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Meet the MVPs

Spotlight on MVP Nicole Cyrille

Nicole WeAudition MVP

The WeAudition MVPs (Most Valuable Players) are our most exemplary members of the community. They are the Future A-List.

Meet Nicole Cyrille

Do you have a morning routine when on set/ working? 

I like to get there early so there is no concern where I am, and no stress for anyone.  

Do you have a morning routine when you are not working?

When I’m not working on a set, I’m still working on something.  Everyday regardless of being on set or not, I get up and have a cup of hot water with ACV and lemon juice.  I might meditate, practice yoga, or write…or all of it.  Usually I play with the puppy in the morning, the afternoon, and the evening.  She gets a burst of energy late at night too!

Do you meditate or practice any mental wellbeing techniques?

I meditate, and teach meditation.  I’m a yoga therapist, energy healer, and sound healer, so I do all of it for me and for clients and friends.

Do you have a favorite online audition story?

I’m so grateful that WeAudition set up general auditions with CDs that I have incredible respect for, who have cast some of my favorite projects.  I have truly loved meeting each one of them.  I can honestly say each person I’ve met has been so incredibly lovely.

Zoom Auditions? Skype Auditions? WeAudition Auditions? Which do you prefer and why?

I haven’t really had other online auditions yet, so I can only say WeAudition

Why are online auditions the future?

Online auditions are the future for so many reasons. We can audition from anywhere. I remember always hearing we should never reach to shake a CDs hand because they didn’t want to get a cold.  That’s not an issue now…LOL. It definitely cuts down on time for everyone.  The CDs can see more people in less time, and we have less of a time juggling issue.  It’s actually more intimate this way and really shows the work.  

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

A dog in a family that loves them as much as the dog loves, and lets the pup sleep in with bed them!

What’s your order at your local coffee house?

Herbal tea…I have caffeine issues.  And, a yummy treat!  You can’t forget the yummy treat!

What’s the weirdest name they have called out when collecting your order at Starbucks?

I’m a local coffee house kind of girl…and if I go chain, it’s the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

What is the best thing for under $100 that has helped your acting career?

Connection with community for sure!  And of course, I’ve developed an amazing sense of community with WeAudition!

Do you have a pet?

I have an adorable, silly, rescue chiweenie named Ivy!

Any tips for online auditions?

Breath first.  Ground yourself and then trust your are enough.

What do you love most about being an actor?

Connection. Telling stories of marginalized people to show that we are all connected.  And while doing the work, the feeling of family we have when we all work on a project together, from cast to crew!

If you could give your 18 year old self some advice what would it be?

You are enough!  Go live your dreams, and don’t let anyone try to take your magic!

If you could speak to your 100 year old self what would you ask?

Did I do good for others and make them feel loved and special?

Whats your favorite job that you have worked on?

I can’t choose.  Every project brings something special to my life, a lesson learned, a connection made, a moment of growth.  They all hold a place in my life.

If you could fly or be invisible which would you choose?

I’d totally want to fly!  I have a neuromuscular disability, so I walk funny, can’t run, etc, so flying would be amazing!  I do skydive, so I’ve touched it!  Such freedom!

How do you prepare for a Zoom audition or a WeAudition audition or meeting?

Once I’ve done the work, I check the set up, sit quietly and breathe to ground myself.

You find yourself in the wings of a packed theater full of an invited audience of top casting directors waiting to see a showcase…  just before curtain up, the stage manager approaches you to say the whole cast and all performers are delayed for at least 15 minutes. What do you do?

HA!  I go out on stage and work the room!  I’m in my glory!  I’ve done hosting work and stand up and I LOVE playing the crowd.  My goal to make people feel at ease, light, and laugh!  I especially love when I get to do that work for a charity!

You are on set for a network TV show. You have a big scene with the leading actor. As you step in to go block the scene and go for a run through you realize you learned the wrong script. What do you do?

Well, after I take a breath to keep myself from throwing up, if it’s blocking and a run through, I bring my script.  I’m blessed I can memorize in seconds.  

What’s the one question that you always hope people ask in interviews? What’s the answer?

Hmmmmm, I actually hope that they let me turn things into questions for them.  I’m infinitely curious, but also, once you get me started…I’m a storyteller.  Sometimes, I take too long to tell the story.

What’s the one question that you always hope people DON’T ask in interviews? Why?

I’ve never dreaded a question.  Maybe I should think about that…

Do you have a worst ever audition story?

Yes!  I had an audition for a Lifetime movie and the character was a member of a Mexican gang.  I’m good with accents as long as I hear them.  It’s actually harder for me to NOT do someone’s accent if I hear it.  So, my then boyfriend was visiting from Nashville.  He was originally from Texas.  Every time I opened my mouth, his accent came out.  The CD was kind enough to give me a chance to go out and try to get it back, but I had no one to listen to in the waiting room.  I went back in, and out came redneck again!  She told me if I wanted a career, I should break up with him!  I should have listened to her, not just for my career!  

What classes have you taken, or do you take that have made the most difference to your life?

I love to study, everything!  I’m a perpetual student. Yoga changed my life in so many ways too.

Do you have a coach or mentor?

In yoga, we say everyone is our guru because you can learn from every person, every experience.  

Who have you met through video chat but not in real life that you feel has influenced your life? 

Shaan Sharma.  I met him in a video chat with hundreds of people about our union contract that we just voted on.  He asked if anyone wanted to volunteer with the union but not participate in the partisan politics we have.  I don’t know why, but I knew he was talking to me.  Just two months later, I’m deeply involved with so many people in our union, some of whom have careers I’ve followed my whole life, working together to help our membership and bring back Solidarity!  When things open back up in the industry, I have a whole new community that I’ve fallen in love with, and can’t wait to spend time with in one space!

If you could be in any show, what would it be and why?

Will&Grace.  One of my friends, whom I’ve known since before that show, was one of the leads.  I went to so many tapings.  From the creators, to the crew, to the cast, including background, everyone was treated with love.  They were a family.  When they came back for those 3 seasons, everyone came back, including the entire crew.  The respect they all showed for each person, for the work, for what it meant, was wrapped in love.  I can’t imagine a better gig!

What causes do you support and how did that connection come about?

I get involved with the MDA because my disability is covered under their umbrella.  I also support rescue pets, and will help with any charity, especially those that help animals and children.  They can’t speak for themselves.

Everlasting riches or world peace?

World peace.  I grew up with money, and not the happiest home.  That taught me what’s really important.

What would your three genie wishes be (infinite wishes not allowed)?

World Peace; Every life to be safe and happy;For everyone to have all they need and more.

If you could have an online audition with anyone who would it be? 

Someone that would be lovely to know, or would be the CD that led to the dream job.

Do you have a routine or daily habit that you want to share with our audience? 

Take the moments to play!  With the people you love, and the animals you love!

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