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I'm currently enrolled in scene studies at various studios in Los Angeles and auditioning mostly via self-tapes on Backstage and ActorsAccess.

I use WeAudition readers for some of my self-tapes. That's the obvious reason I'm on here, but really: I just want to read with another actor during my free time. Tips are appreciated (duh), but please don't if you're in a tough situation. You can also DM me on Instagram to book in advance or if I'm not showing up on the list... or if I'm not answering the call for whatever reason :D

Let's play!


IG (at) westfable.losangeles or just click below
Venmo (at) westfable

West has done three student films. When not filming or auditioning (as in mostly self-taping or live on Zoom or EcoCast), she is either in class or reading with friends, classmates and other interested acquaintances over digital platforms. She is currently residing in Los Angeles.

I am seeking representation, but habitually more active in auditioning and approaching filmmakers regarding their film projects and role development. Open to collaboration - DM me on IG!

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" Omg so amazing. Her suggestion fixed the problem I was having with my self-tape! "
" Ty:) "
" Such a good young actress! I look forward to reading with West AGAIN! "
" So wonderful to read with!! "
" Thanks West!! "
" West was so great and so present and so fun to play with! "
" Just had a wonderful read with West and I'd be happy to do it again "
" She's so helpful! More than an actor - she's also like a coach with thoughtful feedback as you go. "
" Excellent reader!!! "
" West is a JOY to read with - highly recommend! Thank you always West! "
" Great feedback, easy to work with! "
" Omg! thanks west!! "
" Loved our rehearsal! gave super helpful notes and direction. "
" West is truly truly wonderful - a gem! Thank you! "
" West is such a pleasure to work with every time. Always present and just a joy. One of my favourites! "
" "Respect your creativity" yes ma'am!!!!! Awesome as always. Thank you, West :) "
" Great reader! "
" West is so lovely! Always down for whatever you need for your scene and so generous with her time! "
" So nice and a great reader! "
" Always a solid reader. "
" Amazing!!! Fantastic Reader! "
" West had some great ideas to help make different takes stand out. "
" Always so amazing and helpful "
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" Very helpful! "
" So nice. Fun reader. "
" Can't say im thankful enough!! Great reader "
" Great reader!!! "
" Thanks West! "
" I love working with West. Our last self tape booked me a recurring role on an upcoming TV show. She's a great scene partner and creative collaborator. Highly recommend. "
" Truly a wonderful reader! Highly recommend! "
" West is great as always! I love recording my self tapes with her! "
" Great working with you as always. "
" My first time working with West. She's awesome. So smart, so quick on her feet. Thank you! "
" Such a talented and helpful sweetheart! "
" Fantastic reader! Great direction when I asked for notes and helped me get a variety of good takes "
" Amazing as always "
" West was amazing! I felt so supported!! Thank you! "
" Great reader and very friendly! "
" West was AMAZING!! I don't think I've ever had an easier self-tape session! THANK YOU!!! "
" Awesome reader and actor! Picked up the character's and their POV's so quickly so that was very helpful! "
" I will leave a review saying shes the best everytime because shes the absolute best!! "
" West is a GREAT Scene partner! "
" West is the BEST! Use her if you need a teenage reader especially. She nails it. "
" West is so wonderful, I really highly recommend reading with her! "
" Assisted me as I was a first time user. Super friendly and happy to help. Also gave some great advise for user setup. Thank you "
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" Always amazing "
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" Super helpful and friendly as always. Thanks, West. "
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" Super supportive and generous "
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" West is amazing!!!! So professional and comforting!!! "
" She was an excellent reader. She did a great job finding ways to enhance the scene and the given circumstances. "
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" Amazing- as always :) "
" West is such a joy to work with, cannot recommend her enough! "
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" Amazing reader and super supportive..did plenty of takes with even some suggestions...West was awesome!!! "
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" She is such a sweetie and comes in clutch! "
" Very helpful. Her improvising really helped bring my character to life. "
" Lovely person! very helpful "
" West is excellent! "
" West was a great reader to work with. She is open, warm, and helpful. "
" Lovely and fantastic partner "
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" West is the Best even though that rhymes! Just enough feedback to get me where I needed to be. Book her now!! "
" Fable was awesome! "
" Thank you, West! Awesome Reader! "
" I always love west. The connection didn't love us today though :( "
" Seriously the coolest person and so present and quick, great pacing, great ideas on takes even. love her!! "
" Literally the best! I always make sure to book her anytime I see she is on. Goes straight to work and we just always have a lot of fun trying different ways to approach a scene! Always a pleasure! Thanks ! "
" West was great. Really sweet and asked if she could adjust anything the second time, which she did! "
" West is one of my go to readers! She's a great listener and her feedback is great. West is the best. "
" Friendly, supportive and great with adlibbing "
" West was so great! Thank you again! "
" Amazing as always. So talented "
" Such a sweet and genuine soul! Adore her and her reader skills! "
" Sooooooo Great! "
" My good luck charm! Thank you for always bringing such amazing energy to the read. "
" She was awesome! She had so many good notes and tips to add more specificity to my scene. Thank you! "
" LOVE HER! Always consistent and dependable. Such an incredible generous artist. "
" Absolutely amazing!!! Really helped my tape shine! "
" So kind! So amazing! "
" So sweet, smart, and gave such amazing variety in her reads. Really listens and you can tell really loves the work. Read with her!! "
" She was GREAT! Really helped color the scene....Thanks West! "
" Very friendly. Loves to act. "
" Very patient and helpful. "
" West is so lovely to work with. She really allows you to feel comfortable in the scene and take your time. "
" Thank you "
" Amazing reader! Thanks again West. "
" West is amazing!! Literally! One of the best readers I have worked with. So Incredible. Book Her! "
" SUPER Helpful. Amazing reader! Gives so much variety and really works with you! "
" West was great. "
" I loved working with West. "
" Awesome as always. SO so helpful "
" West is my fav reader on here! So patient, helpful, and great supportive energy! "
" Absolutely the sweetest! And super encouraging. "
" Recorded a monologue. Needed a fantastic listener who has an eye for detail and is honest with feedback. West has great ears and eyes! Thanks, West! "
" West was a great reader and gave wonderful notes and tips! "
" Awesomely supportive :) "
" Great, as always! "
" Very patient and great reader! "
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" Amazing, professional - will help you get the take you need! "
" Super super helpful! Great energy! "
" Thank you "
" Extraordinary Reader, Please book her now! "
" West is da bomb! She is hilarious and does an excellent job of jumping in and making it work. She is experienced with the site and knows her way around a script. She is also patient and kind which goes a long way in my book. Thanks West! "
" You were Great!!!!! West Thank u very much for your help!!! :) "
" Well. excellent. period "
" Amazing as always "
" West is the best! Literally, so sweet and always ready to work! "
" West is the best. She has no idea how good she is! Thanks for kick-ass session! "
" Great and patient! Helped me feel really comfortable and confident with our session. Thank you! "
" West was amazing!! She was so accommodating and really made sure I got the best takes I could. So pleased with her!!! Thank you ๐Ÿค— "
" I loved loved loved working with West. She is such an amazing reader. "
" She was great!! Wonderful reader "
" West was an enthusiastic, patient, and attentive reader! Would highly recommend and would definitely work with again! "
" She is a very good actor & passionate about her craft "
" So wonderful! Thank you!! "
" Thanks for being a great reader! "
" She is the best reader here for sure "
" Very sweet and patient. Love her late night schedule. Thanks, West! "
" So kind! patient and awesome "
" Genuine and talented and kind, a lucky find!!!! THANK YOU "
" Easy, sweet, and did exactly what I needed. Thank you! "
" So much fun! "
" Thank you "
" Another amazing session SHE IS THE BEST "
" Great reader!!! "
" Relaxed, supportive, patient, great experience! Thank you, West! "
" West is so game to go there with you! Such a great quality in a reader - enthusiastic and generous. Loved getting to work these scenes with West. "
" Seriously West is one of my faves here - highly recommend! "
" Great reader! Super sweet and helped me take my time. Thanks again! "
" Amazing as always. She is so talented, she understands every script so well. I really appreciate your thoughts "
" Another great session! "
" Amazing! :) "
" Very kind and helpful! "
" Oh my gosh! Such a sweet girl! I thoroughly enjoyed working with West! "
" Great session! Thank you so much for your help! "
" The best! Thank you! "
" Great "
" Was there when I needed her for a late night taping! Great to work with! "
" West was so great! Beautiful energy. Thanks again! "
" A genuinely lovely person "
" West is a really nice person and she was able to answer all my questions. "
" Great "
" Very sweet and always helpful in helping me drill lines! Thanks, West. "
" Really inciteful. "
" West is SUPERB as always! She's so considerate and is an excellent reader! Book her TODAY! "
" West is an absolutely beautiful human being and a tremendously giving reader! She was in it with me from the very beginning when we were just running lines. She gave me so much to play off of and work with... She went above and beyond for me and I am beyond thankful! <3 "
" Great reader !! "
" West was a great reader, she gave me a bunch to work with and had such a positive energy! "
" Always really fun reading with her! Super nice and efficient "
" Really loved reading with West she is very kind and good to read with will definitely rehearse with her again... "
" West was really invested in my work and approached it like a true professional! Nothing but good vibes :) "
" OMG! West is funny and totally nails it when it comes to deadpan and sarcasm. She is a sure hit for 1/2 comedy material. "
" AMazing amazing amazing. The best person here "
" Incredible! "
" Always a pleasure! I go to West for all my fun scenes ! "
" I finally got to work with West! She is spectacular and exceeded every expectation. Fantastic actor and even better person. West was engaged and present the whole time. I'd be thrilled and honored to work with her again. Thanks West! "
" Awesome, awesome as always. So talented "
" Great reader! "
" So much fun reading with West! She really helped me bring my character to life! "
" Cool person! "
" West was extremely kind and wonderful during my self-tape, please give her your consideration! "
" So sweet! West was really generous, supportive and happy to help me nail my self-tape. Thanks! "
" So supportive and patient! Thank you West! "
" West is wonderful! So much fun to read with! "
" Great reader! Was off book at the end of my 15 minutes. "
" So friendly! "
" Easiest reader. very easy going "
" Exactly what I needed! West was happy to drill lines over and over! "
" Sweet and a great reader! "
" Fabulous! "
" Made me feel comfortable from the very minute we started. She was encouraging and pushed to a few more rehearsal takes which helped further develop my sense of the character. I feel confident in my upcoming audition. Thanks West! "
" Fantastic "
" Fantastic! My fav reader. "
" She is amazing. She is giving you so much in the scene. Can't wait to work again with her "
" So encouraging and friendly and comforting as I stressed with a deadline looming! "
" Always amazing! :) "
" West was super open and helpful, connecting and reacting to every line! Thanks! "
" Great reader ! "
" Amazing! "
" West is amazing as usual "
" Very kind and supportive reader. Thank you! "
" So damn lovely and a joy to read with!!! Thank you for everything and look forward to working with you again soon! "
" I'm not a new actor but I am new to We Audition. West walked me through the process, gave me tips and tricks, and then I knew that I wanted her to be my reader today. She gave me good notes and helped me feel confident and relaxed. I will absolutely use her again! Thanks, West!!!!!!!!!! "
" She is great. Very very talented "
" Thank you for helping me get these lines down fast! "
" So much fun to read with! "
" Thank you for the late night help!! :) "
" Her commitment and passion always ups my game . Thank you ! "
" Soilid Reader. Great suggestions! "
" THE BEST!!! "
" So good, made me feel like I could take my time, super sweet girl! "
" Great reader with wonderful energy and ideas. Thanks West! "
" Very helpful ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพโ˜บ๏ธ "
" West was the sweetest! Great reader. Super supportive. :) "
" Very kind reader! "
" Amazing !!! "
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" Fantastic reader! "
" Sweet girl and fun reader! ended up having a deep conversation! Thank you West! "
" West was so so SO helpful! A great reader, patient, and gave really constructive notes when asked. BOOK THEM! "
" West really got into the character and helped me get the words out into the universe! "
" West is wonderful! "
" Literally saved my butt-her energy is everything . Thank you again. "
" West is fabulous! I'm Thankful "
" A lot of fun to read with "
" I happily came back!!! Isn't that the best a review can speak for itself? Book her again and again! "
" Great tanks! "
" Amazing as always! "
" West is great! "
" Super great personality...Great read! "
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" West is the Amazing ๐Ÿ™Œ "
" The best "
" Wonderful reader, takes direction well :) "
" West is so sweet. Super patient I totally recommend her to ANYONE! "
" Awesome as usual!! Thank you! "
" So much fun to work with! Great reader, patient and encouraging! Highly recommend! "
" Very helpful reader!!! "
" A+ Thanks for running this lines with me, and giving me extra ideas!! "
" Always a pleasure :) "
" She is amazing! Willing to play and give you several different ways to see the scene and character! Also, she takes her time with you which I love! "
" Great! "
" Very reactive reader! "
" Great reader and good suggestions for the scene, thank you! "
" Patient even when getting disconnected and always ready to read! thank you!! "
" Wonderful! "
" So much fun to read with... We had a late night session and she was so positive and ready to go. "
" Sooooo patient! Really wonderful at giving you exactly what you need for the read or tape. Brings in interesting ideas if asked as well! Looking forward to working with you again! "
" So so helpful and a fun a reader. Thank you! "
" West has lovely energy, reads enthusiastically, and is just a wonderful scene partner who will have you feeling good about the work! "
" West is amazing!! She really helped me drill my lines, and was a wonderful energy to act off of! "
" Thank you! "
" Very generous with her help and feedback. She was super warm and encouraging, which helped a lot! Thank you! <3 "
" Wonderful reader! Offered up great suggestions that shook up my scene in the best way. "
" Friendly and great reader! "
" Awesome, she should be an MVP "
" Very helpful! "
" Such a sweetheart and one of my faves :) Thank you! "
" Very sweet and supportive. Good energy. "
" Thank you always for so much patience and working with me :) you're awesome, west!! "
" West was a great reader who was very patient with my tech and internet difficulties this evening! I feel more confident going into my scene read class after rehearsing with her!! "
" Thank you! "
" West was wonderful! Thank you so much! "
" West is a darling, it was nice reading with her. "
" Excellent person, great advice! "
" West Rocks!!! She gives excellent suggestions and great feedback. "
" Always a pleasure reading with West! I enjoy discovering new moments with her! "
" Super sweet! Great reader! Appreciated her accommodating me with the tech lag! "
" West is terrific! "
" West, you're quite literally too good. Absolute brilliant scene partner. I'm so looking forward to working with you again. Thank you!!!! "
" Love reading with West!! Thank you! "
" Great reader! Great help! Thank you "
" ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! West was kind and patient! She really allowed me the space and extra time to get the results I wanted for my audition! I hope to use her again very soon!! "
" So helpful. an angel "
" What a great experience working with you will work with you again for sure. "
" Thanks so much West. So patient and helpful I fully recommend her she's the best;) "
" Great "
" She is AWESOME!!! Was very kind, patient, and helpful. Definitely recommend her. :) "
" West is a sweetheart and so much fun to read with - thank you! "
" Amazing reader, really cool to work with and great with notes and knowing when to step in and when to let the scene flow. Thanks so much! "
" Very sweet and willing to do what it takes to get it right! "
" Great help! "
" West was great! "
" West was cool man, def talked me up, she's sweet, def a lovely space to work and create "
" So kind and patient! An excellent reader! "
" West is one of the best on here!! She's super fun to play with and fully commits to every character. Thanks girl :) "
" She is a gem! "
" You were amazing! Thank you so much. Such great energy! "
" West was excellent. She gave great feedback and is an expressive reader. I'll definitely use her again! A Big Help! "
" A++++ what a great reader (and coach) "
" Awesome energy, would recommend to anyone and everyone "
" Amazing helpful, patient and friendly "
" Lovely, positive energy! "
" West is amazing as always! I booked a role because of her and I hope to continue booking with her as my reader! "
" West is the best! "
" Awesome reader with great energy! "
" West is great! She gives a lot of personality to her reads and she's fun to work with "
" Phenomenal Reader! "
" Great reader! "
" West is great! Highly recommend. "
" Super patient and kind, thank you so much "
" So awesome and natural. Great reader! "
" Great reader! She gave me so much to play with. Thanks, West. "
" Very friendly and patient! "
" Excellent reader! Very helpful, gave great notes when requested, and encouraging throughout the process. Thanks West! "
" Soooo awesome & amazing & encouraging & patient! thank youuuu West xx "
" So sweet! Thanks so much for your help! Very patient and friendly :) "
" West was a great reader! She picked up the script right away and was available last minute when I sent out a beacon for help! "
" West is so helpful and patient and so sweet! 10/10 recommend :D "
" She's absolutely amazing. so talented and great to read with "

Credits Include

2021 [added]
"A Handmaid's Tale", student directing footage
co-Lead (Offred)
2021 [added]
"The Hunger Games", student directing project
co-Lead (Katniss Everdeen)
2019 [added]
"Back to the Future", studentFilm
Lead (Marty McFly)
2015 [added]
"Doors", studentFilm
2015 [added]
"Lorena", studentFilm