Molly Gibson

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Hi, I'm Molly! I'm an actress of 13+ years with experience in Film/TV, Commercial, Theatre, VO, and even spent some time in the Musical Tribute Artist/Impersonator world.

My main focus is Film/TV and I have experience writing, producing & directing as well, having been nominated for Best First Time Director at Indie Short Fest.

I just released a horror comedy short I wrote, produced and starred in:

I'm very experienced with self-tapes and I'd love to help you rehearse, memorize lines, or crush an audition! Happy to offer suggestions and input when desired. I have comedy training from Scott Sedita Acting Studios as well as advanced Improv training.

Here are a few of the things we can work on:
-Break down/flesh out a scene
-Comedy/sitcom technique
-Self tape set up/technique
-Run lines
-Meisner Repetition Exercises
& More!

If you want to schedule a time in advance, feel free to DM me on Instagram! @themollygibson

Venmo: @Molly-Gibson-

Molly Gibson is an LA based actress originally from Metro Detroit. Some of her work includes:

• Comedic Feature Film, "The Dinner Parting" (Taylor Nichols)
• Dystopian/Sci-Fi TV Pilot, "Fault:Gamma"
• Romantic Comedy, "Liz" - Nominated for Best Lead Actress and Hottest Up-And-Coming Actress at the I See You Awards

Molly has also written, produced, and directed her own film and music video projects.

She has performed as a Taylor Swift tribute artist/impersonator with SimonWill Entertainment in Boston and has recently released a self-produced, written, and directed short film, "Figment", for which she was nominated for Best First Time Director at Indie Short Fest.

• She recently booked a Thriller Feature Film, "Locker 42", with Larry Hankin and Richard Karn.

Manager: The Parmeter Group - Brad Richards (323) 356-8400

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" Second time with her and she's great. "
" Great tips and suggestions! "
" I requested an hour but the reader could only do 25 minutes so we couldn't do the session and ended after a minute but now I can't get access to requesting another reader. Please advise. I'm stuck in the payment and review page, but didn't actually have a session. "
" Nice! Horror tips. Cool. "
" Really wonderful! Super helpful in a short amount of time. "
" Fun, fast, had great ideas, super encouraging! "
" Molly's so cool! Awesome to read with! "
" Thanks Molly! Always a pleasure. "
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" My go-to reader when I see she's online! "
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" Running lines with Molly was great. She offered really helpful suggestions for physicality and tone, and the notes definitely helped make the performance feel better! "
" Amazingly professional and sweet. Giggled along with me and had some fun. "
" Always comes through!! "
" Great reader and had such helpful notes for my scene! "
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" Simply a pro! Molly was completely down to play with me, helping to discover little nuances and to bring my performance to a higher level. Comfortable, genuine, and warm. Thank you, thank you! "
" Great "
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" Molly was amazing as always! 😊 "
" One of my go to people. Molly is the best :) "
" Great feedback and direction for a super short audition! "
" MG is my GO-TO reader! "
" MG is the best! She's one my GO-TO readers. "
" So great! "
" Molly is amazing as always! thanks girl! "
" Molly is so fun to work with and gives wonderful notes! :) "
" Molly is great - within 30 minutes we had circumstances, stakes, and the beginnings of a character to play around with. Would highly recommend! "
" Another PHENOMENAL session with Molly! Thanks for the amazing coaching friend!! "
" Amazing reader! It was my first time using Weaudition and she was so patient and kind! Also gave me great ideas on how to change up each take. Highly recommend! "
" Molly is super patient w/ me and gives awesome notes - she's the best! "
" Molly is always on point w/ comedy notes & super supportive. A+ reader/coach! "
" Molly is there for me every time. G.O.A.T!!! "
" Molly is AMAZING. Great technical comedy notes. She's so specific w/ her notes and really made sure I hit al the comedic beats. She's so kind and patient and an all around incredible coach. I'm a fan of Molly!! :) "
" Molly is amazing w/ comedy technicals! Great, specific notes! She's the best. "
" Loved her!!!!! So kind, fun to play with and super patient . Great comedic notes. "
" Always happy when Molly is available! She's great! "
" Great Help with comedy! "
" Wow. Made me feel so comfortable. Scratched the cobwebs out of my head. Brought the character out. Even if you you think you know how to do it... let her coach you a bit. It won't hurt. I promise. "
" SOOOO helpful. Got me to get specific with my beats. LOVE IT! "
" Awesome reader to work with, hands-down! Molly never fails to come up with outside the box tactics and elements to incorporate in your audition. Can't go wrong with her advice! "
" Always great working with Molly :) "
" Best as always "
" Molly was very patient with me and helped so much in the work. She's really good at helping actors find the arc of the scene and adding different nuances to the work. "
" Molly was amazing to work with! She helped me make new discoveries with the scene and provided great, technical comedic feedback as well. "
" Molly is the best "
" Molly was really great to work with and provided specific feedback that helped a lot!! :) "
" Molly is a favorite!! So helpful and really brought my self tape to life "
" Holy moly! So adept at comedy and really able to communicate notes in a precise and easy to understand way! Could not recommend enough!!! "
" Always a HUGE help. Great advice and notes. "
" Molly was incredible patient with me and gave me very helpful tips to bring the scene to life! Thanks molly! "
" Loved, loved, loved working with Molly. So helpful !! Thank you!! "
" I love Molly! She is a really thorough reader and wonderful actress who can help you tease your scenes out in a playful and creative process. Look forward to working with her again asap! "
" Really great comedic advice! - Thank you so much - Molly! "
" I was in a rush, but Molly was ready to play. Her observations helped ground me when it was needed. Constructive time with her. Looking forward to working with her again! "
" Great "
" Molly’s super helpful at learning lines and great feedback!!! "
" Shes fabulous. Book her. "
" Molly's a great actor/reader. Always gives great notes and feedback and the session are so much fun. Highly recommended. "
" Thank you Molly! "
" Molly is so fun! She brought a new layer to the scene that I absolutely loved. "
" Great reader. Picks up material quickly and has good feedback. Very supportive and helpful. "
" So great to read with! Had such helpful notes! "
" Fantastic as always "
" Thank you Molly ! Was great reading with you again! "
" Shes wonderful "
" Always on point "
" So great as always!!! nailed my self tape!! knows how to help you get what you need in a role! so grateful "
" Great reader! Much appreciated. "
" Rockstar reader! i have multiple people in a scene and Molly knew what to do on the first read!!! "
" Super sweet "
" Always great!!! "
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" One of my go-to's. She is so great, read with her if she is on! "
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" Molly was great! Great reader, and gave really helpful feedback. "
" She was really easy to work with and was a great reader!!! "

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