Brent McMorris

Brent McMorris is known for Baby Fever (2022) and The Sauerkraut Queen (2022).

I was 15 when I was in my first play. I asked my mom to drive me to auditions for “Guys and Dolls”, which was being staged by our local community theater. I don’t think she was expecting that I would be cast. I remember how happy I was to see my name on the cast list that was soon posted in the display window at the theater. And then my mom had to agree to drive me to all of the rehearsals, and performances.

I did not participate in high school plays or acting classes. Instead, I continued to perform in plays at the community theater.

After about 8 years of theater, I took a very long break from acting in order to do life - get married, have a daughter, get a regular job. Many years later, it suddenly occurred to me that I was missing my actor’s life, and that I should try and be an extra in a television show or movie. After trying for a couple of years, I finally was cast as an extra on an episode of The Librarians. While I was on set, between takes, I had an epiphany that I was indeed an actor, and I should pursue my dreams.

So I found a weekly acting class with a great coach (Barbara Kite), and after a few more years, I found another great coach (Katie O’Grady).

I have been in numerous plays, an extra in a few shows, and in a number of independent local film productions.

Which is all to say that I have taken the road less traveled; the long and winding road, to get to where I am.