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The SAS Journey | Course 3 - Clear Your Subconscious Blocks and Thrive
The Sas Journey | Course 6 - Network Your Way To Work (Even For Introverts)
The Off Book It Course - Full Version (Contemporary + Shakespeare)
Actor's Essential Guide to Working with Eyelight
The SAS Journey | Course 4 - Sign With An Agent & Manager You Love
First Audition Ready Formula
Self Tapes That Book - Self Guided Edition
SAS Journey | Course 1 - How the Film Industry Works
Scriptbook V2 - Scifi For Adults
The Off Book It Course - Contemporary Text Only
Cinematic Self Tape Masterclass - The Art Of Booking - Get The "Perfect Fit" Representation
The Approach™-Bootcamp 2.0
Magnetic Actor Method
Scriptbook V4 - For Kids & Teens
The SAS Journey | Course 2A - Marketing Materials That Get You Auditions
The Jaeger Technique
The SAS Journey | Course 5 - Audition Mastery
The Secret Actor Society Journey - The Full Course
From Self-Tape To Set: A Masterclass With Stef Tovar
The SAS Journey | Course 2B - How To Build a Professional Acting Reel
Actor Finances
Scriptbook V3 Crime & Procedural
Cinematic Self-Tape Masterclass
Self Tape Setup
Scriptbook V5 - Action & Adventure Book
The Insider System: Proven 4-Step System To Get A Rep Team That Fights For YOU
The SAS Journey | Course 7 - Working On Set: How To Optimize Each Booking & Get Rehired
Scriptbook V6 - Romantic Drama & Romcom
Scriptbook - V1 For Teens & Young Adults
Ace Your Audition Now! -Self-Tape Secrets from a Hollywood Veteran
The SAS Journey | Course 2 (Parts A and B)
All Scriptbooks
The SAS Journey | Course 8 - Social Media, Branding, Press and Publicity

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