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I would love to help you with your self-tape. I know how important the reader is.

I am always in a quiet place so you can have a perfect audition.

And I will give you what you need, but you will always be in the spotlight - YOU are the star of your audition tape!

We can go through the scene as many times as you need to, and I can offer you feedback, if you want to :)

So, take your time and concentrate on what you have to do. I'll stay with you as long as you need to make it perfect :)

<<< Sometimes I get double calls, so if it shows I have declined it is because I was already in one of them. I'm sorry for that. >>>


Dean E. Fronk - LA, USA - casting director (CD of 500+ movies) - scene work

Amy Jo Berman - LA, USA - former head of casting at HBO for 25+ years
- scene work
- actor's presentation in front of CD's (resume, headshot, reel, etc)
- actor's mindset

The International Acting Studio - HU - The Chubbuck Technique

email --- florina_valeanu@yahoo.com

I was born to be an actress. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew this is what I was going to do. I believe not only that the art brings people together, but also that it is the only form strong enough to heal them.

A comedy, a drama, a line in a movie, the way a character smiles, the passion that is poured in a scene ... that can awake something in the watcher that he might have never know it was there, or that he needed it.

I love acting! Between "action" and "cut", that time belongs to the character I am playing. That is their moment, and I am the body that brings it to life.

I will always love acting, because there will always be a story to tell.


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" Florina was an absolute pleasure to work with! She gave great energy during our read and encouraged me to do as many takes as necessary to get the right take. "
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" Very friendly and great to work with. Really helps in every way, she is awesome! "
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" LOVED Florina! This was my first time trying out we audition so I was super nervous but she made me feel so comfortable and was such a great reader! DEF want to work with her again! Thank you so much Florina:) "
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" Amazing Spirit! Very helpful and educational on walkthrough of this site. This was my first time and needed to check off this step on the Reader Setup list. I appreciate her time, explanations, and willingness to do this for me. Very nice site I am so thrilled and ready to read =-) "
" Florina Was so much fun to work with!! "
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" Florina was amazing! So kind and generous with her talent and her time. Such a delight to meet and work with her! "
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" A good reader, listener, and overall pleasure to work with "
" What a joy Florina is. So patient and very calm. BOOK THEM! "
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" Jumped right in with me, thank you Florina! "
" She delivered every sound cue on time and was very, very patient. Thank you, Florina! "
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" Florina was extremely patient and helpful. She made me feel comfortable and not rushed at all so I could get my self tape done right! Thank you so much! "
" Great reader! "
" Sweet sweet reader. "
" So lovely. spent lots of time going over the scene and finding new ways to approach the character. "
" Great to see you again! Great cold reader and very nice and patient with you. "
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" Great energy! Such a fun time. Would recommend 10/10 "
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" Absolutely loved working with Florina! She is an amazing reader. I gave her a scene for MLK and she really came through!!! Thanks Florina "
" Wow Florina is so nice and responsive! a really great reader, I had a lot of fun acting with her! thanks! "
" Florina is one of my favorite readers on this platform. She is so much fun to work with and is so nice as well! Highly recommend for rehearsal or tape sessions! "
" Thanks for helping out! "
" Florina gave great feedback and suggestions for different reads. Thanks, Florina! "
" Very good reader! loved working with her and hope to do it more often. supportive, smart and talented. "
" So nice! Great reader, easy to work with. "
" Thank you so much! "
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" Florina was a great reader and super helpful when it came to the details! "
" Florina has an a mazing energy and a great voice. I loved reading with her. "
" Florina is the best! Lucky to have her for my rehearsals and tapings. "
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" Such a joy! Great reader. Patient and very helpful. Thank you :) "
" Florina was so sweet and a perfect reader!! So cool to get to read with someone across the globe and get her take on everything as well!! Would love to catch her again sometime!! Thank you!! "
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" Love Florina, warm, patient, kind, perfect energy for a self tape and great reader "
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" Florina is the nicest, and so generous and professional. I'll definitely book her again "
" So sweet and fun to work with! Thanks Florina! "
" Fantastic! She was not only helpful for my rehearsal and audition, but she had an incredible spirit of encouragement and "help" that I needed in this moment. I can't recommend her enough. Brava. "
" Florina has a sweet, wonderful presence and is incredibly patient. Her kindness and professionalism added a lot of grace to my selftape. Thank you! "
" Great to meet and work with Floriana. She was a fantastic, natural reader. "
" Fiona is so kind and lovely, great at cold reads! "
" So patient and willing to dig in deep to get the scene just right! Book her, such a kind and giving person! "
" So kind and a great scene partner! Thanks Florina! "
" So patient, understanding, and sweet! She let me do as many takes as I needed and offered helpful suggestions when she saw me having a difficult time. I appreciate you Florina! "
" Lovely and great reader! "
" Florina was great she helped me figure out which one of my reads was perfect for the audition I was going for. Thank you friend! "
" Florina rocks! She was patient and made great suggestions to help get me out of my head. I definitely recommend her "
" Pleasure to work with! "
" Thank you Florina! "
" Thank you Florina! "
" Thanks so much Florina for being a supportive reader! "
" Professional and fun! "
" Great reader "
" Florina is sooo sweet! I’m so glad she was my reader today. "
" Amazing!! So patient and positive :) Thank you Florina! "
" Whew! Florina is unlike any other reader here. She is thorough, patient, has a great eye and is so supportive. She knows good acting and is so kind and patient in her support of the actor. She is who you're looking for and who you need. "
" Very nice. Good reader :) "
" So helpful and so generous! Highly recommend "
" Florina was awesome! Kind, patient, and gave great pointers! "
" Florina is incredible. Supportive, incisive, generous. So lucky she was available "
" Florina is remarkable. I'm so grateful for her advice, insight & her calming demeanor! I will definitely book her again! X "
" Florina is lovely. thank you "
" She was a very engaged and gave good feedback. "
" Thank you Florina!!! Such a great reader!! And a true beauty inside and out! She's so sweet and will encourage you to do as many takes as you need to feel like you nailed it! She's awesome! Book her!!! "
" Such patience, such clarity, truly gratuity to have had Florina as reader! "
" Wonderful to run lines with! "
" Florina is an EXCEPTIONAL reader! This is my first time using WeAudition - I am so super glad I did. She gave some really amazing tips that honestly changed the whole scene for me and suddenly made it feel so much more real. Those takes we did after that were for sure the best ones and got me out of performing it a certain way. Thank you so so so much Florina! "
" Great and super helpful "
" She's fabulous! So kind and patient! Great reader "
" Excellent and spot on! She really knows how the timing of this stuff works. Thank you! "
" So nice and helpful! Was super willing to work with e for however long and was a great reader. "
" Such a wonderful and generous spirit I really enjoyed going over the scene with Florian…She’s Amazing 😊 "
" Awesome as usual and gave very helpful tips! :) "
" Loved her. Kind. Patient. Encouraging. "
" Florina is super sweet and sooo helpful. She was so patient and kind. Thank you so much Florina!! "
" So sweet! and very patient and willing to help as long as I needed! "
" Simply the best! "
" Florina is so encouraging and has tips and tricks to save you time while still curating an authentic read. She's a gem. "
" Great reader, very patient, and also give fantastic notes. "
" Florina is AMAZING, kind, generous, and a wonderful reader AND human being. THANK YOU! "
" Good Work, fast and professional. "
" Was very patient and helpful. "
" Florina is an angel, wonderful spirit and a great scene partner! She gave me great feedback for my self tape audition! Thank you so so much! "
" Thanks Florina! Always lovely reading with you and talking with you :) "
" I'm so grateful to have had a chance to work with Florina! A fabulous, supportive reader who helped me capture a self-tape that I am so pleased with. Thank you! "
" Great Rehearsal! "
" She knew about the text after only a couple reads, and gave me suggestions based on the others' points of view. "
" The biggest support! I am eternally thankful for her patience and encouragement! "
" She is an excellent reader, helped me a lot and made me feel very comfortable. "
" My first time using the app and I was so nervous about it but Florina put me at ease and was an excellent reader. She’s so lovely. Thank you! "
" Perfection all around. Helped me to achieve amazing results in a short time! Thank you "
" Awesome reader. Thank you for your help ! "
" I love that Florina was so patient and warm; it's always so nice to meet a colleague who's supportive and rooting for you. Her thoughts and feedback helped me a great deal with both of my scenes. Thank you! "
" Florina is a fantastic reader. She was able to help ground me in the work when getting the tape done in time felt like an impossible task. I cannot wait to work with her again. She is a true gem and so generous with her energy and time. "
" Florina was so helpful and nurturing and made me feel super comfortable with my first experience on WeAudition. She was also great at helping me dig into the script and nuances of my character and different ways of looking at the scene which helped to give it a better arc and flow. Thanks for being a great actress to play off of! "
" Excellent reader - very patient and super kind! "
" Such a wonderful and calm reader. I felt very held and supported for my audition. Thank you Florina!! "
" Florina is such a generous and supportive reader!! Would highly recommend! "
" Florina brings such a lovely energy to her reads! She was very encouraging and made very helpful suggestions. Would definitely recommend her! "
" Lovely, excellent reader with fantastic feedback, dived straight into it and gave good feedback in a concise and constructive way. Would definitely use again. "
" Florina is FANTASTIC! Encouraging, professional, and has a good eye. Great reader! "
" Simply fantastic! Thank you for being so warm, available, and creative! "
" Great awesome ready will book again! "
" Supportive and giving in the best way. Made me feel at ease and made it clear that it was about what I wanted. :-) "
" Amazing reader and absolutely lovely to talk to!!! "
" What a dol! Florina is such a sweet and wonderful person and has a warm caring energy. A great reader and gave great suggestions! "
" So kind and caring, thank you Florina! "
" Florina was THE most patient and kind human ever. So so so patient. I had loud construction outside of my house that kept interrupting the takes, and she was so calm and patient - she really helped me stay peaceful. And she sat with me as we waited for the noise to pass. I didn't feel rushed or anxious because her energy was so calm. I'm so grateful I met her. She's so wonderful! Can't wait to do more tapes with her! "
" So patient and so helpful! "
" So kind and helpful! I highly recommend! :) "
" Lovely energy! patient and gave great notes! "
" Florina was absolutely amazing and patient! Will work with again. :) "
" I loved reading with Florina. She made me feel very comfortable and asked before giving any notes or advise. Would definitely read with her again! "
" Florina was so nice and a wonderful reader. Thank you! "
" SOOOOO HELPFUL!!! I needed to approach the scene with the playfulness that she provided. Would 100% love to work with again "
" Florina was so kind and helpful! "
" SO FUN! She had me do different versions of the character and I ended up liking my throw away takes the best! Thank you! "
" Florina was an absolute delight and super helpful. Great working with her. "
" Florina was AMAZING to work with!! She made me feel so comfortable as my self-tape partner, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of reading the scene together. Thank you, Florina!! 😄❤️ "
" Florina is kind, detailed and incredible helpful. She is a committed and mindful reader . I will definitely work with her again. "
" Florina is such a great reader with an amazing spirit to match! "
" A total pro-- thanks!! "
" A pleasure as always! "
" Florina was awesome, supportive and super generous with her time. Appreciate her so much!! "
" Florina is an amazing reader! So sweet and friendly. "
" Super patient and very generous with her time! "
" She is incredibly friendly, patient, and really knows how to use the platform "
" Great reader :) tnx! "
" Thank you Florina :) "
" Lovely energy, sweet and patient! I was wonderful running lines with Florina! "
" Great reader! Super kind and patient!! "
" Florina is great! Very friendly and professional "
" Great reader with great energy and charitable towards time. Great experience! "
" Amazing reader!! Very Patient and kind <3 "
" So patient and lovely! "
" Florina is a wonderful, kind and generous reader! "
" Florina is so patient and kind, it was a pleasure working with her!! "
" Thank you so much Florina! "
" Really enjoyed working with her! Great personality! And genuinely cares about you getting your best take done! :D Very patient! "
" Florina was a fantastic reader. Noticed things on the script, that enhanced my performance. Thanks Florina! "
" Lovely energy and feedback! "
" Amazing reader! Great advice! "
" Florina is so patient and encouraging. It's a joy to work with her. "
" Wonderful! Thanks! "
" She is a fantastic rehearsal partner! "
" Great working with Florina, such a lovely energy. Thank you. "
" Florina is godsent, she is kind, patient and when I asked her for pointers on improving the scene, she was spot on. Very perceptive of characters and scene work. Such a blessing! Thank you Florina. "
" Florina is upbeat, warm and professional. Great fun to work with, always. "
" She is a wonderful reader!!! Kind, considerate and patient, too. Thank you for the great work. "
" Amazing as always! :) "
" Amazing reader! "
" Florina is great. Patient and helpful throughout. Thank you so much! "
" Fabulous as always! "
" Gave me exactly what I needed! Wonderful reader. "
" She is so great and so patient with me, thank you! "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Great reader and gave me helpful tips "
" Really smooth reader. It was a lot of dialogue for the characters she had to read and she did great giving me what I needed in the audition. "
" Picks up the scene very well! very interactive! "
" Very helpful, many thanks Florina "
" Very kind and helpful! "
" Top-notch. Professional. You will be lucky to have her read for you. "
" Florina is super great! She helped me with Romanian accent and as a native Romanian, she could perfectly pronounce the words I needed help for "

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