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Meet the MVPs

Spotlight on MVP Molly Gibson

The WeAudition MVPs (Most Valuable Players) are our most exemplary members of the community. They are the Future A-List.

Meet Molly Gibson

My name is Molly Gibson. I’m a metro Detroit native living in Los Angeles. I’ve been acting for about 13 years. I’m a reformed horse girl – so I love horseback riding, and I’m also a certified marksman. I sing as well, and like to teach myself piano in my spare time. I’ve recently started writing, producing and directing, and I was nominated for Best First Time Director at Indie Short Fest with my very first film, ‘Figment’! I think that making your own work is key and that actors should have an understanding of both sides of the camera. Most people who know me know I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan, and I even worked as a tribute artist of her for a while at a theme park in Boston. I’m self-employed with a Virtual Assistant business, I will never say no to french fries, and witty banter is my love language. 

What is the best thing for under $100 that has helped your acting career? 

The book, ‘Audition Psych 101’ by Michael Kostroff has been a game changer for me. It’s about the psychology of auditioning and he also offers a live workshop, which is even better! 

What type of characters are you mostly cast as?

Obnoxious/entitled millennial, social media influencer, high-maintenance/bitchy girlfriend.

Do you have a coach or mentor?

Yes! I’ve been coaching with Kaz Santana at Line Runner Tapes for years now and I recommend her to everyone! Both her coaching and classes are highly detailed and packed with information. Kaz and Jackie Osorio at Line Runner, along with Audrey Moore are three wonderful mentors that I work with and are invaluable contributors to my growth as an actor. 

Do you have a morning routine when on set/ working? 

I like to learn everyone’s names, make sure I’ve done everything I need to do until I’m called, and then stay out of the way while I either get to know the other actors, go over the scenes I’m about to do, or do something to center myself so I’m focused and ready to go.

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