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WeAudition is an international community of Professional Actors, Casting Directors, Agents & Managers that connect through video-chat for Auditions, Rehearsals, Self-Tapes & Industry Advice.

Create a Video Audition Room, so you can audition actors anywhere, on your computer. Save travel time, expense & casting room fees. Be more efficient. 100% FREE.

  • Use easily with your preferred submissions service
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  • Superior video quality, no downloads needed
  • Direct and interact with actors
  • Fast, efficient waiting room system
  • Great for pre-reads or location casting

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Founded in 2015 Weudition is now the leading video chat system for online auditions, helping hundreds of casting directors across the world meet with actors they know, and discover new talent.

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Video-chat is the Future of Casting for Film, TV & Digital.

Hear what other Casting Directors have to say about WeAudition


“AWESOME. I LOVE the platform!”

Erica S. Bream Casting (Altered Carbon, Colony, House of Lies)

“Very easy to use and a great way to access actors from all over the world. Couldn’t recommend it more highly.”

Aisha Bywaters Casting (Black Mirror, Peaky Blinders)
Sophie Holland Casting

“An incredible resource that I believe may well be the future for Casting. As actors themselves Darren and Richard truly understand what the community need and want. I love what you do and whole heartedly, unreservedly endorse WeAudition.”

Sophie Holland Casting (The Witcher)


“I really love the platform... I believe that WeAudition is the new way of casting. My directors were blown way.”

Ricki Maslar CSA (Twister)

“A great website… where you can hire someone to run lines with you before an audition or be your scene partner when you self-tape. Wish I’d thought of it!”

Marci Liroff Casting (ET, Indiana Jones, Footloose, Mean Girls)
Greg Apps

“It's the Digital Age and WeAudition are embracing it beautifully.
This truly is an amazing platform for the industry.”

Greg Apps Casting (Mission: Impossible II, Chopper, Wanted)

“I’ve been saying we need this for years - and here it is!”

Amanda Lenker Doyle Casting (Black-ish, The Muppets)

“What a brilliant platform, simple and easy to use even for a technophobe like myself.”

Lou Smernicki (Kate & Lou Casting)

“The process is smooth and user-friendly. I highly recommend this as a way to quickly and easily see talent no matter where they are based.”

Rachel Reiss (Liz Lewis Casting Partners)