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I'd love to help you practice, rehearse, or audition for your next part, or get that killer self-tape done 😊. I am an actor and voice talent. I am flexible and reliable. Based on the East coast, early mornings or late nights are not an issue. If you want, I can offer constructive notes on tone, delivery, eye-line, lighting, precision. Help me hit 100 reviews!
After a busy career as a child actor and model, I worked in corporate America training adults on software applications.
So I can write, read, edit, and interpret meaning. Past 5 years full-time acting and Voiceover guy. I've done TV, Film, Commercials, Voiceover, Industrials. I do a ton of readings, live and virtual.
Native English (US) speaker I play anything from a jolly Santa (which I do in real life), to a stone cold gangster, or just the boss, dad, guy-next-door, or grizzled police detective. I recently played King George III at a live event.
People tell me I sound like John Goodman, George Clooney, and the guy over the fence from Tim Allen's sitcom, Home Improvement.
I have a lot of life experience, a great sense of humor and I've been honing my craft through training, practice, and work. See my credits and links for more details.
Hit me up.
Reviews and Tips that reflect the service and time devoted to you are appreciated.

Tom Fields is a working actor, and voice talent. Home studio with treated room and solid connection. Proficient in Zoom, Webex platforms, Clubhouse. Ongoing role-playing training diplomatic/military attaches, medical/nursing students, in live and virtual settings. Credits in TV, Film, Theatre, Industrial, Entertainment. Range from Jolly Santa to stone cold gangster.


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" Tom was excellent! gave me just what I needed to drill all those lines! thank you sir. "
" Always a pleasure this guy is the BEST!!!1 "
" Great notes! Very helpful and flexible! Thanks again! "
" Great reader!! "
" Tom was great! amazing reader and actor "
" Kind, lovely gentleman! He was so wonderful to read with. Highly recommended! "
" Great reader! "
" Amazing reader, really helped me break down the scene "
" Tom is lovely! great to work with ! "
" Very helpful suggestions- good reader "
" Tom was BRILLIANT !!!!! I cannot thank him enough for all the great notes he gave me which really helped me in the scene. !!!! He is so generous and helpful with his ideas and suggestions, and it was my great pleasure to have had his wonderful help today. THANK YOU, TOM !!!! "
" Thank you for rehearsing with, your great with voices, and great cold reader "
" Fantastic reader , book him ! "
" Amazing Directions and an awesome Reader, Thank u very much Tom!!!! "
" Wonderful, thank you for reading! "
" Thanks for the help! "
" Tom is a great reader! Also, very patient and calming energy. "
" Quick and adaptable! A pleasant reader. Thanks Tom!!! "
" Excellent "
" Great person and reader :) "
" Very Patient, Really appreciate you "
" Excellent reader with a great voice. Highly recommended, thanks Tom! "
" Repeat client – and an extremely satisfied one at that! Tom is awesome, so book him book him book him!! "
" Good reader, provided EXACTLY what I needed for the scene. Great voice, and gave just the right amount. "
" Helped me land an offer with our tape! Book him! "
" Great reader! Super mellow guy! "
" The PERFECT scene partner for what I needed. Calm, cool, collected and with such an incredible voice. Thanks so much, Tom!! "
" Very helpful . Gives feedback which helped out bigtime! "
" Tom was helpful and patient in helping me with a commercial audition! "
" Tom is always a joy. Helped bring out the truth in the scene. Thanks "
" A terrific reader and actor. Book him! "
" Awesome Reader....Tom has a wealth of knowledge, experience in the industry and such a great voice!!! "
" Lovely reader, really encouraging and all round nice guy! "
" Tom's an awesome reader - great notes, very present. "
" Great reader, with great notes! "
" Loved reading with him "
" Great reader! "
" Very nice and professional! Great reader. "
" Wonderful "
" Excellent sound and professional reading! Thank you! "
" Tom was wonderful to work with. Kind and patient, with helpful ideas! "
" Amazing energy and great reader! Defo book with Tom x "
" Tom again was great. Brought some detailed knowledge on the sides ans the character. Thanks "
" Tom was very helpful, professional, and experienced. He made things very simple and took the stress away!! Would definitely recommend him! "
" Very nice helpful reader "
" 10/10 would use again! "
" Tom was great. Looking forward to working again in the future "
" Great reader! Offered some very helpful insights. Will definitely come back to him. "
" What a voice!!! thanks Tom! "
" Tom is awesome! Helped me with just what I need. He gave me some awesome notes to work with too. "
" He was exceptionally generous with his time and patient through all the technical malfunctions I had. He tried to help in any which way he could to make sure we have the take I needed. So professional and fantastic a taking any notes thrown at him! Gives different layers each take. Book him if you absolutely get the chance. Thanks tom and looking forward to the next time! "
" Tom was a great reader! He challenged me with some adjustments and I loved what he brought to the tape! "
" He was an amazing reader. Easy to read with. We had great energy to bounce off of each other. Would love to work with him again! "
" Tom is fantastic!! "
" Can't say enough good things about Tom. Extremely generous with his time and a great laid back reader. Thanks so much Tom!! "
" Tom is a really wonderful great reader!! "
" Tom was perfect for the role and really helped elevate my audition. Thank you! "
" Lots of fun reading with Tom. He had some good suggestions on how to vary up the audition. "
" Fabulous voice great reader! "
" Tom was great, came up with some brilliant ideas for my self tape. "
" Very nice, chill, great reader. "
" Tom was amazing! So helpful! "
" Nice and supportive! "
" Relaxed, pleasant knowleable with great feedback. Thoroughly recommend. "
" Calm, relaxed, so generous with time and notes. Thoroughly recommend. "
" Fun times! "
" Wonderful reader! Thank you, Tom. And your suggestions were so helpful. Will definitely book you again! "
" Loved working with Tom! He had such a comforting spirit & it allowed me to be present and open in my work. He gave so much during my rehearsal and we were able to really talk about the script, the time frame and what that meant for my character and the other characters in my world. Super appreciative to have work with him and able to use his knowledge on both pieces I was working on. He was like a book of knowledge, really. We dived into the worlds and the understanding of what it meant to be in those worlds. It really brought it full circle for me. Truly enjoyed working with Tom! I will def be back. If you can work with him, WORK WITH HIM! "
" What a GEM!!! And what A VOICE! Tom is awesome. Totally game to try new things and be of service in any way that you need. I will book Tom anytime I see him logged on. Thanks again! :-) "
" He does sound like Tim Allen! Great reader. "
" Amazing loved working with him "
" Lovely guy! Great reader!! "
" Was amazing working with him. He was so patient and so helpful. 100% recommend !! "
" Tom was an absolute joy to work with. He's so friendly and offered some really helpful notes for me as I prepared for my self tape. I would absolutely recommend booking with him!! "
" Excellent Reader! Great voice!! "
" It was like reading with a friend!!!! I'm so happy to know you now Tom and can't wait to read with you again! "
" I was Tom's first read but Tom's one of the best readers I've ever had on WeAudition! He picked up the feel of the characters and the script immediately and supported me very well. I will definitely be choosing him again, and I highly recommend him to anyone. "

Credits Include

2022 [added]
To Live and Die in Baltimore
Indie Film Rex Rover (Radio Personality)
2022 [added]
Checkered Flag
Local Car Commercial Salesman
2022 [added]
Pawn Stars
Road Show DC Collector
2022 [added]
Pawn Stars
Road Show DC Collector
2022 [added]
Industrial Film Fisherman
2022 [added]
King George III (scripted and improv)
Live Event
2021 [added]
A Christmas Miracle (radioplay)
Dr. Mason
2021 [added]
Indie film AL
2021 [added]
Indie film Spirit
2020 [IMDB]
TV Series
2020 [IMDB]
Copycat Killers
TV Series
2020 [IMDB]
True Terror with Robert Englund
TV Series docu
2020 [added]
War of the Worlds (radio play)
Orson Welles, Pierson
2019 [IMDB]
Relatively Evil
TV Series documentary
2018 [IMDB]
Beautiful Dreamer