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Hi!! I love rehearsing and I'd love to help you prepare sides and self-tape. I have no problem with reading as many times as you need until you're comfortable and happy with the work. I'm fluent in English and Spanish. Originally from Cordoba, Spain. Let's connect!

Hi there! I truly want to be immersed in acting as much as possible so I'd love to be your reader and assist in any way I can. I also speak fluent Spanish if you need a Spanish reader! I also am Intermediate in French in case you need that too! Tips aren't required but super appreciated! Ven...

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Oh hi there! My name is Rachel Stacy (yes I have 2 first names haha) I am a native to Southwest Virginia/Southern West Virginia. I currently reside in Eastern Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia.

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Luli Gomez Teruel has an MFA in Acting from the University of Iowa and a BFA from Ohio University. Born and raised in Salta, Argentina, she’s one of the founding members of the children’s theater company “La Autentica.” Favorite performance credits include The Winter’s Tale (Emilia/Dorcas), A Mid...