Jake Ryan Lozano (they/he)

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Hey, I'm Jake Ryan! I'm a Chicanx artist based in Brooklyn, NY [originally from San Antonio, TX]. I love to meet people where they're at in their process, and I feel exceptionally equipped to cultivate a more specific and nuanced read.

MFA Yale School of Drama ‘18
BFA University of Oklahoma ‘15

On-Camera Acting Training:
Heidi Miami Marshall, Bob Krakower, Ellen Novack, Gregory Berger-Sobeck

Let's Connect/Schedule! :
IG: jakeryanlozano

Venmo/CashApp (preferred):

Roundabout Theatre Company, Signature Theater (NY), Williamstown Theater Festival, Chautauqua Theater Company, Olney Theater Center, Two River Theater, Yale Repertory Theater, and Great River Shakespeare Festival.

Guest Stars: Law & Order: SVU (NBC), Evil (CBS), New Amsterdam (NBC), and When They See Us (NETFLIX)

Scripted Podcasts: (Im)perfect Match (SPOTIFY/APPLE), Daniel X: Genesis (AUDIBLE)
ADR/Looping: Betty: (HBO), Gossip Girl (HBO), Dear Evan Hansen (UNIVERSAL), Voyagers (LIONSGATE)


247 Reader Reviews

" WONDERFUL! incredible pacing, patience and perspective! helped me out with prep and my tape. also nailed the dialect and made this feel all feel so effortless. I hope to work with Jake again soon! "
" So awesome, really appreciated Jake's insight and help! Quick and very productive. Thank you! "
" Such a sweetheart! Honestly an amazing reader, actor, human being. Gave extra time to really nail my scene. Felt super comfortable and connected. LOVE JAKE! "
" Great actor and reader. Very present and easy to work off of. "
" Great reader! "
" Jake is fantastic with offering a nuanced analysis and interesting adjustments, strongly recommend him! "
" On point "
" GREAT FEEDBACK! One of the best reader's I've worked with yet. "
" Fantastic reader! Thanks so much! "
" Jake was patient and gave a good, natural read. "
" WONDERFUL READER!!!:) Added to my FAVS LIST!!:) Thank you JAKE!!:) I appreciate you!!:) "
" Always a pleasure. Thanks Jake! "
" Extremely solid and generous scene partner. Great insight and always gives so much in the sessions. Thanks Jake. "
" Jake is amazing. He has a wonderful calming presence. Is exceptionally open and gives thoughtful, intelligent notes. "
" Awesome Reader! Loved the notes that helped with having different character choices throughout the scene. "
" He's FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for helping to make my audition great! "
" So very helpful. Jake provided creative insights that helped me build the world of my self-tape and steered a fun & fantastical concept into a grounded reality. "
" Jake was a terrific reader! Insightful, adept, responsive--thank you! "
" Awesome help! "
" Jake was awesoem to tape with. He's sharp and immediately ready, great reader, with great instinct, and if required, succinct and valuable feedback / ideas / understanding of the scene and 'casting' moments. Highly recommend. thanks Jake! "
" Fantastic cold reader and scene partner! Will book again! "
" Such a sweet, generous, supportive, and thoughtful reader. Loved working with you! "
" Such a pro. Clearly grounded and very supportive and generous in their work. "
" Perfect measure of tone, pacing and voice. Excellent supportive reader - thank you so much! "
" Amazing! "
" Thank you!!! "
" Great reader! Jumped in with me on a rather odd script yet managed to pick it up really quickly and brought the best off me! Thank you! "
" Great reader and coach. Thanks hombre! "
" Lovely energy! "
" One hell of a reader, thank you big time Jake x x x "
" Jake reads with character and great pace. Book him! "
" Awesome reader, super efficient and has a great energy! "
" Very cool, loved his attitude "
" Awesome, as always! MVP! "
" Jake is always great!! Fantastic scene partner and coach!! "
" Always amazing "
" Just had an incredible session with Jake. He immediately had incredible insight into the work which helped me make super strong choices within the scene. Thank you! "
" Always great. MVP!!! "
" Excellent reader!!! Will definitely work together again. "
" Easily one of my favorite readers. I will work with you again. "
" Jake is one of my go to readers on here! Always a great read with great energy! Thanks man!!! "
" Great reader! Awesome feedback!! "
" Jake is so wonderful! Highly recommend! "
" Jake's awesome "
" So good! Very kind! "
" So professional. Willing to play! "
" Amazing as always "
" Amazing read!!! "
" Great read thank you! "
" Super good!! "
" Amazing as always "
" Jake was an awesome reader! He worked with me until I was truly ready and was patient overall! Had a great time and cant wait to work with them again! "
" Very responsive :) "
" GREAT help. works with you very well through and through "
" Always the best! "
" Thanks again!!! "
" Always gives a great read and super easy to work with. "
" 10/10 would recommend! "
" Very professional, gave me great feedback. "
" Amazing energy! Great reader with very knowledgeable insights. Will definitely be booking again! "
" Fantastic reader "
" Phenomenal reader and coach! "
" So chill and so helpful!! "
" Fantastic reader. Highly recommend. Thanks Jake "
" Jake was awesome! Attentive, patient, and consistent! "
" So patient and so kind! "
" Excellent reader! "
" Very go with the flow. Definitely one of my favorite readers! "
" Cool, calm, collected reader who offered great alternate perspectives to the script. Delivered nuanced performance and was a pleasure to work with! Thank you! :) "
" Great reader -- yet again! I will find Jake for all my future quick audition needs for sure. "
" Great easy reader! "
" Easy and helpful "
" I needed a quick read and Jake was very helpful! "
" Jake is a fantastic reader and offered great notes when asked for feedback! "
" Jake was ready to go the minuet the session started and they had a very nice grounding energy that gives a lot to work with. Very professional! "
" Jake is WONDERFUL, great at cold reading a super long and complex scene and very nice guy, book him! "
" Excellent! "
" Jake is a fantastic reader! His observations and insights helped me produce a stronger audition. "
" Very helpful. I was able to get ready for a zoom audition with Jake feeling good "
" Excellent reader. "
" Super helpful and patient! Highly recommend working with Jake "
" Really professional and courteous "
" Jake is not only a wonderful reader but so kind!!!!!! "
" Awesome as always!!!! "
" Fabulous! So much fun to work with and super flexible. "
" Awesome reader and very supportive!! "
" Jake is 100 tomatoes! "
" Amazing, very talented and flexible and caring! "
" If Jake was a game of poker, he’d be a royal flush. "
" Awesome reader! Picked up everything instantly. Great to work with, highly recommend! "
" Amazing! Really helpful notes. BOOK THEM! "
" Professional and down to earth! 10 stars! "
" Great notes as always !! "
" Jake is wonderful, highly recommend!!! "
" Jake was great. Super patient. I'd definitely request him again! "
" Jake was a great reader! "
" The best of the best. Jake is so patient, acute, and generous with feedback. It truly doesn't get any better. "
" AMAZING! Gives you EXACTLY what you need. "
" Jake is a pro, got the tone in the first read. "
" Absolutely fab! Great to play with and super flexible "
" Fabulous read, very attentive, excellent presence. "
" Awesome read "
" Thank you!!! "
" Great reader! Very chill and patient! "
" Jake was awesome! "
" Excellent reader, supportive energy and great insight on small ways to dial up the scene. "
" So fun to play with. Thanks again! "
" Jake is great! Great support and notes. Looking forward to the next session. "
" Thank you so much! "
" Truly such a pleasantly fun and creatively explorative experience. Highly recommend! "
" Jake gives some of the most useful feedback you could get. Book this man! "
" This is my second time reading with Jake, and he's great as always! "
" Awesome guy and reader! "
" Jake is super friendly, present, and a great reader all around! "
" Truly superb reader. Grounded, honest, generous, kind. THANK YOU Jake! "
" Jake is always on point with the reads!! "
" Amazing "
" The best thanks!! "
" Really solid! Would def book again! "
" Great vibes and let me be myself while exploring the text. Thanks, man! "
" Such a great Reader! very patient, awesome notes. Thanks! "
" Jake is really Fantastic. He really knows his craft, fantastic, actionable feedback. So glad I had the opportunity to work with such a gifted person. Thank you!! "
" Honestly, Jake is one of those people who is able to put you instantly at ease. If his credits and audition reel don't justify using him, his personality/skill/advice definitely does! You won't regret it, his guidance helped me to elevate my scene to another level! "
" Such great calming energy. so encouraging thank you! "
" Jake is a favorite reader of mine, always wonderful working with them! BOOK NOW! "
" Favorite reader! "
" My favorite reader! "
" Jake knows his Stuff! Excellent actor and Coach.. "
" Super helpful with memorizing lines. Very patient and doesn't feel rushed. "
" Such a wonderful and supportive reader! Jake gave great notes, was kind and patient, and so fun to read off of. Couldn't recommend Jake highly enough! "
" Excellent reader! "
" Jake is such a great director. He really has an astute eye and gives great colorful notes. Love it "
" Really grounded reader able to give personalized and intuitive notes! So impressed with reading with them! "
" Jake is so lovely, really helpful and kind!!! Highly recommend! "
" Greatest of all time!! "
" Jake is so fun, kind, and instantly makes you feel comfortable as soon as he pops on the screen. I greatly enjoyed working with him and his feedback along the way. Wonderful human! "
" Alway's amazing "
" Jake is the best, seriously BOOK NOW! "
" Wow Jake is an incredible reader and an amazing collaborator! Truly gives great notes and helps you dig deep. Love it. "
" Amazing! Great tips. Wonderful working with someone with so much experience. "
" Jake Rocked!! "
" Very helpful highly recommended "
" Jake was sooo helpful and willing to assist in what I needed from a reader. Excellent reader!! "
" Jake was amazing I loved working with him and I feel like I got really good takes working with him "
" Amazing as always. Thank you. "
" Great working with you! "
" So lovely time after time. Super professional and with it. Really gets tone and pacing and makes taping a breeze. "
" Solid reader. Thanks! "
" Jake did an awesome job. Super patient. I would recommend. "
" Awesome as always!! "
" Awesome. thank you so much! "
" Professional, fun, lovely and a fantastic reader! 5 stars!!! "
" Jake is amazing, solid professional reader & actor, great for in a time crunch! "
" Jake was lovely! Great offerings of feedback, and quick to an understanding of the scene. Book him! "
" What a pro! Very helpful too! "
" Awesome reader !!!! great actor too! "
" So helpful and easy to read with! Lots of strong ideas that helped a lot with the taping. I definitely will reach out again. "
" Always great!! "
" So helpful! He was a great reader and agreed to add extra time to accommodate. Thanks Jake! "
" Jake was great! Very patient and helpful! "
" Really on point. Excellent Reading! "
" Smooth as butter! "
" Such a trooper 🥹🥹🥹🥹 THANK YOU JAKE FOR BEING AMAZING. "
" Jake was wonderful to read with. "
" Absolutely love working with Jake, such a great scene partner and reader! BOOK NOW! "
" Great read, awesome to work with. A++++ "
" Great to work with "
" Great reader "
" All queer people book with Jake!!!!!!!! 10/10 recommenced and made the space so safe!! Thanks Jake!!! "
" Smart, patient, kinda, TALENTED. Book!!! "
" Jake is kind and hops right in, takes directon well to fit the needs of the audition. Thank you! "
" Really wonderful and helpful! "
" He's so fucking great. Literally adds so much to the read that gives me ways to be creative with my responses. For sure using jake more :) "
" Great feedback and wonderful energy! He the best "
" Jake was so nice and helpful! Highly recommend and hope we can read together again! "
" Jake is incredibly helpful and generous and really sets a comfortable, curious vibe. 10/10 would recommend! "
" Everything I was hoping for. so cool and smart and fun. excellent read! "
" Jake was a lovely and reassuring presence and he gave a very good read with helpful feedback when asked. "
" Awesome reader! Great notes, very laid back, patient and made the experience very very comfortable. Thanks Jake! xoxox "
" Jake is the best. So patient and insightful and has an amazingly intuitive sense of rhythm and character. Recommend 100%! "
" Amazing and sensitive and warm with BRAINS! "
" Jake is awesome sauce! We did a comedic scene and had some fun with improv together. Very grounded and dependable reader. "
" Superstar!! "
" Awesome Reader! Thanks so much Jake! "
" Jake is so laidback & ready to work! 2nd time reading with him & another great read! "
" Excellent Reader! "
" Cool guy straight forward get the job done! "
" Really great reader. Amazing accent skills! wonderful pointers and direction. 100% recommend Jake!!! "
" Great energy had to match a famous comedian "
" Great reader! and helpful with the script! "
" Very helpful and supportive. Great with comedy. "
" Thank you so much! I appreciate your help, creativity and positive attitude. "
" MVP!! Book Jake!! "
" They're so patient and and such an awesome reader!! "
" Amazing "
" One of the best readers on WeAudition, hands down!! Thanks Jake :) "
" Definitely helped me achieve my scene objective. Excellent reader. Highly recommend!! "
" Jake is truly the best! Book with them ASAP. "
" Chill and super easy to work with. "
" Jake is PHENOMENAL!!! Loved working with him!! Gives smart, specific, and creative notes that help to add color and nuanced layers to your character and scene!! BOOK HIM!! NOW!! He is GREAT!! "
" They were delightful and efficient! "
" Jake is great! "
" Jake is an awesome reader and they really helped me feel confident in my audition. "
" Jake is such a kind and warm reader! "
" Jake gave such great feedback and helped me crush my audition! "
" Great reader! Really took his time and gave really good notes! "
" Jake is super helpful! Has a great background in theater and acting, which is really helpful. He is super patient and will meet you where you are to help you with whatever you need. Strongly recommend him! "
" Wonderful reader! "
" In need of a quick scene and Jake CRUSHED IT "
" Jake is an incredible reader, such a wonderful actor and human to work with. BOOK THEM!!! "
" Amazing reader "
" So kind and relaxed. Jake was super helpful and I'll definitely be finding them to be a reader again! "
" Jake was great!! "
" Great Reader!!! "
" Jake was FANTASTIC!Not only is Jake a great actor and great with timing, they also gave such great notes and insight. We ran a scene for a half hour for a showcase and I walked away feeling so much more prepared and having so much to play with. Thank you, Jake!!! "
" Worked with Jake twice today as he is GREAT! "
" Excellent, helpful, insightful reader. Highly recommend. "
" Quick and easy reader! "
" Great reader "
" Awesome! "
" Loved working with Jake! He really is great and insightful! "
" Hopped right in and gave a great read! "
" Jake has great energy and is a solid & patient scene partner. "
" Fantastic reader. Lucky to have found him "
" Jake was a great reader! Really fun to work off & had great comedic timing which was crucial to my scene! Thanks man , hope to tape this thing with ya later! "
" Jake is such a patient, kind, smart actor and reader. I was not the most prepared today but they were able to ground me, encourage me, give really fantastic notes and direction, and they just really kept it real. Thank you so much, will definitely be coming back for more. "
" Dope, easy breezy and met my energy where I was! Lovely working with ya Jake :) "
" Great reader! fast and responsive. 10/10 reccomend "
" Working with Jake is a dream come true. Present, easy, breezy and nuanced! Highly recommended! "
" Great reader. Patient and willing to help you every step of the way. "
" Great to work with! Patient reader willing to help. "
" Jake is a natural, came ready to play. "
" LOVE working with pros. Jake's a boss! "
" Ok Jake is the best! He has such great instincts and works with your vision of the character alongside you. Such beautiful collaborative energy "
" Wonderful reader! Patient and supportive. "
" Helped me add some incredible moments to my callback. THANK YOU JAKE! "
" Jake was a great reader! Excellent pace and timing. He was very natural too. "
" Reading with Jake is SOOOOO MUCH FUN! He has elements of creative professional and Friendly convo going on. We had a great session. "
" There's a reason why I chose Jake two days in a row--wonderful, insightful reader and such a kind and giving human being. You're missing out if you aren't booking him to read with you! "
" Very friendly! "
" Very easy to work with! "
" Jake was a wonderful wonderful reader and gave great. insight! They saw things that I missed in the script, and helped me play around for my callback prep. Gave me things to work with that I hadn't thought about before. Also very kind and very warm. "
" Jake was a really helpful reader! He gave me some great advice. I'd definitely work with him again. "
" Great reader! "

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2021 [IMDB]
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
TV Series
2019 [IMDB]
TV Series
2019 [IMDB]
When They See Us
TV Mini Series
2019 [IMDB]
New Amsterdam
TV Series