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NEWS! The film I starred in as a villain, WE ARE LIVING THINGS, is now playing in LA (Laemmle Monica) & NYC (Quad Cinema)! Check it out!

Hello, I am an LA-based Writer-Director-Actor, available for rehearsal + self-tape + scene analysis.

* NYU Tisch - MFA in Directing
* Ivana Chubbuck - Acting, LA
* Tom Noonan - Acting, NYC
* Lee Grant - Acting, NYC

As an NYU-trained Director, my short films and feature work have been shown at Tribeca, Palm Springs, Edinburgh, etc. I will help you spot the arc of the character as well as the scene, and give you directions so you can bring out the nuance in your reading.

Also as an actor, I starred in We Are Living Things, which premiered at Slamdance 2022 and 47th Deauville Film Festival in France. I know intimately how important it is to feel relaxed so you can bring your best game to an auction. The more relaxed you are, the more focused you can be. As a director and a reader, I can put you at ease instantly, and help to bring out all that’s unique about you.

Feel free to reach out via IG (@zaowangactor) or email (

I prefer Venmo (@Zao-Wang) over PayPal. Thank you.

* NYU Tisch - MFA in Directing
* Ivana Chubbuck - Acting, LA
* Tom Noonan - Acting, NYC
* Lee Grant - Acting, NYC

- American
- Southern
- New York
- Chinese
- Japanese
- Korean

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" Amazing work as always! "
" Patient, present, and helpful. Thank you! "
" Great reader! good feedback. easy to work with "
" Amazing!!! Zao always does a great job on his reads and helps me find my character. He pushes me to go further and think beyond what the pages is telling me. "
" Excellent partner to act with & has really useful adjustments. Thanks! "
" Amazing. my new favorite reader! "
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" The best, great COLLABORATOR "
" Generous and creative! Really got into the work with me, and let me play! Thanks, Zao! "
" Zao was great. He even gave me challenges to pursue on takes while doing my scene to give the scene more color. Very talented and truly understands the craft. Amazing reader. -Jabbar Adam White "
" Great as always! "
" Great reader! Very present and great to play off of. He also gave me great direction. Would definitely hire again! "
" Superb cold reader! "
" Very supportive and has great ideas! thank you, Zao. "
" Perfect reader, friendly and quick read!! "
" Great grounded energy, could really lean on him for a strong performance! "
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" Love Zao's positive and upbeat energy. Always down for you and the material. Keeps the audition and reading process fun for me! "
" Really patient, easy going and very helpful "
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" Gives excellent notes and has an amazing voice to read with! "
" Fantastic ideas and a joy to work with! "
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" Patient and puts story first. "
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" Excellent reader! Really brought the other characters to life and helped me find the arc for my character. Very helpful rehearsal!! "
" Wow! Zao is SO much fun to work with. He brings FULL energy to the work. We stared with a dramatic scene then moved to multi-cam and he was able to handle it all with ease. Thank you! xo! "
" Great reader! Great energy! "
" Very patient and friendly! Zao was so ready to help and offer ideas which helped me add layers to my scene. He also listened to any ideas I had! Made my audition go so smoothly!! Thank you so much Zao! Really appreciate it!! "
" Zao is great! He quickly assessed the script and brought smart ideas and fun energy to the read. Very generous reader. "
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