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Just One Thing a Day – FOR 7 DAYS

New to journals? This is a basic life hack to get you started and takes only 7 days.

If you are looking to improve your acting career in 2022, book more work, become happier or perhaps move to being a full time actor – but don’t feel you ever have enough time or opportunity – then this is a proactive approach to moving forward.

This is super easy to follow. You don’t need to write anything down, you can do this just by thinking through the answers to yourself every day….. but if you would like a physical reminder print this out and put it somewhere prominent in your house.

Watch one video a day for a week.


Day 1: Intro  

1st January 2022 – What are you grateful for?

Day 2 of 7: Do this every day  

2nd January 2022 – One small thing every day will add up to big wins over time.

Day 3 of 7: It is not a competition   

3rd January 2022 – It’s all about community.

YouTube WeAudition Meditation

Day 4 of 7: Podcasts  

Do one thing every day towards your acting. Even if it’s just listening to a podcast. Here are some recommendations.

Day 5 of 7: Ditch The Day Job? 

It’s a marathon not a sprint. Learn more about how WeAudition started and how having the right side job can help you become and sustain yourself as a professional actor.

Day 6 of 7 – Opportunity

It’s a marathon not a sprint. Learn more about how WeAudition started and how having the right side job can help Websites you need to be part of and how access those roles.

Day 7 of 7 – Choices

One whole week into 2022 and how are you getting on?

BONUS 1 – WeAudition Demo

Last in the series and a Saturday demo of what requesting a reader looks like for members.

BONUS 2 – Self Tape LAV Microphones

Have you ever wanted to improve audio on your self tapes?

Review of 5 lav microphones from $650 to $21 and there is one clear winner!!

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