Jules Franchetto

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Hi there! I'm a Stella Adler alumna and I've got some improv experience at The Groundlings as well.

As a reader, I am happy to simply read the sides and follow your directions for your self-tape, or I can also provide feedback (and support!) if requested.
Alternatively, if you're looking to rehearse, run lines and brainstorm for your character or scene, I will be happy to offer some script analysis, opening and closing moments, and different options to make your choices specific and authentic.
I understand that this is your time and I am here to help you make the most of it however fits you best.

In case you need a reader for a different language, I can fluently read any material in Portuguese as well as English, and I'm an intermediate-level in Spanish.

If I'm not online and you'd like to set up a time in advance, you can DM me on IG @julesfranchetto or email me at julesfranchetto@gmail.com.

Looking forward to working with you!

Jules is a Brazilian-born actress, Stella Adler Academy Los Angeles alumna and voice-over actor. She is also trained in Improv by The Groundlings in Los Angeles, CA.

Theater credits include Appropriate (2018), Macbeth (2018), Chekhov in Yalta (2018) and The Importance of Being Earnest (2019).

Film credits include Laura (2018), Facsimile (2019) and God Bless (2019).

In 2021, she appeared in the web series "Living Alone Inside".

She speaks English, Brazilian Portuguese and a bit of French.


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" So much fun!! Thanks!! "
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" OUTSTANDING READER and the patience of a SAINT! Never feel rushed at all! That makes SUCH a difference for me! Highly recommend! "
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" Super helpful and really nice during our session! I think I got a really great self tape with her help! "
" Her energy is always on point! "
" Awesome reader! Gave great feedback, was composed and chill, and analyzed the scene very well! "
" Jules was great and had a great suggestion for my scenes to make them fun! "
" Excellent reader "
" Excellent reader. With fantastic notes that really helped me with the scene. would highly recommend to anyone!! "
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" Kind, attentive, great feedback. "
" She's insanely sweet and immediately made me feel very comfortable. Super go with the flow and very kind. Great pacing! "
" She was great. I just needed to run lines, but she really makes an effort to embody the other character for you so I can play and try new things. "
" Jules was super patient with me - it was my first time and I struggled getting it set up. Thank you. You were great!! "
" Easy to work with! Very lovely! "
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" Great reader! Patient and kind, with helpful advice. "
" WeAudition Take 2: Jules was so helpful and very open to help and suggestions. I couldn't get the sides to download so she gave me her email address to email the sides to her. "
" New to We audition and explain the process and how it works "
" Great reader with a friendly personality! Thank you!! "
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" Amazing actress and reader. Super smart, patient and sweet "
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" Great reader, very professional. "
" Great Work! "
" So sweet. She helped me with a monologue and has such a nice presence for sending energy towards and offers great notes and feedback! "
" Amazing and smart actress. A joy to work with her. "
" Really great actress and fun to read with "
" Awesome reader. Great with ideas if you want to collaborate too. :) "
" Great reader! "
" The best :)))))) "
" Jules was awesome both as a reader, and answering my questions about her experience at the Stella Adler school. "
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" Amazing work "
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" Great! "
" Amazing reader "

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