Tracey B. Wilson

Tracey has worked in New York, Los Angeles, and many places in between, acting in everything from dramatic theatre and soap operas to quirky independent films and sketch comedy. Tracey has been an actor/writer/director for award-winning short films, and toured North America four times with Lady Gaga as a performance art photographer. She then went on to publish the book HEAL THIS WAY – A LOVE STORY with Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters, in support of LGBTQ & bullied teens. She plays the titular role in the newly released feature TREW CALLING and stars in the spin-off series DIARY OF A LUNATIC, due out this spring. Tracey is a sought-after live event host, specializing in family entertainment at major sporting events, and high-energy charity events all over the country. During the pandemic, she created the solo series "Characters of the Quarantine," and is currently working on her first documentary feature, BREEDING AWESOME.