Gary Boulter

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Let's get creative, let's have some fun

I'm a WeAudition " Most Valuable Player " (MVP) and I'm here to help you be amazing.

😀 Here's what I can do for you

  • * Create a session that's fun and productive in a safe and stress-free environment.
  • * Play the scene under your direction or give you plenty of options to play off.
  • * Give you that all important fresh pair of eyes and ears.
  • * Work collaboratively with you to help you shine.

😀Here's what we could do together

I've helped over a 1,000 people with film, theatre and TV auditions as well as self-tapes, class assignments and rehearsals. I've also helped with:
  • * Breaking down scenes
  • * Flesh out character/story
  • * Run lines
  • * English accent practice
  • * Tips and tricks for memorising scripts
  • * Help with that Shakespeare audition
  • * Help with that monologue

A little bit about me

I’m an Ex-pat British actor based in Sydney Australia. I trained and graduated from the Academy of Film, TV & Theatre & I've been working as actor and coach since 2003. I bring a broad bunch of skills to WeAudition including excellent cold reading, accents like English (Natural), General American, Scottish & Irish and much more.

You can find out more about me and what 've done by visiting my IMDB page or WEBSITE. Alternatively, you can check out some of my 5-star reviews, there's over 900 of them. Get in touch and say hello or book in a session in advance.


I love hearing from actors I've worked with book jobs or call backs based on their self tapes with me. I'm genuinely thrilled for them and I hope to get an opportunity to work with you and help you shine. For more about me check out my WeAudition actor profile or the 600+ reviews below.

My TV credits include Channel 7’s Packed to the Rafters, ABC 2’s Soul Mates (series 1 & 2) and the hit Fox crime show Deadly Women. I've also has an extensive list of TVC’s to his credit, and also an in demand corporate entertainer.

Film projects include AFI award winning feature documentary, Hunt Angels with Ben Mendelsohn and the psychological thriller Bedlam. Independent theatre work includes multiple roles in ‘Pride and Prejudice – Abridged’ and ‘Sock’, by award winning playwright Kate Toon.


I trained at the Academy of Film, theatre and Television Gary has been working in film, TV and the independent theatre scene since 2003. Since graduating Gary continues to train as often as he can. Here's a list of some of my more recent courses undertaken:

  1. The Eight Characters of Comedy - Scott Sedita

  2. American Voice - Barbara Hastings

  3. The Audition Technique - Greg Apps

  4. Ultimate Screen Actor - Katherine Beck

  5. Creating Compelling Characters - Greg Apps

  6. Shakespeare - The Show must go online

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1028 Reader Reviews

" My fave!! "
" Great! "
" This was a tough one - medical jargon - and Gary was a real sport! "
" Excellent! "
" Always the best! "
" Upbeat and supportive. "
" Thank you! "
" Wonderful as always! Thank you!! "
" Thank you Gary! You are always 100% Excellent for my readings. Love working with you. "
" Amazing. Great insights, obviously a fantastic reader, really helped me elevate the script! "
" Gary is an awesome reader! If you have a commercial audition--read with him!!! "
" Gary is epic!!! Incredible to read with and gives a great read to respond to!! I highly highly highly recommend "
" Fav fav fav.. it's a gift from the stars when Gary is available! "
" Always a hoot! "
" Gary is the GOAT MVP! Such a joy to work with!! Thank you. "
" Gary is awesome! "
" Another fantastic session with Gary! Always a pleasure to work with! "
" Gary is an absolute dream to work with and full of great ideas! Incredible reader!! "
" Awesome Dude! Great read! "
" Oh man! I was in a rush this time, and he just made it happen. I recommend him so much!!! "
" One of the most fun and down to earth readers on WEAudition!! Gives incredible notes and makes you feel comfortable the whole time. "
" Very enjoyable to work with and super helpful in tackling accent work! Gary's awesome!! "
" Thank you Gary!! Once again, you have been an amazing reader! "
" Gary saved the day!! When you are feeling unsettled with a script Gary gives you the best notes and grounds you in the reality of the world! Thank you!! "
" Another 5 star moment. The reviews don't lie! "
" I really value Gary's feedback. I've worked with him several times now. "
" Yep, me again. My only complaint is that he isn't in the UK. My other reviews stand!!! "
" Incredible reader, thank you!! MVP MVP MVP! "
" As always Gary is the positive consumate professional who lifts the dialogue off the page with grace and style that few can match. Love working with him. Always my first choice for male roles in scenes. "
" Gary is the OG MVP, fantastic reader, great energy!! Thank you!! "
" It is always a pleasure to work with Gary. He is a great observer and gives excellent notes which elevate the scene. I highly recommend Gary! "
" You've seen me comment below - I always come back for Gary because he is just a great reader and man. Sometimes, I wait for him to be online because I know he will pull things out of the scene that I just can't see. Please do book him for reads and directors, book him for work! "
" Gary gives really insightful feedback. "
" Wowowowowow this was amazing!!!! Such incredible suggestions for the scene that really transformed the final product into a tape that I feel so proud to submit. Thank you! "
" I've said it before and I'll say it again - BEST PERSON TO READ WITH ON THIS SITE!!!! Even if you only have two lines! He pulls the best out of those two lines!! "
" Always a pleasure to work with! Great choice for help with a silly commercial. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" 5/5 "
" Gary is a 10 out of 10!!! I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND! Thanks for all your help and coaching. "
" Fantastic reader "
" Gary is a lovely reader buddy! Helpful thoughts and ideas on new ways to approach the scene, and also nice to chat to another Aussie and get to know each other. Other notable benefits include the occasional appearance of Gary's cat, who is adorable. "
" Nice to workshop idea with "
" Amazing!! such a kinda soul "
" He's totally at ease and comfortable so you cant help but feel the same! Great reader and coach when you ask! "
" Gary gives you the opportunity to play off a skilled actor (himself), and he is incredibly patient. Bonus: If you ask, he will give you insightful notes that will elevate your performance. Thank you, Gary! "
" I can always count on Gary! Excellent reader! Book him! "
" The BEST!!!!Thank you Gary "
" Gary both takes and gives direction beautifully. Great collaborator! Thank you for making sure we got it as good as we could get it. "
" Very fun! Incredible voice! Thanks a bunch, Gary! Highly recommendable! "
" Always a great reader! "
" The best as always! Book Gary for your next audition. You'll be glad you did. "
" OMG! Sooooooo helpful! So insightful! Pointed out ahuge "thing" that's made me connect with the material better. THANK YOU, GARY! "
" Amazing reader as always! Brings a great second set of eyes! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Gary is great! Had an audition with a super fast turnaround and bounced some ideas and takes with Gary and ended our session ready to knock my audition out! 12/10 recommend! "
" Gary is a reader I trust. There is nothing more important. Thank you Gary. "
" Always down to clown. Excellent "
" Soo awesome!!! "
" The best always "
" So...along with being great at everything else, Gary coached the heck out of me for a British accent today and when I book it will 100% be because of his help. One of the A+++ actors here. Book him before he's drowning in Oscars! "
" Great session!! And choices!! Thanks ! "
" Gary! You are seriously so generous and talent. Really appreciate you!! "
" Gary and I worked on a particularly heavy scene for a good half hour. He really helped me unlock the emotion for me to get into it! Very kind and patient reader, eager to give notes when appropriate, and very generous with his time. He’s an MVP for a reason!! "
" Incredible work! Tons of fun takes with lots of variations to look at. Gary is a prince!!! "
" Amazing reader! So much fun to work with, book this man! "
" Incredible as always!! Thank you!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" The perfect reader for a difficult piece. He gave great ideas to provide variety, and realism. "
" Gary is wonderful and easy to work with. Looking forward to working with him again. "
" Gary provided such insightful, wise and useful feedback. Definitely helped me take these sides to the next level! Thank you so much "
" Very helpful feedback "
" Epic reader!!! SO fun. "
" Cool! great session! "
" Aussie! Great support and reader! "
" Gary is a star! He's five stars! He is always on point and really knows how to get you out of your head and let it rip! "
" Always great having Gary as a reader!! His patience and input are always on point. I will use again and again and again. Thanx Gary! Til next time. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great support. Book him. "
" Gary was wonderful!! Such a fantastic reader, I look forward to reading with him again soon! "
" Gary comes in for the win with a crazy comedic audition! "
" Very supportive. Great suggestions. Really enjoyed working with another Gary "
" OMG BOOK WITH GARY. The most fun I've had in a scene in ages. yes yes yes. gary is hugely experienced , open, a calming presence and a talented reader. gave me so much to work with. THANK YOU GARY! "
" Gary for the win! Thanks Gary for helping me get to where I needed to with this audition. Great energy, a ton of fun and an all around great guy! I'll be back! :) "
" Gary is phenomenal!!! Loved reading with him. So kind and passionate "
" Gary shines with his direction, attentiveness, and above all, his personality. He is a simply a likable chap who makes you eager to get your best on tape! "
" Gary is the BEST! As always :) "
" Gary is an excellent audition coach! He made the process so fun and engaging! "
" Marvellous working with Gary - nice Kiwi accent bro! "
" The best! "
" Really wonderful - thanks again, Gary! "
" Excellent reader!!! "
" Excellent - really great and patient with a fast paced scene! Thanks, Gary! "
" Amazing! Always fun to work with Gary and super easy going. A delight to work with as always. "
" I needed a male reader and man, did Gary come through. Love his enthusiasm! The help he gave me was immeasurable. I will definitely use Gary again, he's such a great and caring talent! Thank you! "
" My absolute FAVORITE! "
" Loved working with Gary excellent reader "
" Gary is an exceptional reader and always extremely helpful. He is always an absolute delight to work with! "
" Gary is a star. Indeed, 5 of them! "
" MVP for a reason! Kind considerate smart actor excellent coach. Thank u so much Gary! 10 stars "
" Wow. What can I say? I get my very best takes with Gary. So happy to have worked with him again!!!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Top Notch. "
" Great as always!! "
" Very patient and uplifting. Thank you "
" Great! BOOK HIM "
" Fun! great to work with!! "
" So great and fun to work with! "
" Awesome reader! Very engaged and dove right in. Thanks again! "
" I always love working with Gary! "
" Gary is a great scene partner and reader! I would recommend booking him to help breakdown a scene, rehearse, or tape your audition, maybe even all three! "
" Gary was great to work with! Really went the extra mile with differentiating characters :) "
" Absolute Gem! Thanks Gary! "
" Gary is excellent. Kind, patient and great at reading. I had a very difficult scene and I needed a number of visual clues from Gary. He's was perfect. 10/10 "
" Absolutely marvelous! "
" Very helpful, insightful and willing to work out whatever needs to be done to get the job done!!! "
" Gary was great! Helped me prep a callback from all angles-- vocals, physicality, beats. Appreciate having such a solid scene partner and coach! "
" Always so great "
" Gazzer is the best! Book him if you want to book the role!!! "
" Gary is so wonderful! Full of ideas and so patient when I had a technical hold-up. Thanks so much, Gary - I will be back! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" WONDERFUL!! Always a blast! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Gary was a pleasure to work with! "
" Awesome even the second time around. Thanks Gary appreciate your input and patience. Will definitely use as a reader again. "
" Gary is great and has the right energy i needed. "
" Wow, wonderful energy, great input, fabulous ideas, and truly a great actor! "
" Great reader as always! "
" Gary is great! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fabulous reader and very upbeat! thank you Gary! "
" Great. Fun to work with! "
" My go-to guy for VO auditions! "
" TOP! PLUS: Most importantly or VERY NOTICEABLY GENEROUS! GIVING! Flexible. Leading. Helping. THANK YOU, GARY! :) "
" Gary is always a joy to work with! Thanks! "
" Gary is epic. Very helpful, great feedback all asked for. Recommend. "
" Great reader. Super supportive! "
" An amazing reader--great notes and ideas! We had such a fun time and Gary was extremely patient as we waited for pets and pests to leave the premises. Can't wait to do it again! "
" Gary was a tremendous help, particularly with his dialect notes!!! Thanks very much Gazzer! "
" Made some great discoveries with Gary! Thank you, wonderful reader :) "
" Absolutely stellar session with Gary, as usual !! "
" The sweetest kindest reader on here! Just held my hand through a beast of an audition, 3 roles, 3 different kinds of British accents! I'll see you soon Gary! "
" Phenomenal British accent coach!!! Helped me out in a pinch!!! Thank You Gary! "
" Gary is absolutely brilliant and gave great advice and tips on direction. Love working with him!! "
" Super helpful, as always! "
" Great Aussie reader! "
" Gary was fantastic and also made amazing suggestions during the take. Would love to work with Gary again! "
" Gary's comedic timing and improv skills are the bomb! Love this guy! "
" Such a great energy! Perfect reader for a sweet little scene. Thank you! "
" GREAT energy. Will definitely keep him on my preferred list. I had a somewhat challenging read with more than one character and he played both, beautifully. Definitely recommend him! "
" Super helpful, as always! Thanks Gary! "
" My go to! Amazing as always. Thank you!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great reader! Fantastic stuff he gave me! "
" Highly recommend working with Gary! I had a tricky scene with fast-paced overlapping dialogue, and he rocked it. Thanks so much! "
" Oh my I thought I had auto pay!!!! "
" Gary is beyond brilliant!! You should definitely book him if you want to rock your self-tape and have fun doing it! "
" Amazing...words can’t explain how helpful he was I truly recommend him for any auditions that you may have "
" Always a blast working with Gary! "
" LOVE Gary's energy! So game to play and make your tape awesome! :) "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Perfect! Great notes and suggestion. Super easy to work with. "
" Gary was the perfect guy for my comedy audition, thanks so much Gary! "
" Patient, fun to work with! "
" Gary was great! excellent feedback and pointers! "
" OMG!!!!!! Just had the absolute time of my life working with Gary. He is brilliant and hilarious and so damn talented. Thank you. "
" Awesome, just awesome. Helped me relax into the scene and accent. "
" Gazzer is always spot on from soup to nuts. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to book!!! "
" Gary is always so fabulous to work with!!! "
" Consistently brilliant! "
" Always Lovely working with Gary! Solid and dependable! "
" Gary is absolutely brilliant! So helpful! "
" Gary was so helpful patient! Also gave great advice! "
" Excellent with comedy. Knows his stuff! "
" Very professional and easy going. "
" Always good to bounce ideas around with Gary. Especially when he agrees with me ;-) BOOK HIM! "
" So great! Wonderful notes, I got a ton out of our session! "
" Gary was great-- I threw an entire script at him with both Italian and Hebrew interspersed in the dialogue and he read all 4 characters seamlessly. "
" Always a pleasure to work with! "
" Always friendly, jovial and supportive! Such a pleasure to work with. Thanks, Gary! "
" A pleasure to work with! "
" So fun to work with "
" Amazing character work, super fun to read with! "
" So good and patient and funny and kind. thank you ! "
" Gary was SO great! Helped with my English accent and gave so so many helpful pointers. Thank you Gary! "
" Thanks so much Gary for always being a fab reader! "
" Incredible! Great reader, with great advice and suggestions. Thank you :) "
" Absolutely astounding! Gary is a wonderful reader, scene partner, and a doggone nice guy!!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great reader thank you! "
" Gary is patient and skilled at getting the scene done right! "
" Fabulous as always! Even down to providing sound effect! XD Thanks, Gary! "
" Gary was great to work with. So positive and lovely. "
" Awesome! "
" Fantastic Reader and Coach! So patient and kind. Really helped with character development and nailing down the story. Cast him! Highly recommend. "
" Amazing. Wise. Fun. Helpful. Brilliant! "
" Always a blast! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" The best!!!!!!! "
" Great reader and excellent notes! "
" The best "
" What a sweetheart of a person and a great actor to read with! He gives feedback and encouragement and compliments and is genuinely invested in your audition! And - Americans, fear not, he's ready to put on a non-regional American accent at the drop of a hat and even adds multiple character voices with ease! Thank you, Gary! "
" Gary is awesome! Highly recommend! "
" Absolutely perfect. Book Gary if you can. He's an excellent scene partner, reader, and actor. "
" Gary is also great with tech stuff! BOOK HIM!!! "
" Gary is one of my top go-to readers! Once again he came through with flying colors. Thanks Gazzer!!! "
" Gary was so sweet and so encouraging. He had great instincts and ideas for the scenes, and helped me out being a first time WeAudition user!! Will definitely use again :) "
" Lots of fun, snappy with dialogue and happy to play! "
" Always happy to see Gary online. Wonderful reader to play with and try different approaches, and always with great feedback and ideas. "
" Very helpful and creative to work with! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" The best "
" Always incredible! Fantastic reader, great insight, and a warm and supportive presence! "
" Gary is lovely! Great energy / cheerleader vibes "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Gary is the BEST! I ALWAYS look for him first when I jump on for an audition. 10/10 recommend! :) "
" Thank you "
" Gary is a pleasure to work with! He's so much fun and always has a positive and friendly energy. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" He made auditioning so fun and easy! "
" Such a fantastic reader!! One of my go to's! Thanks Gary!! "
" Gary is always patient, helpful, and a great listener , super creative too! Thanks as always !! "
" I just LOVE Gazzaaaaa. He's always one of my go-to's! "
" Amazing ! Thank you Gary "
" Thank you! "
" Very helpful "
" Always fun! "
" So fun to work with. All around. "
" Always a blast!! Thank you :) "
" Always a pleasure!!! Great guy, great reader! "
" Thank you "
" Super helpful and patient reader. Highly recommend! "
" Gary is the absolute best. He just gets it and makes everything so much fun and natural. He also gives such helpful notes? "
" Patient, kind, smart and curious about what is going on! "
" So grateful! will reach out again! "
" Lovely as always "
" Great as usual! "
" I always have a blast reading with Gary! Very knowledgeable actor! Very "there"! Very giving! "
" Fully improvised audition and Gary KILLED IT as the reader (as usual)! 10/10 recommend booking RIGHT NOW. :) "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic! super nice, great suggestions "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always a blast!! Thanks Gary :) "
" Gary is really great at delving in and exploring a scene. Great insight on scene analysis, tone, etc. "
" Super wonderful!! Such a great reader, will really get you to achieve what you set out to do! Thanks Gary :) "
" Gary was great to work with! He was very patient, kind and gave great suggestions! 10/10 would recommend! "
" Always a pleasure "
" Gary Boulter is a great pleasure to work with. Always insightful, interesting, and informative. I highly recommend Gary for all your audition needs. "
" Great reader and scene partner! I always enjoy working with Gary and suggest you book him if you get the chance. "
" It's always great reading with Gary. He provides great direction, additionally, Gary is easy going, he is an excellent listener. "
" Best in the biz "
" The best!! "
" Absolutely the best "
" Thank you "
" Great working with Gary! "
" Absolutely Fabulous. Helpful notes and a kind and charming person! "
" Such a delight to work with Gary! Thank you for jumping in with me. "
" Just the best "
" Always a pro. Thanks, Gary! "
" Thanks again Gary! Always a treat!!! "
" Always a great pleasure and terrific results with Gary. Book him if you get the chance!!! "
" One of the best! He helped me take my audition to the next level. Thanks Gary. "
" Amazing reader, so kind and patient!! highly recommend! "
" Bloody brilliant! Really great for help with the Irish accent too. Gary is kind, patient and talented. Book him! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Awesome "
" Gary is so fun to work with! He brings fantastic energy to his reads! "
" One of the best readers on this site! Thanks as always! "
" I don't always need an amazing reader, but when I do, It's Gazza I go to! "
" Seriously so thankful Gary! "
" Always a pleasure reading with Gary! "
" If God had a twin brother, it wouldn't be Gary. But he's a SUPERB reader, and I will use him for as long as he lets me! To quality. "
" Great session with Garry, he is a wizard with Commercial auditions!! Thanks for your help! "
" Great guy. AND outstanding dialect work!! "
" Every time I use Gary I am reminded of why we do this. He makes work feel like play! Go, Gazza! "
" Gary is awesome, as always! He's my go-to guy on WeAudition!!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Gary was lovely! Was a tricky one with accents and he was great :) "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Awesome scene partner! He is great! "
" Gary helped me work and simplify through two heavy scenes with a lot of moving parts. Leaving this rehearsal with a lot of great ideas and more confidence than how I entered. Thanks so much! "
" Such an expressive reader! so much funnnnnnnn!!!! "
" Garry's read was great, his suggestions were spot-on. As I've come to expect. Thanks Garry! "
" Great reader! Super fun and encouraging. "
" Always a fabulous partner! Great ideas, super supportive, and a wonderful actor. Book him right now! :) "
" Always great reading with Gary!! "
" MVP for good reason. Had so much fun working my scene with Gary. I'll definitely be looking to book him again in the future. "
" Gary is a remarkable actor, wonderful scene partner, and great reader. BOOK HIM! "
" Wow...WOW!!! REALLY enjoyed his perspective! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Greats reads and direction "
" Thank you Gary! Always a professional. "
" Great reader for my commercial improv audition. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Best on the site! Gary is an absolute pro and was so giving and supportive with hos read. "
" Another great read!!!!! Fun fun comedy reader! 10/10 recommend. :) "
" Gary is a PRO. MVP all day! "
" FANTSTIC READER!!! Book him immediately! My scene had several characters, and his vocal distinction between them was AMAZINGLY helpful! Plus he's a great cheerleader and gives great notes. "
" Always the best! "
" Fun, no press, generous. Good vibe! "
" Great reader! "
" Amazing as always "
" Gary is so lovely and fun to play off of! Will definitely work with him again!! "
" Supportive, patient, and helpful reader. Thanks so much!! "
" Brilliant reader! "
" Gary is a dependable go-to for me and such a character which makes him so fun to work with! :) "
" Thanks Gary! Great read as always!! "
" Always a pleasure reading with Gary! I highly recommend him and certainly hope to read with him again soon!!! "
" THE BEST!!! "
" Finally i got to work with Gary The Great! MVP is the truth "
" Thanks goodness for great readers like Gary! What a blast to run lines with this guy! "
" So helpful, especially on honing in on the British accent I needed to do for my read "
" Gary was the most wonderful reader. Thank you so much for your support. We broke down several scenes and he made it so easy to find the character, circumstance and moments... while having fun. Recommend him fully! "
" Wonderful! "
" Thank you "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Gary is the bomb, every time! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Gary was amaaaazing!! Great to work with! "
" Very generous! Great to work with! "
" Always a great source help and humor! Thanks Gary! "
" He's awesome!! Super fun to read with "
" Great read through a prolonged scipt "
" Gary is SO helpful! He's always so friendly and ready to give whatever is needed. Thanks Gazza! "
" Gazzer was great as always!!! Top notch reader and actor. BOOK HIM! "
" Fabulous "
" Garys is always on point! thanks Gary! "
" Gary is so patient and supportive! He gives great notes and is so positive to work with! "
" Brilliant reader and an excellent MVP "
" Awesome Really fun first go at this "
" So sweet and kind! really put me at ease and was a blast to work with "
" Nice reader. Gary is very supportive and so natural... "
" Gary was great! He helped me get grounded with my character when I was feeling a bit stuck after running through the sides alone for a couple hours! He was also kind enough to remind me to take my time and not feel rushed but get settled into my role and scene and not get so caught up in my head. Now I know why he is an MVP with WeAudition! Thanks Gary! "
" Wonderful! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" What a pleasure. Absolutely brilliant, hilarious and great with improv. "
" Gary is a complete legend! I actually came on looking for him today and he was online requesting me beforehand so the universe delivered! What a beautiful thing happenchance and WeAudition is! "
" Kind wonderful spirit! Thank you "
" Late night hero "
" PRO! Understands the material immediately! Such a great reader and generous helper! Thank you, Gary! "
" Excellent as always. "
" Simply the best!! "
" Gary was so sweet and supportive! Total joy working with him and had great ideas for trying new things with the scene! "
" Was amazing!! gave great advice and made the experience really fun. "
" <3 "
" Excellent. "
" Awesome! "
" Awesome reader!! "
" Fantastic reader with great notes!! Thanks Gary!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Gary is an absolute legend! We had a whole hour running scenes and he gave me lots of ideas and things to play with and more than anything else he made working on an audition piece really fun. "
" Thank you Gary. Great advice once again! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" So brilliant. I did what I needed to, and he had so many helpful ideas and ideas to give me more than I imagined. Excellent. Thank you ! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great. Always up for anything! "
" Gary was so sweet to help me come up with some options for different takes. I've got some nice ones to consider! "
" Another great read with Gary! Always a fantastic scene partner!!! "
" Gary was great - had some great thoughts to add in, thanks! "
" Gary is great. Great Gary. He helped me make sense of a difficult scene and we had lots of fun working through it. Highly recommend "
" Great scene partner and reader! "
" Gary is a master! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Absolutely love Gary and am always happy when I see him online! Fantastic reader and wonderful human! "
" Gary was a great reader and gave me some smart and helpful things to play with! Def recommend "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" I always love working with Gary! Fantastic reader and wonderful human! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Gary ROCKS! He is so much fun and such a great actor. Thank you!! "
" So much fun and great collaborator -- had the lines, some character, so much to work with...and a some nice ideas and coaching too. love this guy!! "
" Gary is wonderful and is committed to making sure you do your best! Thank you so much!!! "
" Always a pleasure!!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Love gary! such a great energy "
" Gary is always super engaging and energetic. "
" Patient and very helpful. Gives good tips. "
" Great late night reader/coach for us in CA "
" Just amazing!! Really helps you ground the scene! Thank you :) "
" Gary is my GO TO! He just KNOWS how to get the most out of a scene! Even with minimal information. He gives you variations and the best bit, he's so patient!! I honestly can't recommend him enough!! "
" Gary is fantastic! What a pleasure to read with him. He always makes it fun and has excellent suggestions for alt takes. "
" Great energy and great reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Very kind ! :-) Thank you "
" Absolutely fantastic!! got me off book for tonight ‘s final dress rehearsal and feeling great to boot. Thanks Gary! "
" Such a great reader. Gave great advice and direction. It was my first time using this website, didn't know what to expect. I was nervous but Gary made it such a great experience. Highly recommend! "
" Such a pleasure reading with Gary!! He gave me great notes to make the scene grounded! Thanks Gary!! "
" Gazzer is great! Really good reads, and a much needed adjustment of one character. Thanks Gary!!! "
" Gary was awesome. A ton of fun to work with, had great suggestions and an awesome attitude "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Thanks he’s the best "
" Gary is the best!! "
" Awesome! "
" Awesome guy "
" Awesome guy highly recommend "
" Amazing!! "
" Patient, solid actor, brings a lot of energy! Fun to work with! "
" Fantastic suggestions and ideas for how to work on this scene! "
" Oh My Goodness! Gary is truly awesome and super helpful! "
" Very encouraging and helpful! "
" Always a great reader! Very kind, committed and patient :) "
" Gary was a wonderful reader, very friendly and gave me exactly what I needed for my tape! "
" AWESOME. Full of so much positive energy and was excited to take on my self-tape with me! I felt very comfortable exploring and Gary helped me discover some fresh perspectives about the scene. Great reader, lovely personality and such a pleasant experience. "
" I will definitely use him again!! "
" Excellent reader. A pro. Thank You! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always great working with Gary! Book him! "
" Gary is great! "
" Always fun working with Gary! "
" Gary is amazing!! 10/10 definitely recommend you use Gary for your next tape! "
" "Come through Gary" is what they call him! Well I do anyway. Always clutch! "
" Gary was SO AWESOME! Thanks for being a great actor and scene partner. "
" Brilliant energy. PERFECT for my comedic scene "
" Gary and I read over a scene I had literally just finished for an actors reel. We brought the characters to life and had fun with the scene, playing the different beats with his usual charm and vigour. Happy to be review number 600 for Mr Boulter!!!!!! "
" Gary was so fun to work with! Thank you for being such a great reader! "
" The best. Thank you "
" Excellent reader, dropped right in and gave some friendly tips and encouragement. Got it in just a few takes! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Awesome! Was able to get right to work, which I loved. Thanks Gary! "
" Absolutely phenomenal! I am an awkward individual, but having Gary as my scene partner made that awkwardness disappear so I was able to fully focus on scenes. He also provides great feedback! "
" Just the best!! Book Gary! "
" Ready and willing to work! So much fun! Thank you! "
" Great, honest and nice. "
" Gary is always great to read with! "
" Awesome. "
" So fun. Shakespearian savant, "
" An absolute pleasure, as always! thank you gary! you're always there for this LA night owl -- thank you! "
" Gary is a pleasure to work with, a great reader, and always provides excellent feedback. Really nice person too!!! "
" Great as always "
" Gary knocks it out of the park every single time "
" Brilliant reader! Gary had so many great insights that helped me flesh out the scene and feel very confident! Thank you very much, absolutely recommended! "
" Gary is tremendously helpful and supportive. He is so encouraging and just helped get me back on track. Excellent reader!!! "
" The absolute nicest guy very helpful "
" Great as always! "
" Great!!!! "
" Amazing!! "
" The best! "
" Very fun! Worked on British/Irish accents. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Gary is my favorite and he will always be. thank you for caring and being kind and a teacher. "
" A real pro! An excellent coach! "
" Always lovely working with Gary! So chipper! :) Book him! "
" So professional. Kept me on my script making sure no words were missed which I loved. "
" So helpful and great!! "
" Thank you "
" Great! "
" A++ per usual! "
" Always lovely working with Gary! Such a fun and good fellow. Book him! "
" Loved working with you!! "
" Practiced some Shakespeare with me and was such a professional. "
" Awesome energy and was able to jump right in! "
" Always fun working with Gary! :) "
" Always fun, always delivers! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Super supportive, very talented, and worlds fun!! "
" Gary is super fun and has a lot of energy! He helped me with an audition and was lovely. "
" Gary is just the best "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Simply the best!!!!! Thank you!!!!! "
" Gary never disappoints. Always open and comes with ideas. Much more than just a reader, he is a collaborator. Thank you! "
" Gary was a fantastic reader - enthusiastic and pleasant to work with! Would highly recommend. "
" Love Gary. "
" Gary is always great to read with! "
" Gary was a great help discussing a new scene and figuring out the world. Always a pleasure! "
" So fun, thanks for helping me run lines! "
" Gary was so wonderful, enthusiastic and a huge help! "
" Fantastic reader, amazing advice, just wonderful to work with! "
" Always love working with Gary! Great reader and human with fantastic insight! "
" Gary is awesome! He really worked with me and helped me improve my scene. "
" Gary is always great to read with! "
" Gary did it again thank you!!!! "
" Thanks so much for an easy read, Gary!!! Really appreciate your energy and how you brought different takes to each read. "
" Fantastic. "
" Gary is an honor to work, with great coach! So thankful for him ! "
" Love working with Gary! "
" Awesome! "
" Lovely reader :) "
" Very patient! So good! Will book again for sure "
" I love how he emphasizes the "fun" part of it! "
" Awesome as always! "
" Thank you "
" Super fun, amazing energy, and great notes!!! Love Gary! "
" Lots of great feedback to pull different performances out of me - great reader. "
" My first time using Weaudition, and I was fortunate enough to get to read with Gary! What a lovely person and wonderful reader - he made the experience stress-free and enjoyable, and he read at a wonderful pace and was truly a wonderful reader! "
" Gary is awesome! Had a blast playing around with it and he helped me find the fun in the audition. Thanks, Gary! "
" Amazing!!! Helpful!! Wonderful!!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Had the best read with Gary. He offered great insights, was super supportive and encouraging, and a great reader. "
" Gary is great. Super fun reader. "
" I love reading with Gary, he is east going, helpful in analyzing the scene and the breakdown of the characters. "
" Always a pleasure to work with Gary. "
" Always a pleasure - never a job :) "
" Super helpful, as always :) "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Amazing! Like always "
" Very thoughtful, generous, and knowledgeable! Would book Gary again! :) "
" Gary was fantastic! I really enjoyed our session. He helped me get the best of me! "
" Gary is a great reader and scene partner. BOOK HIM! You'll be glad you did! "
" Always lovely working with Gary! He's a trusted reader for me. "
" Loved working with him! Helped me play with some Shakespeare and find the humanity and simplicity in elevated text while allowing me to explore. "
" Excellent as always. "
" Always fun working with Gary! :) "
" So great and easy to work with ! "
" It is was a treat to work with Gary. He gave me great advice helping me to breakdown my script and find nuance throughout. Gary has such a positive attitude and I would definitely work with him again. Thank you Gary! "
" Gary is fantastic!!!! "
" Gary is the man! He made me feel so at ease and funny. We worked on the sides and jumped right in and got some great takes. He's honest and to the point, which I appreciate. "
" Awesome reader! Such a lovely and patient guy! The absolute best! 10STARS! "
" Gary is always fun and great to read with! "
" Gary is always great to read with! I highly recommend him! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" He's Great! "
" Gary is a star! Helped me get a British accent and character for an audition I have like a champion. So thankful! "
" Gary is amazing. helped me thru a tough day and got amazing takes. thank you "
" Gary is so helpful. Fantastic reader!! "
" So helpful and offers great advice! "
" Gary was my life saver especially because it was Super Bowl Sunday "
" Gary's great at helping me come up with a variety of takes! "
" Always a pleasure! Gary is a gem. Thanks! "
" The best!!!! "
" Gary is always great! "
" Always super helpful :) "
" Gary was incredibly helpful! Loved working through a scene with him "
" So much fun! So much play :) "
" AMAZING!!! "
" Always has great insight :) "
" So so patient and kind. I'm happy to have met Gary on here. Will book again :) "
" He was great ! really helped bring the character out ! "
" Best reader ever "
" Very very good! and avaiI LATE NIGHT "
" Gary is fantastic. He was so relaxed and had excellent suggestions that truly helped me ground my performance. 5 stars!! "
" Gary has natural comedic ability and is a great scene partner, always a pleasure! "
" Gary is fantastic!! Great adjustments & direction, lovely energy and enthusiasm for the work! "
" Thank you "
" Such a kind and generous reader <3 "
" Super helpful! Great notes :) "
" Lovely reader!!! "
" Super lovely! very patient and very helpful. I enjoyed working with him very much "
" Clever, smart and perceptive. "
" Amazing Guy. He lets you just play "
" Brilliant stuff! "
" Great job and fine accent advice. "
" I had a blast working with Gary. He's chock full of great ideas. "
" Gary is always great! "
" Always fabulous to work with Gary! Patient, knowledgeable, and an excellent actor/reader. Book him! "
" Gary is great to work with!!! "
" Gary is always great! "
" Gary was so fun to work with! Helped sparked new ideas!! Thank you! "
" Great reader who gives you so much to play with. Gary was very helpful and his read really brought the scene to life. "
" Gary is always an awesome scene partner and a wonderful reader! Book him!!! "
" Had an awesome time rehearsing and got good feedback. "
" Kind, professional, and knows his stuff! Great working with Gary! "
" The BEST! "
" Always the best! I love Gary. He's mine, and you can't have him if I need him!!!!! LOL "
" The man! "
" Fantastic reader. "
" This was my first time using this app, so I was weary of what I might get. Gary was THE BEST person to have! Not only did he make me feel so comfortable and safe, he also gave me new ideas for the scene. Ideas that never came to my mind!! I'll most certainly be using him again and I can't recommend him enough!! Patient, professional and friendly, but most importantly, a good actor who wants the best for you. Thank you, Gary. I truly mean it. "
" He's the knees of the beezzzzzzz! "
" He's friendly, reliable, and the good guy you wish was your helpful uncle! "
" Magical man! "
" Always happy when I see Gary online. Such great fun to work with! "
" Fantastic Reader!! "
" Kind, supportive, and so very helpful, always. "
" Gary is awesome at helping come up with scenarios and stories when the sides don't provide any background. Great for one-liner auditions! "
" Hes great! "
" Always fun to work with gary! "
" Gary is always a pleasure to work with!!! Consistent and great! "
" Cheerful time taping a commercial audition "
" Gary is always great! "
" Gary is always great to read with! "
" Really great session! He came in clutch big time for this audition! He helped give me advice on my British accent and helped give some really solid adjustments for the scene! "
" AWESOME !!!! "
" So great! "
" Excellent comedy advice :) "
" Cray-cray! THUMBS WAYYYYYYY UP! Amazing work ethic and Stellar acting tips! "
" Great "
" The best vibes ever!! "
" Simply, the best! "
" Such a helpful, fun reader! "
" Excellent reader! Super fun and easy to work with. Thanks Gary. "
" Awesome Reader "
" Awesome Reader! "
" So fun "
" So much fun to work with! And so good! "
" Really helped me with the British Accent. Thank you :) "
" The Man! "
" Amazing! Such a great reader and great energy!!! "
" Gary was a delight! He's an excellent, engaged reader and gives you just the energy the scene needs. Looking forward to working with him again! "
" Gary was great as always! Top notch reader and scene partner. Book him!!! "
" It is always a pleasure reading with Gary. A true pro and excellent scene partner! "
" Love Gary every time! "
" Gary's great! Insightful, fun and patient. "
" Amazing "
" Totally unique take on everything! "
" A delight! "
" Fantastic actor and human, and always brings comedic gold! "
" Lovely guy! "
" Really helpful, supportive and articulate. "
" Great read "
" Th best!! "
" Gary is an awesome reader! Really put me at ease and helped me with my approach to the copy. Definitely recommend him! "
" Very energetic and positive. Thank you! "
" The Best! "
" Absolutely Amazing!!!! A-Pro all the way! "
" He really brought the emotion and panic out of needed for this scene. "
" Thank you "
" Brilliant time as always reading a two hander scene for an acting role I have coming up. Always a pleasure and happy to be Gary's 400th review "
" Always a fun session with Gary!! One of the best. Thank you :) "
" Marvelous. What a guy! And he can do all the accents. "
" I have worked with Gary multiple times and he never disappoints. Always generous and brings you his creativity to inspire your scene! Thanks Gary! "
" With Gary I do excellent work, and am left ten times better than when I started "
" Gary was awesome! "
" Always a pleasure. So grateful for Gary. Thanks! "
" A really fun reader with great energy and spunk! "
" Gary is the bomb! Always a fun and amazing seesion! "
" Very nice reader "
" Gary was super supportive, brought great energy to the script and made me feel comfortable and confident in my work throughout our session. "
" Gary is a wonderful reader, one of the best on here! Always makes a session fun! "
" Very helpful, lots of ideas. "
" Love working with Gary. "
" Great working with Gary. "
" Looking forward to working with Gary again. "
" Gary is so warm, kind, and supportive. thank you so much, gary! "
" Really great, easy to work with. Highly recommend. "
" Great to work with! "
" Always so fab, kind and supportive. "
" GARY! That moment-2-moment game... STRONG AS HELL! GARY is great! First time just rehearsing & working a scene; definitely wont be the last! he has a calming presence & understands the process-- so helpful in connecting to the character motivations and just... telling the story . THANKS, GARY! listen listen listen I shall ! "
" Brilliant!!!!!! one of my favorite readers! "
" Great energy, amazing! So encouraging! "
" Second time working with Gary and it was a pleasure again! He provides insights and makes you feel at ease, making your work shine. Thanks! "
" Great! "
" Gary is so fun and generous and brings an energy that really puts you at ease as you're working through your sides. "
" Gary gave a great, energetic read! "
" Great reader "
" Fun to work with! "
" Always great. "
" Awesome guy awesome reader. "
" Always a great read with Gary! "
" The best! "
" Gary is fun and very helpful! Great suggestions! "
" What a wonderful reader! So great with comedy, he put different voices on for each character which was truly helpful for my read. "
" The Man! "
" Perfect "
" I mean, the actually best! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Terrific, as always "
" Fantastic, as always "
" Thank you "
" What a freakin pro... It took us three days of spinning on it for me to settle into the character and the newfound British Accent, but Gary was consistently their and soooo patient and supportive. Book him now before he becomes the next Stanislomeisnadler "
" Great as always "
" Perfect "
" Gary is a pro. His set up is great for anyone self-taping. Professional microphone set up and quiet space. He helped me work on my British accent. Great and encouraging energy. I strongly recommend. "
" Perfect. Brilliant incite. "
" Fantastic Reader!!! "
" Excellent scene partner, great to finally work with Gary! "
" Lovely reader!!! thx!! "
" Gary is the best thing since sliced bread!! "
" Thank you, Gary! A fun, skilled, and lovely reader. "
" Always a great time! Thanks Gary :) "
" Gary is a total pro. His set up, his understanding of the script, his warm and patient demeanor and he goes above and beyond during the read. My scenes had several characters including Scottish and British and he had no problem going back and forth. If you are open to it (you should be) he gives no pressure suggestions to try which helped me drop into character. I can't wait to work with him again! "
" Always fantastic! One of my favs! "
" Amazing as always!! Gary has my back no matter what we're doing! As always super patient and generous and just the best energy!! Thank you!! "
" Gary was so sweet and so fun to work with! I'm so glad I chosed him! I'd definitely book him again! "
" Gary's the bomb. Loved working with him. "
" My hero! Was a perfect reader for my first time needing one on here and such a joy to work with "
" Gary always brings it! Book him! "
" Love working with Gary!! He's super fun and easy going and always a pleasure to read with "
" The best of the best! "
" My go to reader! "
" Marvelous!! Gary is a great reader and big help. Thank you! "
" One of my go to's!! Great help. Thanks Gary! "
" Great help and advice from Gary!! Book him! Thanks Gary :) "
" Wonderful! "
" Gary is a truly incredible actor & reader with impeccable timing, a wellspring of insights and scene analysis, and a lot of playfulness and patience that lends itself to an actor being completely relaxed, present, and fully-engaged with the material. SO MUCH FUN. MUCH LOVE, GARY! Until next time, brotha. You're the best. "
" Gary is the best!!! "
" My fav for a nice pep talk and a laugh! Thank you for the help! Until next time! "
" Fabulous! "
" Oh my gosh! That was the EXACT read I need. Loaded with energy and passion. I gave some direction and he NAILED it. Use Gary. He's an amazing actor. Even with an American English dialect! :) "
" The best reader thus far! "
" Great experience as always! 2nd time working with him and another great session! "
" Working dialects together tonight. Very patient and spot on! (I said "spot on" in my head with a British dialect :) "
" What a RIOT! excellent "
" Gary was an absolute dream! Look forward to working with him again. "
" Always a champ. Thanks, Gary. "
" Great again! "
" Gary is incredibly a patient reader, kind and present. I auditioned with him several weeks ago and got the role. Very much appreciate reading with him. Thanks Gary:) "
" Thank you "
" What great energy and feedback - I loved working with Gary! "
" Absolutely loved working with Gary! High energy & great notes. "
" Really wonderful reader with very helpful notes, and took the time to get my audition tape to a place that I was really proud of! "
" Incredibly helpful and a great reader!! "
" Very helpful, kind and patient! Fun to work with "
" Gazza is the bomb! So lovely. Can't go wrong with him. :) "
" Lovely and patient. Great reader and offered very helpful coaching! "
" Gary is always great!!! Book him! "
" Amazing! "
" Gary is wonderful! He gives amazing help and guidance to even those directionless auditions to get some really inventive reads. Make him your next reader! "
" Lovely and wonderful as always !! "
" Gary is one of my favorite readers and actors on this platform, always generous and comes full of ideas. Thank you! "
" Wonderful reader. great energy and feedback. great vibes and would love to work with him again "
" Gary to the rescue! He gave me the outside eye insight that I needed to bring an amazing piece of work to life. "
" Strong relaxed awesome coach "
" Wonderful! "
" Thank you "
" Awesome reader! and SO kind "
" Always great "
" Fantastic Reader!! So fun and gave a great read! He's awesome with comedy! Has great comedic sensibility and timing! Also just the most lovely energy! Book him!! "
" Always a pro, Always fun, Always adaptable, Always got your back! Gary is the man. Great American Accent as well if you need it. "
" Man Gary is a pro! Thank you for your positivity. Just what the scene needed! "
" Great ideas! So much fun! "
" So wonderful !!! wow! "
" Gary as always is terrific fun to work with and grasps the characters and narrative of scripts with incredible speed and skill. His hair is also hugely entertaining. Book him! "
" Always love working with Gary. Fantastic reader, supportive, and insightful! "
" Dream team! "
" Perfect reader. Wonderfully kind and supportive energy! "
" Great, reader! "
" Always a wonderful time reading with Gary! Amazing energy and insightful notes. "
" Thank You!!!!! "
" Thank you Gary!!!! Was an absolute pleasure!!!!! "
" Amazing! when i need to run lines late at night with the feedback to help me book the job......I call Gary! "
" What an amazing reader. Gary gave me great tips. "
" Always helpful and full of creative insight! "
" Gary is a real professional that enjoys doing this job and adds a lot of value every moment we are together. Thanks so much. "
" Amazing!! "
" Really great and supportive! "
" Extraordinary. Perfect, smart, and relaxed. "
" Gary is a KING. So much fun and so willing to play! We had a great time and got some good takes out of it! "
" Really lovely and fun to work with "
" One of my go to's! A commercial superstar, if you're working on a commercial then book this man coz Gary books! Thanks Gary :) "
" Very helpful and creative! Loved playing with this reader !! Thanks, Gary :) "
" Gary was AWESOME, he understood the script very well and gave really good feedback! "
" Gary pulled my fat from the fire on this very last minute, last ditch effort. You can always count on Gary for a great, solid read! "
" Gary is stellar "
" Always a pleasure. Supportive, kind, warm reader, fantastic actor. Great American Dialect! Always has your back. "
" So much fun! Always amazing! "
" Fun reader, with good ideas "
" Terrific, all around. Can't wait to work with him again. "
" Thank you "
" WOW! an amazing reader. Out of this world talented. Elevated my performance and was so much fun! "
" Gary one of my absolute favs! Book him! "
" Always a pleasure! Makes you feel safe and like a champ. Thanks, Gary. "
" Life saver!!!! made my audition come to life!!! "
" WOW!!! i dont know what else to say!! an amazing person, reader, and coach!!! my talent level is now better from working with him!! "
" Absolutely fantastic, as always, and a comedic genius. Thanks for a great fun read! "
" Gary is lovely. Great reader. "
" Gary is always a blast to work with. Thanks my friend! "
" Great!!!!!!! "
" I plan on stalking him from here on out whenever I need a reader. So great to collaborate with! "
" Excellent reader!!! "
" Always a pleasure! Gary has a great American accent (and is an Aussie!) and has great comedic timing, energy, and is a fantastic scene partner. Thanks as always! "
" Gary was a wonderful and patient reader . Since this was my first time using this platform he waited for me to find out how to upload sides, helped center myself and assisted with the lighting. He read multiple parts and was a true professional! Thanks again Gary! "
" Kind and patient!! "
" Great "
" Wonderful reader and a wonderful human! "
" Best of the best!! "
" Great read with Gary. Thank you for all your help and your tips. "
" Great reader! "
" Gary rocks! "
" Gary was great! He really had some awesome suggestions and insight to how to make the scene come alive. I also really loved his energy and patience! "
" Always a good time with Gary! "
" Gary is amazing! "
" Best thing since sliced bread "
" Always great to work with Gary "
" Excellent! Helped me hit everything I needed to in my take! Wonderful and knowledgable audition partner! "
" Gary was fantastic to work with! This was my first time using WeAudition and I will gladly work with Gary again. His notes and feedback were so helpful and really helped strengthen my choices, I was super happy with how the takes turned out. Thank you so much Gary! Looking forward to working with you again. "
" What a pro and a GREAT AMERICAN ACCENT! "
" Gary was just PERFECT for this self-tape, his upbeat energy was EXACTLY what I needed. Thanks for being so patient, especially throughout the fireworks, you rock!!! "
" Thank you "
" Gary's awesome! We recorded 13 takes of a comedy scene self-tape and he suggested different approaches as we played around with it. Super fun! "
" One of my go to's!! Great stuff Gary, book him! "
" Fantastic "
" Great "
" Great improv, thank you for helping me tape a fun commercial and getting silly! "
" Gary was amazing, he gave me some great options and was fun to work with! "
" Simply a ball of joy and good energy. Thanks, Gary, for the wonderful time! "
" Very rewarding session! Deep insight. "
" Thank u "
" Gary is a super creative, helpful, patient guy who is super generous with his talent. His feedback and adjustments were amazing. Thanks Gary! "
" On the of the best readers! Really helped with my scene. Thank you :) "
" Great! "
" Fantastic reader "
" Thank you "
" Excellent notes and insite. "
" Great reader highly recommended "
" Just lost connection on my end! But can’t wait to work with Gary again! He is brilliant with his enthusiasm, thanks Gary! Sorry for the abrupt finishing "
" Fantastic as always! "
" His technique, personality, patience, and great actor camaraderie truly made all the difference with my scene. Would totally look him up for every audition I have in the future! Thanks, Gary for everything!!! "
" Great and fun reader! "
" Fantastic reader. What a pleasure and smart! "
" Very helpful reader. Fun to read with "
" Gary was a huge help and a delight to read with. "
" The most fun. The best. So excited he was available tonight! "
" Super sweet and amazing! "
" So much fun and such great energy! Wonderful reader! "
" Helped me book the role!! Thanks Gary :) "
" THE BEST! Gary is not only an incredible scene partner, but so supportive, encouraging, and full of wisdom. He not only helped me find the heart of the scene, but he helped me immensely with my British accent work as well. Thank you so much Gary, you are so appreciated! "
" Great reader! Very helpful! "
" A+++! "
" Gary's an extremely talented actor, and it's always a relaxed and great time working with him. Book him when you see him! "
" Gary is a wonderful scene partner and offers keen insight into scene analysis as well. You should book Gary NOW! "
" What a fun time!! Thanks Gary for helping me for #selftapemay and making it so enjoyable :) "
" He is so helpful and positive! Thank you Gary! "
" Always a blast reading with Gary! "
" Amazing as always!!!! "
" Gary's fantastic! Picked up the comedy and rhythm of the scene immediately , and I had a lot of fun. I'd be delighted to work with Gary again! "
" Gary is the best!! "
" The BEST OF THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
" Very friendly and really owns the scene and makes it his own! Very interesting. "
" Gary is great!!! Helped me bring life to a tough role. Patient and fun to work with. Book him! "
" As usual Gary was an IMMENSE pleasure to work with and of great help! "
" Amazing again! Thank you. "
" A go to! Great help always keen to jump right into the scene and help make it pop! Thank you :) "
" Gary is always so much fun and has an arsenal of characters! A truly talented, classically trained actor! "
" Very helpful!!! So nice to read with and so patient "
" <3 "
" What a relief! I was so reluctant to take advantage of WeAudition, until I was desperate. I took the plunge and contacted Gary, who looked like a nice guy. Which he turned out to be! I am grateful and so happy to have reached out. Aren't actors cool! "
" Always a pleasure. Gary is a great reader, always helpful, cheerful, and professional. Thanks Gary! "
" Always great "
" Always helps me bring out good range! "
" GREAT! "
" You're amazing Gary!! So patient and great notes, really appreciate it!! <3 "
" Good fun guy! "
" I've called Gary before and I'll call him again. "
" Thank you Gary! Keep rocking it, thank you for being such a fantastic reader, full of vitality, fun, and exceedingly helpful suggestions. xx "
" Such a fantastic reader!!! Gave me great ideas to play with and extremely helpful notes!!! "
" Always so amazing to work with! Super patient and helpful! Such a great guy to work twith! "
" Gary's awesome :) Spent an hour filming 3 scenes with me and was actively finding ways to help me play with every take. Thank you so much!!!! "
" Gary is so amazing. He is so patient and easy to work with. I was lucky to get him. Thank you so much Gary. "
" Gary is thoughtful and generous with his time. He is astute and a brilliant site reader. Also an all round fun and relaxing human to spend time with! "
" Absolutey brilliant!! So friendly and dedicated and I really appreciate your service of care. Really such a pleasure and would tape with you again multiple times! xoxo "
" 5 Stars for Gary!! He really helped make the scene pop! Thank you :) "
" So awesome again! "
" Fun to work with! Thank you! "
" So amazing!!!!!!!! "
" <3 "
" Gary helped me with bold choices for the scene we rehearsed. He is patient and knowledgeable of the craft. Will work with Gary again!! "
" Gary is so nice and helpful, great reader! "
" Thank you so much with helping with my British accent work! Very helpful and encouraging! "
" Just the best!! "
" So much fun to work with! Highly recommend - great reader and enjoyed exploring the scene with! Thanks Gary! "
" So awesome! "
" Gary was able to help me internalize my lines in no time! Brilliant. "
" Amazing Teacher Amazing Reader "
" Simply the very very B E S T ! ! ! "
" Amazing reader! "
" Amazing, Friendly, Kind, and knowledgable "
" He's the best! "
" Super helpful! "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Gary was great and easy to work with! "
" Incredible reader! He is very present, clear, and is with you all the way. Highly recommend! "
" Great reader! "
" Lovely working with Gary! I'd love to do it again "
" Gary is incredible. You must read with him! "
" So sweet and helpful! Thank you, Gary:-) "
" Usually Gary is a great reader. Tonight, however, he was a great watcher while I worked on technical stuff. Thanks Gary! "
" Thank you Gary "
" Gary is a superb reader! BOOK HIM! "
" So great. Such a great actor and great with ideas! "
" A true MASTER! Gary is always wonderful to work off of and jumps right into the scene w/ great energy. BOOK THIS MAN. Also WeAudition was bugging out but he was super patient and we still knocked it out. Thanks Gary! "
" Always a pleasure playing with Gary. "
" The best! "
" Always amazing! "
" Lovely Reader! Caught on to the scene quickly! "
" Helpful!!! Im happy!!! He was fun!!! "
" Good read.thx "
" Fun reader! generous with his time and input. "
" Always warm, professional, a fun reader, energized, and gives me space to play and do my thing! "
" Awesome reader!! "
" Always amazing! thank you "
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" Gary is always super helpful and ready to play! Makes working with him so much fun :) "
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" Gary is amazing. Great energy, so helpful. I strongly recommend him. "
" Gary is just a delight to work with! Had great insights for new ways of trying the scene "
" He is just a joy! Really great reader, actor, and supportive human. "
" FANTASTIIIIIC actor and reader! FLAWLESS American Accent! "
" Really great reader! Affable and good at helping analyze the scene to make your performance even better! "
" Gary was extremely helpful and encouraging in helping me refine a British accent in preparation for a scene in acting class. He was also very fun to work with. "
" I absolutely enjoyed playing around rehearsing and fleshing out the scene. We covered the arc of the character and he dropped many gems I could use for when I tape. He's also fantastically pleasant to chat with and I hope to get on here again to work on more stuff! Definitely book him, he does wonderful fun character voices too! "
" Gary is fantastic! Gave me great ideas to play with in the script. Friendly and helpful :) Thanks Gary!! "
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" Gary was an AMAZING reader. He not only supported me but also brought some really amazing and creative ideas to the table! "
" Gary is absolutely superb. I always look forward to working with him. He's funny, dedicated and will always give you everything in a scene. "
" Helps you get out of your head. "
" Gary was so amazing and he has such a unique persona!! Thank you so much! Very patient, kind, funny. "
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" Had a second session with Gary (doing multiple self-tapes). He is a ROCKSTAR! "
" Gary was fantastic!!! He gave me incredible notes! I did several takes! He was so patient and gave me alternative choices to try for the character. He knows his stuff! I definitely recommend him!!!! :D "
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" Gary is great. Needed help taping a comedy scene and knew he'd be great for it. He didn't disappoint! Thank you! "
" Gary was terrific! Really got into the characters. Made rehearsing easy! "

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