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HI! I'm Alexandra. I am THE go to reader and rehearsal partner for all of my actor friends. I am reliable, professional, kind and have been told I am a joy to work with. I can't wait to read with you!

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More about me...
I'm an actor, voice artist, producer and figure skater who began my professional career at 9 years old. I studied Musical Theater at New World School of the Arts (Go Pigeons!) and went on to obtain my Bachelor's degree in Theater and Dance from The George Washington University. I also have a Masters degree in Public Health and am a certified yoga and ballet barre teacher and certified health coach.

I followed my passion for theater to Chicago, where I performed in avant-garde and experimental theater projects, award winning independent films and commercials. While in Chicago, I studied Meisner and Viewpoints at Black Box Acting.

Since moving to Los Angeles in 2016, I have continued to study my craft, taking ongoing scene study classes with Los Angeles acting teachers Ben Mathes, Jeffrey Marcus, Craig Belknap, and Lew Palter as well as completing improv training at iO West (RIP) and commercial workshops with Killian McHugh. I shot multiple spots for DISH Network as well as working with Craig Gillespie (I, Tonya) on an underwater shoot for Indeed and last year my Burger King spot was so fun. My short film, "Pandemic Buddies" written, shot, and edited entirely during 2020 Covid lockdown has been a finalist in multiple festivals. My documentary, "Americano", was screened at the prestigious AmDocs Film Festival in Palm Springs. I also co-created and voice a kids show on YouTube called "Delores' Dog Show."

I work my acting muscle weekly with Ben Mathes at Crash Acting Studio. 🎭 I am happy to just use be your reader or offer coaching. You're the boss! I am here to support you!

IG- @alexandra__cruz_

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Petite and spunky like Anna Kendrick or Karen Allen, cast me in your romantic comedy or fun female film. As the pretty, yet accessible girl next door, I could be your love interest or sidekick to the super hot lead. With a movement background as extensive as mine, action is right up my alley too. I'm cute, tiny, strong, sensitive and fun! With an early 30s age range, I could be a wife and mother, a single working mom, or that woman who just doesn't have it figured out yet.

I'm an actress, producer, dancer, and figure skater who began my professional career at 9 years old performing with Miami's Ballet Randolph. I studied Musical Theater at New World School of the Arts (Go Pigeons!) and went on to obtain my Bachelor's degree in Theater and Dance from The George Washington University. I am a former competitive figure skater as well as certified yoga and barre teacher.

I followed my passion for theater to Chicago where I performed in avant-garde and experimental theater projects as well as independent films and commercials. In Chicago, I studied Meisner and Viewpoints at Black Box Acting.

Since moving to Los Angeles in 2016, I have continued to study, taking ongoing scene study classes with Ben Mathes, Jeffrey Marcus, Craig Belknap, and Lew Palter as well as completing improv training at iO West and commercial workshops with Killian McHugh.

I recently shot multiple spots for DISH Network as well as working with Craig Gillespie on an underwater shoot for Indeed.

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185 Reader Reviews

" Always a pleasure to read with Alex! So insightful and responsive "
" Super sweet & incredibly helpful! Definitely will request Alexandra again! "
" Alexandra was great to work with! She gave a great read and was super kind and encouraging. Definitely recommend working with her! "
" Excellent reader! Very helpful coaching, would reccomend! "
" Always such incredible work. responsive & generous! "
" So so helpful with a last minute redirect/reshoot. thanks for squeezing me into your packed schedule "
" Absolutely the best!!! "
" Thanks so much for working with a tight schedule! "
" Such a joy! Generous with her time. Helped walk me through my 1st self tape through the platform. And skilled reader of course! "
" Alexandra is a great reader! Kind and easy to work with. "
" Such a great reader. She gets it! "
" She was so good!! Loved playing opposite her, she was just lovely. "
" Great reader!!!! "
" She was such a great help!! Thank you so much!!! "
" You can learn a lot about a person in 30 min. Today, I learned what a rock star is. It's Alex!! Thank you for bringing just what I needed! "
" Great reader, very responsive to what I needed! "
" Terrific as always! Easy to work with, sticks with you, good ideas. "
" Alexandra was so helpful and gave great feedback! Super fun "
" Great reader!! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Great to work with! "
" Great fun to read with! Very present with you in the scene and a lovely person. Book her! "
" First time! Alexandra was great! She helped me get set up and offered valuable notes! "
" Alexandra is Amazing and knows how to break out a script easily. It was nice working with her! "
" Wonderful working with Alexandra! "
" Lovely reader! "
" She's awesome. So patient and put me right at ease. excellent reader all around! "
" The Reviews DONT LIE!!! Alex was excellent, flexible, fast, professional and well worth the money!!! "
" Excellent! A joy to work with, an amazing reader!!! "
" Wonderful! "
" Alex is such a good reader. A lot of great feedbacks on the takes. Pleasure working with her! "
" Alexandra was wonderful! Professional and gave great feedback. I would certainly use her again and again. "
" Fantastic reader and had a lot of fun ideas. "
" Alexandra is lovely, sweet and gently supportive. Had a great session with her and got to the heart of my scene. Will work with her again. "
" Awesome energy - brought a lot to the character, handling heavy dialogue!! Book her! "
" Thank you so much!!! "
" Awesome "
" Wonderful "
" Awesome as always !!! "
" A wonderful reader!!! Absolutely wonderful! "
" Awesome!!! She’s a great reader. Really gets into the sides with you. I’ll definitely seek her out again! "
" Fabulous‼️ "
" Good reader, would've liked more feedback "
" Great help. Another rush to get a self tape finished. Alexandra really helped me out. "
" Awesome reader! Super fun and very helpful advice. "
" Great as always :) "
" Great thank you again!!!! "
" Great!! "
" Great reader thank you so much! Hope to work with you again ! "
" Great engaged reader! "
" Great help! Thank you "
" Fun reader. Thanks! "
" Great reader. "
" Incredible reader. So friendly and helpful and accommodating and an excellent actress . Highly Recommend Alexandra! "
" Always great working with Alexandra, highly recommended :-) "
" Fantastic reader! Really sweet. Highly recommend! "
" Awesome!!!!! thank you, you rock "
" So accommodating. GREAT reader. Use her. "
" Perfect. She's such a good actress that it's just so fun to prep scenes together "
" She was so great and helped me work through my scene with so much patience! thanks Alexandra! "
" Alexandra was brilliant. super patient and a great actress. We were just learning lines but if i had a tape to do, she'd be the perfect scene partner "
" The sweetest! "
" Great reader. Positive. Supportive. And great with ideas and notes if you need them. "
" Alexandra is a wonderful reader! "
" Alexandra's lovely. She helped me rehearse for class and gave me positive, encouraging feedback. "
" Pure vibes :) This lady is such a gem - thank you Alex! x "
" Great reader, and fun! "
" Great reader! "
" Super helpful and great! "
" Alexandra is a great actress and her believability translates beautifully in a way that makes it easy to create the world. "
" Had loads of fun working with Alexandra, is you see her on line book her. "
" She is incredible. Patient. Strong Actress. Awesome. "
" Alexandra helped me with an emergency self-tape and she was fantastic. "
" Alexandra was awesome and super professional! Thank you! "
" Alexandra's a great reader! "
" LOVELY!!!!!! Wonderful Actress, so kind, very easy to work with. "
" Again; excellent help reading and self-taping an audition. Much appreciated. "
" Great tips! "
" Excellent scene partner! Very helpful learning (and analylizing) the text. "
" Great read with Alexandra. She helped me with my self-tape audition. Thank you for your help. "
" Thanks! "
" I feel so lucky to read with Alexandra today! "
" BRO! For real, you gotta work with Alexandra. She is super fun, a great reader, and will help you connect and play without any pressure. 10/10 will request her again. "
" Very nice and gave me some great tips! "
" Great reader! "
" Always great. Picks up on the scene immediately "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Awesome "
" Thank you so much! What an awesome session :) "
" Alex was awesome! She was an excellent reader and gave some good adjustments to work with. Would absolutely work with her again any time. A+! "
" Really sweet and got into the scene immediately. A great reader! "
" Easy going, great instincts "
" Lovely! Picked up character(s) really quickly. "
" So giving!! Thank you!! "
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" Alexandra did an outstanding job reading with me for a self-tape. Picked up on the tempo and tone immediately. Will certainly use her again! "
" Helpful and patient! Thank you! "
" Great reader! "
" Wonderful reader! Thank you for your time :) "
" I would give more stars if I could! Alexandra was phenomenal! We did as many takes and she took her time to give me honest feedback. I loved that she loved reading! It's always a joy to get a reader that enjoys what they do. Thank you, Alexandra! :D "
" Really lovely to work with, and helpful when talking through a scene! Thanks so much! "
" Friendly and supportive reader! Thank you! "
" Alexandra was a really good reader and very patient about repeating lines! "
" Patient and a great reader. Jumps right into it with you. "
" Excellent reader! "
" Super reader and so friendly! Thanks so much! "
" Greater reader!! "
" Fun to read with. We knocked things out rather quickly, which is always a good sign. "
" Excellent reader! Great timing and fun to work with:) "
" She was great and really helpful "
" Great reader! Drilled my scenes with me and i really appreciate it. "
" Great reader. Very supportive! "
" Lovely to work with! will request again :) "
" Great reader and suggestions "
" Great reader. "
" Alexandra is amazing!!! My first time using We Audition for a self tape went super smoothly thanks to her! :) "
" Wonderful Reader!!! "
" Great reader, great notes! Thanks so much for your help! "
" Amazing! "
" Amazing "
" Very helpful reader "
" Alexandra is wonderful, gives everything to the other character which really helped me relate into my self-tape. It's so great to have a talented actress on the other side. "
" Amazing! "
" Excellent reader and lovely person!! "
" Fantastic! Very giving reader. Played a tween and a dad in the same scene effortlessly! "
" Great! "
" So good! Comfortable, easy, fun. Will definitely look for her to read again. "
" Great reader! Thank you :) "
" Very good reader! "
" Helpful and easy to work with! "
" Alexandra was great! "
" Lovely an patient! Great reader. "
" She's wonderful. "
" Really upbeat and willing and good reader! "
" She's great! Gives as much feedback as you'd like. Stays aware of word flubs. Has patience. Thanks Alexandra! "
" Gave really insightful feedback to help with a challenging piece. Thank you! "
" I mean, she's the best! "
" So great! One of my favorite readers! "
" Wonderful person and reader! "
" Lovely professional patient talented "
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" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! Thank you so much! "
" Great! Super open to what I needed in the session, would read with her again anytime! "
" Alexandra was great to work with. Tremendous help dissecting and breaking the scene down. Will definitely work with Alexandra again. "
" Thank you!! <3 "
" Loved her! "
" She was great! "
" Great! "
" She was awesome! Super helpful and just what I needed to feel ready for a self-tape. "
" Excellent scene partner! Alexandra helped me learn lines for an audition, and was super helpful. "
" Very kind, and a pleasure to work with. "
" Fantastic! "
" Thanks for everything! You're a gem. "
" Easy to work with! Great suggestions for how to direct the scene. "
" Fantastic read! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Thank you so much!! "
" Alexandra was so helpful! I feel much better about going into my audition now. "
" Awesome reader! Really great actor! "
" Alexandra was terrific! Good timing for comedy which really helped my rehearsal:) "
" Great reader! "
" Fantastic and very helpful reader!!! "
" So patient and really got into the character. "
" Great working with her! She insantly grabed what was going on in the scene and was great to work off of!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Greater reader, super helpful and professional. Thanks so much! "
" Professional and great to work with! "
" Excellent session. She is spot on. What a wonderful reader, great personality and great at putting you at ease. Will definitely work with her again. "
" Great reader! "
" She's fantastic. One of my favorites. Thank you! "
" Fantastic actress and reader. Very professional and warm. Thank you! "
" Lovely reader! Gets story quickly and offers great notes. "
" Very helpful with running lines and providing feedback. :) "
" Alexandra is a great reader and very sweet! Highly recommend working with her :) "
" Great partner! Attentive and giving. "
" Great reader, thank you! "
" So sweet and helpful! Thanks Alexandra!!! "
" This was a wonderful, upbeat, efficient rehearsal! "
" Thank you! Awesome reader! Helped a lot! "
" Excellent "
" Alexandra is really adept at and a natural improviser! Thank you! "

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Pandemic Buddies
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Blueprint Soul
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Lost Dogs
2011 [IMDB]
The Surprise Party
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