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upto 30 mins : $ 15.00
upto 60 mins : $ 30.00

Natasha Demosthene is an actress and producer, known for Suddenly Rich (2016, acting credit), How the Light Gets In (2018, producer credit - available on Amazon Prime), and Human Telegraphs (2021, acting credit).

Hello and thank you for stopping on my page.

If you see that I am available on the dashboard, but the connection doesn't occur for some reason, please email me at ndemosth@gmail.com and put, "WeAudition Request" in the subject line of the email. Thank you.

I am told that I am very patient. I would love to help you get your best take for an audition, no matter how many times it takes. I want you to feel relaxed and comfortable, so you can do your best work.

In addition to helping you with your audition, I can do improv with you to get you into character, script analysis, and help you run your lines.

You got this!!

You don't have to name the actual project (especially, given NDAs), but please do mention if the project was for tv, film, theater, or a commercial, and if it's a booking, pin, "put on avail," callback, producers' session, castability workshop, contest, grad school acceptance, etc. It inspires everyone to read such great news!! People have written in the reviews that they booked and received callbacks working with me, however, the most important thing is to do great work and book the room, so that even if you had very little time to prepare, they call you back!

I'm a UCLA graduate and below is a partial list of studios/ teachers I've studied with:
Upright Citizens Brigade
Jack Plotnick
Tim Phillips (scene study)
Ron Burrus (Stella Adler - technique)
Austin Pendleton (HB Studios - scene study)
Michael Beckett (HB Studios -technique)
Bob Krakower (on camera)
Anthony Abeson (scene study)
James Ciccone (on camera)
Tracey Moore (on camera)
Karen Kohlhaas (monologues)
Alan Feinstein (cold reading)
Deloss Brown (Shakespeare)
Key skill: I know a thing or two about legal terms and courtroom proceedings. ;-)

Take a picture or screenshot of the following:
Preferred method of payment:
Cash app: $NatashaDemosthene001
Venmo: Natasha-Demosthene (a prompt on Venmo will ask you to enter these four digits 7521)

You can also reach me via email at ndemosth@gmail.com, put in the subject line of the email "WeAudition Request."

Not sure how much time to book? A lot of it depends upon if you already know your lines. You can always book more or less time, but the following are suggested:
15 minutes: co-star or 1-2 pages (when you already know your lines)
30 minutes: 2-3 pages (when you already know your lines)
1 hour: 3+ pages
Just a rehearsal: book any amount of time you feel you need.

Natasha Demosthene is an actress and producer, known for Suddenly Rich (2016, acting credit), How the Light Gets In (2018, producer credit) and Human Telegraphs (2021, acting credit).

Please see my IMDb link for additional credits.

I'm a UCLA graduate and I've studied with the following teachers/ studios:
Upright Citizens Brigade
Tim Phillips (scene study)
Ron Burrus (Stella Adler - technique)
Austin Pendleton (HB Studios - scene study)
Michael Beckett (HB Studios -technique)
Bob Krakower (on camera)
Anthony Abeson (scene study)
James Ciccone (on camera)
Tracey Moore (on camera)
Karen Kohlhaas (monologues)
Alan Feinstein (cold reading)


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" I got avail checked the last time I read with Tasha, for a co-star! She's my lucky charm and gives excellent notes to help your audition shine. "
" Tasha is AMAZING!! I am so glad she was available for my audition, because she exactly what I needed. She jumps right in and also is an encouraging presence. Thank you Tasha! "
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" Tasha is one of my go-to's. She always gives great suggestions that help what I'm working on become so much clearer. She always jumps right into the scene and brings so much energy to every reader. Thank you so much for your help! "
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" Tasha goes above and beyond. Book her! "
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" Tasha was wonderful to work with! I'm really glad I was able to work with her for my self-tape. All the notes she gave me were very helpful and made me connect to the character deeply. "
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" Dependable, present, kind, and the kind of energy to motivate you to slay the audition! "
" Legit, gives notes like a solid acting coach would. "
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" TASHA IS THE BEST!!!! I want to work with Tasha on all my auditions from now on darn it! :D So fun and amazing suggestions both creatively and technically( if you ask)!!! "
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" Guided my daughter all the way through her long audition with several scenes. Patient and kind. Thank you for your time! "
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" Absolutely Perfect. Very patient, Kind, and helpful. "
" AMAZING!!! THE VERY BEST! She's an amazing reader and person!!!! so grateful to her!!! "
" Where do I begin?! She was so great. I felt like this was a workshop more so than just working on an audition. Such positive energy and such a willingness to put the work in. I highly recommend! "
" She is the best ... Just brilliant! "
" Tasha is awesome!!!! Asks great questions and really stuck with me until we understood the scene. Thank you!! "
" The bestest most thorough reader. Always shares her knowledge and challenges you in the best way. "
" So kind and generous with both ideas and play! "
" Tasha is great! Calm,, concise, and focused when acting/ reading with you. Very dedicated, she will make certain you have the take you want and need. Thanks Tasha! "
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" She gives such good direction!! "
" Alway a pleasure.. repeat customer "
" Tasha gets me there emotionally with even just a single word. I am lucky to have worked with her on this project. "
" I always go to Tasha when she's on and every time she helps me find something deeper in the scene. Thank you, Tasha! "
" Amazing "
" Tasha was a fantastic reader. Adjusted to the scenes in whatever way I needed her too. She had energy the entire time even when I wanted to do multiple takes. Highly recommend! "
" Tasha was beyond helpful and so much fun to work with. She gave me great technical advice to bring the scene so many new colors. I ended up loving all the takes where I took her direction even more. Looking forward to working with her again and highly recommend her if you are looking for a focused, generous and supportive reader!!! "
" Awesome! she helped out a lot!! "
" Great reader! She gave such good advice and really understood the scene and what reads well. "
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" What a star! Fabulous lady and talent. Hugely enjoyed it and would book her again. Great to laugh too!! "
" Very good reader! She helped me really make some connections! "
" Tasha saved my professional reputation by suggesting variationis in my takes that were much more effective than what I had thought about. "
" She was Absolutely awesome! Such patience and just loved her notes. Would absolutely absolutely work with her again! Loved the session. "
" Thank you! The best! "
" Tasha played the comedy at a great speed with a dry wit that really made me scene pop. She also asked before offering a suggestion, which I appreciated, and her suggestion was also very helpful. "
" First time using weaudition and Tasha was GREAT! Willing to play and great notes!! "
" She was Awesome!! Definitely embodied what I needed for this tape!! "
" Thank you for your help :) "
" So helpful and had such wonderful notes! Hugs! "
" Just awesome! "
" She was so kind and ready to go! "
" Awesome tips today! Fantastic reader. "
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" She's the BEST! "
" Natasha goes more than the extra mile in providing excelent feedback "
" Tasha is the best--my premier female reader. She gives wise and helpful feedback that get you to your most cinematic level "
" Tasha was fantastic! She dropped right into the character and the scene and we had a really productive rehearsal. She gave me a ton to work with and gave me some insightful notes. Thank you, Tasha! "
" Love Tasha! Such a great eye. I got a callback on my last audition working with her. Book Her! "
" Amazing! So thoughtful and really helped me to break open the text and character and think deeper about the moment, thank you! "
" I'm always excited when Tasha is on! She helped me knock out three auditions and was so patient. Thank you again for your help! "
" This girl is the bomb!! OMG we worked a scene so well and she really pushed me to do my best, in a completely supportive way. Thank you so much Tasha!! "
" Incredible reader! So stunning as always! "
" Gave some great notes to enhance a simple short scene. Thanks again! "
" Oh my GOODNESS. THE BEST reader you'll ever get. Top notch. Extremely insightful, with such helpful ideas and she has such a sweetness to genuinely wanting to help you. She will make your tape stand out! Could not recommend anyone more. I will selfishly look for her whenever I tape! "
" Always insightful and patient! I look for her first whenever I log on.. my auditors always come out better with her! "
" Tasha is amazing as usual! She always has such great ideas and suggestions that help elevate the scene. Thank you for your help! "
" Amazing! Jumped right in and got to work! Thanks, Tasha! :) "
" Tasha is my go to Girl! She is always there when I truly need her. Thanks Tasha. "
" Amazing - so generous with her time and continued to push to the best out of me which was so welcomed! "
" Tasha is amazing as always! "
" Great reader. Very helpful and patient. Thank you! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Great reader. Thank you so much! "
" WOW. Tasha was absolutely incredible! She worked with me and dove deep into the material to help me find the best choice for my character. One of the best readers!! Thank you Tasha! Very talented actor and very insightful. "
" Tasha is always amazing! My fav! "
" Tasha was a patient, creative reader "
" Amazing reader! Thank you! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Very patient and encouraging. Wonderful reader. Very giving actress - perfect at matching what is needed for different types of scenes. Also gave very honest and useful notes. Brilliant experience - thank you Tasha! "
" Tasha has such great ideas for takes. She has really good directoral instincts. "
" Tasha is great!!!! I booked a film from an audition she helped me on!!! Will definitely work with her again!!! "
" A+++++ "
" So good! "
" Amazing!! "
" So thankful for Tasha's patience and attention to detail! "
" Book her. She brought the scene to a level of truth that made the words and live every second "
" Awesome "
" Tasha was great! Great ideas and super patient. "
" Tasha will get you all the way right!!! Thank so all your help! "
" Super Fun! "
" Tasha is really awesome to work with! She gave great notes and made the whole experience fun and enjoyable! I highly recommend! "
" Tasha is amazing!!! Such great notes, and reading, so patient and determent to give you the best tapes possible!! Loved working with you! "
" So kind, helpful and giving! Tasha wants to help you put your best foot forward. She is patient and incredibly knowledgeable. Thank you Tasha for helping me! "
" Tasha is an amazing reader!!! Really helped me get into it, and had my back with the technical and emotional elements throughout. Excited to work with her again! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Made an adjustment so she could read through the longer lines her character had, which was insntinctive and SO SO helpful. Thank you, Tash for the presence even though you were tired and the good feedback! "
" BOOK HER NOW!! True definition of a scene partner and gives the best advice that always takes the scene up a notch. She has an amazing spirit and she truly cares about the craft of acting. If you haven't already book her and you will not be disappointed. Thank you Tasha!! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Thank you Tasha for your great work! You helped me book a Television show. "
" Great reader!!! "
" Great reader "
" Great notes, really helped me make my audition pop!! Thank you!! "
" Great reader "
" Wonderful notes and attention to detail! "
" Great "
" Always a pleasure... My 3rd time back... I feel like my auditions are getting better and better with the feedback I get! "
" As always, INCREDIBLE! "
" Tasha was in class with me in the past and she's one of the most talented people I know. Finding her here was a true gem! Best advice/corrections. "
" Tasha gives great adjustments and really pays attention to the details! Book her y'all! And thank you Tasha :) "
" Very helpful "
" Fantastic reader!! "
" Great!! "
" Thank Tasha! "
" Great reader!!! "
" She was fantastic!! Very patient and helpful. She genuinely wants you to succeed which helped me feel more confident as we worked through the script. Will definitely be using her again! "
" Tasha was an incredible reader- with great support and awesome helpful tips. Thank you Tasha!!! "
" Awesome working with her always! "
" Great Reader and Actress to work with! "
" Awesome direction and patience "
" Tasha is lovely and was really helpful in taking me through all the basics of how to use We Audition. I'll definitely reach out to Tasha to coach. "
" Tasha was so patient and thorough! She really helped bring the best out of me and I'm thankful to have the opportunity to work with her! "
" Tasha is incredible! Book her!! "
" Tasha is one of my go-to's! I love reading with her because she gives great advice, and she really helped give me the confidence to kill my audition. Thank you again! "
" Tasha is a wonderful reader! "
" So wonderful and patient! "
" Exactly what I needed! Helped me nail a tough scene in record time. So helpful and supportive! <3 "
" Fantastic!! I felt comfortable and supported and she gave great tips! "
" Tasha has great insights on making one's take more rreal--and she is very easy to work with--extremely congenial "
" Tasha is the best! she's so patient, talented and passionate "
" Insightful, gracious and on point as a reader / scene partner! "
" Great "
" TASHA IS AMAZING. She is so patient and gives you feedback in a very caring and helpful way. She really cares about you finding a self tape that you love. She gives feedback that makes a difference. Best reader I’ve had on here thus far! "
" Tasha knows the craft. Her reading is engaged. Her feedback always has a solid basis in technique. "
" Super helpfull and great tips, will be coming back "
" So warm, so kind, so generous. Had an amazing time working with – AND PLAYING WITH – the tremendous Lady Tasha. Thank you so much!! "
" Excellent Reader. "
" Tasha is superb! One of the best readers I've worked with. She has so much heart and life in her reads, it's inspiring. Her performance drives and engages me and the scenes are better for it. Thank you, Tasha, you rock! Book her now! "
" Lovely reader! The very best---she's thorough and kind and so accurate. More stars--all the stars. BOOK HER! Keep her busy. "
" Tasha as always was great! Such an eye for specific moments! "
" Tasha was great! "
" Wow--what a gem! Excellent reader. "
" She is so so so so patient and very encouraging! thank you! "
" Love working with Tasha!! "
" EXCELLENT 100/100 "
" Excellent!! "
" Great help! Thanks Tasha:) "
" This reader was just... PHENOMENAL! DAMN! "
" Tasha is simply amazing!! "
" Amazing reader!! "
" Very articulate and smart "
" I have a BIG Thank for you, Tasha! . Thanks for your patient . It was a master class where I learned new skills to improve my self tapes. If you want to feel comfortable, and confident doing your audition, I will definitely recommend Tasha in 100% !!! "
" Tasha was absolutely amazing to work with! She was diligent and patient and made it very easy to connect with. Thank you so much again x "
" Always a lovely reader! "
" Natasha is just the best! Great is not enough for her. She will pull you to the top -- take after take -- until the work is done! She'll make you shine through her perspective, expertise, and patience. I can't thank you enough for your reading and your coaching! I highly recommend her. "
" Tasha was extremely helpful! She gave me tons of feedback, and gave me tips on how to make the script feel more real! "
" Same as last time! Highly recommend! "
" As always always, it's a pleasure! I came for the audition, but I came back to work with Tasha! "
" Excellent feedback.. on time with great adjustments and suggestions. I'm a repeat customer!! "
" Phenomenal reader 😭! Every time she pushes me to go deeper & more layered! "
" Love reading with Tasha! "
" The best. "
" Great reader! Such good energy, patient, offers good advice! Thanks a million, Tasha! "
" Love reading with Tasha! She gives the most on point notes! "
" Great Reader! Very supportive "
" Very patient. Great suggestions. "
" Tasha!!! "
" Tasha is consistently amazing!! She always suggests new ways to transform my self tapes and is a well of knowledge. Thank you again!!! "
" Thank you "
" Tasha helped me book my first costar on a HUGE network show!!! It was literally my first TV audition ever and we BOOKED IT! "
" Great feedback in bringing out the best audition for me! I immediately felt comfortable and could feel each take getting better. "
" Tasha was fantastic! She was incredibly patient and had a fantastic eye for being specific. Loved working with her!! "
" She was very good. Gave me lots of advice. She showed me how to work the app as I was new to it. Highly recommend. "
" Tasha helped me with my scene and gave good suggestions during our session. She is excellent! "
" Tasha really offers great feedback and collaboration. We didn't work on my sides long but the moment something felt off she sensed it and offered exactly what was missing. Most importantly she was patient and giving. I can't thank her enough. "
" Lovely reader! "
" Great! "
" An ironclad reader. Great with pacing and understanding the text. Was really flexible and patient with my mobile connectivity issues, I enjoyed working working with Tasha, and will again. "
" Wow, Tasha, thank you. Great insights to find the nuances and colour in the text. Great working with you. "
" One great reader!! "
" Tasha is one of mty favorite, if not the favorite, reader--she is so easy to work with and gives very helpful feedback. I feel at ease with her, which makes my own performance better. Win--win! "
" Great Reader! "
" Absolutely Amazing! "
" Amazing! "
" Tasha was amazing. She gave wondeful notes and got me to the best audition possible. "
" So helpful! "
" Tasha Is awesome...There's nothing else to say!!! "
" I Love Tasha. She is the hardest working reader on We Audition. She is always willing to work with you at what ever time you'll need her. "
" Tasha is by far the best reader I've worked with. So engaged and so active and the most encouraging!! She truly went above and beyond, I seriously could not thank her enough. THANK YOU TASHA!!!!! "
" Great Reader, very present! "
" Tasha gives her all as a reader. Honest notes. I got a casting from my last read with Tasha. Thank you, Tasha! "
" Truly took her time with the scene for me "
" Tasha was insightful, and had a clinical helpful eye to my usual actor ticks. Book her! "
" Wow, its 2 am so I'm speechless, but she was such a great help! Such a generous reader, very patient and fun to work will. Will book again :) "
" Tasha is da best "
" Always love reading with Tasha! "
" Tasha was amazing as always! "
" I've been booking soooo much work with her help! "
" Tasha was a great reader, she read scenes effortlessly and had a lot of patience and good feedback "
" Tasha was so amazingly patient and supportive as always! She plays/rehearses with me till we get it, no matter how many takes we go through, and i appreciate that sooo much! Thank youu :) "
" Tasha was very patient and gave good feedback "
" She had so much energy was so helpful and getting the self tape done. Couldn’t have been without her! Go Tasha! "
" Great Suggestions and a wonderful read! "
" Great reader! "
" Tasha very willing and able to help! Thank you so much for helping me with this last minute audition, Tasha! "
" Awesome reader "
" Tasha is the best! "
" Amazing work! She's the audition whisperer! "
" Tasha is a superstar!! "
" A star of a reader and scene partner. Truly brings such a positive energy and light to the session. "
" A blessing! "
" So great!! thank you so so much!! "
" Great reader, did a great job with the lines. "
" Brilliant. She knows the craft and challenged me to a take that was spontaneous and fresh. "
" INCREDIBLE READER. So personable and able to give such great moments of clarity to text and world building. "
" Again, truly a fantastic reader who gives excellent adjustments when asked. "
" Great read! "
" A complete blessing! "
" Loved you so much thank you!!! "
" So good!!! "
" Very sweet and supportive. Thank you! "
" Amazing! Natasha is THE BEST reader. She is friendly , sweet and wants you to book! "
" The absolute best! "
" An absolute joy and pleasure of a human being. "
" Fabulous and patient. "
" Tasha was such an amazing reader! Super helpful and on it with helping me relax into the scene more. "
" Such a pleasure!! She helped me run lines and get off book :) "
" Tasha was amazing just like last time! She has an calming essence to her and it really helped me out. Thanks Tasha! "
" Working with Tasha helped me get an avail check by producers at Apple TV! She is truly a gem with a great eye! So thankful for her! "
" Tasha was so helpful & made me feel extra prepared for my casting director workshop "
" Such a kind person and a beautiful reader. Thank you <3 "
" Came back to Tasha, because shes just an amazing partner to play with. I can really let go with her :) 10/10 as always "
" Tasha was amazing! Perfect reader, she knew exactly what i needed. Really helped me find the truth in my scene "
" Tasha!!! <3 "
" Amazing as always! "
" Tasha is the bomb dot com! Had a hard audition outside of my comfort zone and she not only helped me work thru it, she adjusted her read exquisitely. "
" You is the bestttttttt x "
" Thank you Tasha!! Always so great! "
" Tasha was so great! Excellent reader, great suggestions! She helped me book a network show, Yay! Thank you so much! "
" SUCH A LIGHT!!! She is such a great cold reader! AND gave amazing feedback! "
" Tasha that was so much fun! thank you for your time and all of the amazing notes, I'm super happy :) "
" Lovely Read!! "
" AMAZING as usual!!! Exactly what I needed for confidence and headspace to put in some great work! "
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" Super friendly, helpful, patient & encouraging! Highly recommend ;) "
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" Wow...what a productive and thoughtful audition rehearsal. Tasha is a "Pro". I feel confident about the choices I will make for the self-tape tomorrow Thank you Tasha. "

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