Thomas Prater

Hello! I'm a voice actor with a love for animating the inanimate, and a desire to grow with others. Let's have fun with it!

Thomas is a dedicated and versatile voice actor, known for bringing a wide range of characters to life across various mediums, including anime, animation, and video games. With a strong commitment to honing his craft, Thomas has worked with industry-leading coaches and participated in numerous workshops and courses to continuously develop his skills. Thomas enjoys connecting with fellow creatives and fans, and his love for the arts shines through in every performance.


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Credits Include

2023 [added]
Valentine's Day Anime AudioDrama Skit
Video Director / Producer
2023 [added]
Dead Man's Journey
Podcast Audio Drama Noah Ryker
2022 [added]
AFK Arena: Just Esperia Things
Anime Angelo
2022 [added]
Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy
Video Game Fu Gongzi
2021-2022 [added]
Noguchi's Bell
Animation Noguchi Michio