" Great! "
" Tweaks each scene very well. Not only a good reader, but nice to work with. Highly recommended "
" I highly recommend Steve! He walked me through my first weaudition, and was very informative. He gave extremely helpful tips and was a great reader! "
" Always great "
" I love working with Steve. Great reader. "
" Great! "
" Steve was everything I expected and more! He perfected my American Accent and helped me explore the scene! There is a reason why he is the king of Weaudition! Book him! "
" Always the best! "
" Wonderful reader and actor "
" Great reader! "
" Wonderful! Looking forward to the next time! "
" Steve is awesome and is my go-to guy! "
" Ohmygosh Steve was killer! Such a grounded, excellent reader. "
" Steve is awesome. Great reader, great feedback. "
" What a legend! I knew I wanted my first session on We Audition as an attendee (as opposed to a coach) to be with Steve and was waiting for the right incoming script to do it with. I'm glad it happened sooner rather than later. Steve was such a joy to work with and really helped me iron out some kinks in my US accent. He also gave me some great pointers (after asking me if I wanted suggestions) to take into the scene and so it was a really great way to work it. He creates a very friendly easy environment for new discoveries. Thank you so much Steve. Here's till the next time ! x "
" Fabullous "
" Steve is terrific- Highly recommend him. "
" Simply the best "
" Great work! "
" Great reader! "
" Steve, thanks for your patience as I learned the platform. I enjoyed our session. Stay healthy! Kim "
" Great to work with Steve again! "
" Excellent! drilled my sides and it was great! "
" Super friendly and helpful! "
" Steve was fantastic and gave me great feedback, which I incorporated into my takes. I highly recommend him. "
" AWESOME!!! As always! LOVE working with Steve! "
" Great guy. Very positive reader. Will happily use again. "
" Steve was great! super helpful with notes when i asked for them, and very encouraging! would definitely book him again. "
" Always a pleasure. Always the best. "
" Awesome!! I love Steve! One of my favorite readers on here. Get's stuff quickly, to the point, super helpful :) "
" What can I say about this incredible person and reader that hasn't already been said. Bravo, my friend! "
" Always a pleasure to work with Steve. Highly recommend. "
" Always the best! I love working with Steve. "
" Yep... it's true. He's the REAL MVP! "
" SO GREAT! easy, fun, and got so many great takes in 15 minutes! YASSS "
" My very first time on WeAudition and struck gold getting Steve as my reader. THIS IS AWESOME - You're Awesome! Thank you Steve! "
" Excellent "
" Steve was GREAT! Good reader, with awesome feedback. "
" He is wonderful. "
" Awesome, thanks! Had fun! "
" Steve is always great to work with! "
" Outstanding as usual! I'm always glad when I see you available Steve. Thank you. "
" Efficient, friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Good info and direction for my needs. "
" Wonderfully giving and natural reader! "
" Great as usual! Thank you! "
" Steve is a colleague, a wonderful guy, and on top of all that, great to read with!!! Thank you Steve. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic as always! "
" It's always nice and easy with Steve! "
" Always great working with Steve! "
" So amazing again ! Thank you <3 "
" Awesome, thank you !! "
" Great, as always! "
" I say this every time but I'll say it again. It's always a pleasure and my scenes are always better after reading with Steve. "
" Great, as always:) "
" Wonderful reader!! "
" Awesome ! Steve was a ton of help. <3 So many great advices and made me feel comfortable right away! Thank you, Steve! "
" Reader was AMAZING!!! We had some technical issues and he was a beast. Super patient, non judgmental. Will absolutely work with him again. "
" What a great reader!! Gave me some great tips on how to make my audition pop and I loved that. Thanks Steve, cant wait to read again! "
" SO great!!! super helpful with notes and giving me his lines exactly like I needed them to be read. Fantastic session. Will book him again. "
" I can't wait to work with Steve again! Encouraging, perceptive and easy to talk to. "
" The best. Simply the best! "
" Thanks Steve!! "
" As always, Steve is a great coach and reader. "
" Great as always! "
" Didnt connect well to internet. could not hear "
" Awesome! "
" A great coach who's easy to talk to and full of fun suggestions! "
" Great "
" Fabulous reader bad connection "
" Great reader! "
" Generous and supportive reader! Thanks again, Steve. "
" Great guy to work a scene with. "
" Fantastic! "
" One of the best!! Thank you Steve! "
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