Craig Henderson

upto 15 mins : $ 6.00
upto 30 mins : $ 12.00
upto 60 mins : $ 22.00

NYC Meisner trained actor with 15 years of experience in film/tv and theatre. Booked recurring, guest star, and principles for NETFLIX, HBO, APPLE, FOX, and more.

“I'm all about being a trusted acting partner. Tapes can be stressful. Sometimes you just need a reliable reader. Someone who connects. Not distracting. Calm. Patient. Present. Engaged. Sometimes you need help breaking down the scene. Someone to help make your acting clear, specific, and personal. That's the kind of acting partner I like to work with, so that's the kind of acting partner I strive to be.”

Available for:
-Running Lines
-Script analysis
-Character development

***If you ring me and I do not answer, I promise this is not intentional. On rare occasions there are glitches and the site does not alert my device. Please feel free to email me as I do check my inbox fairly regularly. ***

To schedule a session:

The Neighbourhood Playhouse School of Theatre (NYC, 2 year program, Meisner technique)
Canadian Film Centre Actors Conservatory
Larry Moss Studios
B.F.A. Honours, Film Studies Concordia University

Recurring / Hemlock Grove (NETFLIX, ELI ROTH)
Guest Star / Saving Hope (CTV)
Murdoch Mysteries (CBC)
Ginny & Georgia (Netflix)

Titans (HBO)
Accused (FOX)

Graduate of the Neighbourhood Playhouse School of Theatre in NYC
Film Studies BFA Concordia.

Feel free to check out my IMDB page. SOME OF THE CREDITS ARE ON THEIR WAY!

Film/TV credits include:
The Big Cigar Apple TV Dir. Don Cheadle
Titans HBO Dir. Greg Berlanti
Accused Fox Dir. Michael Offer
Murdoch Mysteries CBC Dir. Yannick Bisson
Saving Hope CTV Dir. Gregory Smith
Hemlock Grove Netflix Prod. Eli Roth

What Happened Was...
The Last Days of Judas Iscariot
Metropolitan Operas

Michael A. Marino Noble Caplan Abrams

781 Reader Reviews

" So professional and a great reader, made a technical audition much easier! "
" Thank you so much Craig! Great reader! BOOK HIM! "
" Craig is terrific! "
" Craig is great and a terrific scene partner! "
" Really helpful, great reader! "
" A very giving and generous reader! "
" Excellent "
" Craig is a very fine actor and reader, and gives good notes. "
" Craig is fantastic! Thank you man! "
" Very insightful direction and a great reader. 10/10 would work with him again! "
" We had a little extra time, and Craig was happy to offer some helpful ideas which gave me great options to choose from. :) "
" Such a great reader! So easy to work with and had great feedback! "
" Great reader! "
" Terrific! "
" Patient and encouraging reader with great energy and ideas. Thanks! "
" Craig was an excellent collaborator. Talented and efficient. I would work with him again in a heartbeat. "
" Craig is a seasoned pro, great to work with. "
" Great reader! Very responsive and helpful. Can't wait to work together again! "
" Thank you again! "
" Really patient and great input on things! Great reader! "
" Thanks! Great read, again! "
" SO SO SO AMAZING, Craig was unbelievably patient, open, and really helped me wade through a lot of material. His notes were perfection and he was so so generous with his time and energy. Cannot recommend him enough!! "
" Great, thank you! "
" Thanks so much for the wonderful read and input! "
" Craig is a great reader. Always sees things I missed in the stage directions, it’s great to have a second pair of eyes on those things. "
" Use Craig! "
" So great!! Was nervous about a theater audition and craig helped me so much. "
" Wonderful. Thanks so much! "
" Craig is AWESOME, and gave me a lot of great tips! "
" Just the absolute best as always "
" Craig is one of the best! "
" Love working with craig! "
" Awesome reader!! "
" Craig was great! "
" Amazing!!! "
" Craig was friendly and stoic. Once warmed up, he gave me plenty of notes to help guide and help me get the best out of the scene "
" Love working with craig! so many helpful notes "
" First time working with Craig, and absolutelyy fantastic! I had a very very short scene, and Craig helped me find an arc that really brought it to life, in the function of the story. Well done! "
" Amazing reader, great advice "
" Craig's killer as always! "
" Incredible insights! "
" Great insight, patient and ready to dive in. Thank you! "
" Fantastic reader, great suggestions, and patient. Thank you Craig!! "
" Very good! "
" Great reader! Super helpful feedback and great eye for story :) "
" PHENOMENAL reader/coach. 5 stars. Will use again for self tape auditions -Leah "
" Super helpful with suggestions! Love working with him, he makes auditioning really fun! "
" Wonderful! Extremely patient reader and helped me craft my scene perfectly! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Life saver. nice guy. great reader. finally the right tone. Thank you. Craig. "
" Craig was the BEST. This was such a fantastic session for me, and such a positive experience. Craig helped me a great deal. I highly recommend working with him. Thanks so much, Craig for helping me today !!!! "
" Very best American accent coach out there! "
" Thank you craig! the best "
" My favorite reader/coach on the whole site! "
" Great reader!! "
" Craig was amazing! So generous with his time, notes, and feedback and was a fabulous reader to boot! Highly recommend Craig! "
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" Craig is a definite go-to for me. He;s honest and genuinely cares about you booking. Excellent reader and performer! "
" Thanks for the wonderful read and all the feedback! I’m so grateful! "
" Always a solid reader. 10 out of 10 "
" Really easy to work with, highly recommend! "
" Super helpful and friendly. A joy to work with. "
" Wonderful and very patient with me! would definitely work with him again. "
" Craig is super friendly, present, and a great reader all around! "
" Craig was great! Helpful, patient, kind. I'll definitely use him again! "
" Great reading with Craig again and loved his fun suggestion for my audition, thanks so much! "
" Craig is amazing! He really devotes himself to his craft and is there 100% for your read! Do no hesitate to hire him! "
" Craig was very helpful. Thanks! "
" Craig is amazing! He had awesome note and is willing to jump into the action !! "
" Always great to work with Craig! He really cares about the quality of you work and you definitely want to hire him! "
" Craig is GREAT. Book him. "
" Amazing time working with Craig! Such an intuitive and smart actor. "
" Awesome helpful notes thanks Craig!! "
" Much help and great reader. "
" Craig was a great and patient reader and we worked through a long scene late at night! "
" Craig had to do the weirdest audition with me, and he rocked it. "
" Great Reader, Grounded and clean delivery. "
" Great reader and input! "
" You were so helpful and patient, thanks! "
" So helpful and even gave direction! "
" We nailed it! "
" Nice to meet you! fun to work with. "
" Awesome "
" Awesome "
" Always the best!!! "
" So kind and patient! Truly wonderful. Thank you. "
" Great! Awesome coaching. "
" Gave the best notes!! i dont always like notes but craig's were SPOT on and sooo helpful "
" Great once again - book him!!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
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" Really nice to work with. Very patient and gave a lot of great feedback. "
" Craig is always so wonderful!!! Always has great ideas for my tapes "
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" Fantastic reader!! Thanks Craig! "
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" Craig is pretty amazing! Great energy, super supportive and gave great ideas! Will def book again! Thx Craig! "
" Great "
" Amazing direction and so many ideas and so patient. He will work with you until we both feel confident about the audition. Highly recommend! "
" Great to work with both as a reader and a coach! "
" Craig was amazing to work with! He was engaged and really connected to the material, giving me so much to play with. I had fun and can't wait to work with him again! :) "
" Great reader and very pleasant to work with! "
" Excellent! Available instantaneously, very friendly and easy to work with, articulate, flexible. Full marks! "
" Awesome. "
" Great actor and reader and very professional! "
" Craig was a wonderful reader and gave really thoughtful notes that helped deepen my performance! "
" Really helpful! "
" Great "
" Great energy "
" Wonderful as always reading with Craig! He really listens and is truthful in his performance. Another great take! "
" Always top notch! thank you!! "
" Craig is great, has keen insight and wants you to get every nuance! Highly recommend him! "
" He was excellent! He was so patient and gave me some genius advices for my script that I would have never thought about. He is so professional and patient. I would recommend everyone to work with him. "
" Super easy to work with and great partner for a self tape! Thanks Craig! "
" Wonderful reader. Great job!! "
" Great reader with solid notes and presence! "
" Great reader! "
" Craig is so wonderful!!! Always takes my tapes to new heights! "
" Craig is always amazing. Thanks for your help! "
" Thumbs up all the way "
" Craig is awesome as always! "
" Great notes when I asked for them, patient reader, will definitely be using again. Thank you! "
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" Craig is a fantastic reader - he's a wonderful actor and a very generous scene partner. I recommend working with him! "
" Such a sweetheart! Great with breaking down the scene! and giving life to the character. BOOK HIM! "
" Craig is one of the best readers here because he listens, is patient, and is clearly very well trained. He gives feedback if wanted, and is overall just a great reader! "
" Always great working with Craig! He's a go-to reader for me! "
" Great! "
" Really friendly. Great voice and great reader. I recommend Craig. "
" Great! "
" Super helpful, and great voice! Appreciate the help :) "
" Craig was an awesome reader who gave great notes that were spot on. :) "
" Amazing as always. Fun, responsive, great scene partner. Thank you! "
" Craig was fantastic. He is easy to work with, gives great notes and accent help! Thanks so much Craig! "
" Excellent reader. He jumped right in and was a patient and confident reader. Thank you very much! "
" Patient and super adaptable "
" Greaaaat Notes!! Awesome read!! "
" Craig was helpful and gave good feedback if requested- I would recommend! "
" Great read! "
" Always amazing and supportive "
" Great guy. Helped with my general american. Was good to try a couple of different ways to do the reader delivery which in turn helps me in the reaction! "
" I needed an emotional warmup for an audition and Craig was amazing. He put me at ease immediately, in the moment, present, a true Meisner actor that I felt at home reading with. The ease and nature of going through a scripted scene with him was that of a conversation without a script......highly recommend. And I hope to read/work with him again :) "
" Awesome! "
" Craig was wonderful as always!!! "
" Craig is a fantastic reader! He always gives such awesome insights and is so generous with his energy. I would definitely read with him again! "
" Awesome as always! "
" Really great reader! understanding and insightful! great energy! "
" Lovely working with you Craig! "
" Lovely reader!!!! So professional and patient! "
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" Very patient and present "
" Craig was very nice and professional. "
" Very professional and a great reader! "
" Thanks so much for helping me rehearse for my workshop! "
" Craig was so wonderful!!! Really took my tapes to the next level with some great direction "
" Efficient and professional! "
" Craig is excellent! Really willing to dive deep into the script analysis! Helped me really understand my character. "
" Great time reading with Craig, as always "
" Really helped elevate my audition. Thank you! "
" Great! Picked up material quickly, easy to work with. "
" Amazing as always! "
" Friendly and patient reader! "
" Always fantastic. Thanks again. "
" Craig is fantastic. Thank you so much! "
" Great reader. Present, super adaptable, and patient! "
" Craig was great! Very helpful and easy to work with. "
" "simply the best, better than all the rest" - tina turner "
" Great reader. Great help! "
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" CRAIG WAS AMAZING! So patient and a great reader "
" Wonderful! excellent reader! "
" Super kind and respectful! Can't wait to work with him again! "
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" Craig is so supportive and patient "
" Craig really helped me out, and he was super patient with me. Great reader!! "
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" Craig is once again such an awesome reader!!! "
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" One of the best actors I ever worked with on WeAudition "
" Awesome! Super talented and flexible! "
" Really great reader, gave some helpful ideas and ways to play around "
" Book him, enough said! "
" Patient and kind! Great Reader! "
" A wonderful help to me, with what I thought were some tough scenes. "
" Wonderful reader. Top notch. SMART. Gets it. Great sense of story and dynamics. Also so patient and kind. Will def put him on my shortlist. "
" Lovely. Great reader. "
" Fantastic reader!!! "
" Great redirects, patient and friendly "
" Always great working with Craig! He is a wonderful reader and does not hesitate to make suggestions that bring out my best takes! Thank you!! "
" Craig was lovely to work with! Gave great reads and helped me brainstorm ideas for different choices with the scene. Thank you! "
" Thanks for diving into a weird scene with me :) "
"  Really easy going, nice, patient, and strong reader, thanks! "
" Awesome! "
" Great, very patient "
" Craig is the man! One of my go to's on here. Always so helpful and down for whatever. Thanks again "
" Great and super patient reader!! "
" Amazing help and patience! Will book again! "
" Super insightful. Easy going and fantastic reader! "
" Terrific reader! THANK YOU, CRAIG! "
" Craig is an amazing reader and feel so lucky to work with him! He helped me get some wonderful takes and is willing to stick it out until I am happy with it! Great notes and suggestions that helped me deliver my best work. Thank you!!! "
" Craig's the man! "
" Killer as always! "
" Craig's a total pro! Killer reader super chill! "
" Very many thanks! :) "
" Craig is an excellent reading scene partner...good stuff man! Appreciate it! "
" Super helpful and gave me tons to play off of. I’ll definitely be hitting Craig up again in the future! "
" Awesome! "
" Rocks many socks, reader wise. "
" Amazing "
" Excellent insight and character adjustments, really easy to work with and great energy, highly rec "
" Great to play with! "
" Craig is great! Helpful reader! "
" Very kind reader and lovely to work with. "
" Craig was excellent - thank you so much! "
" Great reader "
" Honestly - the most helpful reader I've had. We really found some cool stuff in this scene "
" Great reader and provided sound effects when needed! "
" Such a fantastic actor. Thank you! "
" Awesome reader as always! Thanks again. "
" Phenomenal on all counts...beyond grateful for your insights and suggestions. Thanks craig! "
" Awesome read. Pro. "
" Awesome! "
" Great reader and wonderful to work with! "
" 10/10 "
" Amazing super grounded reader "
" Craig was wonderful, very generous and kind reader! "
" Great to work with! "
" Craig is always a wonderful and reliable scene partner, note-giver, and reader. Thank you! "
" Super quick help! "
" Awesome. "
" Craig was great! "
" Craig is so great! Really holds space to let you do your thing, and gives good insights too. Book him! "
" Craig is a fantastic reader and collaborator! He brought great ideas! "
" Very present - informed and patient! Thanks again Craig. Appreciate it. "
" Nice reader. natural. be sure and let him know if you don't want to be coached to save time and money. and do a sound check. "
" Craig was an amazing generous, collaborative and partner with kindness and respect for the work! Read with him he is fantastic! "
" Awesome again! "
" Great read!! Thank you! "
" Just a superstar. Always so kind, so generous, so in it. Thanks, Craig!! "
" Rockstar "
" Very helpful and patient. Highly recommend! "
" Craig was so helpful! "
" Awesome!! "
" A real pleasure. As always! "
" Fantastic! Great insight and ideas about the scene and how to lift the character off the page. Thank you 🙏 "
" Craig is good "
" Fabulous reader! will for sure try to hire again! "
" Craig is an awesome reader! "
" After walking through scenes alongside Craig . I took a moment to look back, I was confused, there was only one set of footprints. Craig smiled, I then realized he carried me the whole time. "
" Great reader as always, and gives me things to play with that elevate and make the scene even better :) "
" Great as always "
" Craig is so wonderful! So perceptive and helpful. Thank you! "
" Great reader, "
" Craig was patient and kind. He’s an excellent Reeder! "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader! Was ready as soon as I requested, and read through the scripts perfectly, for a nice and quick self-tape! "
" Craig was awesome!! Hope to work with him again! "
" Great participation and great notes! "
" Craig was fantastic! I needed a really fat turn around and he gave me everything I needed at a rapid pace. I highly recommend using his services for your self tape. Thanks again Craig! "
" Craig was great! We whizzed through a last minute audition I needed to tape! Thanks, Craig! "
" Thank you Craig! "
" Really solid! "
" Great reader! I highly recommend him!!! "
" Thank you! "
" Craig is an incredible reader and great source of knowledge! Thanks Craig! "
" 10 out of 10. Very patient and supportive "
" Fantastic reader! Thank you! "
" Cheers Craig "
" Great "
" Very helpful! "
" Craig is great I recommend him to anyone that needs a reader! "
" Craig is the absolute best! He pays attention to detail and offers creative suggestions without being intrusive. "
" Great reader with a pleasant personality! Professional as always! "
" Craig's great and super chill and on point. Total pro! "
" Craig is such a great guy to rehearse with. Very patient and kind! Thank you again sir!! "
" Craig was so helpful and worked with me through an epic amount of material! Thanks for your patience and insight! "
" Thank you! "
" Kind and helpful "
" Great reader "
" Fantastic!! "
" Amazing reader, really cares about helping you do your best work!! "
" Great reader! Thanks Craig "
" Fab-u-lous! Seriously a professional! Book with Craig! "
" The best reader I've had on here! Really fabulous reader and also gave a lot of insight and ideas about the scene! "
" Cool dude, good reader, easy peasy "
" My new favorite reader! "
" Great read. Excellent notes. "
" It's always great working with you, Craig! Amazing coaching and feedback. Thank you so much. "
" Great session6 and helpful notes to support scene development "
" Craig, so much fun figuring stuff out with you! Thanks a lot!! "
" Great actor, great coach! I highly recommend him! "
" Thank you! "
" Amazing working with Craig again! I can't thank you enough for the suggestions and feedback. Feeling great about the work we did today! "
" Easy-going. Patient reader with feedback at the end. Recommend! :) "
" Craig was awesome, go book him. "
" So patient and kind and had great feedback to help me come more alive in the scene thank you!!!! "
" Amazing reader! Gave great input that really helped my scene improve with each take, also gave me more time and didn't make me feel rushed at all. Would definitely read with him again! "
" Thanks for your patience and support as a reader! "
" Fantastic reader!!! Very talented "
" Great! "
" Incredible fantastic great GREAT reader! Thank you Craig!! "
" Craig is wonderful!!! "
" GREAT EXPERIENCE! Thank you so much for the thoughtful feedback. "
" Always so great! "
" So good! Gave me new ideas to play with to make the scene pop. Loved working with him! "
" Great as always "
" Really excellent - thanks so much, Craig! "
" Great quick insights! "
" Always solid to read with. Patient, easygoing, and a grounding energy. "
" Incredibly professional. Kept me on my toes! "
" Craig was so great! Helpful and professional! "
" Good eye and great listener! "
" Very patient "
" Awesome reader!! "
" Great reader "
" Craig was an amazing, friendly reader "
" Thanks for being helpful, Craig. "
" Always awesome!! Had great feedback to get me where I needed to be. "
" My favorite reader. Booking him again soon. "
" A++ "
" Excellent reader with great notes. Will definitely read with him again. Thank you Thank you "
" Five stars "
" Amazing as always! "
" Great reader! Very supportive and had good ideas to bring to the scene. "
" So freakin' awesome!! Use Craig!! "
" Craig H is very helpful and has good ideas "
" So great working with Craig! Really patience reader that helped me BREAK DOWNNNN my scene and create a character. Also, helped me find the arc!! Thank you so much! "
" Such a patient and amazing reader. Very helpful with his notes and he really cares about you getting the best take possible. I couldn't recommend him more. "
" Great reader "
" Craig is wonderful - very easy going, had great suggestions for me that grounded the scene, and was also very patient - Thanks for that Craig! "
" Craig’s insight and willingness to share his experience were even more valuable than the scene work we did. Although he was an engaged and extremely capable reader, I walked away from the session feeling enlightened and empowered about taking control of my career more than I was glad to get my tape done. Feel very fortunate to have met him and I hope to work with him again. "
" Book him ! Great notes and awesome energy "
" Great actor, gives really insightful notes, and is so generous and patient. Book Craig! "
" Great Reader! "
" Great reader and helpful partner! "
" Craig was so wonderful!!! Had some really great ideas that brought my tape to life "
" Very accommodating and kind "
" Such a professional! He's very observant, and freely offers you tips if he notices anything that can make your work pop a little more. Such a pleasure to work with. "
" So thrilled with our session. Wonderful notes and suggestions! Thanks Craig! "
" Great notes. excellent reader! "
" Strong notes and excellent reader! "
" Excellent reader. :) "
" Craige was great. Super professional, good reader, and spot on notes! "
" Great reader "
" Craig was super helpful and gave me some great ideas for alternative takes! "
" Thank you, Craig. I really liked working with you! "
" Great reader, great experience! "
" You are in great hands with Craig as your reader. A lot of inexperienced readers overpower the audition, making a mistake to read as if they are auditioning. Craig doesn't do that. He's a pro. i used to be a CD. I would have hired him to be a reader for movies and projects I was casting. "
" Craig is great! "
" Craig was so helpful and patient! He really took his time and went into depth with how to analyze the scene and get the right take. Definitely recommend! "
" Fantastic reader with great instincts and a keen ear for honesty. Highly recommend! "
" Craig was helpful and cooperative. "
" Awesome in a pinch! "
" Always awesome. Thank you! "
" Great! "
" Craig is a wonderful reader! He gave me a suggestion that totally helped me turn a scene around! Thank you Craig! I definitely will be back! "
" AMAZING notes! I discovered new sides to the role I was playing. Highly recommend it! "
" Helpful reader "
" Great reader and gave helpful tips! "
" Craig was so helpful! I wrote down lots of notes and he gave great suggestions! "
" OUTSTANDING!!! Not only a great actor and reader, he had such good insights -- simple, easy -- into the script, the beats. Invaluable. Thank you, my friend! "
" Craig is a wonderful reader and gave great notes. thanks again! "
" A++ perfect reading! Thanks so much! "
" Craig was so easy breezy and fun to work with! Thanks for a great read! "
" Solid read, great patience and flexibility "
" Excellent, thank you! "
" Great read with Craig! So helpful! "
" Lovely reader! Helpful and easy to work with. "
" Fantastic direction and insights!!! "
" Craig was such a generous reader. You can tell he really cares about story and character - even with a short scene! "
" Thanks for helping me rehearse! "
" Craig is great. Super easy to work with "
" Such great feedback and partnership! "
" Helped me channel the character and breakdown the scene. Unfamiliar territory became more clear for me. "
" Craig was a fun reader with great notes !! Willling to even play sound effects for benefit of the scene "
" Thank you! "
" First class! "
" Rehearsed with Craig for a short film I'm doing, some great suggestions and tips on how to deepen the character. "
" Great feedback and ideas. Awesome reader! "
" Craig is a wonderful actor and extremely thoughtful. Loved reading with him, would highly rec! "
" Great reader! "
" Helpful, patient, and kind. Book him! "
" A great scene partner! Great notes if you want them too. Just enough to give the scene a couple great layers. "
" Great read...Thank you Craig "
" Good reader, thanks Craig! "
" Great reader! "
" Lovely! Easy to work with! Good direction when needed. Helpful and smart. "
" Craig is great and so helpful!! "
" Craig is a great reader! "
" Craig is so awesome. So so generous with time and suggestions. You won't regret working with him! "
" THE ABSOLUTE BEST. Great pace. Works off you really well. "
" Craig was so amazing to work with!!! He is very thorough and engaging. I love the tips he gives and he brings out fresh ideas that you may have not thought of yourself. I am definitely gonna use him again!!! "
" Great reader! "
" I highly recommend Craig! He really helped me with this scene that I was a bit unsure of. He helped flesh it out and bring it to life. Starting with some improv really helped. Thank you! "
" Fantastic again! Book him.. "
" Craig is always great. He has great ideas and brings a unique energy to each read. Thanks again! "
" Fantastic reader. Really kind and patient guy with terrific notes. Felt like a "jam session". Thank you! "
" Wonderful supportive reader and very friendly, would book again, thanks Craig! "
" Craig is amazing! Highly Recommend! "
" Great reader thank you so much for really going over it a lot with me! "
" Craig was very creative and helpful during the reading! "
" Craig is a great reader--on top of things---will employ him again! "
" Craig is a real artist and actor, who gives just the right amount of notes, at the most opportune moments, even when I'm crammed for time. Appreciate any time I can get with him. "
" Great! "
" Always a pleasure to read with Craig, his grounding, supportive presence fuels my work. "
" Excellent reader - talented and thoughtful actor, full of ideas, very generous. Thank you! "
" Such an awesome experience. Very helpful and insightful. Will be contacting him again. "
" Great!! "
" Great reader! "
" Craig was fantastic! Highly recommend! "
" Great reader! "
" Always really invested and present!great with feedback "
" Great reader! "
" Excellent Reader! Highly recommend, very thoughtful and insightful. Wonderful actor. "
" Craig is great. He's very patient, and gives good adjustments. Thank you very much! "
" Always so lovely to work with! "
" Craig stayed on way longer than I initially requested to get the tapes I wanted- INCREDIBLE READER. Book him! "
" Super great, worked on rehearsing a scene for class "
" Great session with Craig again. Very friendly and supportive and great discussion to see how it can be improved. Love to read with him again. "
" Wonderful guy. Great energy and thoughtful notes. "
" Exactly what was needed for today... "
" Very easy to work with. Gave me something to work off of which is exactly what I need in a reader. "
" Amazing as always! Super patient and has amazing notes! "
" Fantastic reader. Also gave spot on pointers to enhance my audition self tape. Was patient, friendly and exceptional in providing great feedback. "
" Great! He's so fun and game for anything! "
" Great reader! "
" As always. One of my favorites! Just so easy going, professional, and skilled. "
" Great read; GREAT suggestions - thanks! "
" Great reader! Thanks, Craig! "
" Great! "
" Great Reader! "
" Thanks for a great read! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Craig is great!. On point and patient. Thanks! "
" Great! Jumped right in and was fully present. Hope to work with Craig again! "
" Thank you Craig! "
" Great read! Very enjoyable to work! "
" Craig was fantastic to work with - gave great notes and awesome energy for taping! Highly recommend :) "
" We had to get through a lot of stuff and craig was THE MAN! "
" Great help! Thank you! "
" Awesome reader and great guy. Insightful notes that help take the performance to another level still. Highly recommend "
" Craig is a great reader. I'm glad I found him for this taping. Gave great support and was very quick in identifying things to improve. "
" Craig is excellent! He's a solid reader and really good coach! He had excellent feedback and helped me with a tricky scene. Really understands how to use the frame. So fun to work with. "
" Absolutely thorough, patient, and really roots you on! I am blown away by how much knowledge he had given me coaching from another point of view from what I needed to see on my end. Thanks so much Craig! "
" Craig was a great reader - with amazing insight when asked and so nice! "
" Wonderful! "
" Great reader! "
" Craig was very helpful and patient 👍🏾 "
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