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One of the most important things an actor can do is go beyond just being off book reciting lines. They need to capture the true emotionality of the scene. I want to give you an intentional, energetic read to help you book these auditions!

I am a classically trained actor, voice actor and writer. I can simply read or give you feedback as well if you would like.

My recent bookings are:
-The upcoming 16th season of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"
- White Men Can't Jump
- Grownish
- And an NDA Disney + series
- National Hilton and Home Depot Commercials


I am a classically trained actor, voice actor and writer. I'm trained in Meisner, Uda Hagen and Alexander techniques. I'm also trained in stage combat, voice, auditioning for the camera, scene study, & text analysis.

Commercial: A3 Artists Agency - Ashley Partington Theatrical: Aqua Talent - Courtney Peldon

216 Reader Reviews

" Solid reader and so natural to work with. "
" Thank you Iman! super professional! "
" Great "
" Great reader! Lovely voice! Always delivers. See you soon Iman! "
" Amazing! Great feedback and super helpful. Loved working with Iman "
" Such a great energy, intuitive reader, and patient but can feel he's grateful for the art. highly recommend! "
" A GEM! Insightful, grounded, everything you need in a scene partner and more. Book this guy! "
" Appreciate the help man , as always :) "
" Iman was great! Thank you Iman!!!! "
" Super friendly! thanks so much :) "
" Great and so helpful in crunch time!! "
" Terrific Reader "
" Thank you!!! "
" Great reader!! "
" Great reader. I’ve used him twice and had a good read. "
" Great! "
" Booked him for a second time and he is consistently amazing to work with! Highly recommend :) "
" Iman is always exceptional! "
" Big vibes bro thank you! "
" Great, I will use him again "
" So awesome and patient "
" So kind and great to work with!! Thank you AGAIN! "
" Dudes a beast "
" Great reader with great ideas "
" Amazing Delivery! Gave life to opposite characters without overpowering mine. "
" Always a breeze working with the awesome Iman! Thanks, man!! "
" Really great reader and patient! "
" Iman is a great reader! He gave great tips it was wonderful reading with him HIGLY recommend "
" Thank you! You’re the best! I appreciate your great acting today "
" Amazing as always!! Patient and really gets into the scene be it a short couple lines or multiple scenes! "
" Excellent reader was able to execute the scripts and character perfectly "
" Was great and honest help me with breaking down a scene very quick!! "
" Thank you so much for the read Iman! You were great :) "
" Excellent reader! Really helpful scene partner. "
" Such a wonderful reader. Always a great experience. "
" Great reader, was very patient and gave good advice. Look forward to working with you again! "
" Great reader "
" WONDERFUL. WONDERFUL! Fun and enthusiastic read. Audio great. Exactly what I needed. Thanks Iman!! "
" Great "
" Excellent reader! Great energy! "
" Iman is the utmost professional, immensely talented, and there is nobody kinder or easier to work with. 11/10 every time. Thank you friend! "
" Awesome reader and coach! "
" So kind and really willing to play. "
" THANK YOU!!!! "
" Very nice and easy to work with! "
" Amazing!! Thank you so much! Appreciate you! "
" Great person to drill lines with. immediately picked up on the proper pacing and energy necessary for the scenes we ran! "
" A Blessing to work with! Excellent and on-point every time! "
" Always great!!!! "
" Iman has an amazing voice and he's a very experienced reader. He immediately found the perfect phase and mood. "
" Great reader!! Worth your money and your time "
" Great "
" Thank you so much! Very patient and a supportive reader! "
" So great! Picks up on pacing and tone quickly. Love working with Iman. "
" Great reader and offered really helpful notes. Book him! "
" Iman was DOPE. Great read, patient and helpful. Highly Recommend working with him "
" Great reader! "
" Very Supportive experienced, high quality actor and good at playing love interest roles! Ten Stars! Thank you so much Iman! "
" Thank youuuuuuu "
" The bomb dot com. It was so easy, electric, and fun working with Iman – the man, the myth, the legend – who really made me feel comfortable to experiment and play in the "room." Thanks so much, good sir!! "
" Iman is always great to work with and so patient! "
" Awesome reader!!!! "
" Amazing director and reader..... he is the real MVP "
" Great reader, great help "
" Great reader! Gave great ideas and feedback "
" Absolutely wonderful reader and such a gift to have on this platform! "
" Grea dude! "
" So warm and kind. Truly felt so comfortable and at ease. He was a wonderful cold reader and had so much patience during my technical difficulties. Would absolutely read with him again! :) "
" Iman was a wonderful reader. He really fit into the world of the scene. Would definitely recommend him. "
" Positives Vibes, Great Suggestions! "
" So lovely to work with - thank you! "
" Such a big help today!!! "
" Thanks! "
" Iman was great to work with, very efficient and supportive! "
" Great actor and so comfortable and easy to work with. "
" Amazing reader for sure!! Iman brought great insight, notes, and energy! Thanks again! "
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" Absolutely delightful! Was motivating and an excellent reader. "
" Amazung as always "
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" Great cold read! "
" Always a pleasure to work with you! "
" Wonderful! Easy to work with. "
" Amazing! "
" Iman is great. Very positive and easy to work with. Would absolutely work with him again. "
" Excellent help, thank you so much! Added expressive reactions and even added a prop/action to help the scene. 10/10 "
" Iman is great..Book him. Great energy, great read! "
" Iman is one of the best readers on here. His presence helped me drop into the scene so quickly. Great actor and wonderful person to work with. 10/10 "
" Super helpful with what I needed! "
" Man great reader, great notes, thank you Saru for every thing "
" Amazing!! "
" Great session! Iman gave me the exact energy and tone i was looking for plus great tips. I will definitely book again! "
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" Iman was great as always! "
" Iman was lovely! Great energy, patient and gave some sweet ideas for my scene. Thanks Iman! :) "
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" Smart and resourceful ! Excellent Reader!! "
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" Good reader, has a great eye for detail, thanks! "
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" Iman was so helpful and very professional. "
" Great reader. Will definitely use him again. "
" Excellent "
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" Really great. Kind. Patient. Sense of humor. Natural read. Thanks! "
" Da best "
" Fantastic reader! Great advice! Flexible! Thank you 🙏 "
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" Great reader "
" Awesome reader, great notes! "
" Absolute WeAudition Rock Star! With gratitude, Corey "
" Good reader, gave great tips to enhance the performance. "
" Great, patient and supportive reader. Great energy, thank you! "
" He did a great job with running lines with me. Thanks Iman! "
" Great! Very kind and patient and a pleasure to read with. Thank you, Iman! "
" Iman was so patient and had superb energy! He provided such a comfortable atmosphere 10/10 "
" Great reader - he gave really good notes and was very helpful, THANKS!!! "
" Iman is a rockstar! Such a pleasure to work with. "
" Makes the session fun and creates an supportive environment so you can do your best work! "
" A very generous actor! Wonderful timing. Man is great to play off of. I HIGLY RECOMMEND! "
" Wonderful wonderful partner AND singer. Thanks for being game to play and try different things. :) "
" Excellent reader! A gifted actor and generous scene partner. Thank you so much. "
" Awesome Reader! Patient and great suggestions. "
" Excellent reader!!! "
" My go-to reader! Impeccable. Chef's kiss! "
" Very supportive and gave great advice, really wanted to my selftape to be the best it can be! "
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" Brilliant reader!!!! Super friendly, helpful, and threw some great ideas at me that I would never have thought of on my own. "
" Fun guy. Brings a good energy to scenes. "
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" Awesome guy. Great reader. "
" Great reader and enjoyable presence. "
" Great suggestions and notes - such a wonderful reader! he jumped right into the scene and knew exactly what was going on! Great energy! I'll definitely be reaching out again! Thanks Iman! "
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" Iman is terrific. A true pro. Book him! "
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" Very helpful "
" 👍🏾 "
" Iman was awesome, patient and helped point out lines that I missed! He lended the right tone of voice I needed for the scene! "
" Best reader I have had, no exaggeration. Great pacing. Thanks Iman "
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" Fantastic reader! Honest and present and patient actor. "
" Always a great taping experience with Iman. He’s a pro. Thank you! 🙏🏾 "
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" Iman was a great reader and came with some great suggestions as well! "
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" Thanks for your help! "
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" Iman was great!! "
" Iman was a great reader. Good energy, understood the tone of the show, and gave good notes/ideas when I asked for them. Thanks again! "
" Really good guy, was very good at working with a lot of specific directions in an unconventional script. 100% recommend him "
" So freakin' good!!! WELCOME ABOARD!! "

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