John Doran

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To see if I'm around or to book: contact JOHNDORANIRELAND@GMAIL.COM
REVIEWS describe me as:
- A naturally calm & patient presence.
- An excellent cold-reader.
- Always ready to jump right in.
- Great with accents (American, Irish, Various British).

- Northern Lights (LIONSGATE)
- Locus of Control (AMAZON PRIME)
- 3 Films with Fergal Costelo (BAFTA WINNING DIRECTOR)

- The Abbey National Theatre of Ireland
- The Gate Theatre
- Olivier Award winning company Fishamble
- The Dublin Theatre Festival
- The Cork Opera House
- Edinburgh Summerhall
- Multiple National Circuits

- MacDonalds
- Vodafone
- Circle K
- The Irish Times
- Guinness
- Aer Lingus

- SHAKESPEARE (sooo much Shakespeare).
- Text analysis
- Screen Acting Technique

And if needs be, I also have VERY strong comedy chops!

I am highly experience Professional Actor here in Ireland.

I have worked in our national theatre's The Abbey & The Gate, and have toured the country many times over. I have also worked for our national broadcaster RTE.

The Irish Times Quotes:

'An Actor of wit, versatility & precision'
'Doran is mesmerising'

As an Actor, I am represented by Ireland' s top 2 agencies; Voicebank - for my professional voice work.
Susannah Norris Agency - for my performance work.

I am also a prolific commercial Actor, having worked for companies such as; The National Lottery, MacDonalds, Avonmore Irish Milk, Dublin Transport Authority, National Irish Tourism Board and many more.

Accents include Various Irish regions, RP British & American.

Susannah Norris Agency Voicebank Ireland

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302 Reader Reviews

" Always great! "
" Great "
" John's great! "
" Really top notch reader/actor. grounded, real, and very perceptive. "
" Awesome reader, very patient. "
" Brilliant scene partner! Lovely to read with and jumped straight in to get the best out of the time!! Highly recommend!!!Thank you "
" Amazing reader! "
" John was great, a few technical issues, but would work with him again. Thanks "
" Awesome "
" Exactly what I needed. Helped me with my British accent. Great reader. Friendly. Highly recommend! "
" Great help…excellent reader "
" Excellent reader "
" Really nice and great tips! Thank you! "
" John is super nice and helpful! Great reader! "
" Friendly and helpful! "
" Great reader "
" Loved working with John, thank you! "
" John killed it! Knocked out a couple lines for me that I needed, straight out of Lord of the Rings. Awesome "
" Jumped right in! Great energy! "
" John had to go on a wild ride with me on this one and he was incredibly patient and supportive. He's my go to guy, pretty much always. Thanks again, J! "
" Excellent reader and such a kind, supportive presence. Thank you, John! "
" Thanks for the read john "
" Great reader! I enjoyed working with John. "
" Great job jumping in quickly! "
" John was a great reader. Thank you "
" Greater reader! Easy to work with and was spot on. Hope to work with you again! "
" John is always very encouraging and gives great feedback. He also helped me with my British accent :) "
" First class, very helpful and fun to talk to as well "
" Great reader! "
" Super helpful and booked the role I did the self tape for! Thank you John! "
" Lovely! So helpful and kind "
" Great! Easy to work with. "
" John is an excellent reader with great feedback and suggestions! Very grounded and positive energy! Book him! "
" Incredible reader brings life to the performance "
" Great energy. Good feedback. Very patient "
" Great lad! "
" Jumped right in. Even barked like a dog. John's amazing "
" Great reader ! "
" Awesome. warm. Wonderful. "
" Excellent and helpful! "
" Excellent reader!! "
" Great as ever! Thanks, John "
" Very good reader! "
" Always love working with him!!! "
" Such an incredible reader, so delightful, highly recommend! Thank you so much for all your help, John! "
" Great Reader!! Thanks John "
" Wonderful reader! Really good at improv!! "
" John is a great reader! Easy to work with "
" Didn't connect after 15 minutes "
" John was really great patient and very helpful and very good meeting. Gabe write notes and was there for me and the scene! "
" Great reader! Very patient through my 17 takes of a 2 line costar 😂 "
" Great reader!! "
" An excellent reader! So much fun to work with. "
" So cool! Understanding and patient and supportive. "
" Excellent reader as usual! "
" Such a solid reader, thanks! "
" Great, patient, helpful reader, 10 out of 10 "
" John is very kind and easy to work with! "
" Very patient, helpful and supportive! "
" Great reader! "
" Amazing as always x "
" Great! "
" Very Patient and Professional and wanted me to have the best take. Thanks John! "
" Excellent Reader! 10 Stars! Thank you John! "
" Great again! "
" Super helpful feedback! Great reader! "
" Such a good reader! will use again for sure! "
" He was great!!! "
" So lovely and willing to do a thousand takes. what a fun reader! "
" John is an awesome reader! "
" Great reader as usual! "
" John is an awesome reader! "
" Super nice ! and great reader! "
" Awesome reader!! Thanks for a great session John! "
" Incredibly helpful. Really helped unlock the scene for me! "
" Great reader! "
" Fantastic reader! Highly recommend. "
" Very professional! Highly recommend! "
" So patient, giving, great reader xx "
" John was GREAT. Such a good actor, professional, quick and caring for the rehearsal i hope to use him again for the self tape! "
" John was excellent! I had a commercial script and he made it fun. He's great a improving a few lines if you need it! "
" Excellent! "
" Straight To The Point!! "
" Totes adorbs. very talented btw "
" So lovely! "
" Jumped on a quick rehearsal with John! He was fantastic! Great reader! jumped right in the scene with me! Thank you! "
" I always love working with John. He's a wonderful actor and scene partner! "
" John was very effective in giving me the feedback I needed, I will definitely read with him again! "
" Awesome and warm, thanks! "
" Great reader. "
" John was a fantastic reader, very helpful and patient. "
" Great reader, gave great feedback "
" Such a great reader. Looking forward to working with him again! "
" John was great! "
" John is always awesome and patient! Thanks again John! "
" John was super helpful, an amazing reader, and great suggestions "
" John was wonderful, jumped right in! "
" Wonderful reader - great acting and suggestions :) "
" John has a fantastic energy, and is a terrific reader! Great feedback and notes/collaboration. Also, he taught me a FANTASTIC trick for getting the glare out of your glasses for your self tapes. Want to learn the trick? Book John!! "
" Super easy going, down for options, and an awesome reader. Would highly recommend! "
" Sooo nice "
" John was very helpful and jumped right in. Thank you so much!!! "
" Awesome reader - patient and a great actor "
" Great reader! "
" John is excellent! "
" Such a delightful and insightful and patient reader! "
" FANTASTIC... excellent help "
" Great! Just what I needed!Thank you. "
" Helpful as always. Thank you! "
" John is Excellent! I use this site all the time and he is as good a reader as any! "
" Great job! "
" John was class!! "
" Great actor! Very helpful! "
" Lovely to work with! "
" Great!!! "
" Fantastic! Loved working with John today! "
" John was amazing!!! So much energy and so patient! "
" Great reader. Thanks! "
" Thank you! "
" Brilliant! "
" Always a pleasure and such a lovely person to bounce energy off of! Thank you :) "
" John's wonderful to read with! Highly recommend! "
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" Great Line Runner "
" Always great to read with! "
" Amazing reader! 10/10! Great timing and pace and great energy "
" Excellence and Awesomeness. "
" Wonderful as always. Excellent reader. "
" John is a great reader and made the space feel welcoming and easy to play in. Very Professional as well. "
" Great patient reader "
" Excellent as always "
" Anoter great session with John. Super reliable reader "
" Second time reading with John and there will be more! "
" John was great, easy to read with! Def recommend! "
" Great reader! Helpful notes! "
" Excellent. Tyou "
" Really great reader and very helpful! "
" Great read and energy. Thank you!! "
" Awesome as always! "
" Great reader. Very Patient. we had some technical issues and jumped on Zoom. "
" One of my absolute favorite readers! John is an amazing actor and reader. He's patient and willing to help you with all you need to have the best take. Thank you John! "
" Very good reader. Thank you! "
" John was great! "
" John is very relaxed and put me at ease. Great pacing! Thank you!! "
" John is awesome and is a great scene partner "
" Awesome per usual!! "
" Excellent reader, very relaxed and positive! "
" Great reader. Thanks, John! "
" Great reader, excellent feedback "
" Lovely reader! Appreciate your help, John.:-) "
" Always fun working with him! "
" The reader was not coming online. "
" John has great energy and is a wonderful reader. His input helps me bring my scene to life. "
" Great reader!!! "
" John is super fun to work with and a fantastic reader. I love working with him! "
" Thank you for the patience, energy, enthusiasm, John! This was a great first time! I was able to become more comfortable with the piece that I just got now. See ya! :) "
" Easy and enjoyable to work with. John was able to pick the sides apart and gather the tone and tempo quickly. Thanks for your time! "
" John was very patient despite my technical difficulties! Thank you and looking forward to the session! "
" Awesome reader! Great notes and energy, and really helped me bring my character and scene to life! You won't regret booking him! "
" Wonderful "
" Super reader! Great ideas and lovely person!! Will go to John again!! "
" Such a fun reader!!! "
" John was so patient and helpful and really got into the mood of the scene, which helped me so much in getting my self-tape done. Thank you SO much, John! "
" I love working with John! He's a wonderful actor and so fun to read with. "
" John gave me some excellent tips for my work. I highly recommend him. "
" Many, many thanks John! Super helpful "
" Super helpful "
" John is a great reader! Positive and accurate. Thank you again! "
" Amazing reader!! Jumped right in!!! "
" Super solid, very nice and laid back! "
" Great reader! Thanks John! "
" Thanks for reading!! "
" Great energy "
" John was a great reader! He was super professional and supportive the entire time. Loved working with him, thank you! "
" John is a great reader! "
" Great! "
" John is super fun to work with! Very chill, easy going, a great reader. "
" Amazing as always "
" Wonderful reader!! Highly recommend! "
" Super easygoing and helpful. "
" Great reader! "
" Amazing as always "
" John is amazing! "
" John is so lovely and a fantastic reader. I loved working with him! "
" FABULOUS READER! Fantastic pacing! So patient! Multiple dialects! Just wonderful!!!! "
" Great as always. "
" Big fan!! "
" Patient. Great Reader. hit that button, Leave a tip. My new homie from Ireland. "
" If you have Shakespeare, Johns your man. "
" Excellent reader, helped me with my commercial audition and gave good feedback! "
" Great reader! Excellent ideas, super grounded. "
" Thanks John. "
" Such a kind reader! I would happily work with John again! "
" Very present; helpful. "
" So great!! "
" Smart. Fun. Great insight. "
" Thank you! "
" Great reader!!! "
" John's awesome, total pro! "
" Awesome actor and can sing also! really came in handy! "
" Fantastic reader! Open and honest with soft vocal tones - perfect for an ideal self tape. John is really invested in the actual text and gives enthusiasm to the job at hand. "
" Concise, insightful and easy to work with! "
" So lovely! "
" John was AWESOME as all well. Love working with him. "
" Amazing reader, so talented and kind and nice : ) "
" John is great, very professional "
" Fantastic cold reader, a pleasure to read with, super helpful insights and suggestions too, will definitely use him again, thanks so much John! "
" Great and calming energy! "
" Awesome at rolling with the punches! "
" Fab! Really fun & professional; great w cold reading "
" John was super great! Patient and so giving - we really dove into the one pager that I had. I had so much fun and will definitely be calling him again! "
" John is wonderful! Look forward to working with him again "
" Absolutely an amazing reader. So good!! Thank you John! "
" Great reader, thank you! "
" John was an incredible scene partner and will definitely schedule him again for my future auditions. Loved his insight and energy around auditions. "
" Wow this guy is insanely good at cold reading! Really put a lot of depth into the read which made it easier to react off of. Also was nice enough to give me some feedback/notes for my self-tape. "
" Excellent help! John was helpful, easy going, and worked quickly. We got right down to business and accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. "
" John is a great reader and a great guy :) "
" Great help! "
" Absolutely delightful! Great reader! "
" Thank you sir! "
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" Excellent!!! easy to work with. "
" Fantastic reader. Gave great feedback. Read with great empathy and made the tears come quite easily. "
" Great reader "
" Tailor made session. John was eager to provide me the preparation I was looking for and needed and is a top tier talent. Thank you, John! "
" Great reader! Picked things up quickly and super patient. "
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" So easy to read with and had the characters on take 1! "
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" Excellent with cold reads and accents! "
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" John is top tier! Crunch time...brought me to the finish line! "
" Thank you so much John! Literally ready to jump in and gave me so much to play off of for my scene. Acting should be fun and John definitely made it that! "
" Excellent reader! Thank you "
" John is the best reader I have had on this site! It is super hard to find a reader on here who is well versed in Shakespearean and poetical language, and John is well versed and ready to go. Patient, kind, and helpful with notes. Book John if he is available! "
" John was amazing. Very helpful and gave great suggestions for my character read. Awesome "
" Great reader with keen insights! "
" Great reader! So easy and ready to just jump in! Brilliant!! "
" Very easy to work with. Great energy. Thank you! "
" Great reader! "
" John is a pro! "
" Excellent. Jumps right in and delivers, highly recommend "
" Wonderful! Excellent reader, he jumped right in with rather complicated wording of dialogue. I would highly recommend him to anyone. "
" Great! "
" Awesome! "
" Brilliant! Thank you John! "
" Really great reader! great tempo and instinct. also adjusted to my requests super quickly and easily. So I got exactly what I wanted. "
" Awesome! Many thanks :) "
" Always fabulous, especially if you need some Shakespeare! "
" Excellent, flexible and patient. Super helpful and offered great encouragement. Book this reader! "
" Maestro of cold reads and accents "
" Thanks so much John! Fabulous job, it's not easy (imo at least) to just pick up and run with Shakespeare and you did fabulously! Much appreciated! "
" Such a helpful reader. Thank you so much! "
" John is great! With you the whole way "
" Awesome reader!!!! "
" Great natural reader!thank you "
" Amazing!!! Great work with a great reader. Lovely insight into the script - both comedy and drama. Will book him again. "
" Great reader! "
" What a gem! Would happily work with John on anything! Thanks so much for all the help with this Irish accent! "
" John was an excellent reader! He really acts the part which is so helpful. I would definitely read with him again. "
" Lovely to work with! Great reader and very kind energy. Thank you! "
" Absolutely fabulous to work with! I am defiantly going to be using him again! Great coach and so positive! "
" John is great! "
" Super calm chilled easy to read with and no stress with time "
" Very enthusiastic reader "
" Very good reader; was able to handle many roles and accents "
" John is fantastic! And very patient. Looking forward to working with John again soon "
" Really really good actor "
" Book him! "
" Thank you John "
" John was great! Perfect and to the point. "
" John is super fun to work with. Really enjoyed playing with this scene. Thank you. "
" Excellent as always "
" Fantastic reader...will probably be famous one day LOLOLOL "
" Excellent reader awesome direction. A plus "
" Lovely. "
" Fantastic experience, John is so friendly, patient and a really great reader, would recommend! "
" Really smart actor !!! "
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" Super considerate and fantastic to work with! "
" Great "
" Hopped right in and gave an awesome read for some rehearsal! Highly recommend! "
" Amazing, great reader!! "

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