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Daily Actor Journal – LEGACY

This has now been replaced by our 7 day Basic journal and 30 Day Journal Challenge pages.

Following our popular Insta LIVE on daily journaling, details below for anyone who missed it. This is something that I use daily myself everyday whether on a project, travelling, or working from home, but this is most helpful for self motivation and mental health, which is especially important at the present time.


These are some of the thing that I find improve through completing a journal every day:

  • + Productivity
  • + General well-being
  • + Focus
  • + Day structure

How to use

This version is designed to be copied every day and filled out by hand using an old fashioned pen. It can then include doodles, scribbles and be added to during the day. It also serves as paper to take notes if auditions come in via phone or to note down any ideas. If I’m at home, I have a version on the printer/scanner and press ‘copy’ every morning which I complete with coffee before looking at emails or switching on the computer. Routine helps when you need to provide structure to a day.

You can also complete it digitally and save the files if you want to look back over previous journals. I generally keep copies for a week or so before shredding, but you may wish to look back over them.

Doing them on paper means it is easy to take to your bedroom and drop by the bed at the end of the work day, and then complete just before going to sleep.

The Journal

Download the PDF here: journal_weaudition_daily_v01.pdf

At the start of the day:

Introduce yourself in one sentence.

3 things I am grateful for:

3 things I am:

3 things I deserve:

3 things I accept:

My personal actor brand is:

Visualise completing your ideal job/life/goal. How do you feel?

Do one thing today that makes someone else feel special.

One important task today:

Two secondary importance tasks:

Try and do as many of these EVERY DAY as possible:

  • Exercise 
  • Read a script with someone
  • Improve memory
  • Work on an accent
  • 5 mins positive social media 

At the end of the day:

3 wonderful things that happened today:

Something I learned today:

Tomorrow will be great because:

It’s tricky to get into the routine and keep going, especially initially, but really worthwhile. I hope that some of you will try it. Please email me if you get on with this, and I’d love to hear how it helps you. Give it a go. I really hope that this is useful.

All the best

Co-Founder & CTO