John Wu

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New York based actor here! I can be a reader, a "coach", or both, it's all up to you!

I value timing and technical direction so if you tell me something like, "no pauses until so-and-so moment", I can totally do that. Some things I pick up on pretty quickly are technical jargon (medical/military/legal etc.) in episodic procedurals and comedic sensibility (particularly dry humor) in stuff like sketches.

Short reviews after the session are totally cool with me. I know you want to go submit your tape ASAP so I understand!

Some of my recent personal bookings include speaking roles on The Walking Dead: Dead City (AMC), Power Book III: Raising Kanan (Starz) & Law & Order: Organized Crime (NBC)

Venmo: @johnwu331
Last 4: 5479

Recently filmed co-starring roles in Law & Order: Organized Crime, Bull, FBI: Most Wanted, and Evil (Paramount+). I also play small recurring characters in Power Book III: Raising Kanan and the HBO Max miniseries DMZ.

Jennifer Lonardo (Manager)
Kreativ Artists

Amy Lord (Agent)
Eris Talent Agency

59 Reader Reviews

" So patient and a great actor! "
" Super patient and great read!!! "
" John was great! He was very patient and gave me helpful advice and tip for my audition. "
" A+ reader!!! :) So patient "
" Great, patient and attentive. Thanks! "
" So great! "
" Great reader. dives right in. offers suggestions as needed. super patient and nice guy, too! "
" Great reader!!! Very helpful. Gave me a nice adjustment that really worked. Great voice and easy to read with. Highly recommend! "
" Thanks so much John for being so flexible with me as a reader and helping me rehearse for my callback! I feel extra prepared thanks to you! "
" Terrific reader! Just what I needed. Run these short little scenes over and over with different deliveries and takes. Nice! "
" Thank you for your patience John! "
" Great reader "
" Gave so much as a reader. A true pleasure to work with "
" John was very helpful with direction and accommodating with time. I would highly recommend him. "
" John was fantastic! He gave great notes and helped me with pacing. Will definitely call him again! "
" John has great energy and helped me keep the momentum going. So important! Thank you! "
" John is great. Super helpful and fun to play off of. "
" Wonderful reader and so thorough! "
" John was wonderful! He gave great feedback when I asked for it! Thank you John!! "
" John was so great! Gave great feedback. Great reader! "
" Excellent reader "
" A great reader! knows how to drop a note in quick and keep momentum going. thanks John! "
" Awesome reader. Great to play off of and understood the scene right away. "
" Excellent patient reader! "
" Thank you so much! Your feedback was so helpful. "
" John was great. Awesome reader, thoughtful and a good collaborator. Definitely would read with him again. "
" Great read! "
" Super helpful! "
" Super gracious "
" John is the best out there! Adds so many layers, incredibly patient and there for you as a reader "
" John had great insights into the scene we did! "
" Super helpful and a pro. Thanks! "
" JOhn was an amazing reader! hes got that NYC grit nailed "
" Marvelous! Highly recommend - great reader, kind, present and helpful! "
" Always helpful, patient, and with excellent notes. Great reader! "
" Thanks John, he took the time to help me find clarity! x "
" Really liked working with John. He gives notes only if you want it. And his notes were very concise. A+ "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Super helpful and gave great notes and feedback! "
" Takes a lot a time to find specifics! "
" Went with my flow love him! "
" This guy is amazing I had a great first experience. John made me feel super comfortable and confident in reading the script, he has experience and great at communicating. John is awesome. "
" Great reader! Great notes! "
" John was lovely, thanks for giving me the room I asked for to create x "
" Did a cold read for me and he was spectacular! "
" SO insightful and helpful! Calm demeanor, and gave constructive feedback, and suggestions. "
" SO patient! Awesome notes that are genre specific, fantastic reader! Thanks so much! "
" Offered such helpful insight! "
" Great reader! 10/10 will work with him again! He has fantastic voice control and gave me the perfect "bad guy" intense voice I needed for this tape! Thank you John! "
" John is such a great reader! He gave me excellent feedback and I could see the difference in my tape after his notes. Thank you:) "
" John is fantastic!!!! "
" Top reader :-) "
" Wonderful. "
" Very thoughtful! great reader "
" GREAT session, wonderful scene insight, and a great scene partner. "
" He is really talented. He was a great reader, I enjoyed working with him "
" Super nice guy. Great reader! "
" Great experience with John! Quick, efficient and helpful. "
" John was awesome! Full of great energy and he gave me exactly what I needed for the scene. I'll definitely work with him again! "

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