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Self-Tape Checklist

Like it or not, Self-Tapes are a thing, and they aren’t going away.

So, the best way to handle this is to be super-prepared, to give yourself the best shot at getting the job, by making sure you have good equipment to self-tape with, and a solid plan for each and every time you tape.

We’ve written this handy checklist for you to refer to each time, to take some of the guesswork out, and allow you to focus on the number 1 thing – doing your job of being a great actor.

Research shows that when you automate tasks and form habits, you will perform the main function better. So take the stress and admin out of self-tapes with this checklist, and never worry about finding a Reader again, as a Professional member of WeAudition!

Print / Save your own copy of this checklist here!

When I receive a Self-Tape Request, I will: 

1. Read through all details & information thoroughly.
2. Check that I have no conflicts (schedule or other roles).
3. Confirm or decline the request with my agent/manager or casting.
4. Put the deadline in my calendar.
5. Plan time to do the steps below well before the deadline.
6. Read the script sides thoroughly.
7. Read the full script if it is available.
8. Ask my agent or casting any questions I have about the role.
9. Check all my self-tape equipment is working, so I don’t get last-minute surprises.
10. Research the show, film or project & key people on the internet.
11. Watch an episode of the show if available, or director’s previous work if a film.
12. Run lines with another actor on
13. Use the Community Request feature on WeAudition to get advice from an actor that has previously worked on that show, genre, or with that director.
14. Work on character prep, line memorization and other script work.
15. Decide what my character will wear, and my hair / makeup choices.
16. Rehearse with an actor on WeAudition to make sure I have my lines learned fully, and to get coaching advice or tips.
17. Set up my self-tape area – lights, sound, camera.
18. Clean my camera lens.
19. Set laptop / device at eye level for Reader.
20. Clean my video-chat camera lens.
21. Save my script sides on my desktop for easy access.
22. Get ready to tape – dress and groom, prepare mentally.
23. Ask other people I live with to be quiet, and avoid using the internet if possible. 

24. Read the Casting Director’s instructions fully again.
25. Request an Instant Reader with the skills I need on WeAudition.
27. Work on my scene and do my self-tape.
28. Record a Slate if the instructions ask me too.
29. Review and tip / pay my WeAudition Reader.
30. Watch and choose my favorite take.
31. Trim or edit the clip, and save with the filename that is listed in the Casting Director’s instructions.
32. Send or upload to my agent / casting director as per the instructions.
33. Save details of the audition to refer to later.
34. Congratulate myself on a job well done, and forget about it / focus on the next one.
35. Switch my Reader Beacon ON on WeAudition as helping other actors sharpens my skills and increases my network, and helps me make money to pursue my creative decisions more comfortably. 

Happy successful self-taping!

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