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Khetphet "KP" Phagnasay originally came from Laos to the United States as a refugee in 1980’s . He earned his B.A. in Theatre Arts from California State University, Fresno. He continue his Master of Fine Arts in Acting from University of Hawaii, Manoa, where he studied Asian Theatre forms. KP is a working actor, director, producer and stunt-fight Coordinator and more.

KP is currently in Prague shooting season 2 for AMC, IWTV

KP know for Ryan Murphy Mini-Series on Netflix , DAHMER. Monster ( The Jeffrey Dahmer Stories) with Evan Peters, play the Laotian father for the 14 years old victimn. etc.

KP was currently added to the upcoming limited Netflix series starring Michelle Yeoh , THE BROTHERS SUN 2023

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Khetphet Phagnasay originally came from Laos to the United States as a refugee in 1980’s . He earned his B.A. in Theatre Arts from California State University, Fresno. He continue his Master of Fine Arts in Acting from University of Hawaii, Manoa, where he studied Asian Theatre forms. KP is a working actor, director, producer and stunt-fight Coordinator and more. As an acting coach/instructor with 15 + years of coaching experience, he has taught at various studios in California and Hawaii; helping, developing, and guiding students to be successful in their career and life.

Khetphet Phagnasay, IMPOSSIBLE film for the 168 Film Festival had 9 nominations and featured on the best of the 168 film festival dvd. KP has worked on the awarding winning feature film Street of Hope(2014) as the Acting Coach/Consultant/Actor. He is also the Associate Producer/Stunt coordinator for the Short independent film Cross (2010). Casting/coordinating for a feature film Biohazard (Zombie Apocalypse) (2011). KP has been a stunt coordinator on featured films such as Showboys (2011), Contender, Underclassmen: Lee Roy Soames and the Drama Boy (2013), The Recording, Uprising and more. Many of these films have won awards at various film festivals.

Khetphet Phagnasay worked as a independent producer (VIMBY) for the Wal-Mart commercials for the Central Valley. His Face of Cancers documentary has been featured on the local PBS channels. He is involved in many aspect of productions in various positions. KP works with various talent/management agencies, production Team/Studios in development. He consults and does development on projects in web and feature films such Peppersteps , Little Buddy, Valley of the Kids (Web-series), 2nd Shot at Glory, producer for The Operator (TV pilot), several music videos for various artists, commercials, and more.


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" BAD ASS. And that's all I need to say. "
" Always a pleasure to work with him! "
" Just superb all around; 11/10 "
" KP is awesome! "
" Always the best "
" Super awesome guy. Great reader. Great energy. Very wise "
" Awesome reader! Book him!! "
" Higly professional reader/ actor very immersive no matter what type of material your working on and super friendly!! deff recommend! :D "
" Top of the line. You can't chose a better reader than KP. "
" Oh wow.. such a gracious human being. Very informative, and helpful. Thank you for all your time and knowledge KP! "
" Another great session! "
" There's a reason KP is famous-HE'S GREAT! And just like Clooney, the sweetest gentleman in Hollywood. "
" Great reader!! "
" Excellent fun and engaged reader "
" KP was awesome! Thank you! "
" Great reader! also had nice suggestions :) "
" Super amazing reader! Highly recommend and amazing performance in the Netflix series Dahmer, till next time brotha !! "
" KP is super professional, friendly, and helpful! Def want to keep reading with KP! "
" KP was awesome. Would definitely request him again! "
" Amazing Reader And Amazing Directions!!!!! "
" Always amazing. "
" Booked a big job with you! thank you "
" THE BEST Reader! So lovely and warm and just a great human and AMAZING actor. "
" Great reader. Very helpful. "
" Always a pleasure working with him "
" Amazing reader and guy as always "
" Absolutely wonderful to work with!! 10/10 "
" Great as always "
" KP is amazing. Definitely help me bring my character to life. Pushed me to go for my natural instincts. Would recommend him for reads. "
" Simply the BEST!! Thank you as always KP!! So much patience and always a stellar read! "
" Gave me great advice and was fantastic to work with. highly recommend "
" Such a great actor, great feedback, and wisdom. It was an honor to work with you, today. Thank you!! "
" Great reader and great timing. "
" Great energy. Great coach. Big thanks! "
" Thank you so much KP! I loved the work we did together. It was so honest and your thoughts on what the scenes could use were so spot on. So happy to have worked with KP. He’s working a lot for a reason . 10 Stars! "
" Super helpful. Awesome "
" Amazing guy as always "
" Great reader! Thanks KP! "
" Stuck with me threw my internet disconnecting for about 10 minutes. Helped me prep for a callback -- very appreciated. "
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" Great reader! And amazing actor!!! So fun and easy breezy working with you KP! Thank you for your patience and your wonderful read!! "
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" Kp is a teacher at heart, inspired me to keep learning and grinding. he loves what he does. "
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" Amazing reader! Thank you! "
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" My first time on WeAudition. KP was patient, helped me with the platform, had wonderful energy, was encouraging, and a great reader. Thank you! "
" Such an awesome actor and human! gave some great input, including the f&*k it take! :) all the best to you, kp! "
" KP was just what I needed. Thanks brother! Book him! "
" Another great session "
" Was looking forward to working with KP , unfortunately had a few technical issues with the system. Hope to work with him soon! "
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" KP Rocks!!! He is an awesome reader, has great notes and is so friendly! "
" Got right into it, and good listener. Gave no more than I wanted but enough of what I needed! "
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" A+ reader, A+ guy. Professional presence and always prepared "
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" Excellent!! Patient with a technical issue. Jumped right into the heart of the scene. Very giving scene partner!! Will be back for usre "
" AMAZING reader "
" Awesome reader! "
" Wow! excellent cold reader. thanks kp! "
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" KP was a great reader. Thoughtful notes. "
" Great reader as always! "
" Great working with KP! "
" Another great session "
" Absolute gem! My best experience with a reader yet! So kind, helpful, and just has the deepest well of knowledge and is so eager to share the wealth!!! :) This comes as no surprise after I learned he's a local Hawai'i boy like myself!! Mahalo nui loa Kp!!!! "
" Thank you so much KP! Till next time. "
" Damn good reader and coach! "
" Great reader! Helped dig into a scene "
" Always amazing! "
" Helped me get out of my head and really stayed present with me. Thanks so much!! "
" Super committed reader "
" Team player!! great to work with "
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" Great guy. Very Accomodating. "
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" Thank you KP for a wonderful rehearsal. You are amazing. I was so comfortable working with you, and I thank you very much for being my reviewer. I cant wait to work with you again ! "
" Second audition with KP today and I'm SO grateful!! "
" Incredible reader and person!! Thank you SO MUCH KP!!!! "
" Fantastic feedback. Helped bring another energy to my character. Immediate understanding of the scene. Thank you KP! "
" He's AWESOME! "
" Great reader! "
" It was a super quick read through but powerful. KP gave me the right tempo of the script to play with and I gave the director my take on the character and they loved it. "
" What an amazing reader! Super professional and for an intense dramatic scene, he was perfect, as he is a great actor I highly recommend this reader! Magi Avila "
" Great energy and response! Will work together again. "
" Very efficient! "
" KP!!! Awesome Awesome Awesome "
" Great- very helpful and fun to bounce a scene off of. Thank you! "
" Great reader, and such focused energy! "
" Absolutely the best at just getting in and getting the work done! Focused session and a great energy to try and go with anything!! Love working with you and cant wait to again! "
" Ahhh just always love love working together with KP!!! Gave me incredible insight on the theatre world and helping me get off book for two projects. Thanks so much KP! "
" Greatfull for his encouragement an skills. "
" Wonderful reader. Very patient. Thanks. "
" Great "
" Clean, clear and direct. Really enjoyed reading w/KP. Total pro. "
" KP is always excellent to work with. Solid reader with good scene ideas. Very supportive too:) "
" KP was fantastic. So professional, kind, friendly, and provided incredible direction. He is a great coach, mentor, and very knowledgeable about the industry. Highly recommend! "
" So grateful I was able to read with KP. KP is an AWESOME reader! "
" Wonderful, took notes very well, very positive attitude "
" Great to work with "
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" Great "
" Great reader "
" Solid as always. Thanks! "
" Very good reader! Book him!! "
" KP is outstanding. Thoughtful, focused ready for great feedback and to discover. Very supportive! "
" KP is great to work with! Thank you! "
" Very professional and made me feel at EASE. great scene partner, stellar intuition "
" KP was perfect! Had a commercial audition I was letting get the best of me and he was the cool, calm, collected voice I needed to get several great takes! Thank you! "
" Excellent reader! "
" Thank you so much! KP brought such a great energy to my self-tape! I'll definitely self-tape with him again. "
" Appreciate you bro!!! Great Reader Guys, book him!!! "
" Nice and takes direction well "
" Thanks for your help! Nice working with ya!~ "
" The very best! A consummate professional, as always! "
" KP is a great reader! Very nice and easy to work with. "
" Always such a treat to work with! You can absolutely tell that he loves helping other actors just cause he enjoys it! Cant wait to work together again and be a reader for you as well! Book him if you get the chance!! "
" KP was great! Such a great reader! Thank you! "
" Awesome "
" Really good scene partner. Gives good advice and also takes direction well "
" KP is truly a gem, absolutely love working with him always. I wanted to keep going but I appreciated his reassurance that my takes were enough. He gets it and it shows that he's a working actor himself! "
" Such a great ad-libber, and I even got a little stunt training into this audition! "
" KP is very helpful, flexible, and a good reader "
" Always wonderful and great to work with! "
" Great reader and great notes "
" Helpful and professional "
" Great reader. "
" KP was awesome!!! thanks again!!! "
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" Awesome!! "
" Amazing reader for such a short notice! "
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" Great!! Helped me with my scene for an audition!! "
" MY FIRST WE AUDITION EXPERIENCE WITH KP WAS PERFECT! Thank you. KP was a thoughtful and fun reader. He made it easy. I am more than happy with my results and the experience. "
" KP has been around the game, and knows his text, and can definitely help you play around with different choices in a scene. Really great/ fun reader to work with. Ill be coming back to him! Deff Recommend him ya'll! "
" Fun reader to work with! Good timing and really gets the scene vibe. Looking forward to more work together:) "
" Solid! "
" Easiest audition ever because of KP. Im very happy I got to work even though it was short!! Thanks KP "
" Great support to work a scene! "
" So great! wonderful reader, great feedback and supportive. "
" Great Reader Always! "
" Awesome reader! Very skilled and knows what he's doing. "
" Another great session! "
" Solid as always. Thanks KP! "
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" Another great session! "
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" Great and easy to work with "
" Great reader!! Super fun energy that was helpful to make it a very fun read! You're awesome KP! Thank you for your patience and generosity! Book him!! "
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" Book him! Fin "
" Wonderful!! "
" JP my fav. "
" KP was a pro! Jumped right in. Great cold reader! Thanks man. "
" Very good reader and patient while I figured out everything on my end!! "
" KP is ready to rock. Give him what you need and he's there. "
" Excellent reader "
" KP was great! "
" KP is great reader with great energy! Good with working thru the scene with you. "
" KP you're wonderful!!! Thank you for being pitch perfect, volume perfect and delivery perfect! "
" Great energy "
" Lovely lovely reader--so thoughtful and really knows his stuff!! :) BOOK HIM--an absolute JOY to work with ! "
" KP is awesome! Super nice and understanding! "
" Professional. "
" Thank you for your help and patience! "
" KP is a great reader and actor! "
" Awesome reader! Very patient and gives you just what you need. "
" KP was the best reader I have ever worked with on this platform. I highly, highly recommend him for his enthusiastic attitude and ability to understand character quickly! Thank you so much KP "
" Great as always. Thank you brother. "
" KP was amazing!!!! Professional and very patient with my takes! Very spiritual personality and gave me an advice I needed to hear! Thank you ! Looking forward to working together again! "
" The best of the best. Easy going & a true professional. "
" Rehearsal KING "
" So much fun!!! we rock! "
" Thanks for a fun read! "
" Once again. A beast!!! For real "
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" KP IS AMAZING!!! He jumped right into the script, gave me great notes! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM! THANK YOU!!! "
" Really helpful and reassuring! :) "
" Warm and friendly smile and energy. Very nice to read with KP! "
" Always so great!! "
" Easygoing, kind, helpful, and loves to support you! Happy, positive, and warm energy which I appreciate. :) "
" Simply a pro. Thanks again, KP!! "
" He's great!!!! "
" Great . thanks "
" Just perfect ! Thank you ! "
" Professional and ready to rock it always :) "
" Ready dope reader! talented patient humble . Looking forward to finding him on here again. "
" Easy and painless :) "
" Great energy and excellent actor, thank you so much KP hope to rehearse again with you "
" Nice guy. Very helpful. "
" KP is a great reader and really understands text! "
" Great reader, thank you! "
" KP is a rockstar - supportive with great enthusiasm and presence! "
" Wonderful to work with! Thanks again, KP! Look forward to the next time. "
" Great advice and insight! "
" KP is awesome! So enthusiastic about the work and discovering the authenticity in characters! Great support for me! "
" KP is awesome. Great guy, great reader "
" Great! Super easy! "
" So lovely and energetic! Had a product promo audition and he jumped right in to make it pop! Would highly recommend reading with KP! "
" Thanks so much KP for helping me run lines for my class! I always feel prepared after working with you! "
" Always awesome!!!! "
" Awesome reader! Very Patient! "
" Great job KP! Thank you so much. "
" KP is an amazing reader and makes the session fun! "
" Kp surely knows how to break down any scene. Great insight! Thank you so much. "
" Great reader! Helped me to build my energy to where it needed to be! "
" Playful and wonderful actor! "
" Welp we worked quick and hes a wonderful reader! "
" Warm, engaging, and such a present reader. He gave wonderful notes that really helped me get to a place I was happy with! "
" Helpful as always! "
" Generous and professional. "
" Thanks Bro! "
" Always helpful "
" He was such a great help! It was a quick session and he made me feel so comfortable! I appreciated how he gave me tips on how to make the script come to life like a real argument between a man and woman. I feel confident of sending in this self-tape! THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN! "
" Another great read with KP!!! "
" Wonderful reader- thanks "
" PHENOMENAL! Encouraging. "
" Super helpful! Had some scene work I needed to work on for class and KP really helped me get it off the page. "
" Easy going reader for my costar tape. thanks man! "
" KP!!!! Made my night. Thanks so much for working with me and just sharing your experience. Loved the time I spent with you. I look forward to connecting in the future ! "
" Always great to work with "
" Amazing. So helpful. Creative. Supportive. Nurturing. Definitely working with him again. "
" Always love reading with KP, he's always great at giving me insight on which are better takes to send through. Thank you! "
" Awesome! "
" Amazing reader! Thanks, KP! "
" Great! "
" KP was great, very talented and picked up the gist of the script so fast. So glad to have had you as a reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always an amazing reader! "
" Great reader with great notes! "
" Great! Awesome! Wonderful "
" KP is the consummate professional. I found out that he is a working actor, producer,....and he gets straight to the work you have to do! "
" KP was extremely giving - as a dialogue partner, but also he offered sage advice and industry suggestions/resources, which were beyond our self-tape session! A true professional who cares that you have fun but know the business and your potential! "
" Very fast. Very efficient. Great reader. Neutral accent. Knows what he is doing. I will look for him in the future. "
" Very Helpful Reader "
" Fantastic as always!!!! "
" Wonderful reader, really helpful :) "
" Awesome reader. Fast, total pro. Go with KP all the way. "
" Thanks a million KP for staying up so late with my tapes!!! I so appreciate how you're always game. Book KP everyone!!! "
" Thank you KP!!! "
" Fun and easy "
" Super awesome dude, great reader. Offered some fun suggestions to play with "
" Another great read! Thanks so much "
" It was great working for you and thanks for the help on the accent! "
" Thanks KP! "
" Awesome actor! so patient and engaged =) "
" Very helpful and engaging reader, thanks! "
" Always a great reader. "
" Patient and ready to jump right in! thanks KP! "
" Helped me breakdown the scene like a pro "
" Simply awesome! "
" I would say that KP is a beast! Like AMAZING... If you haven't read with him yet, you're missing out. "
" Excellent!!! "
" KP is a real pro, I highly recommend! "
" Really awesome scene partner! Truly played with it which is exactly what I needed. "
" KP was an amazing reader. He really helped make my vision come to life. Highly recommend!! "
" Great reader! Very patient and generous with his time, laid back attitude, and gave me exactly what I needed in scene. Thanks KP! "
" Solid "
" KP is awesome and patient! Great Reader "
" So natural and positive! had a great time "
" KP was awesome. So great to be reading with great actors. "
" Great reader and wonderful energy that puts you at ease. "
" Always a pleasure to read with KP. Consistent support. "
" Excellent reader, thorough and thoughtful! BOOK HIM ! "
" Awesome reader super patient! "
" Great guy, patient, friendly, easy to work with! "
" So patient and encouraging. "
" Great reader! "
" Super professional and easy to read with! Good vibes and helpful. Thank you so much KP! "
" Awesome reader!!! "
" Ah KP was amazing! So insightful and kind. He gave tips I'll be using throughout my career! "
" Great reader; left feeling super great about these takes! "
" Such a GREAT reader! "
" Great reader -- very present and enthusiastic and supportive! "
" So fun and great to work with. Lot’s of insights into story and character. "
" KP gave me just what I needed for practicing my lines "
" Thanks so much KP for always helping me get off book!!! "
" Really awesome reader! Great reactions really helped. Patient and down to help you! "
" Great reader and so kind! "
" So good!! "
" KP was very fun to work with. "
" Wonderful wonderful let’s read more together yay "
" Jumped in real quick and was really helpful! "
" Hopped on and was ready to work right away!! Great grounded energy and handled a lot of reader dialogue. Patient and supportive feedback. Thank you! "
" KP is a great reader! Very supportive and helpful! "
" Excellent working with KP!! His insight was super-helpful for me in my taped audition. Book him!! "
" Great reader! "
" Always such a great reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Thanks! "
" Excellent - just what I needed! I like how he has definitive opinions of what he's seeing, and gives helpful notes in just the right amount. Enjoyed working with you! "
" Great as always. "
" Supportive reader! "
" Thanks for always giving me AHMAZING energy KP!!! I always get great takes with you! "
" Always, always love working with KP! Supportive reader who also has great industry insight, thanks so much KP! "
" KP was lovely! Super patient and a fabulous reader! "
" Amazing reader! Super patient, helped me with the script! "
" Always a pleasure working with him "
" Very helpful and patient "
" I love him. he's a cool "
" Always the best. Great energy and fantastic reader. "
" Great reader! "
" KP was very patient and insightful, I recommend "
" Great help! Just what I needed "
" Great!! "
" Awesome!!! He was such. good reader and really helped me understand the scenes. Great Feedback and he really knows his stuff. "
" Thank you so much! "
" Great reader! Super patient and kind. "
" Solid scene partner as always "
" Great energy & a solid reader. Thanks KP! "
" Such a fun reader! Really helped me loosen up for my self tape. "
" Thanks KP for always being an awesome reader! "
" As always, great to work with! Thanks KP! "
" Great reader! Gave me some good notes and was fun to read with! "
" Amazing reader, friendly and very patient! "
" As always, great to work with!! TY :) "
" Thanks KP for always being a rockstar reader!!! "
" Thanks KP!!! Great scene partner and a lot of fun to work with :) "
" Lovely! "
" KP was great, I plan to read him again soon "
" KP was spectacular! He was not only a great reader, but a great Coach! He's the best coach I've had on here thus far. Thanks so much KP! "
" KP is lovely. Great patient reader "
" Awesome natural patient reader! Highly recommend KP "
" Great person and energy!!! Thanks KP :) "
" Huge help! Thank you!!! "
" Appreciate his patience and willingness to get it done. He's attentive and helpful! "
" KP Was awesome! Really helped me out in a pinch! Great energy and reader! "
" Always great to do a self tape audition with KP! this one was a half our network comedy and KP was able to read with the timing and pace that I needed to play. I highly recommend KP! "
" Awesome. Very professional, great reader "
" Awesome reader. Gives you exactly what you need. I look forward to working with him again. "
" Out of this world reader! So generous, with his time and notes. Patient and gentle. Really great working with you, KP ! Highly recommend "
" Very supportive reader. Loved reading with him. "
" Fantastic! So kind and patient! Absolutely enjoyed working with you! "
" Excellent! "
" Always a pleasure! "
" An excellent reader and a very cool person! "
" Such a great energetic guy and Reader. Really gave the other character something special and me to work off of. Thanks KP🙏 "
" Super nice, great reader! "
" YOU DA MAN! We're 2/2 and booked so far, KP is a great reader! Very professional "
" Solid as usual! "
" Awesome!!! thank you KP! "
" Great guy! "
" KP is super awesome! "
" KP was attentive and helpful! Thanks, KP! "
" Thanks KP! "
" Damn good reader "
" Great reader! 5 stars! Thank you KP! "
" Really awesome, positive energy!!!! "
" Solid and reliable as always! Thank you brother! "
" Excellent. great to work with "
" Thank you so much for the help, KP! "
" Such a PRO! Love working with KP! Thanks a bunch! "
" KP is a legit working actor and always makes sure to be in the scene as much as you are and I love him for it - thanks again!!! "
" KP was wonderful to work with. Very positive energy. "
" So kind and helpful! "
" Excellent reader. Kind and supportive! "
" Ran a test/tech check and all good. Thanks KP! Look forward to seeing you in your new NETFLIX SERIES! "
" KP IS MAGIC. Every. Single. Time. Thanks for always being a supportive reader KP!!! "
" Wonderfully patient and genuinely cares about helping you get the best take! Thank you! "
" KP is a great reader, easy to work with--highly recommended "
" AMAZING!!!! Definitely one of my favorites!! "
" KP is always so amazing!!! Perfect reader for this script... "
" Great energy! Fun read with helpfull notes "
" KP is literally hearted on my favorites list. Thanks so much for always been a supportive reader!!! "
" Another great seeing with KP. I needed to work fast and efficient this time and KP was so very accommodating. hKP wasted no time. gave me the pace I needed. gave me the energy I needed to produce a great self tape. thank you again KP. look forward to working with you again! "
" KP is the man!!! He's very giving of his time, his energy, his wisdom... Had a great time working with him "
" Very perceptive reader and patient too! Lovely guy. "
" Great notes! Highly recommend working with KP! "
" Warm, patient, perceptive. An excellent reader to partner with "
" Excellent reader and great tips on scene. Awesome Job KP! "
" Great as always! "
" Always super helpful! Literally has the best tips and advice. Book him if you can! "
" KP was a pleasure to work with! He was friendly and helped me calm my nerves down. Thank you, KP! "
" Great reader! "
" Great and easy to work with! "
" KP is crazy intuitive. I'm so happy to have worked with him. "
" Very helpful and easy-going. Thank you! "
" KP was great! Exactly what I needed "
" Great as always! "
" KP was very enthusiastic and willing to read with me a lot despite it being very late! Thanks! "
" Just what I needed for the reader! "
" Wonderful wonderful reader! Helped me out a bunch! "
" KP is great as always!!! "
" Thank you! "
" KP was patient and very cool with read with. "
" KP was TERRIFIC!! So present and encouraging!! "
" KP is wonderful to work with. He is easy to talk to that makes him good at coaching and giving notes. and his notes are always on point. KP is a great actor who books network guest star roles all the time so he reads with skill. He will support your performance. I highly recommend KP for your coaching, rehearsing and self tape needs. "
" Thank you. "
" KP is AMAZING!!!!!!! A+ A+ A+ "
" Super helpful and knowledgeable! "
" GREAT reader!! Super professional "
" Very helpful and had great suggestions. "
" Great Reader! Thank you KP! "
" So awesome to work with! Literally one of the best readers I've worked with! "
" Great reader. Thanks KP. "
" Great as always! "
" KP was great! Solid reader and great thoughts on the take. I look forward to working with him again. Thanks, KP! "
" After a couple of minutes, I could no longer see KP on screen. We did manage one read through before the lost connection. "
" So patient and kind...and an amazing reader!!! "
" KP thanks so much for helping me today! Really appreciate your support, feedback and enthusiasm.:-) "
" He was great! Thank you man! "
" Phenomenal Guy!!! excellent teacher and advice! Great Energy!!! "
" Awesome energy! KP offers great input around instincts and the technicalities of virtual castings. Thank you! "
" WOW KP is knowledgeable and patience. He had a lot of insightful breathing techniques and tips! "
" Great to work with, thank you! "
" Amazing reader. Great timing and feel with his read. "
" Great reader! "
" Great! Caught the vibe of scene really well "
" Thanks so much!! Great reader! "
" Fantastic reader, great energy, would absolutely work with again ! "
" Great reader, great energy! Super great scene partner :-) "
" Awesome energy and human! Thank you KP! "
" Patient through all my tech delays. Uplifting spirit. Always great time rehearsing with KP. "
" Lovely reader to work with! "
" Great reader, terrific actor and cool guy to talk to. Thanks KP! "
" KP is a wonderfully supportive reader, thank you! "
" KP, Great again! "
" Wonderful! "
" Awesome to work with! "
" He was awesome! "
" Thanks KP! "
" Always love working with KP! Awesome energy! "
" KP is great and very supportive reader, highly recommend him! "
" KP was such a great help! thank you! :) "
" Nice guy!!!! talented "
" Awesome reader, uplifting and positive energy throughout. We had fun! "
" Super fun to work with! Thank you for all the great ideas. "
" Such an amazing energy would love to work again with KP "
" ALWAYS LOVE WORKING WITH KP! Thanks so muchhhh! "
" Amazing reader and super helpful! "
" ALWAYS love working with KP!!! He's always so enthusiastic with great insight. Thanks so much KP!!! "
" Wonderful and supportive scene partner! He makes sure everything is in place for you. "
" Lovely positive energy! "
" Excellent energy and engagement! Rockstar reader with high energy. You definitely improved my read. Thanks! "
" What a trooper!! My computer went on the I was afraid that I lost him. Fortunately, he stuck around until I could get a better connection....My hats are off to him!! Bravo!! "
" KP has such wonderful energy! I highly recommend him as a reader! "
" KP was so helpful!!! He was super patient with me and really took his time to make sure that I got the best possible take. I will definitely be booking him again. "
" Great reader, with very insightful feedback. Thanks!!! "
" Thanks very much! "
" Thank you "
" Love working with KP!!!! Great reader "
" KP you were a blast to work with. THANK YOU for CLOWNING around with me! "
" Really Amazing!!!! The best! "
" Wonderful & Energetic! "
" Great! Really fun reader and great energy! "
" KP is awesome and I'll totally work with him again - great energy :) "
" KP was excellent. Extremely friendly and easy to read with! Will definitely request him again. "
" Great direction, supportive and patient. "
" Technical Difficulties "
" Super helpful! "
" Very kind, friendly and patient. "
" A reader AND COACH with an amazing energy... doesn't get any better! thank you KP!!! "

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