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Hello Fellow Actor! ✋🏼

My name is Warren Bub. I'm a professional working Actor, Producer, Director as well as an Acting Coach and a real Native New Yorker.
I have been in the business for almost 20 years and I'm a proud member of SAG-AFTRA as well as AEA.

I have trained at The Terry Schreiber Studio & H.B. Studio taking multiple classes in Stanislavski, Method, Strasberg and Meisner Techniques, just to name a few, while also having many acting, voice & dialect coaches. I would love to be your reader!!!

As a reader I hope to strive to provide a comfortable safe space for playing and exploring to give you what you need to help you improve & get cast. Being a reader is a lot of fun and I view it as a great opportunity to perfect my craft and be able to lend a helping hand.
I will help you :
1. Break down your sides. (If you want to)
2. Use emotion to connect with the character.
3. Do whatever you need to help you book your audition

If you would like to request a specific time in advance, or if my beacon is off...COPY AND PASTE MY CONTACT PAGE - warrenbub.com/contact
In subject type in WEAUDITION or just hit me up on INSTAGRAM @WarrenBub

WE WILL TAKE AS MUCH TIME AS YOU NEED. (Remember, I am here for YOU)

I do pick up quickly, and can do different accents (if you need that). Just like every one on here, I take joy in observing and learning from other actors at work and ultimately collaborating with them. So let's have fun and GET YOU BOOKED !!👍🏼


LET'S DO THIS!!! 🎬🎭🎥


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* Website: warrenbub.com
*Actor Testimonials: warrenbub.com/testimonials
* Email: warren@warrenbub.com

I was born and raised in the city of New York, where I still reside.
Some of my credits are as follows...



RECENT THEATRE - Understudy to TONY AWARD NOMINEE, Craig Bierko and David Lansbury in HARRY TOWNSEND'S LAST STAND - NY CITY CENTER, Produced by 3-Time TONY AWARD WINNER and 2-Time PULITZER PRIZE WINNER, Dennis Grimaldi, Directed by Karen Carpenter / THE RENEGADE THEATRE productions of the romantic comedy, LOVERS AND OTHER STRANGERS, Directed by Steven Van Zandt and A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, Directed by Vincent Pastore / OUR LADY OF 121st STREET - OPEN HYDRANT THEATRE, Directed by Luis Cardenas / FOOLS IN LOVE, Directed by Sarah "Rosie" Rosenberg / Multiple roles in The Off Broadway phenomenon, MY BIG GAY ITALIAN WEDDING, as well as MY BIG GAY ITALIAN FUNERAL / The Tennessee Williams Comedy/Musical THE MUTILATED, starring Mink Stole and Penny Arcade.(Drama League Award Nomination.)

WORKSHOPS.... Opposite to the TONY AWARD WINNING actor Len Cariou in the George Eastman play, HARRY TOWNSEND'S LAST STAND / The Musical, STONEWALL, A RHAPSODY ON RESISTANCE / The Musical, GUYS & DOLLS .

To learn more about me... 🎭

* website: warrenbub.com
* email: warren@warrenbub.com
* insta: www.instagram.com/warrenbub
* imdb: www.imdb.com/name/nm3615390

My biggest influence is my family. "Without family....who are you?

MANAGER - Roger Paul - rogerpaul@rogerpaulinc.com (212) 262-0008

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" Thanks Warren! Helpful on my staged reading audition! "
" Amazing Reader, Director and Actor!!!!!! Thanks it was an amazing help!!!! "
" Awesome advice "
" Fantastic reader, and coach! "
" A real champion!!! "
" Really great reader and an even better human - Thank you, Warren - Appreciate ya a lot! "
" Very patient and helpful. Thank you very much Warren. "
" Warren is everything that's good about WEAUDITION. Supportive, thoughtful, and proffessional. Book him! "
" Excellent! Really nice to work with. I was able to get everything I wanted without feeling rushed. Thank you, Warren! "
" So Awesome! Really great working with him. He knows his procedurals! "
" Loved working with Warren! He's such a pro with a ton of experience! He was very helpful with my scene, and we shared some nice stories! "
" Great "
" Warren is one of my favorites on here! Anytime he's on, I definitely go to him. Thank you, again! "
" Such a kind, patient reader and guy! Was super comforting in moments of insecurity, and really helped my confidence during the tape! "
" Warren is great because he's a pro and experience is the most important thing in this business! "
" Excellent New York reader/actor, coach, just fantastic, present, relaxed, and we got the job done! "
" Helpful & great reader!!! "
" Warren was wonderful!!! So helpful and had great ideas to add to my tape "
" Warren = So good. So so good. "
" Warren is so supportive and full of energy- there to get you the take you need!!! "
" WB is a Super PRO. Book him! "
" Warren is amazing! "
" Such a great reader! Anytime I see Warren is online he's my go to! "
" Warren was awesome great feedback and energy. "
" Exactly eye with great notes and thoughts! "
" Love this guy! "
" Warren did such a wonderful job and shared such an awesome energy that helped me get exactly what I wanted from myself in my self-taping! I'm looking forward to working with him again! "
" Thanks Warren!! Appreciate your help! "
" Warren is awesome! "
" Warren helped me prep for an audition and was incredibly on point with both his skills as a reader and the feedback he gave. It was an invaluable session. "
" Awesome reader! Worked with me to get the strongest takes! "
" Excellent experience! Wonderful feedback and specific helpful redirects. THANK YOU!! "
" Great notes!! Highly reccomend! "
" Brings out my best work with his amazing energy and acute feedback! "
" Really patient, great reader, great energy that will bring out your best work! "
" Warren is so great. He's patient, helpful, and really knows his stuff. He found things in the script that I could play that I hadn't even noticed. His suggestions took my self-tape to a whole new level. Read with him immediately if you want someone who not only reads but also assists. As soon as he starts talking you can tell he has extensive experience. Great guy and a great reader! "
" Absolutely terrific, super helpful, kind, strong reader, great suggestions and very present. "
" The best of the best! my go to reader! "
" Great "
" Amazing reader as always, I'm a returned customer and absolutely love working with Warren! "
" Warren is great, really helped my audition with a solid read and great tips! "
" Absolutely amazing reader and coach, helped me tremendesly and a pleasure to work with. Can't wait to work together again! "
" Great "
" Warren is the man! Real solid, read. Provided me with great suggestions and understands story. "
" Warren is a no nonsense patient reader. Was glad I chose him to tape with. "
" Great with comedy! "
" What a great reader :) He really helped me drop into the moment and took the time to coach me when I needed it. Really good advice, as well as being a great scene partner. "
" Warren is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! He is extremely talented. He really helped me with a difficult role. He has a great eye and knows how to make a scene pop, his blocking is on point, character development, and his script analysis are on point too!! He is very patient!! What a gem!! BOOK him!!! "
" Warren was great! very fun, knowledgable, and great at breaking down a scene and giving the actor different choices to make "
" Great reader and very helpful with different choices for the script. "
" Like always, so helpful!!! Always gives me great ideas to implement in my scenes. Thank you! "
" Excellent acting coach. Whether you're here to tape or just need somebody to work on a scene with he can help bring out your best version. "
" Committed to getting your best take....pushes you to get out of your head in and into the scene! great experience! "
" Warren is SUCH a sweetheart!! Thanks for your coaching and great reader skills. "
" Amazing reader, gives great tips, helps with memorization "
" Amazing! "
" Warren was so great and incredible with the creativity of what possibilities could be in the scene "
" LOVE Warren!!! He was amazing- made me feel so at ease! I had a very physical self-tape to shoot with lots of action and he worked with me on different ways to make it work and look real on tape. He was great- highly recommend! "
" Such a great reader and so so nice! Wonderful cold reading skills "
" Amazing! So helpful, insightful, and great to work with!! "
" I had a third audition in two days, so my brain was swiss cheese, but Warren hung in there and we were able to produce a good scene. "
" Warren is an amazing reader/coach. I highly suggest you have him as your reader, he really wants you to submit good work, and he's willing to work with you until you get it. THIS GUY IS AMAZING!!!! "
" Such a positive light and GREAT energy. Book him. It's an easy choice :) "
" Warren was patient and willing to play the scene with me different ways. He also gave me some fun suggestions to try! I will definitely work with him again. Thank you! "
" Cool dude "
" Fully invested. lots of ideas. very generous with his time. good at playing around with different ideas for my character and his. "
" Great guy! So patient! Wonderful help :) "
" Excellent coach. My go to guy! "
" This guy! Helps me get more and more comfortable with the text. I read with him everytime. "
" Warren is an absolute professional and knows his craft. Very down to earth and warm. He is thorough, his attention to detail is first class without it becoming mundane or stagnant. I highly recommend this talented actor and director. Godiva. "
" Bless his heart!!! He is the BEST to work with. He makes it fun and so enjoyable to get the job done!! His expertise cannot be denied!! "
" Warren is an excellent reader. Gave many great directives on things I overlooked in the rush to get it done. Warren is meticulous in approach to ensure you get the best result for your self tape. Thank you! "
" Warren was terrific. Was my first time using WeAudition to rehearse. He was professional and encouraging. Helped me to relax and was very thorough, breaking down the script to ensure each moment is fully realised. Will definitely work with him again. Many thanks Warren! "
" Warren is a working actor!! His advice and experiences are extremely valuable. Excellent teacher! Definitely will book again. Highly recommend him! Thanks, Warren "
" 5 stars!! Warren doesn’t miss a beat with his professionalism and notes . "
" Helps me get the job done!! Knows his craft!! "
" Warren was such a joy to work with. Patient and kind. Gave great ideas and direction!! "
" Warren is such a great coach and reader! He gets the material and helps me find my way. Thank you! "
" Warren is the man. Such a generous, patient reader with some killer insight. He helped me knock out a selftape in no time with absolute ease. Thank you, Warren. Highy, highly recommend. "
" SOOOO AMAZING!!! Definitely working with Warren again!! Helps me create an amazing audition and work on my character "
" Such a generous reader, took all the time I needed and got me OFF book with confidence! "
" Omg!!! Warren gave me some amazing notes that took my scene to the next level!!! "
" Amazing Reader Thanks Warren, Love the directions right to the point!!! "
" Warren was awesome and very kind! Thank you for the direction!! "
" What a great guy. Super helpful. Highly recommended, will be connecting again on future work. "
" Lovely versatile actor, gave me some great stuff to work wih. "
" Fantastic reader!!! Warren was extremely helpful and supportive. Would work with him again in a heartbeat. "
" One of the best readers I have had on here! Helped me bring the character and choices to life even more than anticipated. He has some suggestions and thoughts that ended up being my best takes! "
" Warren was amazing. Perfect suggestions that really got more out of me, super friendly and flexible, a great guy. Highly recommend. "
" Great reader - super patient! Fun to work with. "
" A wonderfully supportive reader! Great redirects. Learns text quickly. Thank You! "
" Super helpful! "
" Warren is a terrific reader and a very fine actor. "
" Warren is a GEM! Not only did he give me exactly what I needed as a reader but he's amazing at directing because he's knowledgable, patient, encouraging, and very respectful of the actor's personal process. Looking forward to working with you again, Warren :) "
" Amazing talent, fellow new yorker! thank you Warren "
" Thanks for your help! Nice work. "
" Warren was a lot of fun and came up with some great ideas for us to play around with! "
" This Guy!! Get him while he's hot! He's patient, relentlessly creative, insightful and sharp. He's dedicated to the actors craft, and the successful rendition of the scene and he will help you book your gig, as he did me. Thoughtful and sensitive with a rough edge that is rare. BRILLIANT! "
" What a great reader. Scenes really came alive. Big thanks. "
" LOVED reading with this guy! So generous with his time and his knowledge. Warren gave great suggestions on the scene overall, he asked questions about the character I hadn't considered which strengthened the read, he was patient when there was background noise, and his attention to detail about not missing a moment or making a moment too big was extremely helpful. Choose Warren as your reader and your scene will be stronger "
" My Guy! "
" Great reader! This is my first experience with we audition and I loved reading with warren. "
" Great reader with excellent direction. Helped me nail my last take. Would highly recommend! "
" Warren will go above and beyond, what a great collaborator and reader!! "
" Ohmygosh!!!! Warren is such an experienced tv and film actor and he gave me so much help today. Use him when you want to book… which is all the time. So much fun to work with! Really whipped my audition UP to perfection! "
" So glad to get to work with Warren in some capacity! I follow his work on social media and was good to connect in this way. Great Actor and real help with getting off book. "
" That was great! Really helpful! Got me into the character when I didn't get a reference, he reworded so I could connect with his note more. "
" Not only is he a great reader but has so much context and familiarity with the show Im auditioning for. He brings great perspective ! "
" Warren was a great scene partner. So kind and generous . Thank you! "
" Awesome! Great feedback where needed, super collaborative, great reader!!! "
" Amazing!! Such great energy "
" Amazing, super helpful , and gave me all the time I needed. "
" He helps you understand your character's thoughts, insightful, helps you ground your performance. Book Warren now! "
" Warren is an exceptional actor. A great reader and a wonderful person. He has it all. Hire him! "
" Very patient and very kind. Clearly cares about getting you the job and gave great pointers. "
" Warren is a pro! And is whole-hearted in his approach to the craft. "
" Warren is super helpful, great energy, encourages your work and offers his own insight. He curates a productive, energetic, safe space. Highly recommend! "
" Excellent reader! Warren is top notch, both in his delivery and his suggestions. After we got a couple of good takes, Warren suggested for me to try my sides in a different way, and adjusted his delivery to help me adjust mine. Great working with him! "
" Awesome Guy! "
" Warren was a great partner and gave awesome insight. He's experienced and knows what he's talking about! "

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