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Hi! I'm AEA classically trained actor! I've studied extensively in NYC (Circle In The Square, Kimball Studio, The Freeman Studio, Vance Barber, Primary Stages, Deborah Hedwall) and have worked in film/television/commercially in LA/NY/Southeast.

Happy to help with whatever you need. It's your time and a judgement free zone. Will only offer feedback if requested.

VENMO: @laurenpike__
Thank you so much for your reviews! : )
Tips always appreciated!

Feel free to DM or email me if I'm not available here or accidentally cancel (not ignoring you I promise)...


Lauren Pike is a classically trained actress & has worked in NYC theater, film & television as well as commercially! Currently based in Nashville and auditioning/working on both coasts.

She recurs on a number of web series; Single Rules (HBO’s NYLFF) Chronicles of (Winter Film Awards). Her most recent work includes the upcoming independent feature films Given Life, L’odge Door & Twelve Frames (Official Selection:Art of Brooklyn Film Fest).

Recent/Upcoming Credits:
(TV Movie-Lead) MURDER AMONG FRIENDS: Dir. Dylan Vox
(Short) SONIA & LISA: Larkin Stanhope Productions

Represented by GILL Talent Group (NY, LA, Atlanta)

202 Reader Reviews

" Lauren has a wonderful energy. Great to work with. "
" The PACING. Pacing is so good, so on point. She is amazing. HIGHLY recommend. "
" A+ "
" Literally adored her "
" Great job! thank you! "
" Lauren was SO great! very patient with me as I was trying to learn the lines! Also a reader and actor, A++++ "
" Always great "
" Dazzling & so sublime "
" Amazing reader! Great feedback when I asked for help with a self tape, highly recommend :) "
" D A G O A T "
" Lauren was great. My very first reader. Thank you so much💜 "
" Great as always! "
" Da GOAT. "
" So grateful to work with Lauren again. She's game to collab and offered a fun suggestion that helped me get a great take. Thank you! "
" Great! "
" Thanks so much Lauren! Always ready to just jump in with me and go! "
" Wonderful reading with Lauren, so warm and great script analysis. Book her! "
" Always a great help!!!!!! "
" The best!!! "
" My go to! So generous and present! "
" Lauren was awesome! Super nice 10/10 experience "
" Fantastic reader, great notes and lots to play off of! "
" Great experience, Lauren had good feedback and insight into the script (I asked for her input). I would gladly work with her again and would recommend her to anyone else needing a scene partner "
" Thanks Lauren!! Excellent reader who brought the exact tone/pace I needed! "
" Divine wind "
" Amazing as always, not only a great reader but super observant!! "
" Lauren was a great reader and helped me tremendously! "
" Great reader! Thank you! "
" True professional, excellent reader and gives great feedback, book her! "
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" Ignoring my being love, madam pike is always a swell reader-ette! 😬 "
" :)) "
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" The absolute best ever! "
" Lauren was fantastic! Great cold reader! "
" Sweet as 3.14! And a GOOT reader! 😎 "
" Great energy! Understood the scene right away and gave the BEST notes! 5 stars "
" Just NORTH of wonderful. :) "
" Absolutely the best!!!!!!! "
" Lauren is super nice and easy to work with. Highly recommend! "
" Great actor. Loved her reactions and reading with her. Very friendly and patient. Would work with her anytime! "
" Lauren is a good, fun time! Thanks for everything! "
" 5 stars! "
" Just what I needed! Thanks Lauren! "
" Really excellent scene partner! Incredibly grounded in her work and brought out the best work in me. "
" Wonderful reader/actor! Great cold reader. Matched the tone and left me free to do the work I had prepared! Use her as your reader! "
" Thanks so much, Lauren! Fun to read with you! Great reader and actress. "
" Great! "
" Just hire her click on her she’s the best "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Lauren was great! Really easy to work with and so supportive! "
" Great as always!! "
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" The best as always! Book her!!! "
" The Best!! "
" Really good actor; great energy and very organic- supportive. Made he audition easy. "
" Thank you Lauren! "
" I've used Lauren a couple times and will definitely use her again - grounded, positive, patient a gives great suggestions. "
" Lauren is great! She's a wonderful reader and builds a very supportive environment :) "
" So happy I found Lauren to work on an audition. She gave great feedback and was incredibly helpful. "
" Lauren is professional, patient and helpful. Lovely to work with. "
" Great :) "
" Lauren is a super pro cold reader and in general a fantastic scene partner.🤙 "
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" Lovely reader! Loved her energy and pacing. "
" Super great! Nice, easy to work with "
" Thank you Laura!! "
" 2/2 today. thankfully she saves the scene for me. "
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" Thanks Lauren! You were fantastic! "
" Lauren had awesome energy and was a great reader! "
" Lauren is amazing! So patient and her theatre background runs strong throughout her read. "
" Wonderful reader as always! "
" Lauren is a fantastic reader. Good, solid reads consistently. Very supportive. Helpful notes. What more could you ask for? Thank you so much Lauren :) "
" Second time Lauren's read with me. She's absolutely amazing as a reader, gives excellent notes & adjustments to try and is just friendly to talk with! "
" I loved working with Lauren. She's super supportive and great to act off of. "
" Great reader! thank you so much! "
" The best as always!!!! "
" Lauren is amazing!! She jumped right in, made me super comfortable and ready to play. A++++++ "
" Amazing reader!!!!!!!!!! BOOK HER!! "
" Lauren is amazing! Highly recommend! Thank you Lauren for always coming through "
" Really good to work with "
" Chill, goes with the flow. Not annoying. What more do you want? "
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" So lovely! Great, natural reader and really put me at ease! "
" Lauren is lovely! So kind and easy to work with. "
" Lauren is fabulous. Such a great actress and a wonderful scene partner. Had so much fun playing the scene with her! "
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" Lauren was great! Very helpful and supportive. Jumped right in and gave a great read. "
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" Great reader. We just ran lines but was able to hop in and read quickly and efficiently. "
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" Wonderful! Incredibly helpful with memorizing Shakespeare. "
" Legend "
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" Super kind and helpful! "
" :) "
" The best!!! Thank you so much Lauren!! Book her!! "
" Amazing read! Were able to play around and have a ton of fun while finding some great new paths for the scene. "
" Loved how Lauren was willing and able to play in the scene with me. She also brain stormed and pitched on the character I am working on which was helpful. "
" Lauren is awesome, & a pleasure to work with!! Thank you for your generosity, I appreciate you!! "
" Excellent reader as usual. Lauren is one of my go-to's "
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" Super good reader and helped me with my quick self-tape! "
" Thank you so much for all your help! Great reader! "
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" Lauren was a fantastic reader! She was helpful and very nice to talk with. Thank you!! "
" Smart. Instinctive. Willing to act with you and make your audition better "
" Lauren was incredible, clear, present so lucky to get to work with this person (and distinctly clear, excellent with language!) Thank you Lauren! "
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" AMAZING! dropped right in "
" Great reader! Thanks ! "
" Super cool and great energy, her read really helped me bring my character to life! "
" Very warm energy and great reader, thanks Lauren! "
" Gave me such a great note/idea that totally changed the scene for the better! Will def be one of my go-to's from now on. "
" Super dope reader! Attentive and knows how to get the pace down perfectly. Definitely pick her and don't forget to tip!! Too good to be free! "
" Another amazing reading session with Lauren. Thank you so much! "
" Very insightful and patient. "
" Great! She jumped right in and was so easy to work with. "
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" Awesome awesome awesome! Lauren is patient, passionate and supportive! So great to work with. Highly recommend!! "
" Great reader. Her reading helped me find new things each time. "

Credits Include

2020 [IMDB]
Chronicles Of
TV Series
2020 [IMDB]
Given Life
2019 [IMDB]
In Pursuit with John Walsh
TV Series
2018 [IMDB]
Single Rules
TV Series
What If I Were You