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FAQs (For Non Members)

These FAQs are for actors who don’t yet know about WeAudition.

These FAQs below are for actors who don’t yet know about WeAudition. If you are member you might find your answer on the the Pro Members FAQs Page

Q. How Do I Hire a Reader?

First step: You need to be a member of the Community to hire a reader. Set up an account and upload your professional headshot to get started.

Q. I Have AN URGENT Audition. I Need A Reader NOW.

WeAudition is “Uber for actors”. There are readers available 24/7, 7 days a week around the world. Sign in and there will be a list of people available and waiting immediately to rehearse with you. Prepare your scene and if you need coaching, or when you are ready to tape book someone who is available.

Q. Are Readers Free?

Some read for experience and do not charge. Most readers ask for a tip, or set an up front free for an amount of time. You agree to pay this when you hire them.

Q. How Long Do I Hire A Reader For?

Choose an initial time period: 15, 30minutes or 1 hour minutes then you can extend this time if both of you agree. There is an easy interface that you both request and agree an extension.

Q. Do I need Zoom or Microsoft Teams?

WeAudition is its own Video chat system. You don’t need Zoom or any other system apart from a computer with a modern browser (Like Chrome) or an up to date iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad.

Q. My Webcam is broken?

If you have an iOS device (iPad or iPhone) use that. You need to have a webcam so that the reader can see you, and you need speakers or headphones so that you can see your partner.

Q. Why Can’t I just Use Zoom?

WeAudition is better in many ways. We are a Community of ACTORS helping each other book roles. Readers are available around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can earn reviews when you read as well as money gaining you a reputation. Scripts are shared securely without having to email them to your reader, and the process of extending time when you are booked automatically adds your fee when updating the stopwatch. You can also record your own camera together with just the audio from your reader. We also have tools to follow up on on any unpaid sessions (this is rare) whilst hiding your personal email address. If you completed a session and are not paid we have a guarantee to cover any losses and we recover these from the other actor.

How Do I Become a Reader?

Sign up and set up your profile. You need to be an experienced professional actor with a professional headshot, IMDb credits and available to read with other actors whenever when your beacon is switched on.

How Much Do Readers Earn?

Earning potential depends on a number of factors. Readers are booked when their beacon is on. Some readers earn $1,000s a month. We sometimes publish lists of anonymously of top reader earnings so keep an eye on our socials. Generally top readers earn a few hundred dollars a week. Some more. WeAudition does not take a commission. You get paid directly.

How Do I Get Paid?

You get paid directly. WeAudition does not take a cut or commission. We prefer you use PayPal as the website servers update us when you are paid, so that we can mark the rehearsal as complete. You can also use a cash app such as Vemno. When this happens you (as a reader) or the the actor marks a rehearsal as ‘paid’ manually when you receive funds.

Q. Is WeAudition Free?

Once you are a Professional member there are no further charges to WeAudition. If you hire a reader you agree to pay them an agreed fee directly. Its not a free system. Remember you can earn as a reader if you are a member.

Q. If I Join As A Pro Member, What Is The Commitment Length?

1 month or 1 year for a discount. We have no longer commitments or tie ins. Cancel when you book a big job, or continue with your membership and use it to run lines whilst on set with a real human via video chat before you shoot. (To make sure you are off book and at performance level – this wasn’t our idea… many pros do this from their trailer!).

Q. Does WeAudition Offer a Free Trial Period?

WeAudition is now only available as a monthly subscription. We do not offer a free trail via the website signup process but if you are not entirely happy within 10 days of signing up, email us and request a full refund and we will give you your money back and delete your profile.

Q. How Do I Become A WeAudition MVP?

MVPs are chosen from our top members and receive extra exposure on the casting side of the website to Casting Directors, access to new features sooner, expedited support, and special access to a support group. We also encourage new users to rehearse with an MVP as their first read.

MVP status is awarded to any member who accumulates 500 Reader reviews or makes 500 bookings. This special list also includes some legacy members that were consistent users of the site from the start who passionately championed our service.

Q. How Do I Get Invited To A Members House

You need to be a member. If your career is taking off and you feel you are ready to join us in a house at a festival please make yourself known to the WeAudition team. Generally this means having at least one recurring character on TV credit or mainstream lead film credit under your belt, a professional agent & manager and an aspiration to level up.

Q. Are Members Houses Free Or Can I Pay To Join?

Sometimes WeAudition houses are sponsored and supported by WeAudition and invite only. Sometimes we have some places available at a subsidised rate for members. We always deliver substantially more value than the price.

Q. Are Events Just For Members?

Members are all invited, but if you are not yet a member and interested in WeAudition please come along and meet us. Events are free and held at top venues around the world. Please keep an eye on our socials for more information.

Q. Is WeAudition Legit?

Yes. We launched the first version of our site in 2014 and are now one of the top industry sites for actors. As an example of our standing, our “Future of Casting” Panel during Cannes Film Festival 2022 was in association with the Casting Society Of America and has ‘’ As a media partner, our 2023 Cannes event was an official March√© du Film – Festival de Cannes event.

Q. Is WeAudition Just For American Actors?

It is international. We have members around the world.