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Hey Actor Community!!! I’m here to help! I’m a working Actor figuring it out as I go! Over the last few years I’ve studied Improv at UCB and Groundlings and have trained at the Ivana Chubbuck and Robert D’Avanzo studios.

Here are some area’s i’m happy to help with:

READER & REHEARSING - I’m pretty fun and may know more than your friends, bf/gf, pets or parents (unless they are actors also!)
-Reader for self-tapes
-Run lines, rehearse scenes, make authentic choices

SELF-TAPE SET-UP & EDITING - Ugh the technical stuff!
-Through A LOT of trial and error i’ve figured out what equipment works for me and i’m happy to guide you through what could work with you given your set up. (placement, background, sound, lighting, software etc)

COACHING & VENT SESSIONS :) - We ALL need a shoulder to lean on and someone to listen!
-This creative life we’ve chosen can be A LOT of really overwhelming ups, downs and sideways. I’m happy to share my experiences and talk through your challenges to figure out a path forward. I’m a pretty organized and resourceful person! With a 20+ career in Tech - HR and Sales Operations, I know how to deal with people, navigate problems to figure out solutions and make it fun along the way. Happy to talk through anything from getting set up as an actor (profiles, agents & managers, audition tracking, marketing etc) to how to keep yourself sane during the highs and lows. I'm happy to share my experience and help you navigate through your journey.

If you don’t see me online but would like to work together please reach out at

Born and raised in NJ, I moved out to LA to pursue acting after college. Not fully understanding the value of networking, acting classes or a strong community I ended up giving up because hey.. I was 20 something, living on a friend's sofa and could barely afford life! I ended up in a successful Tech career for the last 20+ years but along the way I always felt like something was missing. A big of a nomad, I moved around for work quite a bit (LA →Omaha →San Jose→LA). Along the way I was introduced to an amazing Actor community in Northern California who helped fill the gap which was missing in my life. I immersed myself in classes, workshops, landed an Agent and started booking work. I ended up back in LA after some big life changes and have now fully committed to the Actor life! I’ve left the corporate day job and I'm 100% in! This experience is so much more fulfilling later in life! I understand the value of community, learning, evolution and partnership! Let's make some magic!

Lynn Carter is known for Halfway There (2018) and Cull (2016).

Katie Moffitt Johnson Talent Agency +1 310 270 8453

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" Awesome Reader! "
" Lynn is amazing!!!!! "
" I love reading with Lynn! She's a fantastic reader and easily picks up on scenes! Super easy to work with! I love how encouraging she is! "
" Lynn was great! Helped me get what I needed quickly and offered suggestions for a variety of takes :) "
" Great reader invested and interested in the material "
" Great reader! "
" She's really good! "
" Lynn, thank you so much! I LOVED all your input and your feedback, and I was so grateful for all the energy you put into your lines . . . you are a great reader, and a great coach, and I can’t thank you enough. It was wonderful meeting you, and I hope to work together again soon! "
" Wonderful, supportive reader! "
" SHE WAS SUCH AN AWESOME READER and she gave really good points on how i can improve my tape "
" Lynn is just fantastic to work with. Highly recommended :) "
" Had to exit early due to phone dying "
" Such a help! "
" Awesome Reader! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Loved her energy, thanks! "
" Great as always "
" Gave me a great digestible note on each scene that really improved my audition! Will be back, thanks Lynn! "
" Great as always! "
" Great feedback - one small valuable note that really helped the audition. Thanks Lynn! "
" Ace "
" Very cool and easy going! "
" Awesome awesome!! "
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" Lynn spent a considerable amount of time to make sure I am happy with my audition tape. I can't wait to work with her again! "
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" Super, super helpful and willing to meet me where I was at in the process... "
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" Such a treat!! We able to dive right into the work. Will book again ☺️ "
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" Great reader! Thanks Lynn!! "
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" Literally my favorite reader on here "
" Amazing amazing amazing amazing reader and person "
" Great help! "
" Awesome! Grounded, funny, relatable. Fantastic reader. "
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" The Wind Beneath My Wings, I could fly higher now. Lynn was super duper, patient and talented. "
" Lynn was so wonderful! Great, great notes and understanding of the scene. Great reader and really generous with her time. Thank you, Lynn! "
" Lynn was so much fun to work with and helped me get to where i needed in my audition "
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" Lynn is a wonderful reader. Very easy going and had some great notes. Thank you! "
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" Gave great advice and couldn’t have been more supportive! "
" Lynn was so helpful, great feedback and cool energy. Thanks Lynn "
" Lynn is always awesome to read with and helps you discuss your character and the scene which is so helpful when you feel stuck! "
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" Some tech issues but she was amazing!! "
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" Oh my gosh, Lynn was amazing!! So cool and chill, and she immediately put me at ease, which is invaluable for an audition situation. On top of that, she is a FANTASTIC scene partner! "
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" Loved Loved, Loved working with Lynn. She went through battle with me on this self tape and I'm glad we honestly put together something I'm proud of. So much fun!! Highly recommend. "
" Great reader! Picked up the tone immediately "
" SO patient with me.. . great! "
" Wonderful reader. "
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" Excellent pace, great reader. "
" Great reader and scene partner. Thanks for your help! "
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" She was lovely! "
" Lynn is a super pro. Book her. A+ "
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" What a lovely tempo! Great to work with! THANK YOU! "
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" So natural and easy to read with and full of energy! "
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" Awesome reader and great energy! "
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" She was great "
" Super friendly and supportive! "
" Thanks for a great session Lynn! "
" Solid "
" Excellent! Jumped in with Spanish even. So kind! "
" Awesome reader, gave some wonderful tips!!! "

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