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1. First of all, check that your camera works by going to FaceTime, or something that shows your computer’s camera. 
2. Then if it works, close down and restart your computer. 
3. Then open up Google Chrome. Use a new incognito/private window.
4. Then go to the setup tool again. 
5. If this doesn’t work, on a MAC try checking your privacy settings: 
go to Settings → Security & Privacy → firewall (turn off for now) 
go to Settings → Security & Privacy → Privacy (select camera and microphone and make sure your browser is ticked for both) 

If the above doesn’t work, try the steps below. 



1. Connect camera

If your computer has an integral camera it should be detected automatically. If you use an external camera, for example a USB webcam, make sure that it is connected, powered and working. If it has a setup program you might find that running that helps. 

If your system has an integral camera that you know works, try connecting with that first. Then when you have that working, try connecting your external camera. 

2. Select your camera from dropdown

Go to the setup too. This checks that we can detect a video signal. Select the camera that you would like to use. If you have just connected a camera and it doesn’t show, try refreshing this page. This advanced guide is shown as part of the setup page, so you can continue there, or leave this support page open.

If you don’t see a camera – it might be blocked by the system. Unblock it in your system settings. This is the step you may have already checked in the easy steps. 

3. Allow camera access in your browser

Check camera settings here on Chrome:chrome://settings/content/camera

When your camera is detected for the first time your browser will ask for access. It might look like this below:

or it might look like this


4. Clear your preferences

If you have restored from a backup after upgrading your computer, you could try deleting your stored camera and microphone preferences for


5. Clear your Chrome preferences

    • In the top-right, click the Chrome menu.

      You can also type chrome://settings/ in a new window.

    • Click Settings.

    • Click Show advanced settings.

    • In the “Privacy” section, click Content settings.

    • Scroll down to ‘Camera’.

    • Check that a camera is listed and that it is selected in this dropdown.

    • Click ‘Manage Exceptions’

    • Delete all sites listed

  • Close the settings window and refresh the setup page

More help from Google

6. Reboot your computer

If another program is accessing your camera the browser can’t see it. Resetting your computer should close all programs and then you can open this page again.

7. Check Other Video Software

If the video still does not show check that you can see yourself in facetime, skype or another video chat application. Your hardware may be broken.

8. Run a WebRTC test

Please run a test on your equipment using this website and note down the results then contact us.

9. Still having problems? Contact us.


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