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Hi there,

I hope you are doing amazing today! My name is Wes Meserve and I am a full time Actor, Voice Artist, and Model and I LOVE what I do. I am based in Boston, MA and NYC and travel the country for work.

I would love to help you with your audition and be your reader. I am a huge people person and just love treating people the way I would like to be treated. I want to make sure you are totally happy with your audition and would love to create some magic together! My job is to make YOU shine! Always good vibes from me and always willing to change direction if need be! I do not charge because this is my passion but would love a review and a tip but only if you think I deserve it ;)

Feel free to text or dm me to set up a time in the future to go over your script!
-Text: 978 478 7645
-Email: wmeserve@umassd.edu
-Instagram: www.instragram/wes.meserve

Quick Backstory: I have my Accounting degree and my MBA and was in Finance for 10 years but did not like it at all, haha! I also have worked in restaurants as a server and love that and work in a gym part time as a coach and trainer. I am an extremely active person who is a competitive runner and triathlete and loves to run, swim, bike, hike, camp, work out, cook, be with friends and family, travel the world, and just enjoy and live life!

I am a TV/Film actor and love all of it: Commercials, TV Shows, and Movies. My range varies from drama and sad/crying to angry and yelling to sick and tired and everything in between! My age range usually is from 22-38.

Check out my website at: www.wesmeserve.com

Thanks so much for reading and hope to connect with you!

Cheers, Wes

I was born in the port city of Newburyport, MA and lived in Merrimac, MA for a majority of my high school and college years.I moved to Egypt and lived there for 3 years when I was 2 years old and then moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE near Dubai and lived there for 7 years. Living overseas and traveling as a child happened to be a catalyst to my love for traveling and meeting people of different cultures and just enjoying life. I moved back to the New England area and attended high school.

I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with my Accounting degree and my MBA (Master’s in Business Administration). I then went on to work in the corporate finance field for about 9 years and just did not like the office 9-5 life. I knew the office life was not for me and so, I started to work at a gym as a coach along with more responsibilities and a restaurant as a server. I have worked in restaurants for about 13 years as a server and love it! I love being around people and helping them and just making their day.

Beginning at a young age, I have always been a very active person with a huge yearn for life, lust for adventure, and love of people and the great outdoors. Even though I have lived in New England over the past 20 years, I am constantly traveling the world and the country hiking mountains & exploring the great outdoors, taking in all of the views, enjoying all of the local cuisine, meeting new people, and immersing myself in the local culture. Anywhere from the Swiss Alps to the Icelandic Lagoons, to the Mountains in Colombia, pristine beaches in Hawaii, to the amazing beauty of the Rockies and Appalachians, I love it all. ​

I developed a passion for a healthy lifestyle and ran competitively throughout high school & college. The gym caught my attention in college where I became an active gym goer and developed a passion for working out. I am still to this day a very competitive runner and sponsored triathlete where I have won many races as well as many top overall finishes. I have my USAT coaching certification and have coached numerous runners & triathletes. I have also worked in restaurants for about 13 years and having these jobs has allowed me to find my true passion and what I have been yearning for my entire life: Acting ,Voice-Over, & Modeling.

The past few years have been very productive for me. In the acting realm, I have landed many roles in commercials, TV shows, films, and also voice-over. In the modeling world, I have been featured in many fashion shows, published numerous times in magazines, worked multiple gigs, and been a promotional model many times. I have also been signed to a few agencies which has been an amazing experience. I am a very versatile Actor, Voice Artist, & Model. In terms of Acting (my biggest passion), I am also always willing to book any gig where you think I will fit in including but not limited to TV/Film, Commercials, and/or Voice-Overs. For modeling, whether it be fashion & runway, fitness & swimwear, lifestyle, commercial, print, or streetwear, I would love to help out in any way possible.

WSM (Web Sweeney Murphy Talent) Located in Boston, MA and NYC. -Commercial Work: Rodney Swain: Rodney@wsmtalent.com -TV/Film: Chuck Higgins: Chuck@wsmtalent.com -Darlene Sweeney: Darlene@wsmtalent

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