Deicy Campos

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Hi guys!
I am so happy to hop on this fun and exciting journey with you all.
I have been partnering actors for about 4 years now, with most of it in Colombia and in Spanish. I have been doing this as it not only helps the actor, but also myself in order to keep my Spanish fluent for when I book jobs here in Spanish.
I really love dissecting and analyzing the "why" aspect in scripts by creating a background story that helps the actor really feel what their character is thinking and why they are thinking or saying the line in that specific moment.

Everything is about understanding the character and the context of what is happening in the scene.

Hi everyone! My name is Deicy Campos or just Daisy is fine! I was born in Washington D.C. but raised in Maryland. I have been acting since I was a little girl as I used to figure skate competitively. I have worked on several commercials, plays and short films in both English and Spanish. My mother is from Colombia and my father is from El Salvador so I have been speaking Spanish forever.
I recently came back from Colombia where I was in two plays. In total I have done 5 plays and I will be there in October again for another play! Super exciting!

Right now I am working on a feature film in the DC Metropolitan area and I have been working on several short films this summer. I love to stay active within the field so I send out video castings/ auditions in Spanish and English every week! I have management on the east coast , west coast and Colombia. I go where the work is! Additionally I am very passionate about traveling and learning about different cultures and just exploring the different flavors in food! I was just in Morocco, Belgium and Amsterdam! SO Amazing!
All in all, I have been to over 15 different countries and my next two trips include Dubai and Brazil!

CIMA Talent Management ( Mid Atlantic Region) MDT Agency (Bay Area, California) ITM Jose Rivera (Bogota, Colombia)
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