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I'm a Meisner trained actor based in Atlanta, with over 20 years' experience on stage and 5 years on camera. Credits include "The Outsider" on HBO (opposite Jason Bateman and Ben Mendelsohn) "Stargirl" on The CW, and "Mike" on Hulu.

I'm a versatile reader and I will focus on giving you whatever you need to give an authentic and personal performance. If you'd like, I can also coach and help with script and character analysis, determining goals, obstacles, and tactics, and more. and I have some fun and useful rehearsal techniques we can try. And, if you need any technical advice on self-tape auditions or are interested in learning more about the Atlanta market, we can talk about these as well.

I have a professional mic setup to ensure you get the best sound possible.

Be sure to check out my reels, and feel free to email me to schedule a time in advance:

*I do my best to answer every request when my beacon is on, but sometimes there are technical glitches with the notifications, so if I fail to respond know that it wasn't intentional and please accept my apologies.

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Fred Galyean is a Meisner trained stage and film/TV actor based in Atlanta GA, with over 20 years of experience. He has worked with many theaters in Atlanta, including the Alliance, and his most recent credits include "The Outsider" on HBO, "Stargirl" on DC Universe, and "Mike" on Hulu.

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619 Reader Reviews

" Fred is the best! "
" Great reader and very helpful as always. "
" Great reader! Thanks! "
" MVP for a reason. An Actor’s Actor! "
" Fred is phenomenal! He has such great ideas and suggestions and is extremely supportive. Thank you!! "
" Awesome!!!! Very helpful and helped me get a handle on the scene and do my best work! Thank you!!! "
" Love working with him "
" My guy is a hoot! Great scene partner with great suggestions. Book him! "
" Always a good time reading with Fred!! "
" Absolutely phenomenal! A highly experienced working actor, giving great insights and great energy! Highly recommend! Will book again! "
" Fred was super helpful by giving me a lot feedback, thank you :) "
" Excellent. Has great suggestions and he's lots of fun to work with! "
" Awesome as always! "
" Amazing working with Fred! "
" Every incredible review of Fred is exactly righ! He's a genuine person, with super great advice and thoughts if you want them. And incredibly grounded reader who helps bring your scene to realism. Definitely book him. "
" Fred is WONDERFUL! Loved working with him and hope to do so again "
" Always great working with Fred. "
" Fred is an angel on EARTH. "
" Awesome reader ! Thank you so much ! "
" Always so wonderful to work with! I'm so happy whenever I see he's on here! "
" Fred was fantastic!! He gave great adjustments and really helped me nail this audition. Especially when I have to get this in by the morning and needed someone last minute. Thanks Fred!! "
" !!!! "
" Fred is an amazing reader. Provided on point feedback that helped me dial in my scene. "
" Fred is so warm and helpful! "
" Wonderful script analysis and reader!! Super helpful notes! "
" So great working with Fred! Helped me with some awesome ideas and good fun to work with! "
" Great reader. And gave good feedback, too. "
" Very helpful! Thank you!!! "
" Always great. Thanks, Fred! "
" Amazing reader! Fred was so patient and helpful! "
" Excellent Reader! "
" Fred is literally the acting love of my life. "
" Fred you are AMAZING!! "
" Always great. Patient. Fun to work with. "
" Always a pleasure to work with! Thanks Fred! "
" Wonderful reader! I highly recommend! "
" Got exactly what I needed, thank you! "
" Always a great reader and gives good notes! "
" Fred was so incredibly patient with me on a very difficult tape! He gave great suggestions and I'm looking forward to working with him again! "
" Really easy to work with, creative and helpful! "
" As always Fred is the finest. "
" Great again!!! "
" Great guy, great energy, and super helpful ideas! "
" FRED ROCKS MY FACE! LOL Seriously, he's so fun & helpful. "
" Fred was very helpful and gave me good suggestions to work on with my scene. "
" Fred was awesome and patient.l. He's a great reader with a good set up! "
" Fred is super helpful and patient, and gave me a great read. Thank you! "
" So helpful! And a really great reader - great timing and acting to work off. "
" Brilliant comedic actor. Solid advice "
" Great reader. Patient. Engaged. Easy to work with. "
" I had him as a reader so many times, but never found out his ability to read multiple characters until this time. It was a great fun! Thank you! "
" He's so ready to jump on board, and always provides great suggestions or ways to work with the scene. Will definitely be booking again! "
" Fred is the best! "
" A+ fantastic reader ! "
" Fred is a great reader and scene partner. Deluded on a couple of issues ;-), but all-in-all a great person to read with, and if I may be so bold to say, a friend. "
" Amazing reader! "
" Fred is always a treat to work with. Wonderful attitude and fantastic cold reading skills. BOOK HIM! "
" Great!! "
" Fred is the only reason I can audition. "
" My reader was amazing, patient and took the time to record a great audition with me. Thanks so much! "
" Great!! "
" Slate master! "
" Thank you sir! "
" Great reader and pleasure to work with. "
" Fred is awesome! I always feel at ease reading with him - makes for a great performance. Professional and personable. Thanks Fred. :) "
" Great reader and really helpful notes. "
" Always a pleasure reading with Fred!! Super friendly and accommodating, he gives a fantastic read and I get great takes every time. BOOK HIM! "
" AWESOME!!!!! "
" So great, positive energy, great reader, helpful notes! "
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" Awesome reader, great notes, good vibes! A++++ "
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" Great reader! "
" Fred is always a great reader, looks at the scene seriously and works on it with you, and fun to work with on top of all that! "
" Fred is a great reader and listener. He also gives great notes and ideas. :) "
" As usual, Fred is a true pro. Relaxed, grounded scene partner, with applicable, relatable notes if you want them. Couldn't ask for a better reader. Book him! "
" Helpful, patient, fun, and had lots of great suggestions! "
" This guy is a pro. Highly recommended!!! "
" Fred is beyond amazing. A great reader with great suggestions -- and so much fun to work with! "
" Friendly and easy to work with! Thanks, Fred! "
" Fun. inspiring. insightful "
" Fred's so fun, reliable and gives so much in his reads! "
" Fred was amazing!!!! He gave me a great read and was so much fun to play with! He had several ideas that brought my tape to a higher level and he was a great conversationalist! Really really looking forward to reading with him again!! "
" Wonderful scene partner and great notes! thank you! "
" Great reader and fun to work with!! "
" Fred is an absolute rockstar! Such great notes, super patient and keeps you engaged and listening in the scene with insightful adjustments. Thank-you!! BOOK HIM! "
" Great reader. Very helpful notes. "
" Fred is the best :) "
" Great listener and excellent at giving notes! :) "
" Great reader! "
" Super pro. GREAT to work with. Already added to my favorites. "
" Always a blast working with Fred. "
" Super helpful and fun to work with. "
" Fred was awesome. We rehearsed, taped and he had some constructive ideas that we played with .... I will definitely be working with Fred again! "
" Great reader! so fun and offered good ideas + direction :) "
" Excellent reader! "
" Great advice and help!! thank you so much "
" Always a joy to work with. Great energy!! "
" Fred was as great as everyone has said. He helped me dive further into my scenes and also had great input when I needed it. Thank you Fred! Will rebook soon. "
" Fred Rules :) "
" Wonderful reader!!! So generous with his energy, time, and feedback - made sure I got the take I needed, gave insightful thoughts and was a fantastic scene partner. Highly recommend! "
" Super helpful! Thank you, Fred! "
" Thanks for rehearsing with me again "
" Excellent reader! A pro to work with. Thank you Fred! "
" Thanks for reading for me! See you next time. "
" Fred is terrific, and was a relief to partner with on a recent audition. You'll be supported and your work elevated! Can't wait to work with Fred again! "
" Great pointers! Thanks! "
" Fred was super helpful and engaging, really helped me to nail the scene! HIGHLY recommend! "
" Fred is awesome! Already looking forward to the next time I can read with him "
" Fred is an amazing reader and easy to work with. Definitely recommend! "
" Fred is THE BEST <3 "
" Great reader with great advice. "
" So glad to see Fred was available! Perfect scene partner for this audition. Book him if you get a chance!!! "
" Offered up some great things to try, a great scene partner. Thanks! "
" Fred was awesome! "
" Again!!! Fred is absolutely amazing to work with. If there is a favorite button on this platform, his would definitely be broken for all the times I'd hit it! "
" I can't express how amazing Fred is to have as a reader. He cares and brings out the best in you to perform well. Thank you Fred! "
" Fred is an awesome reader and I highly recommend him! Stellar actor! Thank you, Fred! "
" AWESOME!!!!!! "
" Awesome reader and gave awesome advise! Thank you! "
" Fred is great! He's always got great energy and good ideas! "
" Great Notes and great reader! "
" Thank you! "
" Fred was wonderful! Thank you for being my reader! "
" Fred is always great and has such good energy! "
" Excellent reader! So so so generous and kind, and a pro. "
" Excellent, very calm and patient even through our tech issues. THANK YOU "
" Thank you! "
" Love this website, cuz it connects us to so many talented people. Like Fred! Thanks so much, man! Pick him up, everybody! "
" Fred was great as always! "
" Fred is great! Amazing energy! "
" Love working with Fred! "
" Fred is awesome! Smart, witty and a with interesting ideas! "
" Great reader and amazing notes and suggestions. "
" Amazing and very patient! "
" Great reader! Fred was able to jump into an awkward and funny scene and make it comfortable and professional for us to both do great work. Thank you Fred! "
" Always a blast working with Fred. "
" So kind and so fun to work with! thanks fred! "
" FRED, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Awesome reader and scene surgeon for me tonight! "
" Fantastic! So pro! Lots of great tips/feedback! Thankyou:) "
" Fred is amazing! Total natural and super helpful, one of my favorite readers easy! "
" Really fantastic! "
" Fantastic reader "
" Amazing reader!! Didnt even stumble over a word cold reading. AND let me go over to finish rehearsing. 5/5 "
" It was great fun to work with him. Thanks! "
" Always an absolute blast working with Fred. "
" Love this guy. Cast him! "
" He's awesome to work with! "
" Fred was a great reader and very supportive with this crazy scene I had! ;) "
" Fred was great! Patient they computer glitches and late night run throughs. I site full and fun "
" Fred is wonderful and easy going. Great reader. Extremely patient. "
" Friendly and accomidating! "
" Fred is amazing! very helpful and a great reader. loved working with him. "
" Great reader. Calm energy. "
" Excellent reader with good suggestions> "
" Highly intuitive!!! Kind! And a Brilliant Human! "
" Sorry for the tech issue on my end "
" Absolutely fantastic. Gave me so much and was just such a pleasant fellow with the perfect energy to make the work spontaneous! Highly highly recommend! "
" Thank you "
" Very patient and very great feedback "
" A generous reader! Fred was super helpful and was willing to play and have fun! "
" Handled lots of characters with ease, great reader who knows pacing! "
" Great reader. Strong with Comedy and very fun to work with. Has good input and ideas! "
" Super helpful! Great suggestions and very supportive "
" Fred is always such a light in the room!! Puts me at ease, great to talk to, and most importantly a fabulous actor who helps elevate your tapes with his read. BOOK HIM!!! "
" Fred is great! He always has the best energy and he really helped save the commercial tape I was working on. Thanks Fred! "
" Fred is the coolest help me imagine a scene differently and it worked!!! "
" Fred gave some real great feedback and somehow made me relax into the character giving space for something I wasn't expecting it was great! "
" Great session with Fred! Gave great feedback and was a pleasure to work with! "
" Love Fred... He is just the BEST!!!! "
" Fred was super helpful and very patient! "
" Fred is so great to work with. Really helps you add those special moments into your auditions, to help you stand out! "
" Fred is great! "
" Fred is my go-to, my ride or die, literally the only way I do tapes. "
" Fred is a great reader and fun and easy to work with! Highly recommend! "
" Fred is the literal BEST! Read with him!!! "
" If Fred wasn't on here I'd explode! "
" Fred was great! Look forward to working with him again. Thanks, Fred "
" Great help, great read, great suggestions. "
" Fred was an excellent reader and gave some lovely insight into the Atlanta market! "
" Fred is good people! "
" So sweet and amazing!!!! "
" Awesome guy Awesome reader! "
" Fred came through for me when I needed it most! Use him. "
" Super reader, very encouraging "
" SO GREAT! Really invested in the story, helped my character work a lot "
" Whoaaaaaaa Fred is good. Spent a whole hour with him and I couldn't have asked for a more patient and attentive scene partner. He made it so fun and I felt really relaxed. "
" Fred was truly the absolute best person on this site who I've had the pleasure of working with. I will read with him every time he's free! "
" Brilliant. Great coach and reader "
" Amazing! "
" Thank you for the fab session! "
" Duh amazing! "
" Awesome! "
" By far one of the best readers on here!! So glad I got to work with you Fred :) "
" Fantastic. Thank you Fred !! "
" I'm so grateful to Fred for hanging in there with me while taping a bit of a difficult audition. He was patient, kind, and helpful. Thank you for your great notes! "
" Thank you! "
" Thank you so much Fred! "
" Always know my self tape is going to be a breeze when I have Fred as my reader!!! Thanks again! "
" Fred came through tonight! Great notes too! "
" <3 "
" So supportive and so playful. I couldn't have asked for a better reading partner! "
" Wifi issue! "
" <3 "
" Fred is THE BEST!! "
" Great notes and present reader! "
" Fred is one of my 'go-to' people, book him. "
" Fred was terrific to work with and gave me some excellent suggestions. "
" Fred is great! "
" He is funny and helpful, and gives me an idea I can work with. Thank you! "
" Fred's fab! "
" Fred gave great ideas - love that! "
" Brilliant Reader and Actor. How lucky was I to have such an amazing Actor and Coach. Thank you, Fred. !! "
" Fred's insight added a lot of value to my self-tape! Can't wait to work again 10/10 "
" MVP! MVP! Fred is a great actor so it was very easy to play with him and dial in our takes. Great feedback as well which led to a few takes I would have never thought of. Thank you Fred. "
" Very good. Fred offered a lot of suggestions for different readings and good, honest assessments of them. Very helpful and would highly recommend Fred. "
" Great reader and coaching! will book again! "
" Amazing reader and very very patient! "
" Great cold reader and nice! Always a pleasure "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader! Super helpful. "
" Pleasure as always, nice to see you again "
" Fred is great! Loved reading with him - he gives a great read and can adjust to what you need. "
" Such a great reader! So helpful and encouraging!! "
" I loved working with him! Great energy, and resourceful. Thank you!! "
" I could not do self-tapes without Fred. "
" Fred is theee best! Thank you for being such a fantastic actor with great feedback! "
" Fred really makes sure to understand the scene to give the best read. "
" Fab! Thank you so much! "
" Fred is incredibly helpful and patient. Loved his positivity, too. "
" Fred is a ride or die reading hero. "
" A++++++. So easy to work off of!! "
" Super professional actor. Great notes and great acting for me to play off of. Thank you! "
" Fred was a pleasure to work with and such a pro. Highly recommend! "
" So helpful! Such a great reader. Thank you so very much! "
" Fred is an absolutely amazing reader. Loved working with him, and hope to again soon! "
" Fred is the sweetest, most patient and giving scene partner! "
" Fred makes me feel so at ease and always helps me get to a place where I feel comfy to make fun choices! "
" Great scene partner! Fred is awesome! "
" Great reader with great notes! It was a pleasure reading with you, Fred! "
" Great reader. great ideas. enthusiastic. cares about what you turn in. "
" Really good !!! "
" Amazing! great actor, great reader! "
" Cannot imagine doing self-tapes without Fred. "
" Fred is an absolute pleasure to work with. He gave me valuable feedback and connected with me well as a reader. Looking forward to working with him again. "
" Love, love, love, working with Fred. Always makes it a fun and productive time! "
" Always a pleasure to read with Fred. Fun and fabulous actor "
" Excellent reader! Very calm and solid. Good at helping me find my best version of the scene:) "
" Fantastic Fred! He's a generous, observant reader and gave me a great suggestion for my character. My tape looks great. "
" Fred is awesome, chill, kind and hilariously fun!!! He made me feel at ease with my nerves and gave me some great pointers and feedback! This was my first time on WeAudition and I'm hooked! I'll be using Fred again! What a great, inspiring and fun time! Thanks Fred! "
" Fred is great! "
" Great reader, very fun to work off of. "
" Always the best time with Fred! Fun, warm, relaxed vibe that is perfect for helping me ease into the work. Great suggestions and great conversation, I always know I walk away with several great takes! Book him!!! "
" Excellent reader! Gave really helpful feedback and suggestions, and while I usually feel very awkward taping with virtual readers, he made me feel so much at ease and I was able to relax into the character and scene. "
" Great reader! Great actor! Great collaborator! Always a treat working with Fred! "
" Awesome Scene Partner! "
" Fred is an amazing actor, easy to work off and great timing with reactions! He adapts well to any character! "
" So helpful and present! Will work with again! "
" Fred was AWESOME. He let me lead the audition and was very helpful with suggestions for the character. WILL SURELY BOOK HIM AGAIN!! "
" Great reader, easy going "
" Brilliant reader. Great notes. Wonderful insights and a highly experienced and motivating Coach !! Thanks so much Fred !! "
" So kind, gernerous, and professional! "
" I literally YELLED OUT LOUD when I saw Fred today. If you get the chance to work with him... DO IT! You're work will sing! "
" Fred was Great! He added a lot of value to my self tape. "
" Great coach. He's helped me immensely with this audition I"m doing! "
" AN angel! A talent! Remarkable! "
" Fred is positive, helpful and so fun to work with! Book him! "
" Thank you! "
" Patient and great! "
" Always great working with Fred! Jumps right in with great energy, super friendly, and offers FANTASTIC suggestions! I know the takes I got were made better by his encouragement and collaboration! BOOK HIM! "
" Always a great help! "
" ;) "
" Great guy! Great reader! "
" Fred was AMAZING! He gave me really helpful advice :) "
" Great! Natural reader. Patient and kind. "
" Great ideas for different takes! "
" Fred is AWESOME to work with. One of the best! "
" Wonderful!! Would deffo book again!!! "
" Fred makes everything better every time. "
" Fred was a great scene partner. Thanks Buddy! "
" Great actor and reader!! "
" So helpful "
" Great reader always! "
" Great job Fred! Thank you very much. "
" Excellent reader. "
" Thank you so much, Fred!! "
" Fred was an awesome reader and truly helped flesh out my performance. HIGHLY RECOMMEND "
" Always an asset to any scene! I had two really short ones to work and Fred had several ideas that made them come to life. Very valuable. Book him! "
" Fred was awesome, thank you! "
" Great read! "
" Great thank you "
" I love working with Fred!!! He has such great ideas and made both of my auditions fun!! Definitely book him!!! I look forward to working with him again!!!! "
" Fred was great to read with! He had some great suggestions and input for different ways to approach the scene. I would definitely recommend him and would choose him again to be my reader. Thanks Fred! "
" Great helpful reader! "
" Very helpful! "
" Fred was AMAZING! So helpful, and a great actor. Can't wait to work with him again! "
" As always, Fred was amazing! Super helpful and such a great reader & scene partner! "
" Lots of good ideas "
" Excellent as always!!! Great Reader, great feedback. Nice eye for scene work, and pacing. "
" Great reader, very friendly and helpful! Thanks Fred :) "
" All around great guy! Kept things relaxed and fun, without sacrificing the timing of the scene, and brought just the right amount of humor I needed. Thanks Fred! "
" Fantastic reader! Fantastic actor! "
" Wonderful reading with you! "
" Fantastic! Very helpful and wonderful, positive energy! "
" Fred is such a wonderful and candid person to work with. Talented, natural, funny, patient and kind. I can't wait to work with him again! "
" Fantastic actor! Fantastic reader! Happy to work with Fred always! "
" Wonderful reader, was able to adjust to my pacing and switch up the vibe! Thank you Fred, will definitely look for him again! "
" Awesome! Great reader and insight! "
" The BEST! "
" 10/10. Offered great takes on the scene and was very patient. Thank you! "
" Really great and helpful reader who took the time to help me feel comfortable with the scene! "
" Always a pleaser!!! tnx again! great read "
" Superb working with Fred! Great reader who is with you every step of the way. Understands our craft. "
" I mean...I just simply had a great time. Awesome suggestion, fun, funny, and an overall great scene partner. Definitely hope to work with Fred again! "
" This is the SIGN you were looking for - add him to your favorites & Hire him! He is thee one. great reader great actor quick thinker great notes and feedback. Thank you FRED! "
" Fantastic Reader!! "
" Fred is a great collaborator and gives excellent notes & direction "
" Fred rules :) "
" Great! "
" Amazing reader! Jumps right in! Forgot to mention all the cuts made in my scene and Fred followed and just got it like that! Have so much enthusiasm and gives great direction. "
" Great reader. Great feedback "
" Best session ever. Fun, playful, and productive! I had a really tight turnaround with this audition and it ended up being fun instead of a challenge. Awesome awesome! "
" Fred was amazing! "
" Awesome! Such a great reader. "
" Adore. this guy! "
" He is really amazing! Great person, great talent, the scene comes alivee! "
" Great, very patient and helpful with sides. Gave me some helpful tips that helped my performance "
" Very professional and super nice! Helped me with ideas when I asked while still allowing me to do my own thing. "
" Fred was fantastic. Thanks again! "
" So much fun reading with you friend! tnx again! "
" I'm always happy to see Fred available! Great reader! "
" Fred is the man "
" Fred was wonderfully accommodating & helped me tremendously! "
" I got a great self-tape completed with Fred. He has a great energy and gives a very grounded performance. I look forward to working with him again! Thanks Fred. :) "
" The Best! "
" Generous and understanding. It's so clear that when Fred is reading with you that he is there to help you anyway he can. Thank you!!! "
" So awesome! "
" Excellent scene partner, great suggestions! Immensely helpful, excited to turn in my tapes. "
" Fred was great to work with. Great reader and helped me bring myself to into the character. "
" Always fun working with this guy. Do yourself a favour and book Fred :) "
" Great Experience with my first reader! Had good notes that allowed me to play with the character! "
" Super lovely reader! Thank you so much! "
" Always so easy going and fun! "
" Fred is amazing. Great actor and SUPER helpful. Will definitely be adding him to my favorites.. "
" It was like being on set. I was feeding off of everything he gave me. Fred is a GREAT reader! "
" Thanks so much Fred for being such a supportive reader and excellent pacing when it comes to internet delays. "
" Always amazing to work with "
" Fred was amazing!! SO fun to work with, great advice and insight. Thanks so much Fred!! So appreciate you!! "
" Awesome reader! Great energy. "
" Always a joy to read with Fred! Great actor who gives you so much as a scene partner "
" As always, Fred is amazing!! Thank you so much! "
" Super helpful and patient. Offered great suggestions! "
" Very nice session. We did a lot in a short time and was amazed by his notes and work during the scene. Absolutely recommend him "
" So grounded! Made me feel at ease, perfect for a grounded authentic read "
" Great reader. Highly recommend. "
" The best! Welcoming, kind, talented, and helped coach me through the scene with feedback afterwards. "
" Great!!! very helpful, easy to work with. "
" Just book him already. 5 stars 🌟 ⭐️ ✨ 🤩 "
" Awesome reader with microphone, super patient! "
" Always a great reader! "
" Great suggestions and redirects "
" Great reader. Fred brings natural character to the lines and gives very constructive feedback. "
" Great sound quality, good sense of humor, easy to work with. "
" Fantastic!!!! "
" Great suggestions ! "
" Great reader, great direction! "
" Fred's great! Very laid back, supportive & helpful as a reader "
" Amazing Actor! "
" Awesome Reader! "
" One of the best! "
" Fantastic! "
" Great work and feed back on the comedy in my commercial tape submit. I look forward to working with Fred again! "
" When I saw Fred pop up I was SO excited. He is the BEST reader on WeAudition. Work with him!!! "
" Fred came through in the clutch again! GREAT reader as always. "
" Awesome Reader! "
" Cool "
" Fred is fantastic! So grateful to have such a great reader with such short notice on my tape "
" Fred was very easy going and fun to play with. "
" Great reader and really helpful! "
" Thank you for patiently working after our booked time to get two stellar takes! Fred was present and reminded me to breathe and it brought me back in my body. Thanks for the reminder ;) "
" Awesome to work with! "
" So lovely and always full of fun ideas. Thanks, Fred! "
" Always amazing with suggestions! Definitely recommend! "
" Fred was great like always! "
" Superstar! "
" Super fun reader with great notes! "
" Excellent Reader! "
" Such a nice guy and a good reader "
" Excellent reader! "
" Easy going and fun - thanks Fred! "
" Fred is a great reader - super generous and had great feedback too - highly recommend! "
" Always a great reader and actor! "
" Incredible! Fred is a natural and gives 100% to his character. Just great to respond to and makes the whole scene feel grounded. You should book him! "
" Always one of my go to readers!! "
" Love this guy! "
" Amazing! "
" I loved working with Fred! He was an awesome coach, gave great ideas and helped me add colors to my tape. Energetic and fun "
" This was so fun! Fred was so kind, fun and helpful! He provided great feedback and suggestions. I really enjoyed reading with him and hope to do so again! Thank you, Fred! :) "
" Fabulous! "
" Thanks! "
" Always amazing with suggestions!! "
" Fred gave different choices each time. Excellent Reader! "
" Always great fun working with Fred. Highly recommended. "
" Fred was fantastic like always! "
" Awesome guy. Definitely recommend. "
" Fred is a fantastic actor and SUCH a helpful reader. I really had a blast rehearsing with him "
" Love reading with Fred! Very giving actor "
" Tnx!!! very patient and a great reader! "
" Fred always come thru w/the great notes! "
" Great reader! "
" Awesome guys! Great reader. "
" So kind and patient! "
" Lovely read "
" Fred's experience surely shows. Will read with him again soon! Thanks Fred! "
" Lovely, generous reader. Thank you "
" Great as always! Thank you for the time and energy! "
" Amazing! So patient and really helpful with direction/perspectives. Super personable I felt like I've known him before! "
" Great reader "
" Great, patient, good reading "
" Such a great reader!! Super super friendly and ready to jump in! Thank you for your advice and your patience and generosity Fred!! "
" Excellent as always! "
" Fred was AWESOME!!!!! He was so flexible with me. I had audio issues, had to extend our session and he offered great suggestions! I'll definitely be using him again!!! Thanks soooooo much!!!!! "
" So fun! great! "
" Fred's still killing it - always w/some of the best redirects! Truly helpful. "
" Fred gives such amazing reads and has great energy! "
" Very helpful with my self tape! Great energy "
" Fred was awesome! Gets the material, able to work rapidly and very supportive! Thank you! "
" Omg he was so fun and we had a blast playing! Thanks Fred! "
" Always a fun and productive session. Do your selves a favor people, if you see Fred on line book him. "
" Great reader and great help! "
" Awesome guy with great ideas! "
" WOW awesome! "
" Really great reader! "
" Really great and helpful reader! "
" Fred was incredibly kind, and was instrumental in helping me get my audition right. He provided coaching and ideas that were so creative and allowed me to really drop into the reality of the scene. Thanks so much Fred!!!!!! "
" Great reader! Super kind and gave fun suggestions to discover new things in the script. "
" One of the best readers--with excellent insights "
" Delightful and really insightful notes. Will be back again! "
" Very helpful! "
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" Fred always comes through! "
" He's awesome! "
" He's awesome! Pleasure to work with! "
" Fred was sooo much fun!! I had an amazing time recording my self-tapes with him. Thank you so much for having a play with me! Thanks for your wonderful notes and patience. A super generous reader and gives great notes if you ask for them. Definitely will be marking as a favorite reader! "
" Fun and Excellent Reader!!! "
" Life Saver! "
" Super helpful! "
" Fantastic reader! Helped me find a new approach to the character when I wanted to try a different take "
" What a gem! I mean - We put in a lot of work/time and Fred was a professional the ENTIRE time. Thank you, Fred! "
" Very nice reader. Would recommend! Thank you for your time, Fred. "
" Fred was such a great reader!!! Super friendly and takes the time to break down everything happening in the script. Adding him to my "short list." "
" Fred is a wonderful actor and reader! "
" Great reader - patient with helpful advice - thank you! "
" Fred's one of the greats, man. Love working w/this guy! "
" Excellent reader and acting coach. Gave me valuable tips to take with me and I learned a lot. Thank you, Fred! "
" Great notes! Great reader! Thank you, Fred! "
" Great reader. He offered additional reads. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always enjoy working with Fred! Great reader and has good scene ideas when I ask for them:) "
" Really great to talk to and a great coach! Will book again! Thanks, Fred! "
" Lovely "
" Fred was super helpful with a VERY LONG AUDITION lol "
" Great reader, we got the job done, relaxed, easy going. "
" Fred was wonderful to work with. He picked up the material so fast and made me feel like I was truly in the scene on set. He's a great actor and reader. He had some great suggestions and he's really good with analyzing the script. Thank you so much. "
" Excellent reader - bags of energy! "
" Awesome reader! great energy "
" Thank you "
" Great actor! Super easy to work with. "
" So great. Excellent reader and energy. Patient "
" Friendly and helpful! "
" Fred is amazing! Incredibly patient and gave great notes. Thank you! "
" Awesome!!! "
" Great reader! Fred is easy going and makes the audition relaxed and supported. "
" Fred is all sorts of awesome to work with, if you see him on line book him. "
" Loved it, it was easy to feed off of him. Hope to work with him again. Thank you "
" Excellent all the way around! Great scene ideas. Great personality. Great reader!! "
" Fred was amazing with helping me get deeper in my moments. "
" Fred is great! Offers really valuable insight even on quick scenes and short deadlines "
" Fred was lovely! He knows what he's doing and he's a pleasure to read with "
" Thanks! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Fred was a great, attentive reader! Will be booking him again! "
" Amazing reader for my comedy self-tape. He knows the timing, gives great suggestions and is there to play with you. I had a lot of fun! "
" Awesome actor! Very helpful and thorough! "
" Fred is a super cool and versatile actor!! thank you!! "
" Fred was amazing. He's an excellent reader and he makes it really easy for you to work and play. He also gave great tips on some great finds to improve self taping. "
" Oh my God! How LUCKY am I that I found Fred tonight. I got an EXTREMELY last minute audition and he was fantastic! Thank you Fred!! "
" Fred is IT! Had a blast playing and breaking down my first moments of my scene. THANK YOU! "
" Generous with his time and energy! Great partner. "
" Fred comes thru in a pinch again! Always such a great help. "
" Night owls like Fred are a gem! Also was patient with my initial tech issues. Thanks! "
" Fred is so sweet and helpful and present! Made me feel so comfortable my first time using WeAudition and 11/10 would recommend again! "
" Thank you Fred, you jumped right in and gave me some great stuff to choose from. Cheers! "
" Always great! "
" REALLY love working w/Fred - he's great! "
" Excellent! "
" He's just the best!!!! So selfless and awesome! "
" Awesome reader. Great energy! "
" YAYYY FRED!!! Thanks for helping me with reading all 4 scenes and making it fun! Will definitely book Fred again soon! "
" Wow wow wow! Working with Fred was so amazing. If you ever need help with direction for your audition and ways to push your audition to another level get him as your reader. This was literally the fastest tape I did and I feel 100% confident that in the short 30 mins of us rehearsing and taping that I did a great job. "
" Fred Rules. Book him : ) "
" SUCH STRONG COMEDY instincts and SUPER GREAT suggestions - lifesaver! "
" Wow! So easy to work with, very willing to try new things and made me feel right at ease for my audition! Thanks! "
" Great reader, patient and provided good feedback and suggestions. "
" Fred was such a fantastic and generous actor to play off of! He gave really great feedback for shaping the beats of a complicated script, which helped ground and shape the scene. Thank you so much, looking forward to working with you again! "
" The energy that Fred brings gave me such a boost tonight. So grateful for this fellow night owl and I look forward to hooting again with him sometime soon! "
" Fred was awesome. I had to read a really creepy scene with him and he did such a great job of not holding back while acting, and then really connecting with me as a person when we were discussing the scene. Very much enjoyed. Would work with again "
" Full of surprises. Find out. <3 "
" So nice! "
" Fred was very kind and helpful. "
" Great dude! "
" So great as always! "
" Still amazing as ever. "
" Fred is one of my faves. He's already ready to go and gives great reads. "
" Fred id always so fun to read with, great with comedy, perfect timing!!! "
" Fred has a very quick instinct and can jump from different characters so easily and naturally! thank you so much! "
" Wow !!! Fred is really an awesome reader. He's very talented and kept me energized throughout my reads!!! "
" Fred is absolutely a blast to collaborate with. "
" Fred was RIDICULOUSLY helpful. Seriously! I was so so grateful for the notes he gave and my performance is 10x better because of him. As a reader he gave me so much to work with as well. He also provided super helpful tips about the industry in general that I will take with me going forward. I will 100% work with him again in the future! "
" WONDERFUL READER - & great ideas!!!! "
" Fred is great. Patient, yet attentive. Available at the crazy hour when I got on the site. Exactly what I needed to help me prep! "
" Very Helpful! "
" Really funny with lots of energy! "
" Proffessional and knowledgeable! Book this guy! "
" Fantastic!!! So helpful and ready to adjust to my every need. Highly recommended "
" Great reader with amazing tips!! "
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" Always super helpful! "
" Great insight into my scene and a great reader. Thank you Fred! "
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" Great! "
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" I had a huge scene he went above and beyond , he's a great vulnerable and flexible actor and reader to flow with. Thanks again! "
" Team Sport, very encouraging, and gives great advice. "
" Very calm reader who brings good energy into the scene. Helpful ideas for making the scene work! Looking forward to working with Fred again soon! "
" Fred was great! Ready to play and gave great suggestions for different takes. "
" Fred is so positive and fantastic to work with--a generous and friendly actor and collaborator! "
" Wow! Fantastic reader!!! Amazing "
" Amaziiiinnggg at breaking down scenes & being a great reader xx thank youuuu "
" The best!!! "
" Absolutely LOVE working w/Fred "
" Great cold reader! Seriously "
" Book Fred if you ever get the chance!!! He is first off, fantastic with comedy!! Second, Hes also very patient especially when we went wayyyy over-time and really worked with me to get atleast one take that worked. Three, He takes directions superbly!! Fourth, just an allround easy going fun person to play and work on any scene with! Looking forward to working together again! "
" Great dude! "
" Amazing!!!! Highly recommend "
" Awesome guy who is extremely helpful! "
" Super helpful! "
" So patient and an amazing reader! "
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" Great, fun guy. Thanks, mate. "
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" Literally super amazing. So patient and helpful!!! "
" Excellent actor and reader. highly recommend. "
" Thank you! "
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" So patient!! Thank you for the feedback and adjustments!! "
" Fred is amazing reader. It was great working with him "
" Fred is very relaxed and with it! Enjoyed hearing his scene ideas and he's a great reader! "
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" Great reader and helpful with his insights... "
" Love working with this guy. Loads of fun, tons of energy. "
" Great Reader!! Really patient and willing to go over the scene as many times as it takes for you to feel comfortable! you are amazing! Thank you! "
" Great reader! Great feedback :) "
" Great reader! "
" Supportive, encouraging, reliable, super patient. Great qualities for a reader! Thank you Fred!!! "
" Amazing resource. "
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" Excellent "
" I had a great session with Fred! Easy going and a great reader "
" Fred is so wonderful! Great reader, great notes, and he answered all my industry questions at the end too. A really generous, lovely human! "
" Great reader. Very committed to the craft. A real Pro! Thank you sir. "
" Fred was funny and really good for my audition! Grateful he could be my reader. "
" Wonderfully cool and relaxed. He really makes it easy to have fun and play with the characters, and he was very patient with my early tech difficulties. Would for sure use him again! "
" Fred was so helpful and didn't lose any energy or enthusiasm over the many reads we did. Thanks, Fred! "
" Such a nice guy "
" Solid reader. TY "
" Dope "
" Fred was amazingly patient and kind! He gave lots of direction! "
" Thanks for the help Fred :) "
" Absolutely fantastic character actor and professional reader! Thanks Fred for allowing me to pick your brain. It was a pleasure! "
" Fred was so very kind and present for my needs as I taped a scene. A wonderful and connected reader if you get the chance to work with him. "
" Great energy, warm, friendly! Excellent cold reader, and is eager to listen and take direction, while also giving great feedback! "
" Fred is Fantastic! Genuine and a great actor! "
" Wonderful actor. Incredibly patient. Helps coach you through if you need it, very generous and thoughtful. Has wonderful insights! Helped SO much. "

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