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I am humbled and extremely grateful for the reviews below. Hard to believe there are over 2K now! I really enjoy helping other actors run lines, breakdown scenes, rehearse, self-tape auditions, or anything else that's required. Evidently I may have found my calling. 😉
If my beacon's on, give me a shot. If I'm not currently available or you'd like to schedule a specific time, feel free to contact me on IG, FB, or email
I'd love to help you BOOK IT! 🤞 (SAG-AFTRA Dallas - Fort Worth Local members, I would greatly appreciate your support in the 2023 elections! )

"Thank God for little Barry, you guys." - Audrey Moore
"It was wonderful to watch you come right in and be so good from the first time we went to are a true pro"- Ted McGinley
Look for me on Paramount's Yellowstone!

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Barry began studying Musical Theatre at The University of Arkansas at Fort Smith at the age of 13. Four years later, he began an education of another kind, joining the United States Marine Corps at the age of 17. After being honorably discharged in 1981, he spent many a long day's night traveling a long and winding road for several years, setting aside his aspirations as an actor.
Finally remembering the calling of his youth, in 1991 Barry began the journey back to his life's passion. He performed in several stage productions to regain his footing, eventually becoming an Equity Member Candidate in 2016.
During this time Barry also appeared in over 30 films, working with a wide array of filmmakers, from collegiate film students to veteran Hollywood icons. In 2019 Barry joined SAG-AFTRA and set about pursuing acting as a full-time career. He is currently represented in the Southeast and South Central regions, as well as his SAG-AFTRA franchised agent in Los Angeles.
Although much time was spent pursuing other interests, Barry views his motley adventures during much of his life as an investment in character development. Drawing on his diverse past, mistakes made, and lessons learned, he is able to draw on his life experiences to create grounded characters, anchored in reality. He is thankful for the opportunities he has had, and looking forward to many more!

Treasure Coast Talent, 213-262-9076, 4195 N. Viking Way - Suite D-300 Long Beach, CA. Established Artists, 623-330-6885,, LA

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" Always good to work with Barry! "
" The best "
" Such a great session!! Not only was Barry an *excellent* scene partner, he offered me a very helpful adjustment and very kindly helped this first-time user navigate the site. Experienced and knowledgable about craft and his energy helped put me at ease while taping. Thanks so much!! "
" Great reader! Was a lot of fun thank you! "
" You are awesome, Barry! "
" LOVE Barry! Just one of my faves. Book him! "
" Great experience with Barry. He helped me figure out the character. Thank you, Barry! "
" Barry was great!! Thank you! "
" Great reader! Gives a strong natural read and has great tips and direction if you want it. Also a really nice guy to work with! "
" Awesome reader! Brings in great creativity to give an effect on your performance. "
" Thanks Barry! "
" Barry was incredibly helpful and supportive, i had two scenes to self tape with differences and challenges independent of each other and Barry helped me to navigate those. I cant believe it has taken me so long to book Barry and I wholeheartedly recommend him! "
" Great guy, and great scene partner! Experienced and brings out the best. You gotta book Barry! "
" Wonderful reading with Barry as always! He's always my go-to reader. "
" Simply the best! better than all the rest!!! "
" It's always pleasant working with Barry. "
" The best! Always great. "
" The best!!! "
" I always love reading with Barry. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Awesome read! always. "
" Barry is amazing! "
" Another awesome read! Barry is really great. He gives great notes. He is humble though, he doesn't act like he knows everything you know. He's just like "Hey let's try this, and if it works then great, if not then that's okay too". He's the best! "
" Thank you so much Barry! A great work through session with someone who really knows their stuff! I was nervous coming in because I don't use We Audition a lot but Barry made me feel instantly comfortable. I highly recommend! "
" Amazing! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fabulous to read with! Highly recommend "
" Great notes. Incisive but unintrusive. "
" Barry was amazing! So easy to work with and so fun to read with "
" Barry is, and will always be, the man! Always a pleasure working with him. "
" Barry is a phenomenal reader!!! He gave me great advice. He made suggestions on how to don the scene different, giving me options. He was pleasant and down to earth, which I loved!!! He was all around really great! "
" So fabulous working with Barry again. He so quickly grasps the script, is 100% professional and is the nicest guy. Thank you, Barry! "
" It's great working with Barry. "
" GREAT! "
" Great as always "
" Gave me great rehearsal reads for a live theatre audition and then, having the experience, threw a bad read at me, which we have all had. Makes you think and react, which is what this acting thing is all about. Excellent. "
" Great read! Thank you "
" Barry is an exceptional reader who's patient, talented & fun to work with! "
" Very helpful reader! "
" Great!to the point and clear, thank you Barry "
" Always fun working with Barry! "
" Great as always! "
" Great suggestions from Barry. "
" The best! A true pro, fun and personable! If you haven't booked Barry, you're missing out! "
" Fantastic! So fun to read with. "
" Awesome! "
" Workin with Barry is SO helpful. I had three different roles I had to self-tape for and he gave me specific suggestions for each role that helped me so much. "
" Best reader on here!! "
" He’s the best truly. Repeat customer! "
" This was my first time using WeAudition and I couldn't have chosen a better reader. Barry is present and warm; you'll get what you give. "
" A++++!!!! "
" The best reader here, do yourself a favour and book this man. "
" Barry is excellent! Gave me just what I needed to drill those lines. Look forward to working with him again. "
" Just the best. Thank you!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" GREAT! "
" Super friendly, attentive and a great reader! "
" Amazing reader highly recommend! "
" SO awesome to work with. We hit the ground running and he gave me several different takes to choose from :) "
" Amazing reader. This dude has amazing energy and I look forward to booking with him again "
" Professional, encouraging, supportive and kind. "
" Barry is outstanding! Grit insight, incredible notes. Book him!, "
" Always a pleasure, brother! Fantastic reader and collaborator! "
" The best! "
" Barry is fantastic! I immediately felt at ease, he read 3 characters seamlessly with a lot of dialogue. He gave subtle but spot on suggestions and helped me craft a separate, distinct take from my first. I will most definitely be working with Barry again on my next audition! "
" He's so wonderful! Excellent reader but also great at giving advice and discussing. "
" Powerful Reader, especially as detective/cop characters. "
" My favorite reader! Gives super helpful tips and tweaks. Almost like a mini acting class session. "
" Awesome guy!!! Would definitely recommend as a scene partner. "
" Amazing! Barry is an absolute delight to work with and so friendly!! A true gem. "
" Always a pleasure and wonderful military insight! Thanks "
" Barry is great, rapid to work with, definitely will use him again! Thank you Barry "
" Great reader and awesome feedback! "
" Professional, go-to, reader and coach! "
" One of the masters! He's a down to earth guy with real on set experience and wisdom to share. Use Barry, you guys! "
" Always a pleasure to work with Barry "
" Always great to work with my man, Barry! "
" Excellent reader and coach! "
" Couldn’t have asked for better. Barry has a calm, focused demeanor that makes you feel at ease, which is perfect for allowing you to open up to the emotions you need for the scene. He’s a great storyteller too! "
" Really helped me nail down the physicality of the scene! Great reader as always "
" He is stellar!!! Has amazing tidbits of Wisdom about the business too! "
" Barry is simply the best!!! Always so great. Thank you again sir! A+ "
" What a delight and a treasure! 10/10 would recommend. Thanks, Barry! "
" Fantastic and easygoing reader "
" Great reader and pleasant to work with! "
" Back again with another great session with Barry. Thanks so much for being there, Barry! You were terrific! "
" It was great to read with Barry again! He's such a pleasure and a terrific reader. Thanks so much for your help, Barry! "
" Excellent reader and a great guy. Thanks Barry "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Barry is a fantastic reader with wonderful insight, and I'm always grateful for his help. "
" The best truly. Will look for him again and again. "
" Great reader and great guy! "
" Lf you see Barry on here, book him because you got lucky. "
" Barry was absolutely fantastic! I will definitely book Barry again! "
" Loved working with Barry! Such great notes. Thank you! Can’t wait for next time "
" AH-MAZING! Wish I would've found sooner!! great energy and fun to play with! "
" He is such a great reader and easy to work with!!! "
" Always a pleasure to read with Barry! As you can see from all the reviews, he's a real pro. "
" Barry is ALWAYS great! My go to. Thanks Baz "
" Barry's just wonderful! Thank you! "
" The best "
" Great "
" Awesome reader. Thanks for your patience! "
" Great reader. Thank you! "
" Great reader. Very nice guy. "
" Barry was the best. Thoughtful, patient, and wonderful. Really helped me talk through the scene. Cant wait to work with him again! "
" Barry was terrific! He's a great reader and a wonderful person. Very respectful of the actor's process and provided just the support I needed. Thank you, Barry! "
" He's a natural! "
" The best! "
" Barry is fantastic. He always gives me exactly what I’m looking for in an audition partner and has the most insightful feedback. Thanks again, Barry! "
" Great to work with Barry. You can rely on sage advice. Book him! "
" I LOVE working with Barry. He's so insightful and patient and all aground great. "
" The session was SO helpful. I understand why he has so many great reviews. I'm so glad I got to work with Barry. I'd love to work with him again. "
" Great Reader "
" Good to work with, figuring out the flow of a scene. "
" Barry is a fantastic coach and reader! Thank you Barry. "
" Barry is amazing. He helped me pick up on information from the sides I would have not been able to pick up on if it wasn't for him. "
" Always the best "
" It's been a minute since we worked together but it took just a couple of seconds to get back in sync. I love me some Barry Clifton!!! "
" Amazing as always!! Such a supportive reader and great advice! Thanks Barry :) "
" Great reader! "
" I had a hard audition and Barry helped me get great takes! "
" Barry is not only super nice, but awesome to read with! Great scene partner and has great ideas. Will definitely be looking for him on WeAudition in the future! "
" Fantastic reader! Will definitely try to book with him again. 5 stars!!! "
" Perfect reader, very professional. "
" SUCH A JOY!! Thank you for your patience and support doing this scene! "
" You can't get a better reader than Barry! "
" A patient & generous reader. "
" Barry is awesome! Had a last minute audition booked to me that was due an hour after receiving the invite. Barry came in and helped tremendously! "
" Awesome "
" He's an MVP for a reason! just GREAT! "
" Amazing as always ... "
" Thanks to Barry as always for his fantastic work "
" Always great fun working with Barry : ) "
" A consummate professional- very wise & down to earth. Thanks again for the help bud. "
" Barry you were super helpful with myself tape thank you for helping me knock this out! "
" Barry is a sure-fire go to reader for me. He's a phenomenal actor, has great energy, and gives great takes on scenes. HIGHLY RECCOMEND. "
" Wonderful experience, thank you "
" One of the best readers on here!! Great 180 suggestions. Great pacing. Excellent reader!! "
" Great reader! "
" Absolutely WONDERFUL! Barry is such a thoughtful and fantastic reader. He gave great feedback and made the whole experience easy and stress free! Very highly recommend and will definitely book with him any chance I get. "
" Fabulous reader! very professional, helpful and consistent! book Barry! "
" He's the man! Solid presence. Damn good to work with. Thanks Barry! "
" Barry helped me film 5 hard scenes in one day - I couldn't have done it without him! "
" So great to work with! Will definitely reach out again! "
" Barry is the best reader!!! "
" Best reader! "
" Amazing to work with! "
" 10/10 experience as always! "
" Great strong voice. good for manly characters. didn't over do. natural thanks "
" Great reader and really easy to work with! Will definitely work with him again! "
" Another awesome coaching! Thanks for helping me sharpen my scene!! "
" So kind and supportive! Thanks so much Barry! "
" Absolutely loved working with Barry! I'll for sure be calling him next time! "
" Super kind and gave amazing advice! "
" Awesome read. Comfortable and willing to give you what you need "
" Barry's just plain great! "
" Always great fun working with Barry. "
" Great reader! "
" So helpful and GREAT to read with! Thanks Barry!! "
" Barry is one of my go-to readers on here. Having helped 2000+ auditioners, this man gets the scenes lightning fast, gives excellent notes and he's just a fun guy to chat with. 10/10 "
" I have worked with Barry on two auditions and would love to work with him on more. 10/10 reader who also gave me ideas I hadn't thought of. "
" Barry's fantastic. Always a pleasure "
" Ready to rumble. Delighted, Moved right into believable character reader. Long scene in and out in minutes. "
" God bless this man. Absolutely wonderful reader and truly a wealth of important information. PICK BARRY. "
" Barry is the ****** best! Always love working with him both for auditions and for when I get on set! "
" GREAT reader!!! "
" Excellent Reader. "
" Great help as always! "
" Clearly very experienced and really helped me nail the tone, relationships and some key moments in the scenes. I very much hope to read with him again! "
" Excellent reader "
" Barry was incredibly patient, and really made sure my tape was the best it could be. 10 stars!! "
" Fab guy. Very intuitive, got it in one take. Highly recommend! "
" Barry is helpful and kind. He has a clear reading voice, is quite talented. And so humble! 😉 Very fortunate to have got him as my first reader on WeAudition. Highly recommend him. "
" Great thank you! "
" Amazing! I feel confident and ready to book it. Thank you! "
" Amazing reader. Very helpful and great to work with!!! "
" Thank you!!! Always the best. "
" Barry rocks! A super natural cold reader and a nice guy! Thanks Barry! "
" Excellent reader and coach! Thanks Barry! "
" Excellent as usual. Thank you, Barry! "
" Barry is always a joy to work with. "
" Fantastic!! Thank you, Barry!! "
" I can't say enough good things about Barry. Excellent actor, excellent reader, excellent person. "
" Just a delight! Thank you thank you thank you!!! "
" Barry is just the best ((As Usual)). I have read with him on multiple occasions. He always gives the best energy and suggestions! Use Barry if you are trying to come correct! "
" Barry is great to work with--not onlly is he an excellent reader, he is very much aware of which take is the most cinematic "
" Professional "
" Great reader!!! "
" Love Barry! the best! "
" Fantastic As ever and always!!! Thank you!! "
" Excellent, adaptable, highly recommend "
" Terrific actor, very accommodating and adaptable. "
" My first read on this app - he was supportive, kind, and patient, and provided help and an easy read. Thank you! "
" Awesome! "
" I always love reading with Barry. So laid back and attentive. "
" Barry is fantastic. Book him! "
" Acting gold right here. Thank you Barry. "
" Oh, always so fun! Perfect person to do an audition for a cowbow!! Please book him. He is a joy! Great reader. "
" Barry is outrageously fabulous! Book him!!!!!! "
" Fantastic!!! Highly recommend!! "
" What an amazing coach. He gave such great redirection and encouraged me to stay true to the character authentically. I will definitely book again! "
" Fantastic as always! Great reader and coach with fantastic, constructive notes "
" He's a hoot and great to work with! "
" LOVED working with Barry. What a great reader and all around stellar scene partner! "
" Barry was so lovely and very easy to work with, I booked him on the spot for a tape & he was exactly what the scene needed. Thank you Barry for your time & great help :) "
" Super helpful solid reader. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
" Barry is a true delight! Kind, easy-going, and a fantastic actor. I loved working with him! "
" One of my go-to readers here. It's always a blast working with Barry. "
" Always a pleasure working with Barry! "
" Gave good notes. Helped me to bring out my twisted side for a crazy role. "
" Barry is so nice and easy to work with! "
" Full of wisdom. "
" LOVE reading with Barry!! He always hits the tone and pace for me and has excellent feedback and suggestions when I need them. "
" Simply THE BEST! Totally helped to get me confident with my script and my performance. A natural with character breakdowns and script analysis. GREAT ENERGY. A STAR. Connect with him "
" Barry is the best! I had a quick improv scene to do and he brainstormed some options. Great fun and a great guy! Can't go wrong. Thx Barry! "
" I work with him as much as possible :) "
" Amaze as always! "
" What a lovely man and a great energy! Needed a doctor and he was just the right warm intelligent energy :-) "
" Fab! "
" Barry makes the work so easy. Thank you. "
" Excellent feedback & super cool to bounce ideas off of. Thank you! "
" Great! "
" Thank you so much, Barry! I loved working with you! :-) "
" Barry is the best! "
" Finally met Barry!! Check off the bucket list! Thank you! "
" Barry is super helpful and specific, got lots of great on set stories :) "
" Great suggestions , Superb reader and wonderful experience! "
" Barry is a gem! Awesome reader. "
" Real pro. Great eye for watching your takes and gives some great insightful feedback. Great to work with, will book again! "
" Funny and so helpful! "
" Great reader, as always! "
" Fantastic reader! So friendly and helpful. "
" Always the best!!! "
" Barry is awesome as always!!!! "
" Always such a pleasure to read with Barry! "
" Barry is the best. Thank you!! "
" Bazza!! ALWAYS amazing!!! Can always count on him to bring it. Love you Baz "
" Barry is great. I had a lengthy audition and we were able to bounce ideas off each other, he offered me some great insights. Barry has a calm demeanor and he's sharp, understands scenes very quickly. "
" Love reading with Barry! "
" Always full of fabulosity! "
" Barry is not only a great reader, but he is also assiduous in paying attention to the script--resulting in great feedback "
" Barry rules! Always happy when I see he is available, a blast to read with "
" Always a fantastic experience "
" Great energy. amazing notes!!!! "
" Always great to work with Barry - great notes and feedback "
" Barry is like the Zeus of self tapes. He'll make your auditions roar like thunder straight to a booking. And he's got the beard too. "
" Incredible, great coach and reader. Goes above and beyond! Personable, relatable and down to earth. Thank you so much for your invaluable feedback. I look forward to another session with you! "
" Always number 1 "
" He's a great reader!! Thanks for the notes! "
" Barry is so great, so generous with his time and gave fantastic feedback! "
" Always fantastic! Thank you Barry! "
" VERY.....GOOD!!! I recommend him!! "
" The goat "
" Always great!! "
" Barry is fantastic. Read a tricky scene with ease and even helped me through my technical glitches. Highly recommend! "
" Always an honor and pleasure to work with Barry. "
" Barry is a great reader to work with--keeps you at ease--offers great feedback--very patient "
" Barry is awesome. Provides great notes. "
" Great reader. Great accents. "
" Barry is the best! "
" Barry is one of the best--extremely patient, creative, and thoughtful as a reader and collaborator! "
" Always the best "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Excellent! "
" Could not have asked for a better reader to help me with literally the hardest self tape I've ever had to do! Barry was SO patient and encouraging and nailed his lines in every take- he even did a British accent for me! So grateful for your help, Barry, thank you! "
" He was great! "
" Not only one of the best, but one of the friendliest. Book Barry to read with you! "
" Lovely man. Excellent reader. Will work with him again. "
" Amazing reader. He really enjoys dissecting, playing, reading, and breaking down things. Which I love and appreciate as well. Makes Auditioning worthwhile. Thanks man "
" The best! "
" What can I say, Barry is the absolute best. always pleasure and a total pro! "
" Great as always! "
" Amazing as always! just great to get this scene on its feet with a great reader! "
" Great as always! "
" Barry is so so helpful and I always come away learning something. If you need a reader, he's your guy! "
" I've worked with Barry twice. He has such a kind and collaborative energy. "
" Patient, great notes, and a wonderful reader as always! "
" AWESOME! Thank you so much for the insight and patience! "
" Barry is very knowledgeable with reading scripts and stage direction and was a pleasure to work with him. "
" Fantastic, so reliable and nice! "
" The best "
" Barry you're the best! Patient, helpful with scene and industry info. A real pro! "
" Barry was a great reader! Would hire him again to help me with my next audition. "
" SENSATIONAL!!!!!!! "
" Always amazing "
" Always a pleasure to work with Barry again! Thank you as always! "
" A Diamond in the rough! "
" Terrific and helpful "
" So great! "
" Barry is wonderful! I always ask him to read if I see him available. He gave me great suggestions that I really think turned the whole scene around. Thank you, Barry! "
" Great insight and great reader. Very understanding and actually rooting for you to Book! "
" Well done!! "
" Just Excellent. Thank you. "
" Always wonderful "
" Such a wonderful reader! Such great insight and understands rhythm and timing. highly recommend "
" Stellar as always! "
" Always a pleasure with Barry. "
" Barry is always awesome! "
" Such a great guy! I highly recommend talking to Barry about the biz and having him as a reader. "
" What a gem! So helpful and patient and informed! "
" Amazing as always! "
" Great reader, patient and easy to connect with during the scene. Felt like a very natural read. Thanks Barry! "
" Always one of my favorites :) Sorry about my underwear. LOL! "
" Great notes, patient, and amazing reader :-) "
" Barry is such a good reader and so supportive! I really appreciate his encouragement and willingness to share his thoughts! "
" Barry was super supportive for my first network audition will def use again "
" Always SO LOVELY and FUN working with Barry!! "
" Semper Fi brotha! Barry was a great, professional, and helpful in every way! Great chemistry to read with and his experience shows! "
" The BEST! "
" Barry was awesome! A true professional! I had an accent I was working on that he helped me work through. Great tips and feedback! "
" Barry is wonderful! Great reader and a fantastic coach. Offered a lot and really elevated my tape! "
" Excellent reader! "
" One of the greatest readers and coaches i've ever worked with. Thanks so much Barry! "
" This man is a booking machine. I work with him so a little of that magic rubs off on me. Always a pleasure Barry! "
" Great reader! "
" Very helpful! "
" Barry...always so great to work with! He's generous with his time and extremely helpful with the material! "
" Barry is so awesome! "
" What a gem! Thank you for providing a safe space to work through the scene! "
" Barry! "
" Always great... "
" Even on the days when I don't feel confident I always feel better after working with Barry. "
" Can't say enough good things about working with Barry. Great reader and always helps me get the best takes. Thank you! "
" Barry is so lovely, such a responsive and kind human being and I just felt in collaboration the entire time, rather than an actor. Thanks Barry! :) "
" Always dependable and fun to work with! "
" Fun read! Thank you Clifton! "
" Barry was so great to work with. He made a difficult scene fun and enjoyable. He also had great advice! "
" Awesome reader with helpful notes! "
" Barry is wonderful! Great reader, very attentive to the script! A great help!! Thank you :) "
" Amazing as always!! "
" Great listening and gives good notes. Enjoy talking with him. :) "
" Returning booking with Barry. He is open-minded, supportive, and gives useful tips. Thank you! "
" Kind and patient with great suggestions. Believe the hype! "
" Wonderful!! Thank you!!! "
" I'm currently working on a long and challenging scene that requires a skilled reader to portray a unique role. Barry was understanding and detailed oriented, very puresonable guy who is passionate and wants the best for you! Thank you so much! "
" The best "
" Loves working with him. Thank you!!! "
" So lovely. highly recommend! "
" Excellent reader! "
" Yew! "
" Based on this first audition of 2023, I can already tell it's gonna be a prosperous and creatively abundant year. Thank you Barry!! "
" Amazing reader! "
" Excellent, wise and humorous as always! :) "
" Barry is fantastic. Easy and patient and makes great adjustments. "
" Thanks Barry! As always a pro, a pleasure to read with "
" Barry was sensational!!! I am so looking forward to working with him again, He was a great reader, extremely professional and so generous with his notes and information. And he only gave them after I asked :) I understand why he has so many reviews. Highly, highly recommend! "
" Amazing!!!! "
" Barry was super nice and a great reader! "
" Oh my gosh. Such a good actor, such a patient and kind human being I will defintely be looking for him! "
" The best!! "
" Excellent reader, extremely smart. Also, a lovely person! "
" Always a pleasure. Love working with Barry! "
" Such a pleasure working with Barry! Will definitely work with him again. "
" Absolutely wonderful!!!! Very present, calm, grounded, excellent reader. Would highly recommend. "
" Barry was wonderful! Needed to run some lines to get off book for an audition and he helped workshop the scenes and break it down. "
" My EXCELLENT reader and advisor as usual!! "
" Barry is the best as usual, always a pleasure to read with ! "
" The best "
" Barry was a wonderful reader as always! "
" Barry is the man! Thanks!! "
" Barry rules :) "
" Amazing reader as always "
" A very creative, spontaneous actor and reader. He really helped me immerse myself into the scene. Thank you Barry! "
" Awesome as always! "
" Fantastic as always! "
" Gave really great notes! "
" The best reader/coach on here. Do yourself a favour and book this man! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Once again Barry delivered the goods. Thank you Barry for your humor and easy nature while reading. "
" Always the best- thanks! "
" Always fantastic!! I read with Barry every chance I get --he's a wealth of knowledge, has great ideas to help make the scene pop and is a wonderful actor. Thank you!! "
" Amazing support!!! Great actor!!! "
" Always so wonderful to work with and bounce ideas off of each other! "
" Great to work with. Very knowledgable! "
" The best "
" Super nice guy and funny! Made the audition feel more fun :) "
" Literally the greatest reader I've had! Had a super emotional. sensitive scene and Barry gave me a space to tap into those feelings. Thanks Barry !!!! "
" Barry is a good reader and wonderful to work with. I'm a repeat customer :) "
" He is the BEST!! "
" Just wonderful, great notes and great reader! Always a bast. Thanks Barry :) "
" Barry rules! Do yourselves a favour and book this fellow :) "
" Great reader and coach! "
" Fantastic... 10/10. great feedback, super fun collaboration. "
" The best as always! "
" Consistently Barry! :) "
" Excellent reader as always! "
" One of the best out there ! thank you for your time and patience. "
" Amazing one of the best here ! "
" I absolutely love Barry! Amazing actor and wonderful human. MVP status well deserved. "
" How many stars can I give this man?? I now consider him a good friend and a valuable colleague!!! "
" Always great "
" Always 100%. Thank you Barry! "
" Awesome! "
" Excellent as always! "
" Thank you again "
" Incredible reader, very patient. thank you "
" Barry Clifton. He's the man!!! Check him out on Yellowstone. Congratulations my Friend. "
" Great dude, gives you the space and some input to develop your character while breaking down without being overly bearing or opinionated on how it should be. "
" Always good to work with, Barry! "
" Great help! "
" Really great reader with helpful notes! I always enjoy working with Barry. "
" Good read! "
" Great voice, great reader, great energy. "
" The best! Made my audition read so easy. I can't recommend him highly enough. "
" Great to work with, thank you! "
" Very patient and helpful. thank you! "
" Great reader with great tips. "
" So helpful. Thanks for keeping it real. The best! "
" Wonderful reader! He gave his all and it elevated my performance! "
" Thanks Barry! Always a wonderful time working with you. "
" Barry was so great! Appreciate all the tips! Thank you!! "
" Always such a pro! Great reader. Thank you again Barry. A+ "
" So kind and loving and helpful "
" Patient, kind, funny, a great reader, and great notes. Thank you!! "
" The Man! "
" He's patient and kind, and a lovely reader "
" Barry Clifton, he's the man! He's so good at picking up on things in the script that give my work more depth. "
" Barry is the best, supportive and generous reader who has fantastic advice and notes to offer as well. "
" Barry was just such a blessing to work with. Patient and very well knowledge! "
" Barry was a joy to work with! He was a great reader--very kind and collaborative. "
" Awesome! "
" Always helps me get the job done in the best way possible!! "
" Barry was wonderful with great feedback! Thank you! "
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" Super fun session! He was cool enough to share some of his audition prep techniques with me. "
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" Excellent suggestions and excellent constructive criticism. "
" Always a pleasure working with Barry. MVP indeed!! "
" Very very helpful, did all the characters. Gave me a note about where to direct my eye-line that changed my approach. Thank you. "
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" Super nice and great reader! :) "
" Supportive, knowledgeable, positive. Non-intrusive. He also has an interesting voice and accent that is fun to act with! "
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" The best! "
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" OK buddy, we got it done! Thank you for your patience, encouragement and creative insight. "
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" As always, Barry is fantastic "
" Such a lovely session. Barry is so open to share his experience and insights, it's like having a wise friend who's been through the same thing and helps you get perspective, whether it's about the scene or our collective artistic journey. I appreciate his input and notes! "
" Amazing reader! can 10/10 recommend. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" An absolute pleasure! "
" If you haven't figured it out yet, you've been sleeping under a rock if you don't know that Barry's the best. "
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" To quote Tina Turner, "simply the best"! "
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" Simply put, Barry is a fantastic reader! Thank you, Barry. "
" Barry was such an absolute pleasure to work with!! A true professional. Highly recommend him. "
" For some reason Beardogg just always brings out the best in me "
" Great reader...great notes..thank you "
" Thank You 🙏🏽 "
" Barry is a solid reader with great notes that build the scene. "
" Awesome again "
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" Always on point! Book him! "
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" Barry is an excellent reader! "
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" Once again did an excellent job "
" Always the best "
" Always a pleasure "
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" Barry was so excellent and had great notes/suggestions for rounding out this scene. Thank you Barry! "
" So so lovely. An amazing person and an amazing reader! "
" Barry is the best, full stop. "
" A class act and truly nice guy. I'll be using him again. "
" Barry is spot on with his suggestions. Love working with him! "
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" Barry is great. I needed a reader and he was excellent!!!! "
" Super sweet and great! "
" Amazing read. "
" Always a pleasure! Teaching me about the business and going over a great script. "
" He's so positive and a wonderful cold reader! Thanks Barry! "
" What a gift Barry is!! Helped me break down sides and gave me great insight! Thanks Barry :) "
" My fave collaborator!!! "
" One of the greats! I adore Barry. "
" Wonderful as always! :) "
" Again wonderful. experience!!!!!!!!!!! "
" So grateful for the help! Made the space feel very comfortable to work and create. Thank you!! "
" The best of the best "
" Loved working with Barry! So kind, funny and supportive. "
" Are you looking for a real , kind , pacient, PRO Reader? Well, Barry is the Perfect Choice!!!!! Go for it and enjoy!!!!!! "
" Absolute pro. soooo amazing and willing to adapt to whatever you need! thank you for a great session! "
" Great reader. Helpful knowledge on military which related to my role "
" Wonderful experience! So glad I found you, Barry! "
" Such a great reader! "
" Great, genuine guy. Very supportive. "
" Such a gem. What a fun fun read, fun ideas, kind, helped the scene come alive! "
" Always a pleasure. Thanks Barry! "
" It reason why he has so many great reviews!!! Barry is really an master at his craft "
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" Barry is one of my go-to peeps for good reason! Book him! "
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" Great reader! Super fun! Thanks Barry! "
" The greatest! Present, Kind, excellent actor, a peaceful presence. "
" So much amazingness...ideas...encouragement...a collaborator that's a joy to work with! "
" He's great to work with! "
" Awesome! "
" Barry always hits it out the park. When you're doing a cold read, and want to feel safe to play in a messy way. He's the one! "
" We did Shakespeare and it was fun! "
" Great reader! Great energy! Very generous! "
" Barry was terrific to work with, as always! "
" Amazing reader and so nice! "
" Excellent reader -super cool vibe "
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" Great! "
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" Was a blast having Barry read with me! A natural reader but also made some awesome suggestions that led to the most fun takes! "
" Amazing notes as always! I love having Barry as a reader when he's available "
" Really helpful and connected. Glad to have worked with him. "
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" Barry is Phenomenal! An amazing reader with point on input for my selftape audition. He is very caring. I was shooting with my cell phone and he took the initiative to inquire about my eyeline and angle which were then greatly improved with his expert advice. "
" My first role and Barry left me feeling prepared and ready! "
" Always funny, always a great help :) "
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" Great session "
" Ok, you actors, you... If you want a really great reader who understands scripts, Barry is your man! He's generous and talented and will also respect what you actually need. He doesn't take over your session or make it about him, he truly knows how to be in service to what you need! He's a treasure and you won't regret working with him. He's also got a great accent, even though he says "pecans" funny. ;) "
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" Barry was very patient with me as I had a lot of dialogue in my audition sides that I needed to work through. I appreciated when he was able to spot what I missed so I could correct it. Thank you! "
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" Love "
" Sent from heaven! Thank you for your clarity! 👁 "
" Barry was calm and helpful. He kept me on focus and was willing to do "one more" even though we knew we got it. Will book him again for sure! "
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" I love barry "
" Always amazing. I love reading with Barry. Even on take 1, he is the perfect scene partner. "
" Gravitas, authenticity, active connection. When you need someone who will completely work off you, help you stay grounded, and also just clearly knows what they’re doing, find Barry Clifton! "
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" Barry was amazing!! Great adjustments, worked with me to feel more comfortable in the scene, and was so patient. We did way more takes than we needed to just because Barry saw I as an actress needed that reassurance. If he is available, pick Barry to be your reader! He has a gift! "
" Fantastic! Great adjustments and lots of fun to work with. "
" Wonderful Reader, so helpful & engaging & patient! "
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" Awesome work, thank you for all the help!! "
" The best!! Thank you :) "
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" Barry made it so easy! Im familiar with his work so I knew he would be a great scene partner. Being new to We Audition, he was so helpful in explaining the mechanics of taping! Thank you, Barry! Take care "
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" Kind! Generous reader! Warm "
" The best "
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" AMAZING as always! Fully invested in the scene! Great tips! Thank youuuuuuu, Barry! "
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" The best "
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" Thank you so much for your patience! Barry was great, sad that I only had a few minutes to rehearse with him but I'd book him again in a heartbeat! "
" Very knowledgeable with useful, practical notes. "
" A+++ reader, and excellent suggestions. Really elevated the audition. Thanks!! "
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" Still excellent! Thanks, B! "
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" Barry saves the day for me, every time. Excellent feedback; gentle and eloquent reader. Almost every time I need a male presenting voice opposite me I go with Barry if I see he is available. "
" I know I can always rely on Barry! "
" He was great!! "
" Would recommend to anyone. Great reader! "
" A+ reader! So fun to work with. :) "
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" Always so wonderful "
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" Absolutely love working with this guy! "
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" Ten minutes with Barry answered all my questions about clothing, voice and feeling. C'mon Barry, why're you so good? "
" The Man, the Myth - The Legend "
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" Always takes great care of you as a rehearsal and scene partner. Thank you, Barry! "
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" Just the best! Thanks Barry :) "
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" So very helpful "
" Very helpful. Thank you! "
" Great "
" Ya'll one of my fav readers!! Really helps you with the scene and pace. Thanks Barry! "
" Just the best, pays close attention to the script and always a fun session! Thanks Barry. "
" Barry is great! I don't know how else to say it! "
" Wise and accurate on his notes. it elevated my work to read with him. highly recommend him "
" Barry is the coolest dude ever!!! such a great reader, brought so much to the tape THANK YOU! "
" Super kind and clever! Barry gave great suggestions and was right there in the scene with me. Thank you! "
" Awesome reader as always! Thanks, Barry! "
" Barry was an AMAZING reader and coach - he offered such great insight and was a joy to work with. BOOK HIM!!! "
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" Seasoned pro and friendly guy! Thanks, Barry! "
" One of my favourites on WeAudition - what are you waiting for people, book Barry today! "
" Lovely Man! "
" Always a pleasure, always takes good care of you! Thanks, Barry. "
" Great! "
" Great! "
" Barry is a phenomenal reader! His energy really helped sink me into the scene and bring out so many colors. Thanks Barry! "
" Great reader "
" Thank you SO much for your insightful feedback Barry. And your thoughtful portrayal of the character as well! "
" One of my favorite readers here! Barry is the BEST "
" Barry worked out great with my commercial self tape. I appreciated the input and professionalism. I look forward to working again with other self tapes in the future. "
" Damn GOOD reader! "
" 5 Stars!!! "
" Barry = GOLD. "
" Great reader with a fantastic voice! "
" Easy to work with. Excellent reader. Thank you! "
" Has a very calming energy, and helpful. "
" Great, relaxed and specific. Thank you! "
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" So patient and generous with his talent "
" Great reader! "
" Terrific reader and helps with all aspects. Really cares about the process. Loved working with him! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" ABSOLUTELY AH-MAZING!!! I loved his notes, he was so patient with my internet issues, and made sure I landed an amazing take. Barry rocks...Go TCT!!! "
" I can always count on Barry in a pinch to get my audition done! Thanks Barry! "
" OK...WOW...Barry is just hands down the best. I absolutely loved working with him tonight. Gave me one word to use throughout scene and it activated my emotions. Needed this. Thank you, Barry! "
" Great guy! "
" Always a pleasure! Thank you, Barry! "
" Barry is beyond fabulous. He's such a pro and is a wonderful actor and friend. One of my faves. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Barry is simply wonderful "
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" Great as usual "
" Barry is a great reader and gave great advice! "
" Barry's a character and a heck of a reader. Book him! "
" Barry is the greatest. It's fun just leaving rave review after rave review for him. "
" Thanks so much! Barry was everything you can ask for in a reader. Gracious, pleasant, and reactive to the lines. Good human! "
" Barry is one of your best readers. "
" Barry is fabulous "
" He is darling!!!! The knowledge and creativity he possesses is over-the-Moon! He helped me so much! He was quite frankly coaching!!! Not just reading! 😃🦄😃🦄😃 10 THUMBS WAY UP! "
" As always, a pleasure! "
" Barry has such great energy and gave excellent feedback! "
" Thankk you Barry!! So helpful as always. An excellent reader! "
" So kind, full of stories to help relate to the characters, best advice and just genuinely an amazing actor to work with! I felt reassured and so confident in the work I did. "
" So open and fun to work with! "
" Barry is so much fun to work with, a really great reader! "
" Barry is amazing very patient and he offers so much doing are reading, I will definitely back "
" Amazing actor! So much fun to work with and so helpful in shaping the scene. "
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" Always great!! "
" Always a great partner. Patient, kind and a pro. Thank you Barry! "
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" First time using WeAudition and thanks to my reader Barry he made this a seamless self tape! 10/10 Thanks Barry! "
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" Again. The best. "
" Barry is a delight! So helpful, a great listener, and a superb reader! "
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" Easygoing and extremely flexible. Thank you Barry! "
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" Wonderful to work with you, Barry! I really appreciated your thoughts and ideas. "
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" Great again! "
" So great! "
" Legit one of the best readers on here. He always caught when I wasn’t letter perfect and suggested just the right amount of notes. Also, really good instincts and perspective. "
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" Even when I am out of town on a Sunday I can count on Barry! Another great read. "
" Outstanding! walked me through the whole platform and played with me on all my options. honestly i would not have gotten through step one without him. and he gave very good feedback on my scenes...i will work with him again and again. "
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" Fabulous!!! "
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" I always, always feel safe, supported, and well partnered when reading with Barry. He gives me the space to breathe into my work (or freakout, as I need to). The most supportive rehearsal partners give you *room to do your process* and Barry is 100% aces. Thank you. "
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" What is this? Our 5th time working together? Always a pleasure! Thank you! "
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" Great late-night, last-minute self-tape session! "
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" Thank you! "
" The man, the myth, the legend... "
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" Great reader, was patient and offered some excellent choices and a variety of ways to portray the character. Would recommend and will work with Barry again. "
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" Fantastic reader! "
" Excellent work and notes. "
" Awesome! Funny and efficeint! Will book again! "
" Thank you Barry! "
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" Super helpful, friendly and has great ideas! Thank you Barry! "
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" I'm always happy to see that Barry is available to read when I sign on. He's very easy going and makes actors feel comfortable. Gives good feedback too! "
" Ohmygosh Barry was a joy! What an excellent reader and scene partner. Very grateful for his attention, and excellent at comedy. "
" Barry is so awesome to work with! Very insightful and provided me with added materials to strengthen my skills past the audition. Gives great tips and notes to get your best work all while having fun. I reached out to him to schedule a time via Instagram, and got a response very quickly! So reach out if you need to schedule in advance - HE'S GOT YOU!!!! Thanks so much Barry! Will for sure be reaching out again! "
" Barry, you are the absolute best. Thank you for being such a generous scene partner and giving such helpful feedback. "
" My go to!! Thanks Barry :) "
" Barry is always dependable! "
" Awesome dude enough said "
" Great reader! "
" Great help in fleshing out my scene and my different takes "
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" Thanks so much for your time Barry, always a fun time working on a script! Barry jumps in the scene with you and explores ideas. "
" Thank you Barry! A very engaging reader, felt I was in a conversation with a scene partner, from the get go. Really helped with jumping into a scene at pace. Recommend! "
" Wonderful reader! Just wanted to get a scene done quickly and he was there to the rescue! "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Barry is very patient and goes the extra mile to give his insights and knowledge. "
" Five stars as always with Barry! Thanks for elevating. "
" Barry is such a delight!! So supportive and kind "
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" Great reader and enjoyable to work with! "
" Perfect & Fun, Once Again! "
" Amazing reader that is so patient! "
" Relaxing personality, helpful reader. Wonderful! "
" Undeniably an MVP! Barry's tutelage in breaking down my character gave me the direction that I needed. An awesome human being and knowledgable actor! Semper Fidelis! "
" So helpful and a generous reader. Barry always jumps right in the scene and provides appropriate feedback. Thanks Barry!! "
" Super helpful also very funny! "
" Book him. He'sthe best!! "
" Wonderful! "
" My go to!! Amazing, thanks Barry!! "
" Always comes thru in a pinch! "
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" Barry my man... thank you for another awesome read!! Use Barry, you will be happy you did :) "
" So fun! thank you!! "
" My go to! Thanks Barry, helped me break down the beats of a co-star :) "
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" Great reader! "
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" Barry is a great reader and had good recommendations for my scene. "
" Working with Barry on scripts is productive and a whole lot of fun. "
" Always great working with Barry "
" Barry is great!! He was able to help me find the beats and work through a rocky scene. Thanks Barry! "
" Barry is a total pro! He's excellent at providing the right amount of insight while still creating an environment for you to play, and experiment. He was a great scene partner! Highly recommend. "
" Barry is a great audition partner. He's one of my top go to persons for self tape partners. He's a great reader, doesn't distract with unsolicited comments or notes and gives me what I ask for. Highly recommend. Thank you Barry! "
" Excellent reader "
" LOVE Barry! Super nice and fun to read with. Very insightful! "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Loved reading with Barry! He is a pro actor and knows how to direct if needed. will definitely work with him again. "
" Professional reader. Thanks, Barry "
" Barry is always great! Such great energy! "
" FANTASTIC READER!! Barry gave me AMAZING advice that really helped improve my audition!! "
" Barry is one of your best coaches/readers "
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" Always great! "
" Patient, focused and warm! "
" Great Reader! "
" Barry was excellent to work with! So much fun! "
" Such a good reader and a nice person! My first time using this website and I'm so glad I picked him! "
" He is just one of my favorites. Always the best. THANK YOU, Barry! "
" Thank you, Barry! You were a very professional and also fun reader to work with. Loved the references to other films that you brought to the table too. "
" My Fave!! ❤️ Feel awesome every time I self tape with Barry! "
" SO kind, so helpful, knowledgeable, great reader, and gave me an awesome note that really fixed a moment I was struggling with. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Easygoing, professional, easy to read with, makes you comfortable. Pleasure to work w/ him! "
" Very warm reader. A lot of fun to work with! "
" Wonderful, smart and great reader "
" He is the man! "
" Great and very supportive! "
" BARRY!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 fab time having barry as my reader for a self tape! was even willing to work our some Waudirion tech glitches. thanks barry!! "
" One of my Faves!!! Nailed every take, thanks to this wonderful Human right here ❤️ Barry!!! "
" Terrific reader for Glengarry Glen Ross. Knew his role in a minute. "
" Barry was patient, gave me great notes on my accent and scene, and was very kind and encouraging! "
" I completed a great self-tape with the help of Barry! He brought a great energy to the read and offered me creative feedback to make my self-tape that much better. Thanks Barry! Until we meet again... "
" Fantastic reader! Very relaxed and personable. "
" Thank you Barry for being an amazing scene partner and so patient! "
" Barry was a great reading partner! He was super supportive and gave the perfect energy for the scene! "
" Awesome human! Great reader! Glad we got to connect! Will use again! "
" Great reader! "
" Barry is fabulous! "
" Barry was fantastic! "
" Fantastic again!! Thank you Barry. This man knows his stuff! Read with him :) "
" Barry has always been awesome every time I partner with him. I highly recommend him as a reader. Definitely one of my regular go-tos. Thank you, Barry! :D "
" Great scene partner for auditions! :) "
" Barry was great! Knowledgeable feedback and good energy... 10/10 "
" Execellent working with Barry! "
" Fantastic! Really helped me break down a scene and discovered beats. Thanks Barry! "
" Perfect balance of honesty, attentiveness, encouragement and fun! Always wonderful! - Thank you, Barry! :) "
" Rockstar- always great!!!! my go to guy! "
" Amazing again! Thanks Barry :) "
" Working with Barry is always a great experience! "
" My go to! Thanks Barry, helps you make the scene sore and keeps you on track with beats and transitions. "
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" Such a great reader!! "
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" Great :) very professional and patient. would definitely recommend! "
" Very good, patient reader, gave great input, courteous "
" Barry is there to help you get the job done in the smoothest way possible. Thankful.. Love it. "
" He's the best one on here. Read with him for my last audition and the same CD sent me another the next day. Just read the other thousand reviews and work with him. Thank you again Barry! "
" Barry is legit. Terrific. Easy going, smart, warm, professional. Highly recommend. "
" Excellent reader! So kind and helpful. "
" Barry always come through! "
" Excellent and so humble! So much FUN!!!!! thank you Thank you Thank you!!! "
" C'mon. You've seen all the reviews. You've heard his name on Audrey Helps Actors. You know he's the one to work with for your audition. Good working with ya again Barry! "
" Barry is always professional and reliable, with a easy demeanor. Great to work with him. "
" Awesome! "
" Warm, patient and a good reader. Thanks Barry. "
" Perfect reader for my emotional scenes today! He's fantastic! "
" Wonderful!!! "
" I had a great first WeAudition experience working with Barry! I initially thought I would just run my lines with him, but we ended up shooting my scenes as well. He is a very generous actor and keeps it fun while also staying on task. I would definitely seek him out again when I need to run lines or self-tape an audition! Thanks Barry! "
" This was by far the best experience I have had working with a new reader. Everything they say about Barry is true! He was patient, knowledgeable, generous, encouraging, kind and talented. I honestly could not ask for anything more! I will be working with him again!!! "
" My go to guy before CD class!!! multiple sessions a week! "
" Barry is awesome!! Will definitely read with him again!! "
" Barry is always so dependable. I was in a time crunch and knew I could count on Barry to give me exactly what I needed to get a good take. Thank you Barry!! "
" My go to guy before a CD class- "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Barry is awesome! "
" Barry as always is a fantastic reader! I felt like we truly collaborated on this audition and that’s what any actor can ask of a fellow actor! "
" One of the best readers you have "
" Fabulous reader "
" Barry- you were great! thank you for your help "
" Lovely. Pleasant. Calm. Kind. Attentive. Collaborative. Great suggestions. Wonderful adjustments. Attention to Detail. Positive attitude. Patient. Reassuring. Honest. I will definitely book again! - Thank you, Barry! :) "
" Grrrreatttt reader "
" Always a pleasure to work with you Barry! Thank you for your insights, patience and help! "
" Really great reader, patient, great suggestions, takes direction well. Thanks, friend! "
" Barry is so great! Very patient, helpful and a pleasure to work with. "
" Barry is always a great scene partner. He's attentive, patient and flexible. Gives great feedback. "
" I dont know what i would do without this guy- no fear! "
" My go to guy as always!!! always helps and can help based on what he sees! highly recomend "
" SO FUN to read with! Very helpful :) "
" Great as always!! my go to guy to prep! "
" Barry is amazing "
" Barry is always a go-to when I want to get a scene up on it's feet quickly! Thanks man! "
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" Thanks so much Barry !! much love "
" One of the best readers you have. 10 plus "
" So helpful. and present . "
" Awesome as always, thanks!! "
" Awesome! "
" Fantastic reader. Very knowledgeable. We broke down the arc of the scene. Will use again. Thank you. "
" I'll go back again, and again, and again. Barry C, you da man! "
" Repeat customer, I really enjoy working with Barry! "
" Great reader and very helpful! "
" Barry's the man. Great reader, calm and collected, the type of guy you want to work with "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Barry is a fantastic reader! Really patient and helped me settle into my work and we tweaked it as we went along. "
" Very positive reader. thank you! "
" Always a gem!!! my go to guy to read with anytime he is online!!! Thank you again "
" There is a reason why Barry is MVP. Very helpful, sweet, kind, and has great ideas to work with. 10/10 recommend! "
" Barry is awesome "
" So great to have him read with me!!! love seeing him online when I have a scene to work on! Thanks again "
" What a lovely, fun reader! You can tell he's an actor's actor. He made a really small part appropriately large. I will definitely be using him again. "
" Great work! Thank you! "
" Mr. Clifton - nothing short of the best. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" I know if I want to get it done I can always rely on Barry! Another one done again! Thanks man! "
" Barry is amazing, great reader and simply a wonderful person. Book Barry. "
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" Barry is always attentive and enthusiastic to help me with my scene ! He brings care and passion. That's why I keep going back to him. "
" Another great session with the reading expert!!! "
" Barry is the man!!!! great reader!!!! so glad i was able to hook up with him and rehearse my scene. 1st time i was getting the role on its feet and Barry was awesome!! "
" Another home run w/Mr. Clifton! "
" Barry is awesome helped me out get knowledgeable with the platform and feel more comfortable "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great read! "
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" Tha Man! "
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" So so cool and pro "
" Great reader "
" So patient thanks Barry "
" Always so kind and patient. Great reader, book him! "
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" Barry is excellent! Thank you! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great energy and insight "
" Barry was an excellent! I enjoyed his feedback and coaching. He was very patient with me and we got some really solid takes in--especially for it being last minute and late night. I appreciate also some additional choices he offered to make the takes that much more solid. "
" Barry is such an amazing actor and a wonderful energy to work off of. So flexible, patient and thoughtful. Always a pleasure. "
" Very helpful, he had a ton of ideas that helped develop where the scene went! "
" What's really great about Barry is that he's really calm, and that helps you stay centered. Reach out to him, for sure! "
" Barry rules :) If you see him online, book him. "
" Always coming thru when needed - even at crazy times! "
" AMAZING!!! 10/10. Great reader and willing to put in the work till it's to your liking. Extremely kind as well!! "
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" Cool Kat, Barry - one of the best "
" Very professional and great feedback! "
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" Mr. Clifton... the man, the myth, the LEGEND. Always providing the sound re-directs. "
" I love working with Barry for so many reasons. An excellent reader, thoughtful, generous & a generally great soul. Thanks Barry. "
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" It's been a nice to see you here this evening Barry. You were the perfect reader for this role. "
" One of the best! Picked up on so many details in the scene and really helped me to bring it to life. Thank you :) "
" Second time with Barry-he is simply the best! "
" Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit, Barry, especially in the wee hours of the morning. You are a wonderful scene partner. "
" An awesome guy who know his stuff "
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" Simply smashing! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Best in the biz! "
" Barry is an experienced actor and understands script and character to a very useful level of detail when he reads with you. His insights helped create a compelling self tape. A lovely guy to boot. Look forward to working with him again. "
" The Best! "
" Great working with him! Comforting yet constructively critical. Def would work with you again "
" AWESOME!! Fantastic reader!! My new go-to :) "
" Not only is Barry a wonderful reader but he's an excellent listener and wonderful at breaking out down the text within just a few minutes I even thought to myself wow he's understanding this text way better than me I love reading with people that elevate you to a higher level that's definitely what you will get with Barry "
" As always top tier "
" Class act! Would work with Barry again! "
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" Always - ALWAYS a pleasure being able to have Barry help me out w/reads. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Super professional!!! And Patient!! We ran into some connection issues and he stayed super committed to getting the audition taped. Thanks Barry!!! "
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" Barry it ALWAYS great to work with you. Your presence and feedback is truly comforting. Thank you as always!! "
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" Barry is always fun, helpful and someone I can rely on to get me up to speed on a scene real quick. "
" Loved my session with Barry - so patient with me and provided great direction - thanks buddy! "
" A pleasure as always! Barry has always been a great and supportive reader for me :) "
" ALWAYS A PLEASURE. Warm, professional, kind, good actor/reader. "
" One of my fav's!! Great reader and great advice! :) Thanks, Barry. "
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" Excellent.! A lot of fun to work with and try different things! Recomend highly. "
" Barry you saved me - Barry ROCKS 🤩 "
" Great "
" Thank you! "
" Affable, good natured, fantastic Southern drawl, great read. "
" Great as always. Note: He can impersonate great voices too if you have like a character piece or horror audition "
" Barry was so great! Can't wait to work with him again "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Barry's such a great spirit to work with. It was my second session with him and he's always very down to earth and insightful. Would definitely recommend! "
" Another brilliant session, thanks Barry :) "
" Really good "
" Great Reader and he's so charming! "
" Once again, Barry did a great job! "
" Barry is just awesome! He is one of my go to guys for reads! "
" My second session with Barry. Can't wait until my 3rd "
" I can always count on you Barry. Thank you! See you next time. "
" This was my first experience to finally use a reader for WeAudition, and I'm very happy that I had Barry as my reader! He was so natural at it. :-) He helped me feel comfortable getting used to the WeAudition platform, explaining the features to me. (Thank you, Barry!) "
" Generous and super helpful. I'd read with Barry any day. "
" Fantastic reader, great energy. Thanks Barry!! "
" As always, Barry is a pleasure to work with! He gives spot-on notes and is very encouraging! "
" One of my go to's! Always a fun and productive time, thank you Barry for the great read! "
" Wow, such a cool guy!! It was so fun to run this dark scene with him. Cheers to you Barry "
" Just hanging out with Barry. Having fun playing with scenes. It's what we do, lol. Always great working/playing with Barry :) "
" Always excellent! "
" The BEST! "
" Simply the Best!!! Love working with him!! "
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" Barry was awesome! Highest recommendation "
" Barry. What a gift!! I'm ready! Thank you so much. "
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" Barry could not see or hear me. "
" Barry is always amazing! "
" Terrific to work with! Solid reader! "
" Barry was super professional and adept at keeping up with what I wanted. We had to shoot a dramatic audition and he provided everything I needed: improvising a moment before, keeping the pace up, and correcting me on lines. Can't recommend him highly enough! "
" Great! Fun! Playful! "
" Absolutely fantastic. This was my first time on the site & Barry was the first person I rehearsed with. I was feeling nervous & unsure of my one scene, & he put things into perspective so eloquently and organically. I'm leaving this session feeling so much more grounded, calm, and confident. Thank you so much, Barry - I'd highly recommend him to everyone on this site! "
" INCREDIBLE!!! Fun, Fun, Fun Reader and GREAT chemistry "
" Great actor man the real deal "
" Great "
" Can I call Barry my personal reader now? Always so great to rehearse with him. Thank you sir! "
" You don't need me to tell you that he's one of the best readers on here because you probably already know. Thanks again Barry! "
" Magnificent partner! Definitely a regular reader for me here :D "
" Amazing as always. If you need a character voice, he's your go to for sure. "
" Barry gave me some really great last minute tips and tricks on a Southern accent which helped me feel confident for my self tape. Really appreciated his kindness and help - would definitely recommend :)! "
" As always, I'm grateful for your time! "
" Fun to read with . Really patient! "
" Great reader. Gave me wonderful takes to be prepared for anything. "
" Thank to Barry's help , I just booked a Huge 3 episode Guest Star on a series. You are so appreciated sir! Some day we will meet in person and celebrate! Great reader guys...Book him! "
" Barry Rocks!!! Always a great read with this pro. Thank you sir! "
" So kind, helpful, and patient. Thank you! "
" Always such fun working with Barry! I can always depend on him for great insights into a scene. "
" Cool guy. On point. Easy to work with. "
" Barry is great. So patient, so encouraging & all round awesome to work with. Can't wait to do it again. Thanks so much. "
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" The usual class act. Thank you Barry! "
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" SUCH A GREAT READER! So patient and welcoming "
" Thanks again!! "
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" Barry is an EXCELLENT reader! I highly recommend him! "
" Love working with Barry, fantastic reader and very helpful. Thank you! "
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" Great reader as always! Thank you sir "
" I enjoy working with Barry. He's a very good reader. Follows my lead. Just as I like it. "
" Awesome reader! Very patient and helpful! "
" Always great to work with! "
" Super helpful. Great personality, and easily got off book with Barry! "
" Always great to read with Barry. Thank you sir! "
" Barry was so helpful! We broke down a script and read through everything so many times to uncover facts and what questions needed to be answered. Great insight! "
" Always a pleasure to work with! Great reader with helpful tips! "
" Great reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Amazing, Thank you. "
" So nice and easy to work with! Thanks so much! "
" I throughly enjoyed reading with Barry! He's awesome! "
" Love this guy! "
" Even though we didn’t go through with it Atleast he was patient in figuring out why my camera wasn’t working on the phone now Ik I have to do it through the computer so I thank him him for his time. "
" Excellent reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always a pleasure working with Barry! "
" I've read several times with Barry. Each time it has been different, but each time it has been familiar. It is like rehearsing, reading or self-taping with a friend. A friend that is not only professional, but a friend that puts you at ease knowing that he is there to help you give your best work. "
" Stellar! Always professional and always collaborative! "
" Very nice, and gave me great perspective on a demonic character I was playing "
" Awesome work with Barry! "
" Barry delivers as always with humor and perspective :) "
" Barry is the best! "
" Great "
" Barry is so great, he has such an infectious thoughtfullness that motivated great conversation & scene / character analysis. "
" Barry was lovely! Great pacing which really helped this scene come to life. "
" Barry is a good dude and an awesome reader. His friendly vibe and passion for the work is exactly what you want from a collaborator! "
" Amazing work "
" Amazing work "
" Amazing work "
" Excellent reader! Very good at giving precise feedback :) "
" Excellent "
" Thank you once again sir! Great reader! A real pro. "
" Love working with Barry! "
" Excellent reader, will definitely use him again. "
" Barry is AWESOME!!! PERIOD!!! "
" Amazing work "
" Barry Was patient and great with his suggestions. Some valuable tips helped me get better with my trial runs... "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always appreciate Barry's help! "
" Such a sharp minded and giving reader! "
" Always fun to work with Barry! "
" What a great guy! Great conversationalist and impeccable reader. So patient. Lots of fun to work with. "
" Barry was so helpful! Had some great ideas on my character! Highly recommend :) "
" Barry was great. He walked me through my first We Audition session. Talented reader. "
" Excellent. Great reader. He is also a gentleman. "
" Very easy to work with. He's a great scene partner and self tape reader. I recommend him and I'll work with him again (not my first time either -- repeat customer :) "
" I can always depend on Barry for insight, help and humor when working on scenes :) "
" Barry is the best! Thank you sir! Always a good time reading with you. "
" Barry is always up to help me and it's always so appreciated. Great reader and support. "
" 5 star encore performance! "
" Barry is amazing, great help. A great reader. Thank you. "
" Awesome! So patient and very good notes. "
" N/A "
" Barrys a great guy! I recommend him to anyone that needs a reader! "
" Barry is fantastic! He rehearsed some sides with me, and he gave me amazing insight and tips into character work. I feel so much more prepared and knowledgable after working with him. "
" Always such a helpful reader. I love working with Barry. "
" Barry came through again! One of my go to people. Helps me get to the best of me for my auditions. "
" Needed quick help and I knew I could count on Barry. "
" Barry is always there with a kind word and excellent reading skills. Always a pleasure to work with him. "
" Always know I can count on Barry to help me get a scene up to speed quickly. "
" Barry is great! A fantastic reader who is patient and helpful. "
" Great reader and very kind! "
" Always great working with Barry! He's one of my go to people . "
" Barry is just fantastic, such a supportive reader. Thank you :) "
" Great "
" Barry is fantastic, read 4 scenes with me and helped me chose the appropriate scene for me for a general. Jumped into the script right away and gave constructive feedback. Thanks Barry! "
" Awesome like always. "
" It always feel amazing to learn from Barry!! "
" Very patient and a great reader!! "
" Always great working with Barry! "
" Barry was a great reader, very professional. "
" Thanks Barry :) Brilliant Stuff "
" Great! "
" Gave some great notes regarding names and annunciation. "
" Fun to work with and great reader!! "
" I've read for Barry several times. Now he has returned the favor and boy am I glad I selected him. Professional, proficient and a pleasure to work with. "
" Barry is a SOLID reader! Second time working with him. HIGHLY recommend. "
" He is a wonderful reader- very poised and a very good listener. He is great at script analysis and generous with his time. Thank you so much~ "
" Barry is the best you can get! We talked about how much actors need other actors in this work - so awesome to be able to connect, share resources, and practice the craft from across the country. "
" Barry's a fantastic reader, very like-minded and a hard-working actor, definitely recommend "
" I loved working with Barry! Great reader and great collaborator. Barry had so many great thoughts to offer as we were working. Thanks so much, Barry! "
" Extremely helpful!!! ☺️ "
" Always a pleasure working with Barry! "
" Awesome supportive reader!!!! "
" Barry is super cool and a great reader: "
" Always my go to for self tapes! Thank you sir! "
" Great to work with! "
" Second time with Barry. He is great, easy going and super helpful. Highly recommend! "
" Barry was so fun to read with! I definitely recommend. "
" Great feedback and patience. He is awesome! "
" Awesome! Thank you! "
" Excellent, helpful, friendly reader. Highly recommended. "
" Barry's super friendly, helpful, and a lot of fun to work with! I'd recommend him in a heartbeat. Looking forward to working with him again soon! "
" Fun and great as always! Thank you! "
" Incredible! We could literally talk forever "
" Great reader and awesome guy!! "
" Barry is always helpful and a pleasure to work with! "
" Barry was very helpful in providing notes and suggesting exercises to improve my performance. Thanks Barry! "
" Friendly! "
" Another amazing read! Thanks so much! THE BEST "
" Absolutely LOVE working with this rock star! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always love working with Barry. Thank you! "
" Barry was awesome! "
" One of my favorite readers! A calm, cool, collected actor of super high caliber who makes me feel comfortable and brings out good work. Thanks Barry! "
" Absolutely LOVED reading w/Barry. Will definitely reach out to him whenever he's available! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" So great as usual. Thank you!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Excellent reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Barry was so phenomenal! And he gave me excellent notes that I didn't think of to make my self-tape stronger! Thank you, Barry!!! :D "
" Another great session with Barry! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Love working with Barry! Positive, upbeat and always ready play! "
" Barry saved my life!!! Thank you sir for a great self-tape session! "
" Always great working with Barry! "
" Such a great reader! Thank you again sir! "
" Great as usual! thanks! "
" Such fun working with Barry! Really appreciate his help and excitement for the process. "
" Always so great. Thank you sir! "
" So so so so helpful!! Love reading with Barry "
" Always a pleasure. Great notes and help "
" Barry was great! Will be using him again "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great reader. So patient and kind with a great sense of humor. Thanks Barry!! "
" Fabulous!! Gave me so many great notes for the scene and tweaks to the accent I need to pull off for this audition. Would love to work with him again. "
" ALWAYS a pleasure. Warm, great reader, professional, supportive, and friendly. Thanks, Barry. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Lovely! Thank you! "
" Always a pleasure working with Barry. "
" Absolutely lovely and brilliantly imaginative. "
" Great reader, with a very nice disposition. Easy to work with. "
" Barry was great! Patient, helpful and knowledgeable. "
" Barry books jobs! "
" Always a pleasure working with Barry! "
" Great! Super fun to read with. Thank you!! "
" Excellent and helpful reader. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Sweet, friendly and helpful. Great to work with! "
" Very supportive positive reader. Very good actor too. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" ALWAYS A PLEASURE! So great! Thanks, Barry. "
" Great as ever! "
" Excellent Reader!! "
" He is a wonderful reader! Thank you. "
" Great help!! "
" Super helpful as always! Thanks, Barry. "
" Very generous to work with. Great "
" Barry was very patient and supportive, he gave me great reactions, natural pausing :) Thank you so much! "
" Barry really dialed it in for me for my self tape. Great positive attitude and a pleasure to have reading for me. "
" Very helpful and kind. "
" Always my go to !!! Thank you sir! "
" Amazing Reader! Work with Barry!!!!!! "
" Always a pleasure, always a pro "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Thank you, Barry! "
" Great! Thank you! "
" One of my fav's! Great reader, thanks Barry! "
" Barry was a great reader. Very helpful and would certainly recommend. "
" Really fantastic reader! Very helpful! "
" Awesome reader, thank you for your help! "
" Barry was very patient and helped me nail two scenes in no time. Thanks, Barry! "
" Barry is kind, generous and a great support for fellow actors! "
" Thank you sir! Always a pleasure!!! "
" Great reader! Invested and asked requests and questions. Will rehearse with Barry again soon! "
" FANTASTIC. One of the best on this site. THANK YOU. "
" One of my favorites! Great reader and so cool to work with "
" Barry is a very good reader. Helped me. "
" Barry is such a professional and kind help. Total joy to work with. "
" Choose Barry! "
" Great Reader!!!! Super patient!!! "
" Thank you! "
" Super helpful! Very warm, professional, and a great cold reader. Thanks, Barry. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Lovely reading with Barry! He drops in so well to give his scene partner something to play off of. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" 5 Stars :-) "
" Thank you! "
" Always a pleasure reading with Barry! Thank you sir! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great reader "
" Great "
" Thank you, Barry! Very lovely! "
" Great reader! Really fun and talented "
" Barry is great! Very very helpfull "
" Happy birthday marine corp! "
" Great again "
" Barry gave an excellent read, and his feedback was spot on. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" This guy is great! "
" One of my favs! Super chill and great reader. Thanks so much! "
" Solid actor; good facility w language "
" Barry was kind and helpful, and was a great scene partner, particularly good with Shakespeare. "
" Great reader once again! Super kind and comfortable to work with. Good notes too! "
" Great guy! he read well and coached me on some of the scene as well. A huge help. "
" Awesome reader!! Hope to see Barry again. "
" Barry was fantastic and some great suggestions. "
" Love to read with Barry! "
" Great reader. Thank you sir! "
" Great reader! Super kind and helpful! Made me feel really relaxed and helped me go deeper with the character. Thanks Barry! "
" Great read and really awesome energy! does a southern dialect super perfect :-) "

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