Josh Hemphill

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**Will be on the season 3 finale of 'The Other Two' on HBO max.

Hi there! I'm Josh! (He/him/his) NYC based actor. You can see me on TV series such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Politician, Alternatino with Arturo Castro, Billions, The Jim Gaffigan Show and more! I have worked with thousands of actors on this site and have helped many of them book their self tapes.

Experienced reader at several NYC casting offices for film/tv/theater and networking companies for 11 years. Having worked closely with many NYC Casting Directors, I have a good grasp of how certain offices work. It has helped me out tremendously with audition technique and booking jobs. Will gladly be your reader for audition/class prep, self tapes or to just give advice. For more of my acting credits and my reel, please feel free to head over to my IMDb page, actor bio page or my website

If my beacon is off, you can direct contact me here by filling out the form.

I am proud to be part of this community. I am firm believer of supporting one another in a business that has its ups and downs and I always provide a safe space for all. When one of us rises then we all rise. Too many bookings! :)

As a born and raised Jersey boy, Josh got the acting bug, around the age of 3, from watching classic musicals and music videos on MTV. When he saw his first Broadway show, at the age of 6, he knew right then and there he wanted to live in New York, like so many other thriving artists. At the age of 9 he told his parents that he really wanted to pursue acting, and with their love and support, the rest is history.

As a child and teenager, he was very fortunate to be cast in various reputable regional theater productions as well as commercial/print work. He studied musical theater at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. After he graduated from AMDA, he ended up on the road working in children's theater for six months. After touring life, he was in cast in Off-Broadway productions and moved his focus to Film/TV, ultimately booking several roles on network TV shows, including HBO, Showtime, Amazon, TV Land, Comedy Central, Netflix and more.

​In his heart, Josh, will always be a Jersey boy, but today as a NYC resident, he is proud to call himself a New Yorker. When Josh isn't acting, he continues to be inspired by seeing shows and performances on stage and the silver screen. He continues to and always will be in awe of what this wonderful city has to offer.

Agent - Take 3 Talent Natasha Matallana

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" Fantastic reader! "
" Yay! Helped me knock out two auditions in record time. Insightful ideas from script to staging. Thanks Josh! "
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" Patient and wonderful with comedy! "
" The best. "
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" Fantastic reader! "
" Always a joy. Thanks, Josh! "
" Josh was super easy and very fun to read with! Great energy and helpful tips. "
" A++++ "
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" As always great reader who can help me get into character! "
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" Great comedic time-ing! "
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" So great, love having his point of view on the scene. Lovely to work with as always :) "
" Thank you so much Josh, once again! You are so professionnal, reassuring and sweet. A safe bet! "
" Such a great READER and COACH! Gives awesome advice, notes and delivery of lines. Energy is up and up and up. Get the best takes when I tape with JOSH!!! "
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" Absolutely amazing!!!!! Cannot recommend him enough! Such great timing and can pick up any script "
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" Always always always so good to see you, and read with you. you rock, thanks again! "
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" Always 5 stars!! "
" Professional, engaged, and just a joy to read with. The best! "
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" You are the best, as always. thank you Josh!! "
" Such a professional, made sure that we had everything that I needed. Really great to work with, will book with Josh again! "
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" Great! "
" The best! "
" The best! "
" Love love LOVE working with Josh! Fantastic reader actor and human being, such a kind, supportive energy, gives great feedback to help you do your best work - one of my faves here who I've read with a LOT! Will always highly recommend working with Josh! "
" The Best! "
" Super! "
" Amazing reader that always gives amazing tips! Has helped me book a role from previous sessions!! One of my go to readers! Thanks so much! "
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" Always gives the best feedback and is so supportive. An amazingly talented actor & reader!! "
" Well done!! HIGHLY recommend. "
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" So good, so smart... completely able to roll with everything and was able to quickly change a line when I got lost in the script. Perfect save. Just the best. "
" Excellent reader and lovely person. wonderful actor! "
" Amazing reader who is so patient!!! "
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" Josh is a first rate actor, his instincts are amazing, jumped in a read the scene and understood all the beats instantly. Highly recommend for scene partner or rehearsal. "
" LOVE HIM!!!! "
" Josh always helps me with whatever I am working on. He has insight and good suggestions pertaining to my scene. I highly recommend him. "
" Josh is amazing! I was reading in a different language and he was able to follow along and read with me confidently! He's got skills! "
" Very easy to work with. "
" Amazing. A wonder! "
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" He was wonderful to work with again! "
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" He was so much fun to work with! Great energy and super easy to play off "
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" Josh, thank you. You always give me good insight to my scenes. "
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" My go to guy - an absolute GEM! "
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" MVP all day. So great to finally work with Josh. Such a pro and excellent scene partner and reader. 11/10 y'all. "
" Thank you again! "
" "Oh thank GOD - Josh is online!!" - my reaction when I log on to WeAudition and see that this legend is available to read with me! "
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" The best! Consistently! "
" Josh is always the best!!! Thank you again. A+ "
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" Thanks so much josh! always making sure my pacing is on point! "
" Alwasy great! "
" I always enjoy reading with Josh. He provides valuable insights into how to approach the role. "
" BOOK HIM!! Utterly great!!! "
" Josh is such a big help with the tough scenes. Really supportive and has great, subtle, supportive notes "
" Amazing reader as usual! "
" As always, Josh helps me hit ti out of the park! I love his insight and feedback and I always know my self-tapes rock when i can work wirh him!! "
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" Still one of my favorite readers on this app. "
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" Josh is just so warm, encouraging, friendly and supportive. Fantastic reader. Definitely my go-to guy! "
" Great. "
" Excellent ! "
" One of my absolute favorite readers. Book him! "
" Josh is epically fantastic. THANK YOU! "
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" Amazing, a breath of fresh air! "
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" Very intuitive experience! Great reader lots of great behavior to work off of! "
" Excellent "
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" One of my favorite readers! "
" 10/10 "
" Fantastic reader! "
" And again ...just great !!! "
" A Real Pro !!!!! "
" Josh is a pro through and through. I had 3 scenes to cold read and we got it done in under an hour! Love working with him. Bravo! "
" Josh is always spectacular! A wonderful reader and coach, whose feedback and insights always take my auditions to new levels! He's fun, too! You can't go wrong, working with him! "
" Excellent "
" He's great! "
" So good as always and SO good with pace. Hire Josh, he just gets it!!!!!!!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" SUBLIME as always. I always feel confident, supported and BADA$$ when working with Josh. Book him! "
" Read with Josh for the second time today and he was fabulous as usual! "
" Josh is an excellent reader, instantly understood the sides and gave great tips/feedback. "
" Lovely as always! "
" Extremely helpful and professional "
" So wonderful and fun. Ypu have to work with him! "
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" BOOK HIM, He is my audition good luck charm d I trust him with EVERYTHING! "
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" Patient, and professional and fun to work with! "
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" Amazing person to work with. Gives great notes and great actor! "
" Excellent reader......very you stuff to play with! "
" I am so glad I found Josh on this site! Not only do I have fun in every scene I tape with Josh, but I am constantly learning something new as an actress. Josh is a great reader, who provided me with tips that truly enhanced my scenes AND led to me booking a co-star role on a network tv series!!! SO THANK YOU JOSH! "Insert praise hands emojis" "
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" Great reader! Very flexible with helping dig into the scene and find the good stuff:) "
" Did one more read with Josh before my Zoom callback to get it more dialed in. Always a confidence boost! "
" THANK YOU!!! "
" Josh is the best! So kind, talented, generous and gives great notes! Book him now! "
" I always feel lifted up by the safe space Josh creates to explore and bring my authentic self to the role. I'm working on a role that is making me feel very vulnerable and Josh made me feel confident, supported, and safe. Highly recommend this gem. "
" Consistently reliable and amazing! "
" Amazing <3 "
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" Josh gave me excellent notes on my scene from the perspective of an experienced reader in the CDs offices and it helped me very much! Thank you Josh! Highly recommend. "
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" Thanks Josh! "
" So great!! And right on with adjustments! "
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" As always, so easy to work with and so nice to see. Thanks, Josh!! "
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" Excellent "
" Great! "
" Working with Josh was great as usual! The last time Josh read for me, I got a callback for the role--so much appreciation for him. This time, we worked on a dayplayer role, and he helped me get out of my head. "
" Always super helpful! "
" Booking secrect weapon!!! "
" The absolute BEST, my BOOKING good luck Charm "
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" Great working with you again! "
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" Always fun! Always great re-direction suggestions! And, of course, he's divine as a reader! I always love it when Josh is free to read with me on self-tapes!! "
" Thank you! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" A miracle and why I love We Audition! "
" Josh is WONDERFUL! So supportive, such great audition advice, such a great reader and scene partner - one of the BEST! Highly recommended that you read with Josh - thank you, Josh! "
" He knows this drill👌 "
" My fave! Always such great advice thank you! "
" Awesome reader- super flexible and kind! "
" AMAZING <3 "
" Super reader!!!Loved "
" Josh came ready to play the characters! "
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" One of my go-to's. He's amazing. "
" Thank you Josh! Awesome scene partner and reader! "
" Josh is so wonderful to work with! Not only is he an awesome reader, but he also gives tips and feedback on how your scene is supposed to be. He's amazing! "
" Great reader.... "
" The besttt "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
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" Literally saved the day!!! "
" MVP!! incredible reader and actor. the real deal "
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" Josh is amazing .. knows his stuff and a fabulous reader ... my audition had 3 male characters in the scene and made the transitions flawless thank you "
" Fabulous as always!! "
" Super friendly, easy to work with. Very helpful in giving direction. "
" Thank you Josh! Terrific and insightful feedback. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Another awesome session with Josh! Gave me amazing tips to help create my character and legit had fun! Book him! "
" Amazing "
" Such a delight. Will try and work with him again. Picked up a huge scene and gave me such a fun read on his first go! "
" The best. "
" Very patient and fun to work with! Thank you, Josh! "
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" Always a pleasure to work with Josh! "
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" So great!! "
" Easy and so kind! Saved me in a pinch. :) "
" Amazing reader! Thank you for your patience and generous feedback. I'll be calling you again soon, I'm sure! "
" Lovely as always. Patient, kind and supportive "
" Great reader, I had a improv project and Josh just jumped right in...gave a very natural and honest performance. Thank you! "
" Fantastic reader! "
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" Fantastic reader! "
" Josh is great! Book him! "
" Fantastic reader! "
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" Josh: Impeccable as always! Josh is a spot-on reader with endless patience. He is incisive with feedback and an incredible scene partner. Thank you! "
" Always love working with josh! "
" Quickly picked up the material and very patient. Thank Josh! "
" Always the best! "
" Good read, as always "
" Terrific always! Book him and enjoy! "
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" Another 5 star session, thank you! "
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" Patient, good energy, consistent. "
" Amazing again as always! Always leave my sessions with Josh feeling confident about my work! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
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" Josh was a pleasure! Great timing and picked up the scene quickly. "
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" He's the man! "
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" A national treasure "
" Just what I needed ... a 15-min rehearsal with Josh... thank you!! "
" Always a pleasure working with Josh! "
" Love reading with Josh he is so great! "
" Josh is simply excellent. On all fronts. "
" Josh is my go-to.. he gets the scene quickly, has great notes and is committed to my success. Thank you!! "
" One of my favorite readers. "
" Great reader! Looking forward to working with Josh again. Thank you "
" Great scene partner. Looking forward to working with Josh again. Thank you! "
" Great, took his time. "
" Lovely as always! "
" JOsh is the best!! "
" Thank you! "
" He’s fantastic! Book him now! "
" First time working with Josh and I'll absolutely be requesting him again. Incredibly kind and patient as well as a generous reader. Helped me out with a bizarre little tape and had a good time with it. Thanks again, Josh! "
" Continue to use Josh as a reader and always gives me the best help! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" So lovely and easy to work with! Perfect person for my first reader. "
" So patient and supportive as I worked through some wordy lines...thank you Josh! "
" He rocks every time! "
" Amazing as always! Thank you! "
" It's always a pleasure to work with Josh. I booked a major guest star on network tv the last time I booked him! "
" Always love working with Josh!! "
" He is so MVP! "
" Book him now...before he's on a series and you're getting his autograph. "
" Wonderful "
" Josh is my number 1 reader! "
" Josh is my go-to reader!!!! Everything you need. "
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" Love Josh. Always the best. Chill vibes great reader, very supportive. "
" AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING reader and energy!!! "
" Josh is amazing! You'll love him! "
" Josh is a phenomenal reader / coach, extremely helpful and patient and helps guide you to be your best self! He's in your corner! "
" Always an excellent reader who keeps you moving! Great with capturing the atmosphere of the scene. "
" Just another fun, wonderful session with Josh! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always amazing! Josh is blue chip all the way! "
" Great reader! "
" Such a natural reader and had some great suggestions to help my scene! Will definitely be using Josh again as a reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" I love working with Josh. Helped me so much with my audition!! "
" Always a pleasure working with Josh!!! "
" Amazing reader! Super patient and kind. Thanks so much for helping me with an audition :) "
" Josh did a rehearsal with me for a self-tape I'll do tomorrow. ... so helpful! "
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" JOSH is the best! "
" Josh was super "
" Josh, always a pleasure! Great reader with great insights. "
" Thank you, Josh!! GREAT READER! So supportive and great "
" Josh was a fun reader and offered me great feedback. Super helpful! "
" Always a joy "
" Love Josh! "
" Another great session! "
" A real expert, awesome to work with and on a self tape. "
" The best! "
" He is so reliable and incredible. Very grateful. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" The best! "
" Great as always! "
" Always a great reader! "
" Doesn't matter the setting lol I get such great feedback from Josh and have such fun prepping! Thanks again! "
" Amazing and fun reader! "
" Thank you Josh! "
" Josh is the bomb! "
" Josh is always ready to work! Great reader. Picks up cues really well. Positive and supportive:) "
" Josh is the best! "
" Love working with Josh!! "
" Josh is thoughtful, friendly, and a great reader. Thanks Josh! "
" Josh rocked. I am filming this weekend and it was soooooo nice to prep with someone so kind, knowledgeable, and supportive. Felt a lot of ease, and most importantly community!!! Plus Josh has a wicked cute cat. Thank you so much for helping me and making me feel less alone in this crazy actor ride! Can't wait for the next! "
" Awesome reader "
" My Rock. Extremely supportive and a good coach "
" Very supportive!! he was so great "
" Josh is consistently helpful--insightful, encouraging and knowledgeable ... an indispensable resource in my self-tape process! "
" Very kind helpful, I loved his energy! I’m very glad! "
" Always a golden reader- the best and more supportive notes!! Choose Josh, you won't regret it! "
" Love him! "
" Incredible <3 "
" Great reader! "
" Always wonderful! "
" Great reader will definitely be coming back "
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" Soooo helpful! Great working with Josh on my audition tape. "
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" Fantastic reader! "
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" I mean he's the man! "
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" Josh is always amazing and super encouraging! Thank you! "
" Awesome Reader! "
" Qualityyyy "
" Theeeee bestest!! BOOK HIMMMMMMMMM "
" Great reading with Josh who gives good suggestions and notes to take the performance to the next level and a very nice guy to boot "
" The Comedy Doctor is in the house!!! "
" A true Gem on here. Always so great and kind. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Josh was wonderful as always! :) "
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" Amazing! "
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" Another fantastic session. Thank you! "
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" Josh is the best! Read with him!! "
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" Great reader, super nice guy, wonderful advice too. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great experience. Gave great specific notes and provided encouragement ☺️☺️ "
" Always prompt with replies and a heck of a coach! "
" He is incredible. Always so so so so so grateful for his help. "
" Always fabulous!!!! "
" Love working with Josh!! So helpful, great ideas and wonderful reader. Thank you! "
" I often ask this lovely man to read with me. He's bright, and patient, too. "
" Amazing as always! "
" Always awesome! Josh is a great reader and also can improv with you if need be! He's great "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Sweetheart! "
" Awesome, thanks Josh! "
" Another great session "
" Josh is the best! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" A lifesaver! Jumped right in and was an excellent scene partner as always! BOOK HIM "
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" Great Reader! "
" Great as always! "
" Easy to work with, friendly and professional. Thanks Josh! "
" Fantastic! So love to read with! "
" He is just fantastic! I have so much pleasure working with him ! Thank you "
" So so so so good and quick and kind. :-) thanks josh! "
" Wonderful! Super pro! "
" Josh is amazing!! "
" The best always! "
" The best! "
" Josh was wonderful again! Gave me great feedback to help me bring my character to life! :) "
" Great session "
" Great session "
" Another great session "
" What can I say? Josh is absolutely the perfect reader to do a scene with. His knowledge of the business and the way he helps you break down the sides is second to none. Josh is MY GO TO GUY!!! He should be yours too. Thanks Josh "
" Wonderful reader "
" Awesome Reader! "
" It's always a pleasure working with Josh. He has such great insight and he's super helpful., and he's fun to talk to - he has a wealth knowledge about the industry and casting. I loved the adjustment he gave me to help make the scene pop!!! Thank you s much!! "
" So incredibly helpful. Grateful. "
" Josh is always the best! He is so knowledgable and open and is helpful not just with being a terrific reader, but full of advice and insights into our industry. "
" Josh is an excellent reader! Really fast to get to it and helped me get my scenes done quickly! "
" Josh rocks! "
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" Amazing with comedy and everything else too! "
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" Fantastic, as always. "
" Great session! "
" Wonderful as always. "
" SO grateful for Josh. Amazing reader. smart and fun "
" Wonderful! "
" Always so encouraging and right on with his feedback. Amazing actor too! "
" Fantastic as always! "
" I appreciate the notes and advice Josh gives! "
" So kind and helpful! "
" He is just the best! So grateful. Always helping me out and holding such great audition space. "
" So wonderful! always happy to see josh online "
" Josh is the man! "
" Always love working with Josh! "
" The best! So helpful "
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" Amazing "
" Lovely "
" Josh was great he jumped right into the character making it much more real! "
" Lovely reader! "
" Friendly. Very capable. "
" Such a great, funny actor and really nice guy. His reading helped give me fresh, new ideas for the scene. Highly recommend! "
" Thanks Josh! He's the best! "
" Great reader and very helpful advice! "
" Oh my goodness thank you for dealing with my chaotic nature and being a rock. Very present natural read, and helpful notes when I asked! thank YOU! "
" The best. "
" Another awesome session with Josh! What a gem! "
" Amazing reader with great energy! "
" I can throw 3 scripts at once ,and this man delivers every time. So great at Cold Reading. Always fun as well.A+ "
" An extremely natural reader and friendly to read with! "
" Absolutely wonderful! "
" Great reader! Love his energy! "
" Absolutely wonderful reader, really natural. He also understood the material, which really helps! Highly recommend. "
" The best! "
" Book him. He's the best. "
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" LOVE working w/ josh! Great feedback if u want it--like getting a mini master class and audition all in one! Keeps things moving along--productive and fun at the same time. "
" We dived in and Josh nailed it, no notes!!! Thank you Josh <3 "
" Great to meet Josh again. Always fun to read and gives great feedback "
" THE BEST!!! "
" Amazing! So helpful, always "
" Wonderful to work with "
" Pleasure to work with, great energy and fun! "
" Really Sweet! Great read! "
" Amazing as always. Josh helped me get pinned last time. I loved working with him so I scheduled him for my next self-tape. Simply the best :) "
" Josh is a FANTASTIC reader -- a collaborator who jumps in with two feet, commits (read a 15-page script before our session!) and is at the same time chill. AWESOME. "
" Josh is amazing "
" He's the best. BOOK HIM! "
" Josh is always amazing! I highly recommend him! "
" Love this reader "
" Amazing!!! "
" A consonant professional with a demeanor that makes auditioning fun and easy. "
" Glorious! King of comedy "
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" Fantastic reader! "
" The best. So supportive. "
" All great again after my bad lighting. Note to self: Check it before logging out of the session! "
" Wonderful, professional and ready for anything! "
" Another fantastic read with great notes and feedback. Thank you!! "
" Josh is the bomb! "
" Yup! Know I'm having a great day lol <3 "
" 5 STARS ACROSS THE BOARD!!!! Josh is amazing in every aspect. I thought I had made some good choices myself, but Josh just took it to the next level. I am so happy to re-connect with Josh. With that said...BOOK HIM NOW!!! "
" Josh is an excellent reader!! "
" I saw Josh and his credentials and jumped on the chance to read with him.... he absolutely delivered Encouraging energy and adjustments were very helpful. "
" Always a true professional and fun reader! Look forward to working with you again Josh. Much love and success! "
" Totally delivered! All on fronts. Excellent. "
" Perfect. "
" My saviour as always! Such a great guy and awesome reader. A+ "
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" Great sense of humor. so fun for this comedy. so personable. right in the pocket!! will def use again!! "
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" Great!!! "
" The best as always! "
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" Excellent as always!!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" I can always rely on Josh for great self tapes! "
" Amazing "
" Josh is so quick and efficient. Just on it. Quickly gathers what a side is and what's happening and is able to deliver on the spot. Again please. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Josh was great! Thank you so much! "
" The Best! "
" So lovely. fantastic reader. totally in the scene and great notes/suggestions/ if you ask. "
" Another great session "
" BEST READAAA great feedback to elevate scene!! "
" A++ "
" I can't say enough. 2nd time with Josh, and not only does he give exactly what is asked for, but his vibe alone makes you want to have him in all your auditions. Thank you again!! "
" Cannot recommend Josh enough! The absolute best! "
" Love working with Josh every time!! "
" So fun and funny and great! "
" Amazing! <3 "
" One of my favorite readers! "
" Another excellent session! Thanks for helping build my confidence and the great notes. :-) "
" Josh is a joy to work with! He really helps me get word perfect on the dialog which I need and appreciate. "
" Very Helpful!! "
" He's helped me on a number of self tapes now and understands scripts and genres SO well. truly a pro! "
" Awesome reader. super truthful. great to work with. "
" Great reader! "
" Josh is great! Always delivers. Look forward to working with him again! "
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" ALWAYS A++++++ Highly recommend "
" Always a pleasure. Always a great help. Thanks! "
" Fantastic reader, very astute notes, and super kind and fun! will definitely be back! "
" So personable and easy to have a conversation with. Thank you for your feedback as well! "
" Great read "
" Always a pleasure! Great reader! "
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" The besttt "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great read!! "
" Absolutely wonderful. Super professional & very talented! "
" The best "
" One of my best experiences so far. Great pacing while shooting and has such patience. "
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" Fabulous !!! thanks Josh for you fine read :) "
" Josh was a fabulous reader, quick with the lines, quick to get into the scene, and helpful with advice! "
" Fantastic reader! "
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" So patient! Great notes! Will be back "
" Fantastic reader. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" A great talent and a helpful reader! "
" Incredible reader!!! Plus kind and patient! Read with Josh! "
" The Best! "
" Another great session "
" Fantastic AND friendly. What more can I ask for? Great reader and great feedback. Thank you so much!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always awesome. Thank you Josh "
" Excellent and insightful! "
" Kind, patient and such good vibes! "
" So encouraging and patient. Thank you! "
" Great Reader!! "
" Great "
" Always a pleasure working with Josh! "
" Amazing as always. "
" A+ reader! "
" Josh was an excellent reader. So patient, very helpful. Was able to pull off reading THREE other characters (no easy feat) with ease. "
" Josh is, as always, wonderful! "
" The best! "
" Great!! "
" The best "
" Josh is the bomb! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Absolute go to for me!! Josh is FANTASTIC ❤️ "
" Excellent reader, highly, HIGHLY recommend!!! Josh was easy to work with, positive attitude, supportive, very good with notes and feedback and just a pleasure of a person. Would love to work with him again. "
" ✨I love Josh!!! He is so kind, open and a wonderful reader!!! Read with him and your audition will shine!!!✨ "
" Brilliant- supportive, helpful, and gives great feedback! "
" Brilliliaaant "
" Love love love! "
" Such a pleasure to work with. I'll be booking him again and often in the future! "
" Fantastic! "
" Josh is super great! We worked for an hour and got 13 pages sorted out :) "
" Aahhh amazing reader and actor, will definitely be using again A+ "
" Josh is fantastic! So much fun to work with. Great reader "
" The best. Just book him. "
" A kind soul and an excellent reader! "
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" Everything you could want in a reader!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Lovely reader :) "
" Great reader! Second time working with him and I hope it won't be the last. "
" He's amazing. So patient... a great reader "
" Josh is an amazing reader! So quick to the mark, great at adding a character to play off and lets you do as many takes as you need - legend! "
" Josh was a perfect reader! He nailed it off the bat "
" Josh is my guy! I'm always so excited to see when he's online. Very grounded, very sincere and always has such a positive attitude. Thanks so much again Josh! "
" Thank you for your help!!! "
" Good reader. "
" Excellent reader! Very good at keeping the pace going and giving honest responses. Looking forward to the next time! "
" The best reader!!! And such helpful notes. Thank you Josh!! "
" Josh was wonderful! "
" Josh is my go to. He's the best!! "
" Love Josh. "
" The BEST! "
" Great working with you again! "
" Love Josh!! Kind, Talented Human, work with him, you will be so glad that you did ❤️ "
" If you ever have comedy- CHOOSE JOSH!!! "
" Always positive and encouraging. Just the best. "
" Always Fantastic to work with! BOOK HIM! "
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" The best. As always. "
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" Excellent reader. Great Energy. Fun. "
" Easy to work with! "
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" Fantastic reader! "
" Very helpful. "
" Always a pleasure. Always warm, patient, kind, talented! Thanks, Josh. "
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" Great to work with "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Creates a lovely atmosphere to work in "
" Excellent reader "
" Incredible every time - can't miss with Josh! "
" I was super excited to see Josh available because I love working with him. He is extremely patient and supportive. He has so many great ideas to make your audition come to life!!! Thank you so much!! "
" Terrific "
" Well, the results sure say alot. 3rd time working with Josh. 1st time booked; 2nd time callback. He helps you grow as an artist. "
" Great read! "
" Josh is a great cold reader! thanks Josh! "
" Great reader! He found the flow of the scene immediately. Loved working with Josh. Thank you! "
" Excellent warm friendly reader. Thank you so much Josh! "
" Excellent. A true artist of the craft. "
" So incredible and helpful, AS ALWAYS! <3 "
" Goes above and beyond and always has that pucnhline that oyu need! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Second time working with Josh and he is super helpful and patient. "
" Josh rocks! Just what the actor needs! "
" Grade A reader and support here with Josh. So appreciate his energy, experience, and insights. Highly recommend! "
" Awesome and professional! Would love to work with him again in the future. "
" Josh is just terrific! Calm, open, and flexible— a wonderful reader and splendid actor who will do whatever you need to get it right! "
" Fabulous yet again! Got a good chunk of work polished and ready to go in a short amount of time. "
" Fantastic reader! what a blessing, until next time! "
" Josh is always a life saver when I need a reader for a last minute self-tape. He is also very pleasant to work with and encouraging. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Lovely and very helpful "
" Soooo helpful and a great reader! Do yourself a favor and pick Josh as your reader "
" Excellent reader! Josh was so good and very encouraging an honest. Thanks a million! "
" Easy Going "
" Simply the best. "
" Wonderful reader, truly well versed and knows the biz!!! BOOK HIM!!! "
" Perfect!! "
" Josh is an awesome reader with great instincts! I'm so glad he was able to read with me! Highly recommend! "
" Josh is simply the greatest. Love him, his generosity, and his wisdom. "
" Working with Josh as a reader is striking Gold! He is a fantastic reader and he knows how casting directors think. This is the second time I've worked with him. The first time I booked the gig thanks to him! "
" Great!!!! "
" I love josh!!!! so lucky i found him! "
" Amazing experience as always working with Josh! "
" Josh is incredible! Supportive, warm, caring, fantastic! Cannot recommend enough! "
" Just so lovely. will be finding him in the future !!!! Thank you so much Josh "
" Super helpful and friendly. Great reader! "
" First time reading with Josh, and what a gem of a human being! "
" The best! "
" Excellent as always!! "
" The best! "
" Great reader "
" Josh is a wonderful reader with great notes. Helped me through a complicated scene. "
" As usual, wonderful! "
" Amazing "
" Such a chill guy. thank you so much "
" Amazing as always working with Josh! "
" The best! "
" A+++ "
" Thank you Josh, you were amazing "
" Sooooo terrific! Josh really helped me fine tune and craft a co star audition, which we all know can be some of the weirdest, toughest material. Thank you Josh! "
" Amazing, as always! So helpful. Dream reader. "
" I love when I cast my reader on point!!! LOL, Josh nailed the tone I needed and gave me an adjustment that brought it all together! Thanks! "
" Great "
" Awesome as always. "
" Always fantastic! "
" Great energy - willing to jump right in with me and gave me exactly the pacing I needed! "
" Wonderfully supportive Reader. EXACTLY what I needed. "
" Josh is super supportive and on it! I absolutely love working with him! "
" So awesome! Encouraging!! "
" My go-to reader on this platform!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Josh was wonderful....full of fun advice. I hope to work with him again!! "
" The bestttttt "
" Very helpful and not at all intrusive. "
" Great notes "
" Amazing! "
" I love working with Josh! He is such an experienced actor and reader! "
" Josh is super helpful and has loads of ideas and script analysis tips! Legend! "
" Josh is the best. I've known him for a long time personally, but when he works with actors he's so attentive and kind. I love working with him. "
" So lovely and helpful. 10/10. Thanks Josh!!! "
" Always such a pleasure to read with Josh. A+ "
" Absolutely awesome! Josh helped me rehearse and break down a scene for class. Provided incredibly helpful tips, insight and encouragement. would 100% book again! "
" He's the best. So so fun and helpful with script analysis. "
" Josh is excellent! Super patient and helpful with the work! "
" Brilliant!! "
" Amazing reader & super helpful!!! "
" Josh was incredible! Such a positive light and so fun "
" Josh was truly great to work with! will request him again. "
" Another fabulous session with Josh...absolutely one of the best readers on here "
" Literally Josh is my go-to reader!! So good and such a smooth experience! "
" Simply the best. I love working with Josh so much! "
" Josh was super awesome! Wonderful energy, great reader, gave me so much to work with and provided encouraging feedback. I will use him in the future. Highly recommend! "
" Josh was SOOO much fun to read with! He gave me everything I needed and fantastic feedback! Highly recommend! "
" Aweseom! "
" Fantastic! 10/10 reader. Highly recommend! "
" Thanks Josh! great reader! "
" Always personable and patient. Just the best "
" BOOK THIS READER! He is excellent. "
" Josh is a great reader and made feel comfortable. He picked up on the adjustments I needed to make and my read significantly improved. I look forward to working with him again! "
" Always a pleasure reading with Josh, he's able to jump right in an match the energy and tone perfectly. "
" Second time working with Josh and it won't be the last. He is excellent and really 'gets it'. 100% recommend. "
" Excellent reader - highly recommend! "
" Great reader! Extremely patient with repetitions. Knows his stuff! Love working with Josh. "
" Josh was an awesome reader and gave really helpful feedback. Enjoyed working with him -- he's a keeper! "
" Super fun to work with, great reader! Would definitely recommend! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Josh always comes to rescue. thank you "
" Really wonderful, and a great listened! Thanks Josh! "
" Josh is wonderful! "
" Seriously such great energy. He was so patient with me as I struggled through my audition. Thank you Josh!!! "
" I would JUMP to work with Josh if you ever see him on here. IF you wanna work with someone who totally gets it, has a great eye for scene work, pacing, DEFINITELY the person. "
" Josh is amazing!!! He always has great input that you may not have thought of on your own! "
" Wonderful. Felt really comfortable and would book him again. "
" I adore me some Josh! "
" AWESOME AS ALWAYS and super helpful notes/insight!! "
" Love working with Josh! "
" Josh is excellent! "
" Josh was so awesome and gave great guidance! "
" Josh is wonderful to work with. "
" He nails it with the comedy1! "
" Josh is amazing "
" Always fun working with Josh! "
" Great notes, ideas, amazing reader. Fast with script analysis. Thank you again :) "
" Josh was the best! Book book book! "
" Really professional reader! Knows what he is doing. You won't be disappointed! "
" Great working with Josh again! Great tips for this audition and future ones! "
" Always fantastic "
" Josh was phenomenal! Patient, supportive and a really great eye and ear for what works in a scene! I deeply appreciate the time and feedback he was able to provide for me! "
" Great reader! Gave great insight. Reommmend! :) "
" Quick and easy! "
" A life saver! Amazing as always! "
" Josh is so knowledgeable about TV, he understands beats/tones.... very helpful!!! "
" It was so wonderful to reconnect with Josh and work with him as a reader!! He's such a pro, and he was able to help me craft specific moments in my scene. I'm so very pleased with the resulting self tape options! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Perfection. As always. "
" Really good!! "
" Excellent reader! "
" Great suggestions, super friendly, and on top of it! "
" I've used him multiple times and he's always the best! "
" Josh Rocks! Awesome reader as always. Book him!!! A+ "
" Fabulous, as usual! Highly recommend! "
" Josh is super patient, he reads great and he's an even better collaborator!!! Thanks so much for the help !! "
" Super fun session with Josh. Fantastic actor and down to play!! What a blast. "
" So much fun to work with and give you a lot to work from! "
" Always a great time with Josh! "
" Awesome as always! "
" Fantastic! "
" You are a lifesaver! Thank you for such lovely patience and skill. I value what you bring! "
" The way work should be more often lol <3 "
" 3rd time in a week! "
" A+ reader. Literally the best. "
" Josh is truly the BEST - such a wonderful reader, wonderful energy, wonderful soul - highly recommend reading with him! "
" Josh is incredible. INCREDIBLE. I had 11 pages of last minute sides, and we just breeeeezed through in 15 minutes. We then spent the rest of the session chatting like kindred spirits. Book him now, thank me later. "
" Always the best!! "
" Excellent reader! very helpful and positive. A plus!!! "
" Josh is great! So helpful and was great at correcting my American accent :) thanks Josh! "
" Josh is a STAR of a reader!! Thank you Josh! "
" Always love reading with Josh! "
" Josh is always so amazing to read with. Great reader guys! A+ "
" Amazing! "
" Great reader :) "
" AMAZING!!! So supportive and great energy! "
" Amazing as always! "
" Absolutely amazing!!! Josh gave ms so many wonderful choices to play with!!! Thank you so much for helping me!!! "
" So glad I reached out to Josh! He jumps right in and is ready to play! Great energy and helped me find another way to bring a different interpretation to my scene. Thank you! "
" Amazing "
" Josh is awesome! "
" Thanks for always being reliable, warm, and a great reader. "
" Great coach! Really helped get me into the right place for my scene and provided exceptional feedback! "
" Super nice and proffesional!! Would work with him again in a heart beat "
" Great reader as always! "
" Josh is absolutely fantastic! He's got more knowledge of the industry and casting than almost anyone I know in NYC. He's insightful, smart, funny and KIND. Thank you for sharing your advice and experience, Josh! "
" Josh is wunderbah thank you josh "
" Amazig as always "
" The BOMB! "
" Straightforward and concise! Josh is clearly great at reading and delivering feedback and I would work with him again! "
" So easy and fun to read with! "
" Once again, just the best "
" Amazing! Josh gave me such helpful notes and made me feel free to play. Highly recommend working with him. "
" Great! "
" Josh is a freakin' GEM! He's connected and invested every step of the way. And...he's got great feedback! Thanks again, Josh! "
" YOU ARE THE BEST! Thank you! "
" Very fun with good physicality suggestions "
" Fantastic! Great energy and feedback, and took my direction for his read perfectly first time through. "
" A TRUE PRO. Grateful to Josh for working with me. Helpful tips, good energy, reads well - everything you could ask for in a a reader! "
" Amazing!!! <3 "
" Josh is always amazing to work with. Love him! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Working with Josh is always great. He's a wonderful reader and gives awesome tips. "
" So good. Great notes and an instant understanding of what needs to happen in a scene. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Love reading with Josh, such a present and supportive scene partner! Always a great experience! Book him!!!! "
" He is a pro to the max. Thank you, Josh. Appreciate you. "
" Josh is freakin' awesome! "
" My fav on we audition! Thanks for your help again :) "
" Amazing and super patient and polite "
" Always such a joy to read with Josh. A+ "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic "
" Josh is excellent as a reader and also with suggestions. "
" Josh is amazing. He just helped me nail an audition in 30min. I had not rehearsed any of it. I walked in to rehearse, with the camera on, and walked out of the session with the take that I ended up using for the audition. Thanks!! "
" Great! "
" Josh is a such a great reader and a such a great guy! Book him guys!!! A+ "
" Super dope! "
" Josh knows how to break down any scene given. Thank you again. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great read Josh, Thank you "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Josh's experience in casting rooms really shows. He knows what he is talking about and his notes were spot on. His knowledge combined with his pleasant demeanor makes for an awesome Selftape! "
" Great session! "
" Very Helpful, friendly, created a safe space, highly recommend! "
" Josh is outstanding. Great as a reader; great knowing the biz and what works for an audition; and friendly and personable to boot, so never felt that he was steering the audition. Will totally work with him again! "
" Amazing reader and teacher! "
" Really flexible and focused. "
" Josh was an absolute slam dunk for my scene. Couldn't have asked for a better reader. Thanks, Josh! "
" Such a delightful person and a great reader! I'll certainly use him again! "
" Another great session! "
" Great session "
" Great as always. "
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" Thanks for helping me with my self tape and sticking it through to the end. Gave me some awesome notes that definitely made my audition better. 10/10 recommend. "
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" Awesome reader, picks up quickly. Thank you!! "
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" Thank you for a great read! I appreciate your help with trying out different choices and breaking down the script. "
" Josh was awesome! I will be working with him again. I had two different characters to audition for and he gave me advice, we rehearsed, and did the self tape, and he gave my constructive criticism "
" Josh did an excellent job reading a very difficult scene with me. I highly recommend him. "
" Great reader! "
" Welcome to WeAudition Josh! Josh was a pleasure to work with and is a great reader and scene partner. Book him! "

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