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Hello! I'm Janine McGrath from Melbourne, Australia. I'd be delighted to help you learn lines, rehearse, and/or self-tape. I understand how important it is to feel relaxed and confident with the choices you make, so I encourage you to take all the time you need. Any genre. I have an Aust...

physical:active adjudicator character:adjudicator advisor near:airport alpha skills:alto art curator character:art curator articulate character:artist artistic look:attractive aunt character:aunt look:aussie local:australia visa:australia australian australian accent nativeaccent:australian middle class author near:ballarat ballroom dance near:bendigo beta board member character:board member boss look:brunette physical:brunette business owner character:business owner cafe owner character:cafe owner visa:canada terms cat lover look:caucasian choreographer choreographer skills:choreographer consultant coroner corporate counsellor counsellor creative dance dance teacher character:dance teacher skills:dance teacher character:dancer physical:dancer skills:dancer skills:dancing character:designer detective character:divorcee local:docklands doctor doctor character:doctor skills:driver's licence educated elder character:elder elegant look:elegant physical:elegant energetic language:english estate agent visa:europe terms character:examiner expressive fair physical:fit accent:french french accent french language skills:french language (intermediate) character:gallery owner near:geelong accent:general american grandmother grandmother character:grandmother skills:grandmother greeny character:head nurse headmistress character:headmistress health conscious healthy physical:healthy character:hospital administrator skills:housework judge character:judge character:kindergarten teacher skills:kindergarten teacher lawyer leader lecturer skills:listening physical:long limbed manager mature look:mature physical:mature character:meanager local:melbourne character:mentor look:middle class mother visa:new zealand character:nurse look:older physical:older character:older woman omega open-minded parent partner pathologist pilates skills:pilates pilgrim character:pilgrim politician politician character:primary school teacher skills:primary school teacher character:principal professional look:professional professor psychologist psychologist queen mother character:queen mother real estate character:real estate agent realtor character:realtor receptionist receptive reporter restaurant owner character:restaurant owner character:restauranteur retired school teacher shakespeare step mother character:step mother physical:straight back skills:swimming tall look:tall physical:tall character:teacher theatre goer character:theatre goer character:therapist traveller character:traveller trustworthy visa:uk terms character:university lecturer skills:university lecturer local:victoria well groomed character:wife near:yarra valley skills:zumba

Meg Biddle Smith is known for Love on Retreat, Apollyon (2021) and Traffickers (2021).