Morgan Middlebrook

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I've set a base fee of $5 across the board.
Tips are appreciated, but do what you can afford!

**This platform should be about being there for one another not making the most money off each other** :)

Preferred: ( since PayPal takes a fee from it :/ )
Venmo - @MorganMiddlebrook
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That being said I'm ready to help out! :D

Able to offer suggestions when prompted to, and even if you wanted to chat afterwards about industry stuff or anything really, always happy to connect with other artists in any way! :)

Morgan Middlebrook is an American Actor born and raised in Tampa Bay, Florida. After acting in high school he attended college at the International Academy of Design & Technology to major in Recording Arts. Then turning towards a more professional acting route Morgan started out doing short films with friends in school and worked his way into bigger local projects and branching out into the Southeast market.

Now lives in Atlanta GA.

insta: @morganmiddlebrook


87 Reader Reviews

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" Morgan was great reader. Very patient and intuitive "
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" Morag was fantastic, he helped bring the scene to life. Had some brilliant creative ideas for the delivery of the dialogue. "
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" Really insightful & accommodating! He was a big help! "

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