Adam Henslee

upto 30 mins : $ 10.00
upto 60 mins : $ 20.00

**First 15 min is free, but tips are always appreciated!**

Let's have some fun and rock out an awesome audition you're proud of.

Some actors love to have a lot of feedback/rehearsal/direction, and others just need me to read the other characters lines for their audition. Whatever you need, I got you.

Some highlights:
- Trained Meisner at the William Esper Studio in NYC
- Some of my credits include a recurring role in Secrets of Sulphur Springs (Disney Channel), When We First Met (Netflix) and NCIS: New Orleans.
- Auditions booked from tape: Women of the Movement (ABC), Son (w/ Emile Hirsch), Bulleit Whiskey Commercial
- Help w/ your southern accent (born & raised in Arkansas)
- I teach Laban/Williamson based movement

Let's book some work!

If I am offline, feel free to contact me through Instagram: @adam_henslee, and we can set something up.

Venmo - @adam-henslee
Instagram - @adam_henslee

Hi, my name is Adam. I am an Actor based in the Southeast. Some of my credits include a recurring role on Secrets of Sulphur Springs (Disney Channel), When We First Met (Netflix) and NCIS: New Orleans.

Some highlights:
- Trained at the William Esper Studio in NYC
- Actor w/ Murder Mystery Co. here in New Orleans
- Teach Laban based movement classes


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" Really nice reader :) "
" SOO GENEROUS!! AND PATIENT! He was super supportive, and a great cold reader! "
" Amazing!!!!! I had my first WeAudition with Adam and he was so helpful. Thanks Adam! "
" Adam is a great reader, he's very nice and patient ! "
" What can I say. This guy is a master. Felt so safe and so free to just PLAY. Great direction and feedback. Will book again and again! "
" Awesome feedback! Will use again! "
" Adam is as always terrific! Very chill and grounded and helps you get your best performance. Book him! "
" Awesome working with you! TY "
" Really great thanks so much! "
" Great! So chill and a great reader "
" Great reader "
" Amaaaaazing as always! THANK YOU! Booked the last one we did together, here's to booking another! :) "
" Amazing session! "
" Always a great reader! "
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" Amazing! "
" Adam's a great reader and was extremely helpful throughout the entire session. Highly recommend "
" My first time reading with Adam. Great reader, really connected and had wonderful feedback. "
" Great read as always "
" Great at giving direction thank you!! "
" Always great working with Adam! Thank you! "
" Adam was awesome. Totally understood the subtle nuance of the scene and helped me pull off an audition self-tape I was confident in. "
" Such patience and insight. Always feel confident after working with Adam! "
" Great to read with. I had a super long audition, but we got through it! "
" Vey patient, had a nice connection as a reader, and helped me out along the way! "
" Adam is awesome "
" Terrific! Smart! Thank you, Adam!! "
" Thank you, Adam! A great reader with smart suggestions for different ways to start a quick scene. "
" Today Adam and I just ran lines -- so helpful (as usual)!! "
" Excellent. Great notes for my zoom commercial auditions today! "
" Really great, patient, great reader ! "
" Good job. Thank you! "
" A last minute self tape ANGEL "
" Adam is the best! Such a natural reader- he made it easy to work off of. Will def use him again!! "
" Amazing! Super chill and super helpful. Knows what he's doing. "
" Ton of patience, kind reader! "
" Got right to the work for a last minute audition. He gave feedback and reminded me use my haste to play the scene. Thank you. "
" Great insight and awesome reader 10/10 thank you "
" He was nice and supportive! "
" Awesome - great vibes, great actor. Very patient and helpful. Thank you!!! "
" Wonderful as always! "
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" Always so good to work with Adam! "
" Awesome reader. Really easy going. "
" Thank you!’ "
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" Great reader. Very supportive and brought the other characters to life! "
" Enjoy the moody rain! Thanks for the assist, as always. "
" Always great! "
" Great reader !!! THanks !!! "
" A star! "
" Fantastic Reader! "
" Thank you thank you. Great with being patient while I got down those frickin scientific lines "
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" Adam was so incredibly patient and fun to work with! Can't wait to read with him again! "
" MVP for a reason. Really cool guy and easy to work with. "
" Adam was so lovely to work with. Very patient (with my WiFi and sound issues!) and gave some great notes and suggestions for my self-tape. I will definitely book him again. Highly recommend! "
" Accidentally closed the tab before we finished, but wanted to say thanks, Adam! So help and quick on this tight tight turnaround, really appreciate it! "
" Superb as usual! Adam is a true pro! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Super helpful feedback and very kind! "
" <3 "
" Always a pleasure. Patient, makes solid adjustments, friendly, professional and fun! "
" Super helpful as always! (See my previous glowing reviews of Adam!) "
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" Awesome. Fantastic reader. And patient. "
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" Wonderful as always… Adam is my go to!! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Amazing energy, thanks again for your help! Will definitely look to work with you again! :) "
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" Thank you so much! Great and kind reader! "
" Great reader and super chill! "
" Excellent! great to work with! "
" Adam was awesome, he let me do my own thing and then gave some fun ideas to try out that really opened up the character! "
" Lovely guy and great reader! "
" Adam was excellent, super patient and very helpful! What's not to like?! RUN don't walk to him as your reader!!! "
" Great! "
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" Wonderful as always! "
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" My go from, a king among princes "
" Always great working with Adam, book him. "
" The perfect scene partner! "
" Loved working with Adam! "
" Thanks again! "
" Awesome. Great suggestions for 2nd take in Comedy scene. "
" Great Partner! "
" I've worked with Adam before, which is why I chose him today. He's super easy to work with, he's pleasant, and he came up with a very good note today that injected needed energy into the scene. He's great. "
" Adam is always my "go to" on here. Amazing guy and great reader! Thank you again sir. "
" Easy going, thoughtful reader ! Thanks for your help, Adam ◡̈ "
" Great reader! Thanks for the help "
" Awesome guy! Easy to read with! Would love to work with him again!!! "
" Adam was an amazing reader and very helpful! Will definitely read with Adam again! "
" Adam was such a great person to work with! Really easy-going and helpful with going over the material. "
" Adam is always great, such a pleasure to work with; he jumps straight in & really helps you cement those choices & play with the text. Thanks Adam. "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader, thank you Adam! "
" Really strong, reliable reader "
" Love Adam! Never any pressure and he always rolls with whatever you need to do. Thank you Adam! "
" Kindly and enjoyable soul to read with. "
" Great reader! Good energy, very supportive. "
" Great reader! Thanks for the help :) "
" Adam is my go to. Great reader and collaborator, insightful with script analysis and generous with his time! "
" Wonderful actor, reader and human! I definitely look forward to working with him again! :) "
" Adam was amazing! He gave great advice and help me solidify my character! Will come back again. "
" Absolutely wonderful reader! "
" Adam is awesome! Great reader and very kind. You'll wanna work with him "
" Great energy and great reader!! "
" Awesome "
" This is my SECOND time booking with Adam - last time I got a CALLBACK with his read. Love how natural and grounded he is and how he really gets into the scene with you. Definitely book him! Thanks so much! "
" I love reading with Adam! "
" Wonderful reader, very good actor, patient and kind. Will call upon again. Thanks, Adam! "
" This is no exaggeration. I was never more comfortable with a reader than Adam. He is very patient and down to Earth. He's a very natural reader. I felt like I was speaking to a real person. He is clearly extremely well trained and wants to help. If he thinks doing another take might bring you a better audition, he'll let you know. I hope he is available to rehearse my next audition or self tape! Thank you, Adam! "
" Adam was great and gave me insightful notes!! :) thankss "
" Great reader. Took his time with me. "
" Once again, really great reader! Highly recommend! "
" Adam brought his A game once again! Thank you Adam!!! "
" Adam was really fun and easy to work with! Will definitely work with him again! "
" Adam is a super present reader -- a good actor and good listener. He was perfect. Very patient too. Definitely 5 stars!!! "
" Adam was a great reader. Very natural and grounded. Would certainly recommend him and hope to read with him again! "
" Super chill. Great reader. Thanks again. "
" Always lovely working with Adam...again and again "
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" Great actor! Fun read, thank you! "
" Helpful and very patient with this first timer! "
" Super helpful! Jumped right into the scene, thank you :) "
" Adam !!!! Always such a pleasure reading with this pro. Thank you sir! "
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" Gave helpful feedback -- improved my scene "
" Great reader! Awesome direction and very patient! "
" Great reader! "
" Really great reader, super patient! Recommend for sure! "
" Amazing reader. Kept a straight face in a very silly scene. "
" My go to! I see him here, I request a Self Tape read. Simple. "
" Great. Quick and easy. Good notes. "
" Skilled reader; personable person! Many thanks, Adam! "
" Friendly and professional! "
" Adam is a rock star! Always delivers. Thank you sir "
" So great getting to work with Adam again! Thank you! "
" As always, the best! Thank Adam :-) "
" Adam was so kind, patient, and chill and gave great feedback and direction as a reader. I really enjoyed working with him and would recommend him! "
" Adam is simply the best! Again and Again! "
" Solid reader. would work with him again "
" What a wonderful and helpful reader with a calming demeanor! It was like reading with a close friend. I will be back! Thank you, Adam! "
" What a beautiful and kind soul.. great reader too! "
" Awesome! Such an easy session. Thanks Adam :) "
" Adam was such a great reader! Easy to work with. "
" Adam was great to work with. Awesome feedback on the character. "
" Great again! "
" Great help...Great read! Thanks Adam! "
" He's my favorite reader on WeAudition! Love Adam so much! Thank you Adam as always! "
" Adam ROCKS!!! So glad to have had him as my reader on this - he got the comedic timing and nuances right away. Thanks so much! "
" Awesome "
" AMAZING reader! Helped bring the scene to life! "
" Adam is a fantastic reader guys! Book him!!! "
" Adam was very patient and a great reader!! "
" Adam was an amazing reader who picked up the intention of the scene immediately. He gave me notes that didn't change the work I had already done but supplemented it and enhanced my true personality. Thanks Adam! "
" Great reader and super nice to work with! "
" Adam is an amazing reader and analysis the script really well with great character choices. Thank you. "
" So kind and patient! "
" Adam is so kind and patient! Thank you for your help!! "
" Great job! "
" Adam is my favorite reader on here. Always such a great read with him! Thank you again and again sir! "
" So good! Such a lush reader! "
" Lovely, laid back, very helpful "
" A chill soul and generous reader. Thanks, Adam! "
" Great reader!! "
" <3 "
" Easy going and made it super simple. Thanks! "
" He's such a great scene partner. 11/10 recommend "
" Adam is absolutely amazing!!! Book with him! "
" Adam is the perfect combo of relaxed vibes and professional energy. It was my first time back on WeAudition in a bit and he had great suggestions about how to use the platform, too! "
" Great team sport "
" Super dope! Great personality! So grateful to have worked with him!!! "
" Fantastic!!! "
" Adam is the GOAT. He gave me small, but absolutely game changing input. 100% recommend! "
" A blast working with Adam. Was a very natural reader and a pleasure meeting. Highly suggest Adam if you are needing a reader or someone to work through a scene with! "
" Adam is a superstar!!! Nothing else I can say! "
" Thanks so much!! Super helpful!! Recommend! "
" Such a nice, warmth in reading with Adam. Will be reaching out to work with again. "
" The BEST!! Plain and simple. Thank you for being my go to guy on this site!! ❤️ "
" As always, Adam was delightful... professional, helpful in script analysis, easy to work with.. the list goes on. He's one of my go-to's! "
" LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GUY!!!❤️ Worked through the kinks of my 8pager with me and so good at what he does!!! "
" Adam is my new best friend, plain and simple. Not only is he faultlessly talented, but he also is willing, able and dedicated to the craft and making sure that you get a scene that is PERFECT for what you're looking for! He is the MAN, thank you sir - you've elevated me to new heights! "
" Adam's so amazing!!! Is present and supportive "
" Brilliant dude with great reads and instincts. "
" Great reader. Honest feedback and encourages you to try different options. Will definitely use again :) "
" Adam was terrific! Patient and fun to play with! He gave me some solid advice and I'll be happy to read with him again anytime! "
" Adam is always amazing! Great energy, super on-point, amazing reader! Thank you! "
" So good! Confident encouraging GREAT reader "
" Adam's great! Super nice & easygoing reader. I'll definitely be reaching out again sometime! "
" Great southern accent tips! "
" Second time using Adam. Really great, natural reader. Knows what he's doing. "
" Adam is always my man! Such a great reader. Always a PRO!!! Thank you sir! "
" Didn't feel rushed and gave suggestions for the scene. Thanks! "
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" I really liked him. He’s a great reader with really good energy! "
" Great guy and big help. "
" Great reader. "
" He keeps me BOOKED! "
" Adam is an excelIent reader! Invaluable feedback and practice ... we just spent over an hour preparing for an audition and I am so ready!! "
" Thank you so much!! very patient and gave me good notes! "
" Adam's experienced, professional, gives super helpful notes... GREAT reader!! "
" Great. Helped me out with a last minute thing (all my things are last minute things)! Good reader! Try Adam out! "
" The BEST!!!!! "
" Such a down to earth guy and fantastic partner to have read for me! We built a little rapport, got some scene work knocked out, and I got some great takes to possibly use for my audition. Thanks so much Adam! "
" Adam was supportive and a perfect reader! Highly recommend :) "
" Adam, you are a delight - thank you for being such a supportive and patient reader! "
" Wonderful reader! "
" So super helpful and very friendly! Highly recommend "
" Awesome to work with, super fun and patient, great reader! "
" Absolutely great to work with. His energy was so relaxing to work along my nerves to nail it. Looking forward to working with Adam again. "
" What a great teammate! Really fun! "
" Super helpful! "
" Adam was great to work with. "
" Adam was awesome. He helped me just when I needed it most. Thank you for your patience and flexibility! It really helps when you have to film a scene in less than 24 hours. "
" Adam was great! He really gave me something to feed off in the scene! 11/10 recommend. "
" So awesome to work with. Great suggestion for character. Everything looking for in a reader. "
" So so so so great! thanks Adam "
" Very good reader to work with. He followed my lead and offered me exactly what I more, no less. "
" Super great reader. Please read with him if he is on! Thanks Adam! "
" Great Reader! "
" This is my first time on weaudition. Adam was great! "
" Great reader! Had a blast! "
" He's amazing with his notes and his opinion... helped me get dropped in and flow my scene really well. "
" At this point, I don't read with anyone else! "
" Gave great feedback! "
" Super nice and helpful! Thank you Adam! "
" Great reader!! Gave me awesome direction and support! "
" Stellar! "
" Positve, Chill, and had tons of ideas to liven up the scene! "
" Gives great feedback! "
" Lovely as always! "
" Adam is a great reader. "
" Adam, sorry we got disconnected! But everybody out there on weaudition, he's great and super receptive and chill! Highly recommend. "
" Adams Rocks!!!! Been a favorite of mine for many months now. Book Him!!! "
" Adam was an amazing reader. Helped me get off book so quickly. "
" Patient, helpful, and kind! Fantastic reader! "
" Incredibly attentive reader and so patient! Thank you! "
" Relaxed and confident reader. "
" Great reader - great suggestions, super friendly! Not my first time with him and it won't be the last! "
" Excellent reader. Very easy going nice guy. Great actor as well and a wonderful voice. "
" Adam rocks! With only one practice run, we were able to record a great VO audition. "
" Absolutely lovely to work through a DIFFICULT comedy scene. Thanks friend. "
" Wowza, I adore reading with Adam, a barrel of laughs and fun, insanely talented, and mate, I really gets to know his actors and adapts to their style. Lush! "
" I needed help with my Spanish and Adam's girlfriend hopped on and was the perfect dialect coach for me today. Gracias a todos! "
" Great energy. "
" Adam was so patient and kind. He helped me get grounded and ready to do the work when I was otherwise a bit scattered! Such a helpful session! "
" Thank you so much for your patience my friend. Always so great to read with you. "
" Adam's awsome!! Thank you so much for your patience and help :-) "
" Adam was so kind! He is great reader, and I am excited to work with him again in the future. "
" Adam was super helpful with my audition. He picked up the scene quickly and was a great reader. 100% recommend! "
" Most excellent reader, with a chill vibe. 5/5 would recommend. "
" Very easy going and helped make my selftape painless! "
" Adam is an awesome reader! Very patient and gives you just the type of read you need. "
" Thank you! Amazing reader!!!! "
" Adam was a great reader. Really good instincts "
" Thank you so much Adam for your guidance, time, and advice! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you get him for a reader!! :D "
" Adam was so great to work with. Super chill and relaxed, and really got the character "
" Adam was terrific, unhurried, supportive, honest, and friendly. I'd gladly read with him again. "
" Great Cold Reader!! Caught on to the scene quickly! Will book again! "
" Adam is AMAZING!!! Super centered, grounded, gave an amazing honest read. Thank you so much! "
" Great Advice. Very patient and team player. "
" Super helpful for a quick last minute read! "
" Adam was great!! "
" Adam was super helpful & friendly. Loved working with him. Thanks! "
" Adam was so fun to play off of and a great reader!! "
" Wonderful! "
" Amazing! "
" Great reader! "
" LOVE this man!!! SO great to read with!! Thank you again and on such sort notice Adam ❤️🙏❤️ "
" It is always a pleasure to work with Adam! He is a natural coach and an amazing reader! I HIGHLY recommend reading with him! "
" Adam is such a lovely patient reader. He is very good and has a firm eye on the script. He also really helped by doing accents! "
" Great reader! I highly recommend . Fun with great ideas to play with. "
" Adam is such a wonderful reader and has great insight as well. So looking forward to reading with him again! "
" Thank you Adam for jumping right in with me and helping me get my two scenes down! "
" Jumped in super last minute & was a champ!! Kind and fun to play with! "
" Such a pro! Fantastic reader! Thank you again and again:) "
" Awesome!!! "
" Adam is always great! Thank you sir! "
" Adam is great to work with. He helped me with a Southern accent and read sides with me. Wonderful reader and fun! "
" Adam is so great, easy going, and fun to read with. He is my favorite already, after our first read together. Highly recommend him! "
" As always, Adam is a pleasure to read with. Highly recommend. "
" Always a pleasure reading with Adam! highly recommend! "
" Thanks for your patience with my st-st-stammering !! "
" Available instantly, good reader. Helped me get into it before taping "
" Adam is so cool and chill. He creates a relaxed environment. Gave a lot of helpful tip for a 5 or less. Thank you! "
" Its such a pleasure to read with Adam. He is super talented in acting and coaching, and I just love the energy he brings each time. He is always so patient with me and has really great notes to offer. I truly enjoy working with him. Highly recommend and thank you, Adam!! :D "
" So easy and calming to work with 5 stars all the way! "
" Great reader! "
" Adam is a great actor, brings 110% energy to your scene and gives top notch feedback and notes "
" Adam is great!! "
" Adam is my favorite reader! Super helpful with ideas. Thank you. "
" He is the best! "
" Great ideas! Thank you "
" Adam is always lovely x Super easy to work with "
" Adam is a great reader. Always a pleasure reading with this fine actor. Thank you again! "
" Helpful coaching! "
" Thank you! "
" Excellent reader! Thanks for your help Adam, I will book you again next time. "
" Great reader! He took any notes on how I'd like to tape into consideration and offered me notes (if I wanted them) as well! "
" Great guy and very solid reader. Made it all easy, breezy! "
" Another great read with Adam! Thank you! "
" Adam was awesome. Great reader and a very comfortable environment to perform in. Will definitely use again. Thank you!! "
" Super helpful. "
" Hes gonna be a star. i said it here. "
" Super laid back and patient reader. Very helpful with his notes and made me feel comfortable. "
" Adam is great I recommend him to anyone who needs a reader! "
" Excellent reader. Great help. Top notch advice. Will definitely work with him again. Thanks man. "
" Adam Rocks as always!!! Thank you sir:) "
" Great great great will use again ,, great listener and reader "
" THE BEST!!!! "
" Easy-going, fun reader! :) "
" I love working with Adam! So personable! Side note: kind of a genius "
" Great reader, highly recommend! "
" Most patient and helpful scene partner. "
" Just had a quick and dirty tape test to do, but he was perfect, even on a cold read for him :) "
" Really great to read with and break down the story of my scenes with . Thank you, Adam!! :) "
" Engaging and helped play with me to find the tempo of an...odd...scene "
" My second time reading with Adan! Very helpful with character work and always a good listener. "
" Solid, centered reader who gave great feedback and suggestions to elevate the read. "
" I can't get this site to work. OMG. So sad "
" Great reader! "
" Adam!!! What can I say...Always great:) Thank you sir "
" Amazing reader! Very patient with me and made me feel comfortable! I will be back Adam! Thank you "
" He is great. Definitely recommend. Thank you for helping me "
" Always such a pleasure to work with Adam. Great actor!! "
" Rocked it! Thanks! "
" Incredible. Amazing. Patient. Helpful. Great notes. "
" This guy is great. I'll definitely be reading with him again. "
" Jumped right in to play with some quick-paced sides! thanks, you "
" Great GREAT Guy!!! Love his energy and Feedback as a Reader! Thank you Adam, see you again soon! "
" AWESOME!! Such a great reader and really helpful with breaking down your scene. "
" Awesome coaching and very easy to work with!! "
" So kind, patient, efficient and fun. I will definitely use Adam as a reader again. Thank you Adam! xxx "
" Really easy and welcoming to work with! Had a lot of terrific tactics and excellent ideas to try out for the scene!! "
" Excellent reader, thank you Adam! "
" Friendly, professional and great to work with! "
" Adam's awesome! Patient and understood the tone and style of the scene "
" Adam was very patient, gave great notes, took the notes I have him and was a pleasure to work with, thank you! "
" One of the best readers I've had. Very patient and encouraging. "
" Amazingggg!!!! "
" Patient. Kind. Fun AS ALWAYS! "
" Super easy going, and welcoming. I will def connect again x "
" Love working with Adam, such a great energy, notes & reading. Really helps you to cement in choices & breakthrough that ceiling. "
" Great as always! "
" Adam is a great self-tape reader! He knows how to read with great timing, the perfect amount of emotion, not pull focus and has great eye for what's needed. "
" Always so helpful. Thank you again sir "
" Always a joy! "
" My favorite :))))))))) "
" Fave!!!! "
" Very polite. Great reader! "
" Fave!!!!!!! "
" Wow! Adam was AMAZING!!!! Crunched for time, he jumped right in, gave the best feedback, knew exactly how to assist to enhance the scene, and truly wanted me get the best take... all in record time! And did I mention he has a GREAT personality? :D Extremely friendly and skilled actor! I highly recommend him! :D "
" Adam is a fantastic reader! Very patient and encouraging "
" So WONDERFUL! Great reader, nice, patient, helpful. This was my second time working with him and I hope to more. Trustworthy! "
" Adam was incredible! It was my first time using WeAudition and I was really nervous to try it but immediately he was very welcoming and patient with me. He also picked up the material very quickly and we had some really great run throughs before actually self-taping. During the self-tape he offered really helpful advice and feedback and strove for perfection! I am so happy with it and will definitely be looking forward to working with him again! Highly recommend! "
" Adam‘s the best!! "
" Adam is always a pleasure to work with! An engaging reader with great feedback. Thanks again! "
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" Adam is great. Great accent and great advice, so helpful and patient. A real joy to work with. Till next time. "
" Adam jumped right in and was great! "
" AMAZING. Had so much fun with Adam. Reading with him gave me all the 'aha' moments I needed that were missing and not making sense to me before (trying to figure out my scene's comedy). A lovely person, generous with his time, and can't wait to work with him again!! "
" Great reader! "
" Very patient when I had technical issues. "
" A great reader! Very patient when I had technical difficulties and helpful during the session. "
" Always great to rehearse with Adam. Such a positive guy! Thank you sir "
" Thanks Adam! Very helpful with my audition. Much appreciated "
" He's sweet, kind and so helpful! Great conversation!! "
" Great reader super friendly "
" Adam is always a pleasure to work with. "
" Very solid choice "
" Adam is brilliant. So professional, friendly and focused. I had a gritty post-apocalyptic scene I needed to self tape, and the scene had to be improvised... I described the setting and scenario to Adam and he matched my energy perfectly and made the scene so dynamic and full of life. Thanks Adam - will definitely read with you again! "
" Love this guy! Such a great reader:) Thank you sir "
" Thanks Adam!! Adam helped me a lot with my Southern accent. He is awesome, super nice and easy to talk to!! "
" The best!!! really helped me got into character "
" Super Duper friendly, made me feel very comfortable and really supported me. Great guy "
" My go-to! "
" Great reader, super grounded "
" Adam is amazing. Works with me for extra time, provides feedback (only when asked) always patient and a great actor! "
" Adam was the coolest breaking down my pronounciation and explain how to change it order to sound American. So much fun and really helpful! "
" Adam is great to work with! He's so friendly, accommodating, and willing to jump in and help with whatever you need. He's got a great background of training from New York which gives him fantastic insight and perspective. Will definitely book again in the future! "
" Lovely experience, thank you! "
" Adam was great as always! Very encouraging and offers solid notes to apply. "
" Amazing reader. so helpful. I really recommend him "
" Adam is a great reader! Always a pleasure reading with this working actor. Book Him!!!! "
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" Wonderful Job! "
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" Super chill and friendly. But most importantly, he didn't miss a beat as my reader!! Book him! "
" Fantastic!!! Easy to read with; super helpful. Thanks Adam! "
" Always great rehearsing and bouncing ideas with this guy. Book Adam, people :-) "
" Really great experience! Great ideas and terrific reading. Thanks Adam! "
" Freaking amazing!!!!!! "
" Adam is great! Chill, helpful, and friendly. Thank you! "
" One of the best readers I've had. Very great at choosing a take that is best. "
" Adam is great! I've read with him several times, he is always very helpful. "
" Adam was great, helpful, and a good chat. "
" Adam is a fun and grounded reader. So easy to work with. "
" Adam was a great reader. I am new at we audition and he was patient. we had fun. "
" Awesome reader!! Thank you so much! "
" Really helpful I managed to get really good takes and he helped me find variation in the role. "
" Adam is fantastic! Easy to read with, good advice, patient for as many takes as needed! "
" Solid professional guy "
" Great, helpful, friendly reader. Highly recommend. "
" Adam was great! Very patient and present as a scene partner, I'd love to work with him again! "
" Adam is sweet and very helpful. Enjoyed working with him. "
" Great energy and super detailed. Really appreciate Adam's generosity on helping me with my first WeAudition reading. "
" Adam's great. Wonderful energy as a human & a reader. Looking forward to working with him again. "
" Very real, and grounded! Great energy, and patient! "
" Great Reader "
" Super giving actor. Made my job A LOT easier. Thanks Adam! "
" Really good "
" Super helpful and offered great feedback! Great reader! Thanks Adam! "
" Adam is great! Super friendly and helpful. "
" Had tech issues and he was super cool. We had fun and got work done! Thanks for the notes and the read "
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" Adam is great! Easy going and honesty. Thank you Adam. "
" Great to read with, and has valuable information about the New Orleans market! "
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" Great to work with! "
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" Super helpful! Does whatever you need! He is there for you! "
" Fantastic!! Thank you Brother!! "
" Super quick and easy to work with "
" Adam's great. So helpful, supportive patient & great to talk to. Can't wait to work with him again. "
" Adam Rocks! What a great reader and fun to work with too. Thank you Again! "
" I needed some precise pauses and Adam nailed it. Thank you, Adam! "
" Thanks for the help Adam :) "
" Great job! "
" Adam was a delight to work with! He jumped right into some pretty energetic takes with me, and gave some very solid adjustments and ideas that were super fun. Thanks Adam! "
" WOW !!! Best cold reader/actor on here!!! Thank you Adam "
" Adam is so nice and very helpful. Fun to play with. "
" Lovely reader! got in, got a quick script analysis going, and sent me on my way! "

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