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Empower Your Acting Craft and Soar to New Peaks

Hey there!๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป I'm Mark, a seasoned actor based in the United Kingdom.

About me

In my journey as an actor and acting coach, I have spent the last two years crafting a distinctive acting approach. This method draws from contemporary psychology, hypnosis, and the wisdom of globally recognized acting mentors. It promotes an authentic and realistic portrayal of life on stage. My learning journey extends to acting schools worldwide, and I constantly strive to enhance and evolve my skills.

I offer one-on-one coaching sessions with actors to breathe life into compelling scenes and impart knowledge about acting and life. With my proficiency in understanding human behavior and acting techniques, I am confident in my ability to help you unlock your full acting potential.


My Services Include

Audition Reader: Your Personal Partner on Stage

I'm With You: Nervous about your big audition? I'm here to help. As your dedicated reader, I ensure your performance shines by providing seamless support.

Customized for You: Every performance is unique. That's why I adhere strictly to your instructions, ensuring your scene is captured exactly how you envisioned it.

Feedback That Fuels Improvement: Want to know how you did? Upon request, I provide constructive feedback designed to refine your performance and boost your confidence.

Memorization Help: Your Guide to Authentic Acting

Personalized Assistance: Remembering lines can be daunting, but don't worry. I'm here to offer tailored support to help you memorize your lines for that important audition.

Effective Techniques: Want to commit your lines to memory more naturally? I can guide you in learning techniques that allow for an authentic portrayal, free from preconceived notions.

Bring Authenticity to Your Acting: Life doesn't come with a script, so why should your acting? I encourage you to let go and embrace the realness of your character. True authenticity can elevate your performance to new heights.

Audition Coaching: Unleash Your Potential

Comprehensive Analysis: During our session, I will meticulously examine your audition material, helping you unearth unconventional and impactful interpretations that can uplift your performance.

Striking Choices: My guidance will assist you in making distinctive choices, sparking a performance that stands out and makes a memorable impression.

Refining Your Scene: Through our collaboration, we will continuously hone your scene, achieving the ultimate realization of your portrayal. Your success is our shared goal.

Acting Coaching: Enhance Your Craft

Scene Study: I'll guide you in exploring the story and character of your audition material, uncovering the emotional truth and making impactful choices. We'll perfect your performance through repeated recordings until you've fully embodied the character and brought the scene to life.

Unlocking the Story: By analyzing the script and making connections to your findings, you'll master character development. You will create a comprehensive character notebook to document your research, and we'll dissect the scene together, providing you with an in-depth analysis, feedback, and notes for your continued growth as an actor.

Emotional Preparation: Emotion is the lifeblood of any scene. We'll delve into your character's emotional depths, exploring how to channel and authentically express their emotions. I'll guide you through exercises to help you fully embody the character, understand their emotional landscape, and animate your performance.

Focus Exercises: Listening and responding is a key skill for any actor. Through a series of exercises, I'll show you how to shift your attention from yourself to your scene partner, helping you to let go of self-consciousness and become fully immersed in the moment.

Acting Advice and Feedback

As your acting coach, I am committed to enhancing your acting abilities. We'll collaborate in this journey, and I'll provide guidance on the necessary steps to refine your craft. My goal is to help you develop the ability to authentically portray characters that mirror real life, bringing truth and depth to your performances.

Bonus Packages

Self-Tape Editing: Your Personal Guide to a Perfect Recording

Professional Editing: I offer professional editing services for your self-tape recordings, ensuring they meet industry standards and showcase your acting skills effectively.

Collaborative Approach: Together, we can create magic. I offer the option of a live editing session, where we can collaborate in real-time to make sure your self-tape meets your vision perfectly.

Tailored to Your Needs: I understand that every actor's needs are unique. I can work independently, following your guidance, and deliver a professionally edited self-tape that captures your performance in the best light.

Demo Reel Editing: Showcase Your Talents and Abilities

Customized Reel: Let's create a polished and professional demo reel that captures your talents as an actor. Upon booking, you will receive an email where I will ask for your specific editing requests and answer any questions you may have.

Showcase Your Best: Together, we will work to highlight your strengths and abilities. I can extract footage from your previous projects to include in your reel, ensuring it reflects your unique acting skills and captures the attention of casting directors.

Headshot Editing: Capturing Your Unique Essence

Stand Out with Enhanced Headshots: I will make your headshots stand out and accurately reflect your unique essence as an actor.

Customized Editing Options: Choose the editing experience that suits you best. You can opt for a live session where I work on your headshots with you, providing real-time feedback by sharing my screen. Alternatively, you can request individual editing based on your specific instructions and receive the final result.

Comprehensive Services: My editing services include customizing the background of your headshot, adjusting image color and lighting, removing blemishes, and changing clothing colors to better showcase your unique type.


How can you work with me?

You can schedule a session with me by using the "Connect Now" feature on the app, or by sending me an email or a message on social media platforms.

Can we increase the session time?

Yes, we can definitely extend the session time if you require more time.

Please note that if you book a session with me via the app and don't receive a response within two minutes, kindly reach out to me via email or social media to confirm your booking.

I would be happy to connect with you on social media once we have had the chance to get to know each other better.

I'm excited to work with you and grateful for the opportunity.

Mark Teaford is a Film and TV actor. They are currently studying acting and collaborating with other actors to create short and feature films. Mark's objective is to work in large Film and TV productions with meaningful stories that deliver truth and value, inspire and change the way people view the world. They are constantly working on becoming a better actor than they were yesterday so they can be more effective in helping people that watch their work feel seen and heard in the characters they portray. Known for their passion for acting, Mark continues to enhance their skills by working on different scenes and characters. They are endlessly fascinated and challenged by the process of acting.ย 


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" Mark was very nice and a great reader! Highly recommended :) "
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" Thanks Mark for your patience x "
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" Always so sweet! Thanks. "
" Very tolerant reader when it comes to the nitty gritty scenes, very helpful and provides lots of resources to better your craft !!! "
" Thank you so much Mark for helping me with a last minute self tape! "
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" Mark was excellent and insightful. I gained more wisdom from him in our session together than I have in months of personal research. I highly recommend him as a reading partner, as you will have so much to learn and understand about the character you are seeking to be! "
" Absolutely stellar! Mark knows his stuff and really helped me breakdown the scene and get more specific with each and every beat. He left me feeling incredibly confident and excited about my creation. So much generosity in his work. If you haven't worked with him, what are you waiting for? "
" Great "
" Wonderful as always! "
" I enjoy working with Mark, he is very helpful and gives me options to work with. "
" Mark is the best of the best!! So patient, talented and helpful!! "
" Mark was ace! Helped break down the script to memorise the lines. Feeling great now! "
" Great! "
" Super nice "
" Great Reader! "
" Mark is great! It's my second time working with him and would love to do so again. "
" Gosh, thank you for being so patient with me while I think out loud in front of you :) Thanks for being a great guy to work with! -M "
" Great, thanks Mark! "
" Great! "
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" Always a pleasure to work with the calm and cool Mark! "
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" Mark is AMAZING!!! So kind, thoughtful and cares so much about the scene and the performance. Gave amazing suggestions! Definitely recommend "
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" Such a great reader whoโ€™s so generous and patient with his time, highly recommend. Will be able to help you get a layered performance. "
" Should have his own Acting Master class, very high level of knowledge when it comes to scene work ! MUST TRY, very unique style of approach from basic strategies "
" Always warm, friendly, and relaxed. Thanks! "
" Incredible! Profound! Look forward to working with him again! "
" Awesome!!! "
" Thank you, Mark! A great reader! "
" What a wonderful spirit being able to get in the lab with him.. and give me pointers on something that he has helped read a couple of times. really loved working with him.. I would recommend the him to anyone that loves efficiency in digging into character even after you have done your own development. "
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" Great stuff. Smart, engaging, generous. "
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" Amazing as always "
" I just want to say thank you for helping me through my scene Mark. Thank you for helping me breakdown the scene and help me feel more confident in the character that I had to read for. I recommend choosing Mark as your reader, you will get a lot out of the session. "
" Thanks Mark! Fun & professional reader "
" What an absolutely fantastic reader - Mark really cares about your experience and pays attention to the scene. Very professional, knowledgable and has made this whole experience so much more comforting and pleasant for me as it was my first time doing this! Couldnโ€™t be happier that I found Mark for my first WeAudition read! Highly recommend and will be coming back a million times ๐ŸŒŸ "
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" Where is the option for 10 stars?! "
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" Great reader "
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" Thanks "
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" As a first time user I was super grateful for Markโ€™s patience, help and insight! The reading itself was a little delayed but Iโ€™m not sure if that was the app. Thank you Mark, will use again for sure "
" Mark was great, thank you for your help! "
" Mark was super great! Really helped me to drill the lines. Thank you! "
" Awesome reader!! very cooperative "
" You were fun to work with and work through ideas. Thanks!! "
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" Great Reader Book him "
" Really wonderful reader! Keeps a solid pace and is very good at listening to you as a scene partner and knowing what you need - highly recommend! "
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" Great to run lines with! "
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" First-class Reader with an intimate and fascinating approach to acting and developing characters for great stories. Excellent. "
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" Solid reader. Thanks Mark "
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" Works well. Great help. Thanks Mark! "
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" Awesome! "
" Really helpful -- thank you! "
" Great reader and even used his sound effects because I asked him if he had any sound effects to use for an incoming phone text message. "
" Mark is great! did everything i needed him to! "
" Lovely reader! "
" Super friendly, patient, and easy to read with! "
" Thank you! "
" Amazing as always! "
" Very patient. Great Accent. "
" โ€œOn point! Caught onto the material fast!โ€ "
" โ€œOn point! Caught on to the material fast!โ€ "
" I love acting with Mark! He gives me a safe environment to try different things and play with choices. I really recommend! "
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" So patient, warm, relaxed, and a good actor. Thank you! "
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" Very efficient real quick "
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" Always very generous and helpful! "
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" Mark was so nice and patient with this first time user of the app! Thank you!! "
" So kind! Thank you for running lines with me! "
" Wonderful to work with! "
" GREAT! "
" Thanks for jumping right into the scene! "
" Mark is amazing! Great reader, patient and lovely to work with! thank you for your time! "
" Great reader! "
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" Hes there for you. "
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" He was patient , and gave advice! Thank you! "
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" Always great and easy to work with! Thank you :) "
" Always! so helpful "
" Quick and helpful! "
" Patient and efficient! "
" Mark is really nice and a great reader! "
" Mark is uber cool, picks up the lines and pace really well, does nice improv too. Really liked working with him! "
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" Gave great tips and gave me books, workshops, and other resources to use to help with my technique "
" Very helpful "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Great reader very patient! "
" Thank you! "
" Great Collab! Thank you Mark! "
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" Very patient and helpful for a last minute reader request! "
" He is a great reader!! Thank you so much!! "
" Great "
" Quick n' simple "
" Very nice and patient reader with a fantastic natural accent. "
" Mark is awesome! "
" Mark was terrific. Very natural and understood the role perfectly. "
" Mark is a good reader and a pleasure to work with. "
" What a great listener Mark was as I tried to learn my line. It's comedy so it has to be word for word. He was very detailed and calm as I made mistakes. The session with him was productive and I hope to work with him again. "
" Great reader! "
" Mark is such a joy to work with. So very helpful and giving. Thanks again! "
" So patient and such great energy. Thanks Mark! "
" So wonderful!! A generous and sweet and giving scene partner "
" Spasibo!Thank u! "
" Mark was a great reader and was ready to jump in and play! Great reader with fun enthusiasm. "
" Mark is great and a sweet kid! "
" I had a great time working with Mark! Very helpful and easy to work with "
" Just wonderful! 5 stars! Very patient, talented, and encouraging. "
" Mark's great! He read for my self-tape and was very patient with me. "
" Mark is so great! calming vibes and detailed oriented "
" Very generous reader! "
" Thanks for rehearsing! "
" Very nice! thanks mark! "
" Mark is a great ! I recommend him to anyone who needs a reader "
" Really fun! "
" So helpful and patient! "
" Great "
" Really great reader, easy to work with! "
" Mark was great! So friendly and patient, easy to work with! "
" Very nice reader! "
" Great, patient reader! "
" Awesome reader eager to jump into whatever oddly specific requests you have for the reading hahaha, thank you! "
" Great reader. Very insightful. "
" Very passionate about the craft! Great reader, thank you so much! "
" Mark is awesome! "
" Very good reader. Big thanks. "
" Lovely guy! Great taping with him, very sweet & professional. "
" Patient, kind and supportive! Thank you so much for your help! "
" Great guy! "
" Thank you Mark. Nice taping with you, "
" Amazing "
" Mark was fantastic to work with. I needed help with an Eastern European Slavic accent and he TOTALLY helped me a ton!!! Thank you Thank you! "
" Mark is awesome! Had a great time rehearsing a scene with him "
" Mark is lovely and patient! "
" Thank you so much! "
" Mark was super helpful! Thanks so much for your time :) "
" Mark thank u so much for your help!!!! Really appreciate it!!! "
" Great reader! "
" Courteous and fun to work with "
" He was super helpful "
" Mark was great to read with! "
" Amazing "
" So helpful and patient in helping me learn lines!!! "
" Mark was fun to read with! "
" Amazing reader! Really cool to work with and really helped me with the scene! Highly recommend Mark, work with him! Thank you sir! "
" Great! "
" Mark was a great reader! Very patient with my takes! Thank you Mark! "
" Fabulous reader :) "
" What a sweet guy and great reader! "
" Thank you! "
" Great reader! Very easy to work with. "

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