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Meet the MVPs

Spotlight on MVP Steve Shermett

The WeAudition MVPs (Most Valuable Players) are our most exemplary members of the community. They are the Future A-List.

Meet Steve Shermett.

My name is Steve Shermett. I’m an actor and producer. Oh…and I love the ocean! I’m a certified scuba diver and I’m part fish. I ride horses, motorcycles and am proficient with a wide variety of firearms. I’ve been a fan of WeAudition almost since the beginning and have been told on several occasions that I am the highest rated reader/coach for a few years running. That’s pretty cool.

Why are online auditions the future?

Online auditions save the actor and the casting director lots of precious time. It’s so easy to get an actor in the room and out of the room—just the click of a button. No one has to drive to a location (saves SO much time…gas money, parking, pollution—bye bye) Also in light of the pandemic nothing says social distancing like online communication!

What character do you love playing the most?

I got a great leading role as a gun-fighting, preacher in The Righteous Twelve (working title – release 2021). Riding horses, shooting guns, stunts… It was a blast! I also liked playing this tough guy who takes no nonsense but is also a great guy and someone you’d want to have your back.

Do you have a pet? 

A beautiful Doberman Pincher.

Any tips for online auditions?

Be yourself. There are lots of good actors out there. There are lots of teachers, salesmen, cops, nurses…whatever. But there is only one YOU. Be you…let casting see who you are.

If you could fly or be invisible which would you choose?

No brainer—fly. Being invisible is nothing. Lots of people are invisible. They don’t like it.

How do you prepare for a Zoom audition or a WeAudition audition or meeting?

I do the best I can to be off book. I try and set good lighting, and audio without a distracting background. I usually visit the IMDb page of the casting director and I try to learn about the project as well as other projects the film makers have been involved with. This gives me a possible feel for the mood of the piece as well as some talking points should we get to chit-chat a bit.

You find yourself in the wings of a packed theater full of an invited audience of top casting directors waiting to see a showcase…  just before curtain up, the stage manager approaches you to say the whole cast and all performers are delayed for at least 15 minutes. What do you do? 

I offer to go out and play MC. I’m very comfortable in front of a live audience and I have also hosted many guests on TV. I would introduce myself, tell a couple of good jokes, and do some audience participation questions. I’d warm em up!

To find out more about Steve, see his WeAudition Profile.

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