Katrina Rumbal

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Hey Everyone!

2021 let's do this!

Here to help you either by just been a reader and keeping quiet or offer advice to make the scene pop!

Katrina is a New Zealand actor, known for her comedy roles in Wellington Paranormal, Funny Girls and Jono and Ben. Currently in Conservatory 2 at The Second City Chicago.
Katrina wrote, produced and starred in her Short Film 'Bus Stop' which was an Official Selection in the New York Independent Film Festival and the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival.

Also work time to time as a casting assistant and love it!

I would love to practice my American or British accent while reading a scene with you :)

Let's book that job!

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469 Reader Reviews

" Always great and helpful !! "
" Always great working with Katrina, one of my go-to people on WeAudition. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" My fav reader here! "
" Great reader! thank you! "
" Excellent Reader! "
" Always great. Grateful she is on here. "
" Loved reading with Katrina! She's so positive and a great reader! Thank you! "
" Very awesome reader! Super cool to work with & really accommodating! "
" Thank you so much Katrina for your help, advice, and great suggestions, you have made such a difference to my tape! "
" Katrina is a superb reader. Professional, friendly and a real asset to any rehearsal process. Book her. "
" Katrina is the best!! So patient and generous with her time and feedback! Always love requesting her. "
" Always awesome! Love coming back to her. "
" Awesome, present, pro reader. Katrina is the best! "
" Always great and very constructive "
" Katrina is one of the best readers you have! Thanks Katrina!!! "
" Excellent reader and great human. LOVED Her. Thanks for your patience, Katrina. "
" Great, patient reader thanks ! "
" Katrina is a great scene partner and always gets the beats, pace, and mood of the scene very quickly. Thanks Katrina! "
" Great! "
" Great ! "
" Great reader , gives good notes and feedback! "
" Thank you Katrina. Always a pleasure. BOOK HER! "
" So damn good would totally work with her again "
" Katrina was AWESOME! So helpful, great feedback, made me feel CONFIDENT! "
" Katrina was great! "
" Always great working with Katrina :) "
" So good I came back for more!!! "
" Great reader! Fun to work with! Thanks, Katrina. "
" Very professional ! "
" Such a great listener and player! would come back 100x "
" Awesome reader! "
" So kind and attentive and professional – a 13/10 reader queen. "
" Great reader, "
" Very chill and easy to work with. She gives good, simple suggestions when you ask, otherwise, she lets you have the reins! Fun to talk to as well :) "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Wonderful reader! Had such a fun rehearsal with her, very warm and friendly and great at creating a judgement free environment. "
" Katrina was so helpful! She had a ton of great ideas that were super fun to play with. "
" Thank you "
" WORD UP!! Katrina ROCKS! Great reader. Thank you so much! "
" Amazing as always! "
" Always a pleasure. (We tried out the new Beta Room. It's great!) "
" Fantastic as always! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always the best working with Katrina :) Book her!!! "
" Excellent reader, patient, warm. "
" Excellent reader "
" Great reading! "
" Awesome! "
" Awesome as always. Thanks Katrina!!! "
" Katrina was very patient with me as I was beginning work on a scene. Always a great scene partner! "
" Great reader "
" Katrina was awesome as always. One of my regular go-to's. Always willing to do the work. Thanks Katrina!!! "
" Amazing! "
" Always fantastic working with Katrina, do yourselves a favor and book her if you see her online. "
" Lovely reader!Thanks Katrina!! "
" Lovely reader "
" Great as always! "
" My go to! Always love working with Katrina. So lovely and picks up the scene very quickly! "
" Great reading - Great work - Great energy. Thank you! "
" Super sweet!! "
" Great reader!! "
" Katrina was FANTASTIC!!!! She was a terrific reader and really helped me feel at ease!! Thank you so much!! "
" Simply the best! Kat has the eye for any type of scene and she is always my go-to on weaudition! Wonderful feedback and reader. "
" One of my 'go to' people on WeAudition, Katrina is awesome. "
" Katrina was fantastic! She gave lots of great notes and was very patient. I felt super comfortable working with her. "
" Very giving, patient and kind reader! And a great human :) "
" Great reader "
" Very good and helpful "
" Lovely reader and very patient! Highly recommend her! "
" Katrina was a generous reader and extremely patient! Thank you so much for your help!! "
" Thank you "
" Great feedback and redirects! "
" Katrina had great suggestions for my scene! "
" Great read! "
" I love working with Katrina!! She's so incredibly warm and helpful. "
" As always....Katrina is fantastic to read with! Easy, natural, and man is she encouraging! Remembers specific call-outs about you to give you that extra confidence. "
" One of the best! Catches on really fast and brings great truth and emotion to the read. "
" She's delightful and had a very valuable adjustment that helped me access my relationship in the scene deeper. thanks gal! "
" LOVE LOVE LOVE working with Karina. I had an idea to silently say a word at the end. Ran it by her and asked for feedback. She was right. It would have changed the scene. We did the scene as scripted and I took her advice to walk out at the end. Bam! Thanks, Karina! "
" She was great. Flexible and helpful and skillfull "
" Fantastic reader! "
" She was amazing!!!!! "
" Highly recommended! "
" Brilliant "
" Great reader, good feedback, and super fun to work with all the way in New Zealand! "
" Katrina is great. Great feedback (all requested) and great understanding of material. Recommend. "
" If you want to feel comfortable and get the job done this is the human to book. "
" Katrina is always a fantastic scene partner! One of my top go-to actors. Thank you Katrina! "
" One of my go to readers :) Always fun working with Katrina. "
" Kat is my favorite reader ever! She has these really wonderful insights about scenes that I wish I could think of myself when I'm taping. Great at being a scene partner, and so positive. "
" It was absolutely lovely meeting Katrina. :) Very professional and incredibly quick to get the tone of my self-tape scene. Thanks so much Katrina! I'll be back. :p "
" So kind and talented! "
" Katrina is always so sweet and helpful!!! "
" Love reading with Katrina! "
" She is a wonderful reader "
" Katrina is the perfect reader. Commits to the role, plays, and gives 100% to keep your scene honest. Thank you, Katrina! "
" Love reading with Katrina! "
" Katrina is a beautiful reader! She's a jewel. You'll be lucky to have her. "
" Lovely reader. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Katrina is one of the best readers you have there! Thanks Katrina!!! "
" Katerina is utterly charming and down for the cause! "
" Katrina patiently listened to me work on an accent. Not much reading for her, but what there was, she handled masterfully, as always! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" So helpful, very encouraging and down to earth! "
" Always great working with Katrina "
" Recorded first Audrey Help Actors self-tape. Couldn't have asked for a better reader. Katrina's advice was spot on. She recommended we do one more take. That was the one. Thanks, Katrina! "
" Katrina was great and, upon my request, did a great job holding me to task on my lines. Thanks Katrina!!! "
" Delightful! "
" Lovely! Enthusiastic and warm - look forward to seeing you around #selftapemay 🙋🏻‍♀️ "
" Lovely, encouraging all round good vibes and gave me some cool recommendations! "
" Excellent reader & great feedback! "
" Fantastic, helped smash out 3 tapes :D "
" Katrina was great as always. Offered wonderful suggestion to increase the tension in the scene. Thanks Katrina! "
" I always love reading with Katrina. This particular audition required some improvisation, and she was the perfect reader for it. She really understood the character and the comedy of the scene in a way that helped feed my character and our relationship. Thank you Katrina! "
" Fantastic as always. Completely immersed at the drop of a hat :D "
" She was super helpful and so nice! Really great to talk to, highly recommend! "
" Great reader and gave some helpful notes that helped me get THE take! "
" Katrina is the best! "
" Amazing and lovely reader! "
" Katrina was a great help in running a medical jargon scene ad nauseam. Always a very patient and energetic scene partner. Thanks Katrina! "
" Excellent scene partner! I picked Katrina because she had "improv" tagged on her profile, and the audition called for that - she made excellent choices that really served the purpose. Thank you! "
" Katrina was so helpful and had great notes for my self tape!!! "
" Loved working with her. Great advice also!! "
" Katrina is one of the best. Book her!!! "
" Great as always! "
" Katrina is so much fun to work with! I'm already looking forward to the next time! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" So amazing as always "
" Great reader! "
" I'll always work with Katrina if she's available! "
" Kind energy in the room is always welcome and appreciated, thank you Katrina! "
" Katrina is awesome! She helped me find some great moments in a quick scene to make it feel way more organic. I definitely recommend working with her and I hope to again. "
" So sweet "
" Excellent reader. Great feedback. "
" Katrina is so great. I love working with her for so many reasons but most of all because she's great to play around with scenes & ideas with. Book her. "
" Awesome reader "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Amazing as always, jumps right in and has great insight :) "
" Always great working on scenes with Katrina :) "
" Another outstanding read with Katrina! One of my top go-to's. Thanks Katrina! "
" Amazing reader! Very personable. Thank you Katrina! "
" So lovely! Great reader and really wonderful human :) "
" Katrina was super helpful! Would happily work with her again! Til next time :) "
" Awesome! "
" A+ reader! So fun to work with. "
" Brilliant reader/scene partner! Love working with her! "
" Always great working with Katrina :) "
" Some amazing as always "
" Great ! "
" Thank you for your time ;-). Katrina was great again, even when I sprang a second scene on her near the end of our session. Thanks Katrina!!! "
" Great reader and very helpful with a variety of reads. "
" She is just so awesome! :) "
" So helpful! "
" Katrina rules :) "
" Katrina is just Amazing. "
" Katrina was so helpful. Friendly, engaged and gave just the feedback that I needed. Just delightful to work and tape my scene with! "
" <3 "
" Super sweet and good reader "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Wonderful insight, so flexible and thoughtful, really great feedback. She helped me find the shape of a scene that was stumping me, and helped me remember the importance of simplicity and personalization. Thank you Katrina!! I'll definitely book you again! "
" Great reader. "
" Absolutely phenomenal! great notes all around "
" Katrina was so positive, motivational and fun to read with. She also picked up the script really quickly "
" <3 "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Very helpful and easy to work with "
" Great reader! Super helpful! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Katina is the best, great reader, great feedback and always a fun session. Book her is you see her on line. "
" I love her!! "
" Fantastic! Helped me nail down my british accent XD "
" A pleasure as always :D "
" Amazing, nice, great reader & helped break down scenes more :) "
" Katrina is a great reader and a lovely person to to rehearse with. Thank you again! Very much appreciate the late night read. "
" So cool! "
" Available at the drop of a hat! "
" Amazing, as always "
" First time to read with Katrina. She's great! Very encouraging! "
" I had to redoo my whole set up and she was sooo patient with me, thanks Katrina "
" Wonderful! "
" Katrina was great! Thank you so much for being down to try a new technique with me! "
" Really helpful with some great notes! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Lovely, sweet, and instantly available when requested! "
" Lovely reader from New Zealand. "
" Great reader and insight. "
" Great reader, super friendly! "
" Great reader, fun energy and very helpful ideas! Highly recommend! "
" Always a great read! "
" Katrina is always awesome! So kind, patient and enthusiastic as a reader. You should totally book her! "
" Katrina was available last minute and helped me submit a great commercial audition! "
" We had trouble getting connected, sadly(: "
" Sooo patient and helpful!! "
" Very good reader. Very patience. "
" Super Patient!!! Would love to work with Katrina Again!! "
" Always an absolute dream to read with :) "
" I will ALWAYS click on Katrina if she's available! "
" Love Katrina! She's always been so generous and helpful every time I've worked with her. "
" Katrina is an awesome reader, I love working with her! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Love working with Katrina. That is all :) "
" Excellent! "
" One of my go-to readers! She's the best. "
" Love reading with Katrina! Such an excellent reader and catches onto the story quickly. "
" Katrina was super professional, great at picking up queues and had some awesome insights that gave my character even more depth. Looking forward to working with her again! "
" Katrina is so great at this. I was secretly hoping she'd be online for the tape I had to do this morning, and sure as hell she was! Reliable in every sense of the word, gives great performances and makes taping fun. Book her! "
" Katrina's always a great help. One of my regular go-to's. Thank you Ms. Rumbal!!! "
" Fantastic as always, 10/10 recommend :D "
" Katrina was great! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Good read and easy to work with. "
" Such great, chill energy. She was really into the story which helped me be right where I needed to for the scene! "
" Book her! Book her! She is so wonderful and definitely knows what she is doing. "
" Loved reading with her and defintiely I would have her again. "
" Katrina!! You are so gracious with your time & so easy to talk to. Thank you so much for working with me!!!!! You're a brilliant scene partner, I look forward to next time :) "
" Katrina is AMAZING!!!!!! You should definitely BOOK HER. Great Energy, conversation and beautiful read! "
" Katrina was so patient and gave me awesome notes. Will definitely work with her again! "
" Excellent. Katrina was sooo patient with helping me with my technical issues. It really was a bummer, and she motivated me to continue, and figured out a way to get it done! Katrina rocks! Will definitely use her again. She is a great reader as well. "
" Katrina is really patient with helping me with my tech issues. "
" Was having connectivity issues "
" Always amazing to read with Katrina! Such an amazing, wonderful, positive reader, actor and human! Thank you! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Awesome direction! Thank you Katrina :) "
" Lovely to work with. Great reader and had great suggestions as well. Highly recommend! "
" Always lovely working with Katrina. Her patience, love of the art and humor are delightful. "
" Amazing as always! Always has handy tips :D "
" Love Katrina! She's a joy to talk about the industry with :) "
" Katrina was awesome as always! Great reading with you again. Hope to see lots more of you in 2021!!! "
" Amazing reader as always! Helped me smash them out quick :D "
" She is wonderfull "
" Lovely reader, lovely energy, great insight! "
" Great! "
" Katrina was so helpful in getting me where I needed to go! I had been struggling with my scenes a bit beforehand; her input turned everything into a fun working session and led me to a good place. A warm, friendly human being as well--always a nice bonus. "
" Amazing! So so helpful with tips and tricks and always have a lovely time working with Katrina. Can't wait to do it again "
" Absolutely lovely. So generous with her time and has great insights to the scenes. Always helps me see another side to the scene !:) "
" Always such a great time. Helps me hash out the character and get my lines down while having a blast. Generous with time and insights :). Highly recommend! "
" Super helpful! "
" Katrina was amazing. She was a great help. "
" Fantastic experience! Loved reading with her! "
" Amazing as always, thanks Katrina! "
" It always a pleasure working with Katrina :) "
" Awesome "
" Such an absolutely wonderful reader! So kind and giving! "
" So helpful! Awesome reader! Highly recommend :) "
" Katrina is so sweet :) "
" Katrina was wonderful to have as a reader! I needed to film a couple comedic scenes for the first time and she was very patient, giving me helpful notes. I'm super grateful! "
" Excellent reader "
" Excellent cold Reader!! With great feedback! BOOK HER!!! "
" Katrina took the time to help me dig deep into a scene I was working on. She's patient, has great insights and is fun to work with :) "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Katrina is one of my mostest favoritist readers on WeAudition :-). Thank you very much! "
" Great "
" The best! "
" Katrina is so AMAZING! Thank you so much!!! Wonderful reader, amazing energy, so kind and patient! It was so easy to read and perform with your help. Thank you! "
" Such a lovely reader! Was really patient as I was experimenting with different takes and also so nice to chat with. "
" Always so helpful and generous as a reader! "
" Love working with Katrina! She's so kind and sweet and up for anything! She offers great branding advice as well, and has solid knowledge of the New Zealand market! "
" It's always lovely to have Katrina's help. She's so supportive and kind. "
" Always a pleasure working with Katrina! That's why I keep going back to her for help. She's kind, she's patient and she loves to explore. "
" Thanks Katrina! Always a blast reading with you. Good luck on the elections! I hope your choice for PM gets in!!! "
" Katrina was so helpful and kind! Thank you! "
" Always a pleasure working with Katrina! She's got a great sense of humor, sense of play. She's patient and generous. "
" Katrina is so fun to work with and so gracious. Always a pleasure! "
" The best! "
" Katrina is so patient and giving. It's always a pleasure to work with her. "
" Katrina is so helpful and supportive. A generous reader and person. "
" Katrina is always up for a quick read! I really appreciate her consistency. Thank you! "
" Phenomenal as always, really helped me with this tape :) "
" Very nice and picks up the scene fast! "
" Always lovely and fun working with Katrina! She's good people. "
" Wow! Such a great actress, and super helpful! "
" Literally my new best friend! "
" Great working with Katrina once again. She's always right on top of her game. Highly recommend! "
" Thank you! Great Job! "
" So helpful and insightful! "
" So sweet and warm. A great reader as well! "
" Katrina was so nice helping me run lines! Super willing and helpful! "
" Katrina is wonderful to collaborate with. We worked on a scene, tried a couple of things, then tried another...and it happened! Thanks Katrina. "
" Very solid reader :-) "
" Very kind and a pleasure to read with! "
" Literally amazing!!! I would practice with her every day! "
" Katrina is the best :) You should totally book her. Just saying. "
" Great reader!!! Very helpful "
" Fab! Lots of fun! "
" Another great read with Ms. Katrina. I hope you slay them during your stand-up gig tonight!!! "
" Love working with Katrina, always super supportive and helpful. 11/10 recommend. So easy to work with :). "
" Super nice and ran through the script as many times as I needed. Even offered tips on how to memorize. Thanks so much! "
" What are you waiting for, book Katrina. She's great :) "
" Brilliant as always "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Such a great person and a reader! I felt super comfortable, I would definitely ask her to read with me in the future... THANK YOU SO MUCH! "
" Katrina was perfect for this scene and was an excellent scene partner offering pace and professional expertise. Highly recommend! "
" She's soo great! You won't regret having her help you. She's so kind and understanding. I 100% plan on getting her help in the future!! "
" Had a late night, last minute VO rehearsal, and I'm glad Katrina was there to help! "
" Always very happy to use Katrina :-) "
" Twice today, I've read with K. :-) Thank you Katrina! "
" Awesome! "
" Great read with Katrina...as always! "
" Katrina's always good to help get a scene on it's feet. Thank you very much. "
" Always great! Thank you very much Katrina. "
" Always great working with Katrina. Congrats on your recent VO gig!!! "
" Another great session, thanks for your help and input Katrina :) "
" Thank you for helping me out!!! "
" So amazing, thanks Katrina! "
" Katrina was great! Have red with her often, and will certainly do so again. Highly recommend. "
" Great time reading and working on my script. "
" Amazing Job "
" Katrina was so understanding and was great to bounce ideas off of during our scene rehearsal. Thank you for the great session Katrina! :) "
" Katrina was so friendly and helpful. Great reader! Hope to read with her again! "
" Great working with Katrina, she got me off book in minutes. "
" Always fun working a scene with Katrina! "
" Wonderful working with Katrina! She's great to bounce ideas off of. Asks great questions, and offers her own insightful thoughts when asked for input. 5 Stars!!! "
" Incredible as always! "
" Perfect. "
" Always a pleasure to work with Katrina! "
" Katrina was great! Very helpful and a great reader with an amazing attitude! Thank you so much! Will def request her for readings in the future! "
" She so sweet!!! "
" Love working w Katrina!!! "
" Always lovely working with Katrina. Her insights rock! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Amazing as always, love her!! "
" Super helpful and friendly reader. Excellent! "
" Lovely person. Very nice reader. "
" Katrina's helped me with self-tapes many times. She's always great with suggestions and feedback, and has been instrumental in many of my self-tapes! "
" Always a pleasure. Thank you for another good rehearsal session Katrina! "
" Katrina is so amazing and sweet! She totally made my day. She quickly responded and was so patient with all of my New Zealand accent questions! "
" Katrina outdid herself tonight! It was almost like I was the reader for her ;-). Actually , we helped each other out a bit tonight. It was choice! "
" Deserves a hundred dollars for her coaching! "
" Best voiceover actor on here "
" I work with Katrina constantly because we've developed great communication and work through scenes very well together. I feel fortunate to be able to call on her for help when I need it. "
" I always appreciate working through sides with Katrina. She consistently helps me get my scenes up to speed. "
" A late night read through with one of my favorite readers. The beautiful and talented Katrina Rumbal ladies and gentlemen! Thanks Katrina :-) "
" Always wonderful working with Katrina! "
" Katrina is so helpful. One of my dependable go to people. "
" Always a pleasure to read with Katrina:) "
" Love working with Katrina! She's very helpful, insightful and gracious and I enjoy digging into the work with her. "
" So sweet and pleasant! "
" The best reader on here! "
" What else can I say? She is awesome! "
" Always a pleasure! (I've run out of good things to say ;-) ) "
" Katrina was willing to part from her precious nieces for a few minutes to work on a scene with me. Now that's dedication!! "
" Katrina is so generous, full of great ideas & a fabulous reader all round. Thanks so much. "
" Lovely reader. Great instincts for the sides. "
" Katrina is my GO-TO! She is so game for anything and gently challenges me to repeat certain sections I'm struggling with. Exactly what I need to learn lines. Always great input on character and getting to the root of truth in a scene. <3 "
" As always, Katrina came through with flying colors! Thank you! "
" Always a pleasure working with Katrina. Just had fun digging into a complex scene with here and her insights were on the money! "
" Just getting a scene on it's feet, and Katrina helped with some great technical tips! Always a solid go-to!!! "
" Katrina was the BEST-so insightful and beyond generous! "
" An absolute superstar!!!! Highly recommended!! "
" Katrina was so sweet and fun to work with! I loved her energy, and she gave me really good feedback. I would definitely work with her again! "
" Wonderful stuff :) Thanks Katrina. "
" Excellent all around! Great reader! Encouraging! "
" As always, Katrina was extremely helpful and a great reader. She gave me a couple of notes that helped my scene pop! "
" You're awesome :) Thanks!! "
" Very friendly & great reader! "
" Always great working with Katrina. She helps me get to the essence of the scene. I really appreciate her support. "
" Brilliant, thanks :) "
" Very helpful and attentive "
" Seriously the best, thanks again Katrina!!!! "
" Great read Katrina! Thanks for hopping on and helping me out. "
" Katrina hung in there like a champ for a long technical session. Thank you so much! I can always count on her for great reading and support. "
" Always lovely working with Katrina! "
" Katrina is so sweet! I loved reading with her. She helps the session feel so at ease. "
" What a kind and generous reader. super thankful for her help. highly recommend!! "
" One of my favorite readers ever! Literally pinpoints perfect notes to make the scene what it needs to be without throwing any of the previous work off. Thanks Katrina! "
" So good <3 "
" So kind and patient! "
" Wonderful work Katrina! Thank you. "
" Such a great help and fun to work with! "
" Super helpful with my accent and scene :D "
" Katrina is an excellent reader, gives great support and loves acting "
" Amazing! Thank you :D "
" Katrina is always awesome! Great input, very good pace, read the scene well. I certainly recommend working with Katrina. "
" Great reader, helpful and so nice "
" "Very nice person and great communicator" "
" I worked with Katrina for my first time ever using WeAudition. Katrina was incredibly accommodating and personable. She gave much more than the average reader. I also needed a reader at an incredibly odd hour, and she was there ! "
" Just an awesome reader "
" As usual, Katrina was super helpful. I had a very difficult heavy scene and she helped with visualization to get me in the right emotional place. "
" Excellent reader. Very helpful. "
" Excellent "
" Amazing, as always "
" Always a pleasure :). Picks up on what's going on so quickly :) "
" Katrina was very helpful, as always. Willing, able, and ready to read-thru as many times as needed. Definitely one of my favorite readers! "
" She was amazing no lie , great reader and awesome feedback she helped me take my scene to another level. "
" Always love reading with her :). "
" Always great :D "
" Great!! "
" Great reader!!!! Can't wait to work with her again! "
" OMG!!! She's wonderful!!! Couldn't ask for a better read through. iI can't wait to do the actual self tape with her!! "
" Great energy! "
" Katrina was very pleasant and really helped me out with rehearsing and recording a self-tape! Thank you!!! "
" Great time read through a bunch of classic scripts! "
" Katrina's great! She helped me prep a self-tape for a workshop, and then read for the tape two days later. Thanks Katrina! "
" Awesome help as always :D "
" One of the best readers on here! Thank you!! "
" Wonderful help understanding a scene that I'm working on for a casting director workshop! Thanks Katrina! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great reader and really helpful with the learning of lines and trying out acting choices. "
" So lovely and patient with all our technical issues! Knows her stuff! "
" She's delightful "
" Katrina's awesome! She helped me come up with another approach to my self-tape, which turned out to be way better than what I had prepared. "
" Great reader! She got into character and gave me something to work with. "
" Katrina was a delight. Cheerful and helpful. Helped me get a feel for my scene which is exactly what I wanted. "
" Katrina was a super great reader! Took our time and didn't rush :) "
" Amazing reader, one of my fav's! Thanks so much! "
" Awesome!! Always enjoy working with Katrina :D. "
" Katrina is fantastic! Really helpful and attentive. "
" Katrina is always fantastic. Such compelling characters. "
" Fantastic as always, really helps you see those nuances in a scene that you missed. Great reading to keep you in the moment and just a whole lot of fun to read with! :D Just really really helpful in all aspects :). "
" My first experience was just what I needed before a big callback. Katrina was so pleasant and helpful. I related to her right away. I wasn't sure what I was doing but she guided me through the process with ease. She made me feel very comfortable in my own environment creating my character. It was an enjoyable process. Now I'm hooked and I feel like I can rely on this service at any given time. Thanks again Katrina.🙏🤗👍 "
" AMMMMAAZIIINGGGGG ! THank you so much ! GREAT READER !!!! "
" One of my favorite readers! Super funny and great with comedy! "
" Wonderful reader and person! Helped me quite a bit! Thank you Katrina. "
" Didn't connect "
" Super helpful and fun to read with! "
" Helpful and engaging. Always a treat to read with Katrina! "
" A great reader who gives helpful feedback! "
" Katrina is a doll! I love working with her. Gives feedback in the most constructive, positive way possible. Thank you for helping me!! "
" Such a lovely reader! "
" Very warm, very talented, compassionate, and helpful! Thanks, Katrina. "
" SO HELPFUL! And encouraging! "
" Katrina is a real gem! Thank you so much! Awesome reader "
" Great reader, super helpful notes! Thanks so much! "
" Katrina is awesome! Helpful and a great reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Thank you for the useful feedback. Fantastic reader! "
" She's amazing! Great reader "
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